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Star Lords
Star Lords - Hour ago
If I see this dude am gonna run 😂😂😂
I'm not neha.
I'm not neha. - Hour ago
Buddy I love yaa omg this is so much fun.😭😭😭😭
itisyourgirl Petra
itisyourgirl Petra - Hour ago
TheJagdog - Hour ago
Rochester ny damn I’m only 45 minutes away. Bout to drill a huge hole through one of my window and wear that around my neck just to get it tested xD
itisyourgirl Petra
itisyourgirl Petra - 2 hours ago
Braddah Dojo
Braddah Dojo - 2 hours ago
Bro I be getting da 5 dollar clothes online
Benny BLVD
Benny BLVD - 2 hours ago
Check my page I got sum real music posted only 3 songs but I put work in em if y’all would take a listen id be the most thankful ♥️🖤they call me Benny bebo
Alexander Davis
Alexander Davis - 2 hours ago
7:06 dang
jovelle Cabida
jovelle Cabida - 3 hours ago
Jairen Cockrell
Jairen Cockrell - 3 hours ago
I deadass felt bad XD
Riccy R
Riccy R - 3 hours ago
She deleted whatsapp so quick ... They not even dating tho she mad snakey super shakey way too flakey
Nathan Kline
Nathan Kline - 4 hours ago
Rick Rosè was so ready for this question 😂😂😂😂😂
Keah Nichole
Keah Nichole - 4 hours ago
“ they didn’t put me on break but shiiiitttttt “ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
J S.
J S. - 4 hours ago
A1_400 - 4 hours ago
3:40 DTB4L
Zeon Jackson
Zeon Jackson - 4 hours ago
What did y’all do after this video 🤭
Griddy Lifestyle
Griddy Lifestyle - 4 hours ago
David Percy
David Percy - 4 hours ago
10:35 "WeSt" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
illsive - 4 hours ago
This shit scary af, like literally all of them had some shady shit going on. Lowkey don’t feel like I trust girls anymore lmao
jan.j_br - 5 hours ago
ur music is trash
Bossmayne Travious
Bossmayne Travious - 5 hours ago
That's wat I use to give to my clients 😂
Tshepang Sports
Tshepang Sports - 5 hours ago
T.E .Z
T.E .Z - 5 hours ago
It's always the most humble and the og's with the real ice
Gloribel Moran Garcia
Gloribel Moran Garcia - 5 hours ago
damn, my boyfriend ever in this situation imma give him my phone in 2 seconds. he gunna know every single nigga in my phone & I’mma know every bitch in his phone. That’s on loyalty.
Mafia 77
Mafia 77 - 5 hours ago
sanctifiedfire - 5 hours ago
thought it said make the shot or get shot ☠️☠️
Madelyne Soto Guerrero
Madelyne Soto Guerrero - 5 hours ago
That backflip in the beginning was so smooth😭.
Aesthetic Cloudz
Aesthetic Cloudz - 5 hours ago
Damn this is inappropriate yet so funny😭😭
AJX 2020
AJX 2020 - 6 hours ago
curryjdlife_46 - 6 hours ago
9;06 the girl at end
Angel M. Khoza
Angel M. Khoza - 6 hours ago
"all the footwork to get BOP!!" 😂😂
Stephanie Moorhead
Stephanie Moorhead - 6 hours ago
I flipped my chubby stubble 🍓 at keep👏 it👏 simple👏 stoopid👏
Emmanuel Okolonta
Emmanuel Okolonta - 6 hours ago
7eanTube - 7 hours ago
This guy has ads and don’t work at McDonalds and still went there, yet im nervous asf for my interview 😅😅
Mpho Mosia
Mpho Mosia - 7 hours ago
You savage for this😹😹😹
RedFN-_- - 7 hours ago
that girl that was takin bout yo 4 sub or 5 her name is addie
Kaya Lopez
Kaya Lopez - 8 hours ago
Where his mask @
dinerocochino - 8 hours ago
dinerocochino - 8 hours ago
dinerocochino - 8 hours ago