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stunna4.a - 15 hours ago
nobody: rich dunk hair: ❗️
Carson Long
Carson Long - 15 hours ago
love nle chopa
lilbro_freddieg2 Freddie
lilbro_freddieg2 Freddie - 15 hours ago
It feel like he still here😔 more love king von🐐🐐🐐
Emmanuel Kidero
Emmanuel Kidero - 15 hours ago
Zahir has the coolest job I swear
Emmanuel Kidero
Emmanuel Kidero - 15 hours ago
8:02 Thank me now😂
Phillip Mitchell
Phillip Mitchell - 16 hours ago
RIP kingVon we love u
joshua smith
joshua smith - 16 hours ago
judgin lil babys attitude hes tired of the fame
Lady Love
Lady Love - 16 hours ago
If this is ice I'm melting over here they are all so fine !!!!!!!!😍💋💋💋💋💋👅
Ilovefrankocean - 16 hours ago
OP OM3GA - 17 hours ago
Everytime lil baby rolls his hands 👇🏽
Chesney Brown
Chesney Brown - 17 hours ago
What’s that moncler lil baby wearing?
ProdByVxnny - 17 hours ago
Hey! I hate to be that comment but if you take a minute of your day to check my music out, it'd make my day! Thanks
tensaye dereje
tensaye dereje - 17 hours ago
Released the full video plz
IT1 .HUDTV - 17 hours ago
Those 3 need to make a song together ASAP
Julian Butler
Julian Butler - 19 hours ago
Is it just me or NLE is getting a body like pop
LilRalphie 14
LilRalphie 14 - 20 hours ago
Glad to see Toosii here, he one of the best out there for sure
Getflanked 420
Getflanked 420 - 20 hours ago
Lil durk look scared
Onuorah Stanley Arinze
Onuorah Stanley Arinze - 20 hours ago
Rich dunk at d back like his scared to talk😂😂😂
Jordan Ninja Jdjdj
Jordan Ninja Jdjdj - 20 hours ago
Toxic Pineapple
Toxic Pineapple - 20 hours ago
7:53 People treat celebrities like than above everyone in the world, the only thing different from us and them is their money
wesley997 - 21 hour ago
2:40 durk paint his nails 🤨
Bizzrom moghor
Bizzrom moghor - 21 hour ago
Another rapper who will die soon Because Of shooting or overdose
Louie Buxanny
Louie Buxanny - 21 hour ago
Thumbnail lookin like "NBA PUT THAT BACK !" - " or whiuat "😊
Einstein - 21 hour ago
He heard a Pop but did he hear a smoke though?
Leerick Q
Leerick Q - 21 hour ago
The way he switches accents is crazy 😂he grew up in the US so he can do the American accent but when he is energetic he does the Nigerian accent
Leerick Q
Leerick Q - 21 hour ago
Yall should stop cutting words!! , ish sounds weird coz they curse every sentence