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Arnaud MEURET - 6 hours ago
Spoiler alert: if you came here for the thumbnail, you’ll only get a handful more frames of Mars yard footage. Not frustrating at all. 😭
Jason Spaulding
Jason Spaulding - 6 hours ago
Where are the tire marks in the dust? Am I missing something??
COOLGIRL 2007 - 6 hours ago
This is so cool
Vato Lorde
Vato Lorde - 6 hours ago
Fallout 5 looks awesome
GetPaidWithKyle - 6 hours ago
This is so awesome glad was able to see this
Rile Naveen
Rile Naveen - 6 hours ago
who are the 2,000 people who downvoted this?what happened to you?
Mike Tee
Mike Tee - 6 hours ago
I'll go if you want to.send someone. No training. Just tell me where to sign and strap me in. I got nothing better going on.
Wattlexp - 6 hours ago
Not sure about you guys but I am happy to view Mars from a distance (in our home planet), rather than aspiring to go there and be the pioneer of settlement... starting all over again sounds like a lot of work and I also don't be wanna be/known as one of the "ancient" peoples of
strongminds Yerro305
strongminds Yerro305 - 6 hours ago
Wow incredible
Transcriptor - 6 hours ago
Atmosphere constituency?
Kendale Kyle
Kendale Kyle - 6 hours ago
The new Perseverance rover is the size of a mini car bigger & heavier than the previous rover Curiosity on Mars.
iiss ss
iiss ss - 6 hours ago
2DEEP2MUCH 420 - 6 hours ago
Why is 90% of everything they show CG?seriously..
Vitor Pelizzer
Vitor Pelizzer - 6 hours ago
Where's the sky?
Dr. Funkinstine
Dr. Funkinstine - 6 hours ago
Mars looks flat to me..
2DEEP2MUCH 420 - 6 hours ago
Great acting where in Greenland is this?
Jojo Almeida
Jojo Almeida - 6 hours ago
Macetão, achei que era pequeno
Prabhu .s
Prabhu .s - 6 hours ago
New travel place for 2030
GamesPS - 6 hours ago
Boring planet. Try another one.
Rich Air
Rich Air - 6 hours ago
Thought this was going to be a 360 degree view. This is like a 40 degree view it seems. Not sure what a 360 view is.
Lemar Aryaei
Lemar Aryaei - 6 hours ago
Litterally wtf r u gonna do even if u make it there as a human the planet is dead
Aji Adi Dwi Pambudi
Aji Adi Dwi Pambudi - 6 hours ago
Can the rover record the 360° video while walking? If can, can you do it and upload it to youtube?
Otávio - 6 hours ago
thf adhd
thf adhd - 6 hours ago
This is earth... prove me wrong
LGFT1986 - 6 hours ago
Over Blurred
Over Blurred - 6 hours ago
Yep just what I was expecting to be up there... endless dirt and rocks
Mr.Universe - 6 hours ago
Lovely day for a walk isn’t it?
Alen Zlikovski
Alen Zlikovski - 6 hours ago
WoooW i never see bounch of rock before, stunning. Who cares about the Earth and people dying from hunger, homeless people all around the world. Spend more bilions of dolars i wanna see how rock look's on other planets to.
F James
F James - 6 hours ago
Mike Schwinn
Mike Schwinn - 6 hours ago
What happened to the video montage from a few days ago that combined the best footage from the landing with the footage of the JPL crew reacting to it as it happened? They took it down for some reason
Jona Tanaka
Jona Tanaka - 6 hours ago
Looks like video game.
smallfaucet - 6 hours ago
That's pretty!.....baron.
Jona Tanaka
Jona Tanaka - 6 hours ago
That could've been awesome with a camera in real-time.
Jon Dobel
Jon Dobel - 6 hours ago
Picturesque oasis
William Amodeo
William Amodeo - 6 hours ago
Oh look, a little piece of ice......water..... life ?????? Under microscope... nope no life in what? Go there and live in a small dome?. Boring. you'd become an alcoholic,run outside and die from radiation in 12 seconds.
Jona Tanaka
Jona Tanaka - 6 hours ago
Cool, mais aucune échelle de comparaison... Rien en perspective... juste une horizon.
Ann Alih
Ann Alih - 7 hours ago
Wow... so proud this amazing talented woman featured to talk about the history. They must be an outstanding expert in the field!
Que Zipple
Que Zipple - 7 hours ago
Only 9 % of the entire bill of 1.9T goes to COVID.. ONLY 9 %. AMAZING.. IMPEACH BIDEN NOW
Al Kacper
Al Kacper - 7 hours ago
Arizona looks amazing.
Emily Aguillon
Emily Aguillon - 7 hours ago
2025 someone lands on mars
Mr PRUSHINSKI - 7 hours ago
I’m literally on Mars
Elton Parks
Elton Parks - 7 hours ago
Eyes on the ground of Mars. Incredible to see after 50 plus years of going there.
Joadilson Gomes
Joadilson Gomes - 7 hours ago
It"s a very lier!!!
Nunya Bidnis
Nunya Bidnis - 7 hours ago
Not a 360° view.
M Dolinski
M Dolinski - 7 hours ago
This is amazing. I've imagined Mars since I was a child. Imagine what a huge event it will be for our children when the first manned mission touches down.
SAMNUEL DAMMETT - 7 hours ago
Anyone else only getting 180°?
Micheal Mouse
Micheal Mouse - 7 hours ago
CGIs getting better
Adele McKee
Adele McKee - 7 hours ago
Randal Vela
Randal Vela - 7 hours ago
Nevada looks great.
Vladimir 2020
Vladimir 2020 - 7 hours ago
Ghost FeaturizedXD
Ghost FeaturizedXD - 7 hours ago
If you look closely you can see a figure standing infront of the rover
Claude Bylion
Claude Bylion - 7 hours ago
Great place for a football pitch.
1NewMe - 7 hours ago
Arizona looks nice this time of the year :-)
roblox haha8000
roblox haha8000 - 7 hours ago
Bruh my.phones average resolution is 720p but there's a 1k,2k, and 4k option even when my phone is very old
Big D
Big D - 7 hours ago
Yeah Mr. White! Yeah Science!
Leymar Knows
Leymar Knows - 7 hours ago
Martians: Yo, we should investigate this kind of UFO... :)
الحنين ٠٧٥١٣٣٥٠٤٨٣
الحنين ٠٧٥١٣٣٥٠٤٨٣ - 7 hours ago
سبحان الله
Nithin C
Nithin C - 7 hours ago
Would be interesting if you could stitch a dynamic scale to the video
سارة مضر جابر -علم الارض -م4
سارة مضر جابر -علم الارض -م4 - 7 hours ago
Hi I’m from the future 2020😹🖤
Willian Lopez
Willian Lopez - 7 hours ago
Estudio de suelos.Wow .is a planet morto.👌 okay.Hello
Link 501 Language Services
Link 501 Language Services - 7 hours ago
Fake! Special effects!
Abou Mansour Niang
Abou Mansour Niang - 7 hours ago
What a died planet ! I prefer the Earth planet.
Bruce Becherini
Bruce Becherini - 7 hours ago
That's great and all but what about playing some David Bowie for the Aliens? I for one would rather hear 'Is there life on Mars' on Mars than some wind that sounds like a quiet day on the Augusta back nine. They should have a sound system to play music on Mars. Lets hear some classic rock echo across the Barsoomian plain.
Marcela Vergara
Marcela Vergara - 7 hours ago
Ay que belleza es esto por Dios!!!!
Naiz Animations TV
Naiz Animations TV - 7 hours ago
And what if in another universe the most advanced species is viruses. And they have been coming to the earth to explore n they do not even know that we exist. And they come to check if they can survive here they have to get inside our bodies to do their tests and pap spread and we get corona. They happily rejoice their new Mars is habitable... Lol. I will not be suprised if our concept of signs of life is all wrong coz we base our thinking on what is available on earth. Or may be alien ants from jupiter have been coming here on earth but they look for their look alikes. Does an ant really know a human being exists. Science is just fantastic.
sasquatch - 7 hours ago
Where is the sound of wind at?
Blazenko Jakovljevic
Blazenko Jakovljevic - 7 hours ago
They live under surface
FLOOR GANG AOUGH - 7 hours ago
Kinda whack
Willian Lopez
Willian Lopez - 7 hours ago
El hombre en busca de que.
Joe Wright
Joe Wright - 7 hours ago
I wonder who stuck all the pencils in the drop ceiling.
arekopo - 7 hours ago
deky rahman
deky rahman - 7 hours ago
How can this toy pass the hot atmosphere? Why not going to South Pole
J Chappy
J Chappy - 7 hours ago
And not a speck of dirt on it🤔
Antonio Jose Sanchez
Antonio Jose Sanchez - 7 hours ago
Alguien se cree que eso es Marte? es mas. Alguien se cree que se ha podido llear alli?
SM GEEK - 7 hours ago
pyramid - 7 hours ago
muito legal parabens nasa
Ken Sekhwela
Ken Sekhwela - 7 hours ago
This is absolutely mind blowing 🤯Well done NASA. literally on another Planet... Mars
Arnaldo Gonzalez
Arnaldo Gonzalez - 7 hours ago
Fake it’s cgi
tate ohr
tate ohr - 7 hours ago
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ross spencer
ross spencer - 7 hours ago
Has wide screen not been invented yet .Or maybe this is an old film