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JS - 04LW 833832 Edenrose PS
JS - 04LW 833832 Edenrose PS - 39 minutes ago
she watched the vines the ones she watched in part 1
WolfLarissaHoyle - Hour ago
I LIKE YOUR CUT G..:Me: IF Valtimore had a nose!?: Lia:HELLO!! Me: (●~●) ok Now i NOSE! haha! Ha! Ha...haa hm *coughs * im sorry XD
R0ckstar f0xxy
R0ckstar f0xxy - Hour ago
Kristan: oh my god it tastes like fish food! Me: how do you know what fish food tastes like??
Zainab Shamsi
Zainab Shamsi - Hour ago
yasmin - Hour ago
okay i love liza now but where's jet!
Genesis soto
Genesis soto - Hour ago
Her reaction to the ghost killed me
Lizbeth Carrillo
Lizbeth Carrillo - 2 hours ago
This made me cry honestly. Her speech is reached out to me. I have been going through a lot of things too, and I noticed that I need to practice self-love and self-forgiveness.
beauty girl
beauty girl - 2 hours ago
Sydney bragg
Sydney bragg - 2 hours ago
Do a really really hard makeup tutorial please
•CreamyMochii• - 3 hours ago
Rip liza's face from the pens she be waking up with pores or maybe no if she has great skin-
mary blues
mary blues - 3 hours ago
She like being spank we have a lot in common 😂
mary blues
mary blues - 3 hours ago
i have so much potential thankss lizaaa
mary blues
mary blues - 3 hours ago
Im wearing towel pants but thats tight 😂
sarah kenney
sarah kenney - 4 hours ago
who is watching this in 2020 the day before Halloween?
sarah kenney
sarah kenney - 4 hours ago
love those boots girl!!!
RABBI JYNDU - 4 hours ago
I literally laugh at every of your videos. Your so talented+Plus a very good editor =awesome.
Harell Ramiscal
Harell Ramiscal - 5 hours ago
i like your hair
Harell Ramiscal
Harell Ramiscal - 5 hours ago
hello liza your so beutiful
Lashell Davis
Lashell Davis - 5 hours ago
That is so amazing to see Liza preparing 4 Christmas yay
Jennifer Won
Jennifer Won - 5 hours ago
5:53 🥰
Hannah Howard
Hannah Howard - 6 hours ago
I wish you could like a video more than once. This video is awesome and is really funny and I want to like it a million times!!!! (Same with all your videos)
Ashaan Maha
Ashaan Maha - 6 hours ago
The clothes could of been way better, the dresses were lovely on Liza
Janine Moran
Janine Moran - 6 hours ago
Why is no one talking about the puppy he or she is so cute
Crystal Hendricks
Crystal Hendricks - 7 hours ago
I love her pants
Binod Tharu
Binod Tharu - 8 hours ago
What a fucking disrespect to Gandhi 🙂
Bestie_gaming 123
Bestie_gaming 123 - 8 hours ago
Pls don’t quit
Noxie Nay
Noxie Nay - 8 hours ago
Me thinking there was covid 3 years ago👁👄👁
Asmaa Salik
Asmaa Salik - 8 hours ago
"Stay inside b*tch" -right HAHA She's SOOOOO CUTE!
Mayer’s max Movies
Mayer’s max Movies - 8 hours ago
I can’t belive you wasted all those fake tattoos kids in Africa could have eaten them
Mylce Micah
Mylce Micah - 10 hours ago
October 2020 and I’m still waiting for the we are back together video
Mylce Micah
Mylce Micah - 10 hours ago
still waiting
Stephanie De La Torre
Stephanie De La Torre - 13 hours ago
Queen ! 😍
Lia Johnson
Lia Johnson - 13 hours ago
Liza you cray cray
Viola vlogs
Viola vlogs - 13 hours ago
I love mayonaise to
Alina Hersi
Alina Hersi - 13 hours ago
manger: hi what size are you me: size 24 months manger: what the hell is wrong with you me ok *baby voice*
Autumn Spence
Autumn Spence - 13 hours ago
I think you were trying to make the dancing bad but funny and that looked so good like wtf
Xiomara Jimenez
Xiomara Jimenez - 13 hours ago
This video did not age well sadly
Tamira Kuhn
Tamira Kuhn - 16 hours ago
Them looks were cute💕💕
Tamira Kuhn
Tamira Kuhn - 16 hours ago
Damn she didn’t have to come for sister James like that
Katherine Lugo
Katherine Lugo - 17 hours ago
2020 goals though👍😂
LittleFishFun Fry
LittleFishFun Fry - 17 hours ago
Her earrings tho..
Felicia Brown
Felicia Brown - 17 hours ago
the person responding to Liza after she asked “If she looked at peace” Sound A lot like David- I’m just saying
Tylena Anderson
Tylena Anderson - 19 hours ago
Liza ur my idol😁😁😁😁😄😄😄😄😃😃😃😀😀😀😄😁😆
Nya Pooh
Nya Pooh - 19 hours ago
Hey can you add the close capitinons
Quincy Johnson
Quincy Johnson - 20 hours ago
when she made a handshake with herself i was like omg twins
Niko Olafsson
Niko Olafsson - 20 hours ago
I just saw the airat box... the boots that must have been in there omg I know how expensive those are
Galaxy Wolf
Galaxy Wolf - 20 hours ago
1:20 when you have a really bad period
Raiiinbow X
Raiiinbow X - 20 hours ago
4:31 Either sounds like a demon is trying to come out of her or an anime battle scene
GM - 20 hours ago
I really resonated with this! Glad your doing better!
Raiiinbow X
Raiiinbow X - 21 hour ago
I luv how she sounds like a different person when she says "I cant see toronto from the Eiffel Tower
Mia Vetere
Mia Vetere - 21 hour ago
Kristin put a number 3 when Liza said that that was her second channel
FREAKZZ !!! - 21 hour ago
her brows annoy me im srry luv
ساره النجار Sara El Naggar
ساره النجار Sara El Naggar - 21 hour ago
I’m so happy for liza i feel like she’s getting better as time goes
Emma Walton
Emma Walton - 21 hour ago
As someone who's felt emotionally stuck and stuff, this made me cry. I'm proud of myself for coming so far, and even though I've come a long way, I'm working on it and I'm proud of myself
ساره النجار Sara El Naggar
ساره النجار Sara El Naggar - 22 hours ago
Love this woman so fucking much
Jaysen Otero
Jaysen Otero - 23 hours ago
dang liza was doing the wap before it was even a thing
Jim Hamberg
Jim Hamberg - 23 hours ago
Dam. Liza’s a pretty good dramatic actress. Lol
grace bohanan
grace bohanan - 23 hours ago
All the jokes aside these look really really good
Martha Hughes
Martha Hughes - 23 hours ago
She needs to do more of these
Tricia Davies
Tricia Davies - Day ago
Great, now she can hit Donald trump without going to jail! 👍
Prides Nation
Prides Nation - Day ago
bro i missed her!!! i haven’t watched her in so long. she’s gotten so much prettier 😭😭😭
Sophia Hubert
Sophia Hubert - Day ago
Shaunna Maxwell
Shaunna Maxwell - Day ago
Liza is pretty good at aggressive singing
{Chicken&Toast }
{Chicken&Toast } - Day ago
Can we all take minute of silence to appreciate Lizas singing and dancing.❤️
Alisha - Day ago
Emily Niu
Emily Niu - Day ago
Who's here watching this in 2020 laughing and crying I miss them together
Morgan Hardy
Morgan Hardy - Day ago
6 month year old😂😂😂 how can you be 6 months old AND a year old at the same time🤯🤯
Kennedy Lucky
Kennedy Lucky - Day ago
U match my energy so much
Denisa Alexia
Denisa Alexia - Day ago
I still can t believe that he didn t know her parent s names
price less
price less - Day ago
Am I the only one who heard 3-6 month year old!! 😂 1:23
price less
price less - Day ago
1:23 a 3-6 year old baby!! 🤣
Teresa Russell
Teresa Russell - Day ago
This video helped me so much. Love you Liza❤️. Glad you’re better
sloth plays roblox
sloth plays roblox - Day ago
Hi liza, did u play a character in work it, I'm very dumb so if u r pls tell me
Keira Tucker
Keira Tucker - Day ago
Fe Jimenez
Fe Jimenez - Day ago
i now think about some things a different way and a must positiver way. so i just want to say thank you liza.
xin sun
xin sun - Day ago
Jet why r u so dunm lol And why r u so creedy
Sariya Shakeel
Sariya Shakeel - Day ago
I'm literally binge watching Liza again in 2020 Please upload 😭💕
Lil' Weeb
Lil' Weeb - Day ago
Sometimes, i dont fucking know what liza's talking about..
ocean wxves
ocean wxves - Day ago
Thai is not what she used to look like
Andreja Južnič
Andreja Južnič - Day ago
I think i know ur social security number 713420126?