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Jayden Pittman
Jayden Pittman - 6 minutes ago
rod wave tanlented his voice is just so amazing keep up the good work bro
Antonne Richardson
Antonne Richardson - 8 minutes ago
1 year later and u still goin up i knew you wasnt no 1 hit woder!!
Drama NUNCHI - 21 minute ago
Rod wave have me riding for miles no destination phone on DnD 🖤
Izabella Valencia
Izabella Valencia - 39 minutes ago
SpiritualBinge - 57 minutes ago
Yes Rod!!!! Throwing Hiroshima type shit💙💙💙 You know MaYo loves u!!!
Rodger That
Rodger That - Hour ago
I like this song🔥😂😋😛🥳
coco gang
coco gang - Hour ago
Rod wave👀
Dee Tee
Dee Tee - Hour ago
This shit go hard
Bryson Creech
Bryson Creech - Hour ago
Did he say u know I’m big gay
charlie janes
charlie janes - 2 hours ago
Everything 1K
Levi - 2 hours ago
Fuck tix tok
Sharod Davis
Sharod Davis - 2 hours ago
dis my fav rapper on the planet
Javier Ponce Arias
Javier Ponce Arias - 2 hours ago
Nah fuck u javi
Javier Ponce Arias
Javier Ponce Arias - 2 hours ago
Herat been broke soooo many times iiiiiiiiii don’t know to breathe
Javier Ponce Arias
Javier Ponce Arias - 2 hours ago
Fuck u javi
Latiffany King
Latiffany King - 2 hours ago
Love rod wave he is so famous I lisen to him every day
Roddrick Gibbs
Roddrick Gibbs - 2 hours ago
On repeat All day RNs
It’s Kbaby
It’s Kbaby - 2 hours ago
“Call me whenever “🥺❤️💪
MARK BROWN - 2 hours ago
all day
Lemon Drops
Lemon Drops - 2 hours ago
Who else just got there heart broken???
desi wilson
desi wilson - 2 hours ago
I love you rod
Trayvion Calvin
Trayvion Calvin - 3 hours ago
It will be ok rod wave
chrome0956 Let's Get It
chrome0956 Let's Get It - 3 hours ago
Aiden Pearce
Aiden Pearce - 3 hours ago
I’m facing so many fucking demons and this song is what I smoke a fat game while I’m in my feeling to🕊
Badkid taytay
Badkid taytay - 3 hours ago
Who’s whatching in 2020 after seeing the video he singing it with the guitar guy on US-channel story or tik tok
Pooh10 Brogad
Pooh10 Brogad - 3 hours ago
World of Taetzy
World of Taetzy - 3 hours ago
BRUH AM THE ONLY ONE WHO JUST LOVE THIS SONGGGG 😭 like and the first part just the best
Brianne Ellis
Brianne Ellis - 3 hours ago
Kaz odus
Kaz odus - 3 hours ago
I want some fries and chicken 😂
Adriyana Ouellette
Adriyana Ouellette - 3 hours ago
I am so poor
Pauline Wilson
Pauline Wilson - 3 hours ago
Good night
DaDonChi31 - 3 hours ago
P 989o pi i
Random Memes V.1
Random Memes V.1 - 3 hours ago
“Life of a Marine”
Mair Ford
Mair Ford - 3 hours ago
Haley Evans
Haley Evans - 4 hours ago
Yes sing it💙💙
Tammy St Charles
Tammy St Charles - 4 hours ago
Rod wave
Tamera J.
Tamera J. - 4 hours ago
hattyrunn Hunter
hattyrunn Hunter - 4 hours ago
Lil Boosie should have got on that
Latrell Lowe
Latrell Lowe - 4 hours ago
He losing hella weight
itsjustErika - 4 hours ago
Uh, picture me rolling in my 500 Benz I got no love for these niggas, ain't no need to be friends I don't fuck with these niggas, ain't no need to pretend Ain't no trust in a nigga after this You said you love me, but you're leaving me I guess nothing's what it seem to be I need some happiness again, this life done beat on me I caught a flight to ease the pain I switched the scenery Through the pain know I gotta stay focused 'Cause since a kid this all I wanted I heard he feed his problem to the vultures He couldn't say no more so he exploded Read the book on murder when she wrote it We hit the street with heat and we unload it ATR for life, I run with soldiers Heard he drive his coupe like he stole it Pray to God that I can see the morning I pray to God that I can see the morning, uh And now I lay me down to sleep Pray the Lord my soul to keep If I should die before I wake I, I pray the Lord my soul to take Can you hear me mama? I need you now, answer your phone It's been too much shit going on, uh These demons want my soul Life too short to be living in a lie It's too much pain to be living just to die Can't feel my pain 'cause I hid it deep inside I keep my head to the ribbon in the sky Okay Ribbon in the sky (whoa, whoa) Life too short to be living in a lie (in a lie) It's too much pain to be living just to die (whoa) I keep my head to the ribbon in the sky Ribbon in the sky Ribbon in the sky Life too short to be living in a lie It's too much pain to be living just to die Uh, ribbon in the sky, okay Ribbon in the sky I keep my head to the ribbon in the sky Ribbon in the sky Ribbon in the sky, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
kam rblx
kam rblx - 4 hours ago
Braylon Berry
Braylon Berry - 4 hours ago
Curly hair braces black. Thick all u need
Tj Diallo
Tj Diallo - 4 hours ago
I love u and this song😍😍😍😍
Shaquira Bradfield
Shaquira Bradfield - 5 hours ago
You will achieve and can be whatever you put your mind too. Just do it. Take action. It’s your life. 💟
vClampx -
vClampx - - 5 hours ago
This finally back up😭😭
Shaquira Bradfield
Shaquira Bradfield - 5 hours ago
This song just makes my heart happy. 😭😿
Melody Hunter
Melody Hunter - 5 hours ago
Humble but dangerous as F*CK !!!!😈 Who Ready For Some New Music 🎶
Lazaria Robinson
Lazaria Robinson - 5 hours ago
“Wonder do u miss me when I’m busy on the road wonder do you hear me I’m in houston all alone”
Skye May
Skye May - 5 hours ago
I'm glad it is a young black man and not a white one this is a hit song
gonzalo quintana
gonzalo quintana - 5 hours ago
FC_Exitz- - 5 hours ago
Sub to FC_Exitz-
EX Chetto
EX Chetto - 5 hours ago
song go hard!!!
DJ House
DJ House - 5 hours ago
The whole ghetto gospel is 🔥🔥 just to short
Aqua KayKay
Aqua KayKay - 6 hours ago
💕💕💕 Me and my teenagers bond over this 🎵
3:11 42 dugg in this video
JAMAREION JAMES - 6 hours ago
jamareion love you me
A Million Users Later
A Million Users Later - 6 hours ago
My girl was murdered and this is what motivates me to chase it for her and her children FUCKING LOVE YOU ROD WAVE THE GOAT
Faze Upper
Faze Upper - 6 hours ago
inspiring song🤧
Amanda Nelson
Amanda Nelson - 6 hours ago
I cry listening to this
kat and
kat and - 6 hours ago
This song is so cool
REVI TUPUA - 6 hours ago
Justin Campbell
Justin Campbell - 6 hours ago
I just wanna know is that Sarah Banks
maria azeez
maria azeez - 6 hours ago
If you bopped your head during this song . make this blue. 👇
Shannon Spencer
Shannon Spencer - 7 hours ago
Eu in wv
Trapmoney Neal
Trapmoney Neal - 7 hours ago
I felt everything bro said 🥶🥶💫
Ryan Nelson jr
Ryan Nelson jr - 7 hours ago
Lil Baby never fails
Skep Sauce101
Skep Sauce101 - 7 hours ago
I lost my father last year December 19th, this song has been the only one I can relate to so much. I don’t know where I’m going with this but I just fucking miss my pops. LLK🖤
Xp Alpha
Xp Alpha - 7 hours ago
It’s been 3 month already damn
Maria Valentin
Maria Valentin - 7 hours ago
i liked the muicic
Cashmire ayala
Cashmire ayala - 7 hours ago
I've this song
Tylen Taylor
Tylen Taylor - 7 hours ago
“I’m a god in my hood, I give everyone hope” 💯🔥🔥🔥
hood rich Choopa
hood rich Choopa - 7 hours ago
Bc I had a gal who I loved sooo dearly and she juh left me juh like dat and I juh don’t know wat to say
hood rich Choopa
hood rich Choopa - 7 hours ago
Am I the only one or can u relate to all his songs 😔😔
hood rich Choopa
hood rich Choopa - 7 hours ago
Is it juh me or can u relate to all his songs
Inspirational Gaming
Inspirational Gaming - 7 hours ago
I remember when heart on ice only had a couple thousand views
SniperSquad - 8 hours ago
BETHANY ALLEN - 8 hours ago
BETHANY ALLEN - 8 hours ago
They colde the popo
Magic Lohys
Magic Lohys - 8 hours ago
Slept on!
NoRapCap VEVO - 8 hours ago