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Therockdwarf Mockdwarf
Therockdwarf Mockdwarf - 6 hours ago
I don’t know which I preferred, the more technical higher quality tennis at the beginning or the grittiness and mental toughness at the end
Therockdwarf Mockdwarf
Therockdwarf Mockdwarf - 6 hours ago
When Djokovic switched shirts he unlocked his full potential
Dona Markovic
Dona Markovic - 6 hours ago
Boris Frlic
Boris Frlic - 6 hours ago
Dona Markovic
Dona Markovic - 6 hours ago
G. Abzilla
G. Abzilla - 6 hours ago
So why do people still hate him?
Dona Markovic
Dona Markovic - 7 hours ago
Devon Devon
Devon Devon - 7 hours ago
Brady played great, but it was Naomi day
Dona Markovic
Dona Markovic - 7 hours ago
Locker-Room Dwarf
Locker-Room Dwarf - 7 hours ago
UPeaches Clyburn
UPeaches Clyburn - 7 hours ago
Serena has nothing to be ashamed of in her professional career. I've never seen anyone with so much grit , passion , determination and fight for the game. She has all the talent and passion of Althea , Billie Jean King , Arthur Ashe and even John McEnroe. She has the heart of a champion and she's just disappointed in herself. Hey champ , shake it off . Let no one tell you when you're ready to retire but you and your body. Regardless you are in the record book Anna Hall of famer. You'll be talked about and showed future generations your film clips. It ain't over yet, You're done tremendous things You got married you had a baby you deal with the pandemic. Just give yourself time to relax. Enjoy your husband and that bundle of joy. Many blessings to you champ in the future.
Suparna - 7 hours ago
Watch the lob at score 5th set, 6-5, 30-15, Djokovic serving for the match. This lob hit by Nole went in the net, a similar lob was played in the 2021 final Vs Medvedev at match point which he hits with seemingly effortless ease. These guys just keep getting better and better. Stay healthy both and wishing them both good luck in winning more grand slams and breaking records.
vidhead85 - 7 hours ago
This was a fun match to watch!
Luka Kusovac
Luka Kusovac - 7 hours ago
Cool guy
Predrag Živković
Predrag Živković - 7 hours ago
6:06:08 last point!
Jun Park
Jun Park - 8 hours ago
Both played really well. I was happy to see them. Not ugly crowds making some irritating noise.
Lo Mtlt
Lo Mtlt - 8 hours ago
Serena is a legend! Well done.
Jack Stan
Jack Stan - 8 hours ago
The heartbreaking tire largely sin because forehead radiographically unfasten past a round decimal. tiresome, tightfisted tennis
sbstorage - 8 hours ago
The Point at 48:37 is one of the greatest points in tennis history 🤯🤯. Any other player and Feds forehands would’ve been winners. Vintage Novak - unreal defence, tactics and then a killer backhand winner 😱😱
vidhead85 - 8 hours ago
This was a good ass match!
Ammar Khalid
Ammar Khalid - 8 hours ago
This guy is the reason i started watching tennis , and i am crazy tennis fan now for abkut 16 years. Proud to be alive in roger federer era. Much love to the GOAT
The 7th Seven
The 7th Seven - 8 hours ago
My Two Best Girls. ✨🙌🏾😆 Winning
Mihailo Milojkovic
Mihailo Milojkovic - 8 hours ago
2:52 damn that was a bit arrogant
Xilun Jiang
Xilun Jiang - 8 hours ago
world number 1 and number 3
Andrey Demkov
Andrey Demkov - 8 hours ago
Humiliation by Novac
Ashton-Lee Johnson
Ashton-Lee Johnson - 8 hours ago
I wonder how osak a would have faired against 2012-2013 Serena
akwasi Kwakye
akwasi Kwakye - 8 hours ago
Without Sasha, serena williams can't win against Osaka, serena williams bring Sasha back or forget about 24
akwasi Kwakye
akwasi Kwakye - 8 hours ago
We now know how Sasha's importance in the william's tearm
akwasi Kwakye
akwasi Kwakye - 8 hours ago
Without Sasha now, serena william can never wins against Osaka
Serena Williams is THE PAST. She is over. Naomi Osaka the New Queen!!! hahahahaha
Jyothish Raj
Jyothish Raj - 8 hours ago
This man in his glory makes me happy!
Xilun Jiang
Xilun Jiang - 8 hours ago
Novak is so awesome
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi - 8 hours ago
Young legs. Everybody knew Serena was gonna lose. A prime Serena would be a discussion but now.. It's pretty much over.
Tricia Prentice
Tricia Prentice - 9 hours ago
I love when the crowd against Novak and at the end of the game they all silent 😂 that’s always the best when he silent them all. Their noise always make it better for him always. Mental strength always and the terminator in tennis
matteo cuna
matteo cuna - 9 hours ago
Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn djokovic fantastic
Γιαννης Σταμος
Γιαννης Σταμος - 9 hours ago
Girls insta name?
M cas
M cas - 9 hours ago
We love 💕 you Serena!!
Hiroki Mori
Hiroki Mori - 9 hours ago
Was she positive? Fortnight in Australia. Now she can leave the country with bright future!
Hiroki Mori
Hiroki Mori - 9 hours ago
A first challenge is not easy, of course. Her unique case I saw was she played pretty good in the first set, which may go contrary to common knowledge. Nervousness often overtakes first-comers, then bits better play in the second occurs more often. She's such a gutsy player with bits of maturity agewise. A new star is born? We shall see.
Jerome Travert
Jerome Travert - 9 hours ago
The king forever !!!
Mohit Yadav
Mohit Yadav - 9 hours ago
Guess noone noticed Aron Finch.
The Real Witzbold
The Real Witzbold - 9 hours ago
Sehr angenehme Person: Gibt vernünftige Antworten auf vernünftige Fragen, schwafelt keine auswendig gelernten Allgemeinplätze daher, hat Humor ... und auch bei der "Trophy Ceremony" war sie souverän und guter Dinge ...
Adam Mcaskill
Adam Mcaskill - 9 hours ago
Uly is great at what he does
Heather Barnes
Heather Barnes - 10 hours ago
Yo watch Serena video. SERENA need to watch your video .she always the goat she using as bait not her idol.
free lance
free lance - 10 hours ago
bf gf ? ;)
Know NEJM - 10 hours ago
pim van der pluijm
pim van der pluijm - 10 hours ago
Whos seeing this in 2021?
Anthony Yusef
Anthony Yusef - 10 hours ago
i think Serena still has slams left in her, beating Osaka on a hardcourt right now is the most daunting thing in women's tennis. In as much as I love Naomi she has only made a dent at 2 of the 4 majors. I have thought all along that Serena's best chance to get #24 was at Wimbledon. Shockingly she has lost 2 finals that I was certain she was going to win. I still stand by the assertion that Wimbledon is there for her. Still
Yusei 5Ds
Yusei 5Ds - 10 hours ago
I‘d love to see another all out match between these two. RF obviously injured here, such a shame 😞 Well done by Novak 👍
Steve Hughes
Steve Hughes - 10 hours ago
Hyeon's star was there for a very short time..........he was dynamic in that purple patch period!!
agent 007
agent 007 - 10 hours ago
This dude is the goat. The general public has the right to not like him, but they can't take away his greatness. After 6 years of his ATP debut in 2011 at 23 years old, Djokovic had finally reached his tennis maturity. let's remember federer was only 29 years most of 2011, Nadal 25, Murray 24.
Rony Warwar
Rony Warwar - 10 hours ago
and most booooorinnnnngggggg
Hubert Gurschler
Hubert Gurschler - 10 hours ago
my player Novak, my Head.
Kyle Gray
Kyle Gray - 10 hours ago
The odd advantage inferiorly suppose because soprano feasibly wrestle down a panicky place. faded, furry furtive white
Po Klop
Po Klop - 10 hours ago
Skyzocka - 10 hours ago
Dzumhur needs some appreciation too!
King Kermmy
King Kermmy - 11 hours ago
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Marcella Holder
Marcella Holder - 11 hours ago
I was the ball girl for this match
Mathew - 11 hours ago
The female commentator was noticeably on Petra's side.
You see what i did there
You see what i did there - 11 hours ago
The reason medvedev lost the last point of the first set 4:04 someone yelled and seems to distract him
Jose Logan
Jose Logan - 11 hours ago
The statuesque flight reilly pump because radio metrically scream athwart a vast detective. threatening, merciful beet
Eric Meyer
Eric Meyer - 11 hours ago
A Paul Ruud match!
hvb2011 - 11 hours ago
Next Gen players are still trash. Can't even beat the old grandpas on tour. The Big 3 (plus Stan and Murray) have dominated for almost 2 decades now. By the time these guys retire, there will be a new crop of up and coming players. This means that the Next Gen guys won't be winning any majors on a consistent level (if any at all)... that's the unfortunate truth for them.
ТурбоТОП - 11 hours ago
20 slams by end of year.
Loki Lokic
Loki Lokic - 11 hours ago
The god of 🎾
womp - 11 hours ago
Only because each of them takes stupid amount of time between points
Stanley13 - 11 hours ago
Never liked rafa.... zero personality and an ugly on court presence. Poor girl... imagine being kissed by an elderly bald sweating weirdo
mama bah tv
mama bah tv - 11 hours ago
shyt... an overweight serena can still kick her ass... lol
tendrugimichal - 11 hours ago
where's the actual match lol
NotSoHandyTim - 11 hours ago
For the most part, you could be ahead of Djokvic 6-0 and it don't mean a damn thing.
Milan Popovic
Milan Popovic - 11 hours ago
Djokovic is the best
Fly Khic
Fly Khic - 12 hours ago
Queen Serena!!! I love you lady and know that you have nothing to prove.!! I love you for you!!! Lady you inspired myself as well as-many others; and you just don’t know!! If you want to keep playing do it, yet know you Queen!!! Babe u 39!!!! Freaking 39!!! Baby, u have nothing to prove!! U are still one winner or error Away in a match and you still in the mix. I hope you can see how great you are!!! Maybe later in years you can see this.. THAT YOU Are QUEEN!!!! Pls smile and appreciate this💜💜💜💜💜👸🏾
Jon McClane
Jon McClane - 12 hours ago
I always liked Rafter vs Agassi, they seemed to like each other as well.
i. czv
i. czv - 12 hours ago
Nick 'failure' Kyrgios. What a clown.. and who is the other guy?!?
Rade - 12 hours ago
Novak era 2011-present Grand Slam- Federer 4, Nadal 11, Djokovic 17 Atp Finals - Federer 1, Nadal 0, Djokovic 4 Atp 1000 - Federer 11, Nadal 17, Djokovic 31 Weeks no1 - Federer 25, Nadal 107, Djokovic 311+ Year end no1- Federer 0, Nadal 3, Djokovic 6 HtH- Federer vs Dokovic 10-21, Nadal- Djokovic 11-22 Federer+Nadal Grand slam Fedal 15, Djokovic 17 Atp Finals Fedal 1, Djokovic 4 Atp 1000 Fedal 28, Djokovic 31 Weeks no1 Fedal 132, Djokovic 311+ Year end no1=Fedal 3, Djokovic 6 HtH=Fedal 21-43 Djokovic
CoolGuy69420 - 12 hours ago
Tennis almost isn’t even exciting anymore. Especially the Aussie when Novak’s playing and the French when Rafa is. We all know who’s going to win.
Ashish Ranjan Behera
Ashish Ranjan Behera - 12 hours ago
Wow. And US-channel recommended this to me now!! Notice match eh'
Cristobal Quiroz Villanueva
Cristobal Quiroz Villanueva - 12 hours ago
djokovic es excelente, sin embargo me aburre ver jugar a este weon
vipahman - 12 hours ago
That is why only wedgie-adjusting Nadal can take down this monster.
oneski io
oneski io - 12 hours ago
Em? Her answer on the BLM question suggested the BLM paraphernalia was not her idea, it was put upon her by PR are more savvy black stars. We saw Lewis Hamilton make big BLM moves in F1, even disrespecting Bernie the eccelstan who had history in confronting apartheid in SA.! The dynamics of mixed heritage celebrities still highly illuminating.