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Alex Branson
Alex Branson - 8 hours ago
her performances go 1. Jude 2. Fiona 3. Constance 4. Elsa but her best characters are too difficult because I love them all more than my mother
Leslie Ader
Leslie Ader - 8 hours ago
Lady Gaga's performance was amazing too bad she did not play the 'real person' her storyline was based on..Erzsébet Báthory. She would ROCK IT!
nikkakillss - 9 hours ago
you gotta be smart to catch on to this why i like it so much
krazymarmot - 11 hours ago
watching capt america first is brillant
Andreea Corpodean
Andreea Corpodean - 11 hours ago
Super video :*
Thais Santos
Thais Santos - 12 hours ago
Everytime there’s an American horror story video you can expect the “THE STEW IS STU” and I love it!!!!
Danielle Miller
Danielle Miller - 13 hours ago
yessssss i love codyyyyyy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sheik S
Sheik S - 13 hours ago
I like Saws
I like Saws - 14 hours ago
The clap seen gets me every time...
ND AR - 14 hours ago
We need seasons based on Aliens, Lovecraftian horror and zombies. Also can you guys make a list of the top 10 or 20 most evil character's from the series?
Ray - 14 hours ago
Apocalypse is such a good season
krazymarmot - 14 hours ago
lockdown ill do it
Emmanuel Kouros
Emmanuel Kouros - 15 hours ago
Some of you guys are so dumb. This is not a predict, it's all planned.
Cole Leggett
Cole Leggett - 15 hours ago
I think an AHS take on the titanic with a twist of the survivors ending up on a cannibal island would be awesome
androstempest - 17 hours ago
I love myrtle, but moira was a great character too. Only character I wasn’t keen on was the one in cult. But I don’t think anyone was that great in that season.
noah leal
noah leal - 17 hours ago
That was the weakest lamest pickle Rick ever
ArshWood - 17 hours ago
*Can't say anything about how the movie will turn out to be but but but the CGI & VFX seems like the best ever in the Mortal Kombat franchise*
somebody thatyouusetoknow
somebody thatyouusetoknow - 18 hours ago
sometimes i thought that when Danielle and Kaylee have a scene together it was like: Danielle: Kaylee.. lets make it hosie Kaylee: Sure Wifey.. or it just comes out because of their undeniable chemistry.. im a sucker for slow burn anyway.. lets go!!!
James Anderson
James Anderson - 19 hours ago
The old movie was pretty white washed before liking that they’re using more Asian actors
chachee15 - 19 hours ago
Its Tom Althouse's script. He would not go along with the evil pedophiles so they took his story and killed his kids
GhANeC - 19 hours ago
8:35 beth always gets proper hurt, jerry gets some quick bruises lol
ND AR - 20 hours ago
There are 9 circles of Hell but some of the circles have multiple levels. Fraud itself is broken into 10 section and Violence has the 3 levels of violence against nature, violence against self and violence against God. They could for sure create individual seasons for Violence.
sokin jon
sokin jon - 20 hours ago
MK Game: GET OVER HERE. MK Movie: ᵍᵉᵗ ᵒᵛᵉʳ ʰᵉʳᵉ
Emir Helvacioglu
Emir Helvacioglu - 22 hours ago
Who wants to see hosie and kaled
Steve Perrin
Steve Perrin - 22 hours ago
The Simpsons haven't made one prediction yet, so they can't make ten more.
Travis k
Travis k - 23 hours ago
Wow. I think this is the only channel on youtube that actually liked this season.
Ryan Sullivan
Ryan Sullivan - 23 hours ago
Say Star TrAk Again, I dare you!
misfit danzig
misfit danzig - Day ago
It's awesome! Emma stone and jonah hill great couple fo sho.
The HBIC - Day ago
Dear Greg ur list a absolute JOKE 😂 but ok ....
Peyton Disinger
Peyton Disinger - Day ago
Hoping it’s a different story every episode. Similar to monsterland on Hulu. Urban legends and mythical creatures throughout.
Hamoi Sam
Hamoi Sam - Day ago
I loved every single one of them. But yeah i would have to put Elsa Mars in last aswell. Not for the character nor the portrayal of Lange. Just the season as a whole. My only regret about Jessica on AHS is.. that she only appears in 4 (5 with apocalypse) seasons ☹️
MattysonDreamland - Day ago
Great review, I loved WW84.
Kade Coleman
Kade Coleman - Day ago
We don’t gaf about your bicep you weird fuck
Temani Draughn
Temani Draughn - Day ago
For all the non wwe fans watch total divas yall get it once its watched
Kade Coleman
Kade Coleman - Day ago
I think Jerry genuinely had no idea that those were hookers outside his house tbh. He’s very ignorant 😂
Steven A
Steven A - Day ago
what if the kids were the ones from apocalypse!!! that's why they were the chosen ones!!!!!
Sothia Chhoeum
Sothia Chhoeum - Day ago
Good similarities 🔥🐉
Jen Jen
Jen Jen - Day ago
I was all about Penny Dreadful.
Dusk - Day ago
Subzero 2021 look epic-af, wish Scorpian was a bit more traditional!!
Cynthia Fetyko
Cynthia Fetyko - Day ago
I agree with Murder house being #1
Abel Abebe
Abel Abebe - Day ago
Jag-wire Jag-wire Jag-wire
Timothy Stone
Timothy Stone - Day ago
8:18 Great song.
Cole Shandera
Cole Shandera - Day ago
good video! really helped me cause im really stupid and never understand these movies. or any movie for that matter!
Jerrod H.
Jerrod H. - Day ago
The banter is strong with this one
anthony cheesman
anthony cheesman - Day ago
At least we can say this movie will look better than the 1995 movie and its R rated so that's a plus.
Strike Freedom
Strike Freedom - Day ago
0:14 Simpsons predicted OnlyFans SImps also
Zay C
Zay C - Day ago
ok I get it he is a very good actor but 1984 one of the best seasons out there... I don’t think it would have been “better” with him in it or not..
VividWinter - Day ago
“Josie just wants to sink into a whole and cease to exist” never has a more relatable line been uttered
The Beast of Feaster Park
The Beast of Feaster Park - Day ago
My name is Miguel, so thanks to all the people saying "Miguel is cool" lol
Erin Laing
Erin Laing - Day ago
Imagine Annabelle as a gen z doll🤣🤣🤣 No one: Annabelle: it's the being alive for me. Periodt
Aaron Ahlfeldt
Aaron Ahlfeldt - Day ago
I really don’t want mermaids :(
Michaela Gonzales
Michaela Gonzales - Day ago
What order do I watch the seasons
LiTtLeJuNe3 - Day ago
Your ranking was perfect. As you said, there is no "bad" role for the great Jessica Lange. Even if my favourite ones were Constance and Fiona, I was pretty sure that Sister Jude would be #1, because she's her character with the best evolution throughout the season ❤
Rafael d’Avila
Rafael d’Avila - Day ago
Addison Blair
Addison Blair - Day ago
Jessica Lange was my favorite (I also love Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters) but I was upset when I found out Jessica only did four season, I wish it was more
Piotr Dudała
Piotr Dudała - Day ago
As for AvP2 .... it had issues, but main Protagonist Veteran Predator was great and had excellent, canon but new gear. Chainwhip and booby traps were awesome. Predator 2 - in my opinion one of most WELL DONE SEQUELS EVER, which also stands well as standalone movie.
India Gilyard
India Gilyard - Day ago
So y’all gon be talking the whole damn time . Let us watch the shit damn !
Bronze Spectre
Bronze Spectre - Day ago
Can’t wait for Richard Nixon to be president of Earth
Chuus Nation
Chuus Nation - Day ago
bonnie - Day ago
Idk why but I have a sneaking suspicion kit walker will show back up in season 10
Miyu Sawai
Miyu Sawai - Day ago
Please do videos on Naomi Grossman (Pepper) from AHS: Freakshow & AHS: Asylum and Jyoti Amge (Ma Petite) from AHS: Freakshow
sihartin kila ali
sihartin kila ali - Day ago
Honestly i just want to see emma in a movie or a shows again, i miss her soo much with her bitchy behavior
Trailer Park Darling
Trailer Park Darling - Day ago
Pls do a frances and danis characters ranking !!
Trailer Park Darling
Trailer Park Darling - Day ago
sister jude will always be my fav ahs character. she had the best arc and her story broke my heart
Ark Ark
Ark Ark - Day ago
1995 has better costum and Effects than the new Shame on u
Michael Mant
Michael Mant - Day ago
I think Miguel vs Robby in finals and Robby ducks and kicks Miguel in the back Miguel get paraylyst for like 2 minutes he is laying on mat then Daniel uses the the script chooses gave him Miguel gets up and go to locker room they say Miguel your not gonna fight Miguel says u got to and they let him fight Miguel uses jeans kick and wins
Benji Sampson
Benji Sampson - Day ago
7:42 the red haired doll in the back is what the actual Annabelle doll looks like from the alleged real hauntings of the doll. i find that a pretty cool cameo done by the producers bc they wouldn’t be able to use it as its not scary looking and would ruin the horror feel to the movie
Shubham Vishwakarma
Shubham Vishwakarma - Day ago
My favorite scene is when Wick is killed by Madra Uchiha within a fraction of second in parallel universe.
Celia Shadden
Celia Shadden - Day ago
Ellie - Day ago
Y’all what if Kit’s kids with special DNA are the same as the teens from 2020 who had the Antichrist child? We know time is something that can be altered thanks to Apocalypse, so why not a frozen-in-time scenario? Ya know?
BEDGO16 - Day ago
I miss the cocaine's a hell of a drug joke
Rob - Day ago
An expert in psychology already talked about this. The Simpsons have made so many episodes, that it would be easy to find something in one episode and force it to fit The narrative of today. And honestly, I think people just want to believe in conspiracy theories because they're too lazy and stupid to fix the problems we have today.
B. Lloyd Reese
B. Lloyd Reese - Day ago
Sleep paralysis. And it can be stopped. I used to suffer from it.
Yeh - Day ago
Unpopular opinion: The world is copying the simpsons.
Nicholas Becker
Nicholas Becker - Day ago
She mentions the 70’s being aliens and lochness.. but then she says the 80’s were about human monsters and serial killers. Human monsters is the usual theme for ahs.
emanandchill - Day ago
Illuminati confirmed.