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I am all about Marvel movies. I am deeply into Marvel comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe. I make videos about movie theories, reviews and Easter Eggs.

P.S: I wasn't born in Canada. I'm an immigrant here. So if I don't sound Canadian enough, please apologize my accent. I hope to improve with every new video!

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Santi TheEggroll
Santi TheEggroll - 9 hours ago
Am I the only other one that noticed that he put Agatha's theme song in his intro?
Hello It's Me
Hello It's Me - 9 hours ago
Plot twist: the rabbit is Quick Silver
Seemslegit - 9 hours ago
When cable first appear in present timeline we can hear a music from truck its the same music is guardians of galacy vol. 1 The escape
Inverse Invasion
Inverse Invasion - 9 hours ago
What if the one way after endgame they killed thanos and gave the stone to Spider-Man lmfao he would be broken
Edaramfon Aniekan
Edaramfon Aniekan - 9 hours ago
New powers
marvelous - 9 hours ago
I’m so happy that they didn’t rush the characters in and all the marvel events because that would make it horrible
skippymillward - 9 hours ago
I think the next reveal should be the canadian lad himself
Lang Jan
Lang Jan - 9 hours ago
idk if this has any relation to wanda vision, but Tom Holand posted a 36 sec video, some new spoilers for the new spiderman movie, but they were walking out from the principal office where it is decorated with halloween decorations....maybe there is something in that clip
Cool World
Cool World - 9 hours ago
Daphoque was that weird captain marvel actress?!
Angus Ng
Angus Ng - 9 hours ago
01:37 It is a "X" in the middle.
Lacky Games
Lacky Games - 9 hours ago
And ur left in the dust atleast I stuck bye ya ur the sunflower and u will never be to much
Enrique Guillen
Enrique Guillen - 9 hours ago
I believe its hank because everyone pitched in
That guy from Aggretsuko
That guy from Aggretsuko - 9 hours ago
Another fun fact is that when Wanda expelled Monica Rambeau (then Geraldine) from the Hex, she broke exactly four walls before being throw outside, and knowing the name of the episode made me laugh so hard thinking about that detail
GalaxyINDORAPTOR - 9 hours ago
My theory is that, Agatha put the twins in different Universes, but Tommy was sent to a different Universe which was X men’s universe, thus still having his powers in that universe, he came to be quicksilver there. Also, his hair is long like quicksilver.
Karissa K
Karissa K - 9 hours ago
Maria is a skrull?
илька пилька
илька пилька - 9 hours ago
I think Agatha punishing Wanda for death of her children that's why she made her create Westview and kids and then take them from her in order to make her feel what she felt because of lose of her children. Hint: "you deserve this" in the moment when kids were lost and comments , action about them from the begining
Jamie Pearson
Jamie Pearson - 10 hours ago
Theory: from your idea of Agatha’s husband being worse I believe that Ralph is Mephisto
That guy from Aggretsuko
That guy from Aggretsuko - 10 hours ago
11:55 you forgot to mention that was clearly a reference to the "Woman Yelling at a Cat" meme Monica even did her best cat impression
Lang Jan
Lang Jan - 10 hours ago
i wont be suprise if deadpool shows up
shankar ban
shankar ban - 10 hours ago
I'm really disturbed by the fact that the wall was already cut when Agatha did her magic thing to Herb...
Patrick Despage
Patrick Despage - 10 hours ago
I haven’t seen anyone mention this yet, but when Monica is trying to get out of the armored vehicle, she actually throws the whole door hatch off rather than it opening at the hinge! Were some of her powers already manifested? 🧐
Jitzu - 10 hours ago
you could see the wall was already cracked and broken where before agetha casted her spell
SAADELDIN SULIMAN - 10 hours ago
I hate the editing of it was agtha all a long
Shadow Power
Shadow Power - 10 hours ago
What if Agana killed the dog because the dog was eating her flowers
Demon vs Angel
Demon vs Angel - 10 hours ago
Confirm that the ancient one is six from Little nightmares No hate this is a joke People that don’t get the joke Six where’s a yellow raincoat like the ancient one
karateman10998 - 10 hours ago
The musical interval is a perfect 4th, not a tritone. B flat to F
Braydon Cassidy
Braydon Cassidy - 10 hours ago
so did no one notice when loki got smacked by that bootleg hammer, there was a second loki in the background?
Cana Moon Bear
Cana Moon Bear - 10 hours ago
I clicked on the video and the first thing that popped up was a Disney+/MCU ad
pooka - 10 hours ago
The beginning is every one of those clickbait top ten list channels that are like “Tony Starks greatest invention was his daughter.”
Abhishek Tripathi
Abhishek Tripathi - 10 hours ago
I guess u wil b trending this week too bro ralph because Ralph break's the internet
Ike Films
Ike Films - 10 hours ago
The problem with this theory, is that Dr Strange himself wasn't 100% sure it was the "1" time the Avengers beat Thanos until Thanos pushed Captain marvel with the power stone. I'm not really sure how, but you can clearly tell that was the sign to Dr strange that Thanos would lose.
Kilian Adam
Kilian Adam - 10 hours ago
ps: at 1:38 when agatha manipulates herb, we see that the wall already has a cut in it
damnitalexis - 10 hours ago
In the scene where Agatha puts Herb under her influence notice that THE WALL IS ALREADY CUT (1:29), indicating either a) that the scene where Herb cuts through the wall happened BEFORE Agatha put him under her influence, or b) it's simply a continuity error missed by the production team. On the one hand it's kind of hard to believe that the production team would miss such an error, but on the other hand they have already made such an error before: the text under the picture of Norm in episode 4 states information that is not know until episode 5 (the 80’s episode), when Vision awakens him.
Cole Lester
Cole Lester - 10 hours ago
Maybe the heart around the 10 means that there will be a 10th episode
SetArk - 10 hours ago
One thing about the episode. The reveal that Hayward is preping to launch something into the Hex, from a camp just outside the HEX dosen't sit well with me with beeing a bombardment, a nuke, or anything like that. Considering that he was studying vision body to try and recomission him, what about... Sentinels! Haywards hates people with powers. He hates aliens. Probably, any kind of enhanced or mutants.... And he was studying the body of the most advanced android in the MCU. Add to the possibility that he may have gotten some of Ultron drones, fuck maybe even he managed to get a hold on Ultrons Vibranium body that was supposed missing\destroyed with Sokovia, and the we may be seeing the first prototype for the Sentinels in the MCU. Basically, Hayward = Trask.
yassin.o.a - 10 hours ago
I have a feeling pietro is the bunny it only makes sense him knowing a lot more because he is always with agatha and ofc agatha can do magic she turned the bunny into him pietro being Evan peters is just to confuse us all
VIKAS SHAKYA - 10 hours ago
Its trended becoz U are best buddy, and we loved it your every breakdown🤙
Cameron - 10 hours ago
You can see when Agatha touches Herb, the wall has already been cut.
Alexander Cross
Alexander Cross - 10 hours ago
Create with me TT
Create with me TT - 10 hours ago
Man this show is so well made I love how much marvel cares even for the little but needed details
molly - 10 hours ago
Gwens death still haunts me.
Qarwaalle - 10 hours ago
When vision touches people in the head those people come back to life not dream one But when vision touches agartha in the head its like a true touching isn't that a little bit wrong touch
Ski Mask the Bump God
Ski Mask the Bump God - 10 hours ago
And Dottie has Yellow Flowers... okay okay we’ll see next Friday😳😁
Demon vs Angel
Demon vs Angel - 10 hours ago
The yellow wall was broke before Agatha putted the spell on him so I think Agatha token the spell of him the one she putted on mr.herb
yam sang
yam sang - 10 hours ago
Yeah... there was not tri-tone that was just a perfect 4th. There are tritones in the harmony but thats compltely normal and definitely not an easter egg. And as someone who studies music I also know that tritones are literally everywhere in music. Its almost impossible to hear a song without it nowadays.(sry im just sick of people talking about tri-tones and thinking they said something lmao)
hughtubecube - 10 hours ago
I feel like the script for this video had a word limit that you struggled to hit
Demon vs Angel
Demon vs Angel - 10 hours ago
I don’t know if you said this but the hex only turned red when Wanda come out of the hex and used her powers I know that a lot of people probably noticed this
7KMq - 10 hours ago
a f*ckin pattern a 2 year old could do
Anthony D
Anthony D - 10 hours ago
It's also the same actors in most of these commercials
JNR Gamings
JNR Gamings - 10 hours ago
4:07 It's probably just the case of the Monday's, am I right.
Demon vs Angel
Demon vs Angel - 10 hours ago
Everyone is saying a sudden person that they think was on the milk Colton but what if it was just to show that stuff is going to go back in the past maybe that is the ending of the show