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Trevor Wyckoff
Trevor Wyckoff - 9 hours ago
Bro is not an NBA player😭😭 can’t even hang in the G league FOH
JS21 - 9 hours ago
Y’all hating on B Hop but y’all wish y’all was him stop hating and appreciate. He cold asf😤
Rog Fl
Rog Fl - 9 hours ago
Cant fight can’t ball, who watches this shit
OscarTorres .R
OscarTorres .R - 9 hours ago
The name of the school though 😂 2:50
Daniel Padilla
Daniel Padilla - 9 hours ago
16 year old freshman 😌🤟🏽
Luke USCG - 10 hours ago
He can dunk in warmups?? I got T'd up once for dunking in layup lines..
Pernell Rose
Pernell Rose - 10 hours ago
so no one is going to say something about that corvette sounding like a aventador
Faresss - 10 hours ago
who here after he got traded
jrh4lo - 10 hours ago
Does she know how ridiculous she sounds when she talks?
MaxRoberts17 - 10 hours ago
Sorry bryce now dominate for your grandma.
Tigin Unsal
Tigin Unsal - 10 hours ago
this kid might be spoiled but hes determined
RTG - 10 hours ago
I got aids after watching this
Jay Ugly
Jay Ugly - 11 hours ago
I’m better than him no cap 🧢
Bruhh lmao
Bruhh lmao - 11 hours ago
mikey is kinda overrated no lie
Hoodie B
Hoodie B - 11 hours ago
Every body hates Chris vibes
Hoodie B
Hoodie B - 11 hours ago
Derek Keyes
Derek Keyes - 11 hours ago
Quinn DeSota
Quinn DeSota - 11 hours ago
This dudes gonna try to fight shaq I swear
Chace Fleming
Chace Fleming - 11 hours ago
2 more years until he will be in the league
Arvindbhai Patel
Arvindbhai Patel - 11 hours ago
Playboi thinks he can beat LBG (King, Goat,). Boi stfu
HowToTutorials - 11 hours ago
I know how he did that magic trick for Lil Mosey, but I won't expose fr.
Στέφανος Μαραθάκης
Στέφανος Μαραθάκης - 12 hours ago
The best high school team of all time is chino hills with zo gelo and melo
Rigoberto Moya
Rigoberto Moya - 12 hours ago
My ShOt WaS aLwAyS gOoD
BAOQIANG Li - 12 hours ago
The ethereal rod thankfully suck because professor finallly play pace a unbiased train. kindhearted, enormous boot
CLaPpz - 12 hours ago
It's funny how the have an even amount of likes... I tell you Overtime you should kick the Newmans out of you company.
Super Fahim
Super Fahim - 12 hours ago
Well I dont think he is good enough to make the NBA but he is good enough to the G-League
ColdStepper KB3
ColdStepper KB3 - 12 hours ago
@Overtime Imagine Getting a Build on 2k Called a Combo Guard
Brent - 13 hours ago
Azzi is Elmer's granddaughter by the way.
Jackboys - 13 hours ago
Shaka Salaam
Shaka Salaam - 13 hours ago
You guys notice how they had no biggie with playing spire in season 1, but melo joined spire in season 2, they made in the biggest deal in the world? That how you know they scared of the ball family
Shaka Salaam
Shaka Salaam - 13 hours ago
They always talk about melo cuz they scared of the ball fam
Shaka Salaam
Shaka Salaam - 13 hours ago
No way he grabs 6 board a game
Polo IV
Polo IV - 13 hours ago
Checkout my video on how to play like Devin Booker and Chris Paul in 2k21
Swerve - 13 hours ago
Bruh I hate little kids calling themselves “grown men” like nah bruh you a teenager, you not grown
Davis Hendriks
Davis Hendriks - 14 hours ago
12:09 Kid didn't get his dab lol
Dyno - 14 hours ago
@7:29 i got all my respect for mikey ... first person he called was his blood youngin to get in first ..... thats love
skedoedle - 14 hours ago
our highscore is 115 - 0
Kristian Sulyma
Kristian Sulyma - 14 hours ago
Mayan the Lion
Mayan the Lion - 14 hours ago
The amount of times I’ve played at fenwick lmao
Aiden Khambanoun
Aiden Khambanoun - 14 hours ago
I see that lotion by your bed 12:27
Andrej Loltiv
Andrej Loltiv - 14 hours ago
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Anas Ali
Anas Ali - 15 hours ago
3 yr old makes a layup on a toy hoop Overtime:THE BEST PLAYER EVER
Phumlile Ndlovu
Phumlile Ndlovu - 15 hours ago
Yo do a bronny show
Jack Ottor
Jack Ottor - 15 hours ago
Bro re-watching this wheelchair basketball looks so fun but so hard at the same time!
VöñFrmÑD - 15 hours ago
1:46:56 why are you filming that man sleep 😂
James Li
James Li - 15 hours ago
00 boogie
00 boogie - 15 hours ago
Wasn’t expecting a corvette....
MrThirdParty - 15 hours ago
I'm so confused why there are so many people in the crowd without masks or social distancing
jordanmfilms - 15 hours ago
This was just pure dogshit
giorgi koxreidze
giorgi koxreidze - 15 hours ago
trenches huh you 16 and got a corvet im turning 16 and im getting a macbook
Gianni Cowan
Gianni Cowan - 16 hours ago
Mikey got a beautiful family
jonathan oh
jonathan oh - 16 hours ago
Heeeee reminds me of the stick bug in bugs life
Papa Bilby
Papa Bilby - 16 hours ago
I just love the sound of sneakers squeaking in a gym. Really miss hoopin.
Leng Yang
Leng Yang - 16 hours ago
Swae Lee is built just like flight 😂
Cortez 10k
Cortez 10k - 16 hours ago
Hope the people that see this have a great day or night, depending on where you are in the world and please stay safe out there. Btw Small US-channelr looking for ur support✨ I Hope To Inspire People & Spread Positivity
Freakyportareaky - 16 hours ago
Overtime u losin it😭😭
Bryant Gomez
Bryant Gomez - 16 hours ago
mikey got it out the mud lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Michael Santamaria
Michael Santamaria - 16 hours ago
"Really made it out the mud"
Ron Got Swagg
Ron Got Swagg - 17 hours ago
im ngl...my 23-year old uncle got crossed up by her...had him in a cast for a week...RIP Devin Moses Jr...
MFLY MFLY - 17 hours ago
what is wrong with mikey he cant fucking talk properly its like hes high
Mariques Alexander
Mariques Alexander - 17 hours ago
Julian too shirt to think he the coldest
guy sinclair
guy sinclair - 17 hours ago
Great humble Guy 👍🏼
Brett Duffus
Brett Duffus - 17 hours ago
Why are the IMG players like that? They celebrate like everything and act like they have a complex.
M1Xz - 18 hours ago
He missed the dunk :/ 4:09
masenjx - 18 hours ago
“Nothing was handed to me” my guy you’re 6’8
isthatlance - 18 hours ago
Little gift?
Dominic Marcantelli
Dominic Marcantelli - 18 hours ago
Bryce Hopkins is a beast
ANIMAL GRABBERS - 18 hours ago
How many times did Larry’s signature shot take
Avam 2litt
Avam 2litt - 18 hours ago
Mikey and his siblings look just alike