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Gaminggod400 - 12 hours ago
I didnl not expect this announcement. I hope they bring online play back with this release!
Prayer Hand Emoji
Prayer Hand Emoji - 12 hours ago
Sequel Sequel Sequel Sequel Sequel
Prolone - 12 hours ago
after it died? bruh
Eve color
Eve color - 12 hours ago
I have so many questions for this game!!!
Charlie Ives
Charlie Ives - 12 hours ago
Small Brain
Small Brain - 12 hours ago
Miami Cola
Miami Cola - 12 hours ago
This game looks awesome I hope it doesn't end on a cliffhanger with no sequel for 20 years
Kelvin Hardy
Kelvin Hardy - 12 hours ago
If Splatoon 3 is getting launched to Nintendo Switch in 2022 why you giving us the trailer 10 months from launching the game??? Just launch the trailer a couple of days before the game launches on Nintendo switch.
Angel Choquehuanca
Angel Choquehuanca - 12 hours ago
Wii U 2
K A - 12 hours ago
Whoa! This ain't no ACNH!
Chonghan L
Chonghan L - 13 hours ago
2/10 not an island
Angel Choquehuanca
Angel Choquehuanca - 13 hours ago
Wii U
Chepe - 13 hours ago
Ajá la abuela jugando n switch
undertaker150000 - 13 hours ago
Not going lie. I have give credit to the team for still pushing out new updates For a game that was called baby's first diablos.
christa pinder
christa pinder - 13 hours ago
I'm so excited for this. Not that I've finished it yet lol
Mat The Mewtwo
Mat The Mewtwo - 13 hours ago
I saw this on my home page and literally had a heart attack because I thought it was a new trailer. But then I saw the release date of the video
Corey Anderson
Corey Anderson - 13 hours ago
Looks like nostalgia is back on the menu boys
DaleyReviews Channel
DaleyReviews Channel - 13 hours ago
Robin Sommer
Robin Sommer - 13 hours ago
jimbo - 13 hours ago
None of these people have any idea what a switch is until they acted in these commercials
Brian Haake
Brian Haake - 13 hours ago
Now imagine Battlefront 2 classic getting this kind of treatment.
Corviknight - 13 hours ago
Does anyone remember Star Wars: Rogue Squadron series that came out for the Nintendo 64 and GameCube? I really hope we get those games for the Switch one day.
Alexis M
Alexis M - 13 hours ago
I'm glad but only so the fans can shut up about it. Now if only the same thing happens with Knights of the Old Republic...
Maximo Parra
Maximo Parra - 13 hours ago
The Best waifus
Sam N
Sam N - 13 hours ago
Galactic Battlegrounds next, please!!!!!!!!
Raychii521 521521
Raychii521 521521 - 13 hours ago
Ok... When do we get midtown madness 3
Gaunt Quasar
Gaunt Quasar - 13 hours ago
Gg _Xy
Gg _Xy - 13 hours ago
Reisalin Stout
Reisalin Stout - 13 hours ago
cool nintendo, they just grabbed some joycons. might be enough joycons to get along a half year before they drift ouf of the house.
Tortilla - 13 hours ago
I know people say the tower in the beginning is the Eiffel Tower, but when I first saw it I thought it was the match making tower from splatoon 1
Garwind Alexand
Garwind Alexand - 13 hours ago
Máster piece
San Francisco
San Francisco - 13 hours ago
This does not feel like an official Nintendo ad
Gg _Xy
Gg _Xy - 13 hours ago
whats the video link? i love this
Stuardo Mencos
Stuardo Mencos - 13 hours ago
Can you do more New games and stop 20 year old ports?
Felix N
Felix N - 13 hours ago
why nintendo switch also wii?😭
Joo2oob - 13 hours ago
I miss the goold old days where Nintendo sued people for, reasons. Oh wait, that's still a thing...
DuffyMac - 13 hours ago
Definitely not solid snake
Definitely not solid snake - 13 hours ago
Welcome to tissue hub, Leave all your depressed feelings about metroid prime 4 here its ok to cry Even baby metroids cry sometimes *sad baby metroid noises*
Abbreviated Reviews
Abbreviated Reviews - 13 hours ago
Wasn't this posted before?
Drew Forchic
Drew Forchic - 13 hours ago
This is awesome to see return. I still love the tie-in books following Omega Squad and the rest of Clan Skirata... Vode An!
Carmine Crincoli
Carmine Crincoli - 13 hours ago
I want remasters of the original STAR WARS Battlefront I and II from the 2000’s!
Elvijs - 13 hours ago
Why the F did they not include this in the Direct but bothered to shove in a plain title for a a free to play Zynga cash grab instead?
backup368 - 13 hours ago
All these Xbox ports but no SSX Tricky
Joshua Schumacher
Joshua Schumacher - 13 hours ago
this game is epic, but I have to ask: are they bringing back the multiplayer?
Scott - 13 hours ago
Where do I sign up?
Mumbles Speedtalker
Mumbles Speedtalker - 13 hours ago
You know Nintendos making 🏦 bank when there using a lot of celebrity to make more commercial. Also anyone noticed no mention of there chat system.
DuffyMac - 13 hours ago
A very interesting title and thumbnail...
thespeedyyoshi - 13 hours ago
I don't know why everyone's hating on commercials like this. It's fun! And still so much better than the wii u days *shudder*
Angel The fox
Angel The fox - 13 hours ago
Shovel knight amino : exist Nintendo in 2017 :
Lord - 13 hours ago
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton - 13 hours ago
Is this a re-upload?
LinkyBoi - 13 hours ago
Hopefully the pro controller will work on this.
Clayton Mathis
Clayton Mathis - 13 hours ago
The Arctic Winds
The Arctic Winds - 13 hours ago
Ugh im mad im broke
Michael - 13 hours ago
A great game that deserves more recognition and a damn sequel. I don't know any star wars fan who would be opposed. Totally worth $15 for the switch.
James Laumand
James Laumand - 13 hours ago
Joshua Whitfield
Joshua Whitfield - 13 hours ago
Ybysa - 13 hours ago
mokkæ - 13 hours ago
I had this in my recommendations now and i shocked for a second because i tought at first it was an OoT Switch Remake Trailer
Toa nuva
Toa nuva - 13 hours ago
*Let's get this Bacta Brothers*
CEROSER - 13 hours ago
No remastered graphics ?
LinkyBoi - 13 hours ago
Totally not disturbed by that thumbnail and title... Nothing disturbing at all...
Dracke Stalen Torgen
Dracke Stalen Torgen - 13 hours ago
That glibly like intro later full of betrayal...masterful
Tina 墨
Tina 墨 - 13 hours ago
The live chat in the Nintendo Direct with this game be like: Zzz Actually looks kinda fun.
Skateboard Turtle
Skateboard Turtle - 13 hours ago
Nintendo please
kollembri Tovar
kollembri Tovar - 13 hours ago
Te amooo Nintendo swicht al fin boy a tener la Nintendo switch de marioooo mi primera 😍🥰😘
Swipe - 13 hours ago
Alternate title: Nintendo Ninja's spying on a 3DS Hacker
Raychii521 521521
Raychii521 521521 - 13 hours ago
Juan Pablo Diaz Estopiñan
Juan Pablo Diaz Estopiñan - 13 hours ago
Dios mio de que año es esta cosa?.......... Pensar que hace años decian que iban a traer el battlefront 2 y en su lugar cae.... el museo del abuelo
Pink Floyd III
Pink Floyd III - 13 hours ago
Is it now canon?
Gustavo Firmo
Gustavo Firmo - 13 hours ago
coloca os Angry Birds no Super Smash Bros