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Neon Lynx Productions
Neon Lynx Productions - 6 hours ago
More skits like these pls, Marvel
Billy Churcher
Billy Churcher - 6 hours ago
did we confirm the stark tower becoming bugle yet? I recall seeing a post from the website about it being under construction with the photo looking like the underside of the bridge but I haven't seen anything on this?
Edward Medina
Edward Medina - 6 hours ago
Notice that Zendaya and Jacob are wearing the same outfits as in the release photos, but not Tom? Zendaya is wearing the same sweater and necklace Jacob is wearing the same Hawaiian shirt. As if both Zendaya and Jacob came directly from shooting the movie in the studio. However, Tom isn't. Not sure that means anything but there has to be a point if they went thru the trouble of doing wardrobe for both Zendaya and Jacob.
Oscar Sevilla
Oscar Sevilla - 6 hours ago
So what you're saying is Venom has a chance to appear in this movie.. awesome!
Jaime Figueroa-Romero
Jaime Figueroa-Romero - 6 hours ago
Is that the Island if Puerto Rico around the title hunting a Miles Morales appearance in this phase of the MCU?
Aiden Thieme
Aiden Thieme - 6 hours ago
zendaya's home slice post: pizza time confirmed. I will die on this hill
Julio Lopez
Julio Lopez - 6 hours ago
We need a review for every episode! Cheers!
RpM Flash_-_
RpM Flash_-_ - 6 hours ago
Me: Why is there a bat beside the board? Corona: I am gonna put some dirt in your eye.
Lgaulet - 6 hours ago
And he’s wearing the Dean Cain Clark glasses
Jacob Baranowski
Jacob Baranowski - 6 hours ago
Where is the trail?
M. Clark
M. Clark - 6 hours ago
Damn, Marvel is really upping the ante in these movies... WandaVision’s going to have the most CGI heavy scene(s) ever “compared to the entire movie, Endgame”; and now this upcoming Spidey sequel is having the most out and wild action ever filmed that it’s taking them a month to film... If it’s better than that long ass battle scene of the second Lord of the rings movie; then I’ll be impressed...
reza handaru
reza handaru - 6 hours ago
Find X means finding Professor Xavier?
Bryan Bully
Bryan Bully - 6 hours ago
Toby maguire in the background with the mask on!!!!!!
Norman Beaulieu
Norman Beaulieu - 6 hours ago
In that picture with all three of them staring up into the light. If you look at the picture there’s a shadow of a persons head. With the hairline and the way it’s parted it’s obviously Doctor Strange. You should start paying attention to things that you look at when you were trying to make a video about them first then make your video you’re starting to miss a lot of obvious things
GRIM0IRE - 6 hours ago
3:19 Sinister Six fight?
Kewldude Ross
Kewldude Ross - 6 hours ago
maybe this is just my own imagination, but did they ever fix the New York sanctum, I mean we don't know if Strange had abandon it or he had other thing to deal with before they fixed it. So could that building be the new york sanctum that they are hiding out at, because hulk did teleport there and made a big hole in the roof. Which would be the reason for the snow
R. Oyler
R. Oyler - 6 hours ago
"death signs" they're pirate flags :P
TheBetterGame - 6 hours ago
Sliders / Quantum Leap vibes!
Wanderer D
Wanderer D - 6 hours ago
So you don't think that his T-shirt saying "Solve for X" has anything to do with the crossbones being Xs themselves?
Shekinah Investigations
Shekinah Investigations - 6 hours ago
Please dump the "cheery" theme music from homecoming. Spider-man needs his drama and sadness BACK.
RiceIsYummy - 6 hours ago
I really hope they finish up the comics. A lot of loose ends were ties up in them, and I'm sure most people have better accessibility to tv shows.
lalitat23 - 6 hours ago
Agatha is a dog murder justice to sparky how dare she
Steve Klemetti
Steve Klemetti - 6 hours ago
Why would there be a wifi router in the barn? And pipes stacked and stored that high?
Balls McSpanky
Balls McSpanky - 6 hours ago
Too close to home would have been a good title as well
SpicyPsycho reactions
SpicyPsycho reactions - 6 hours ago
Isn't that shadow on zendaya the head of doctor strange bc that comb over is in that shadow
Stephen Harrison
Stephen Harrison - 6 hours ago
The flags are called the Jolly Roger not death flag
ash harv
ash harv - 6 hours ago
Rahim Byrd
Rahim Byrd - 6 hours ago
Is this on any steaming services?
Dani Xoul
Dani Xoul - 6 hours ago
Y'all know thats Tobey Maguire in that chair right? If there's a connection to Wandavision, the Nexus, the multiverse, the crazyness of this hard to film scene may have something to do with multiple Spiderman's!!! I love theories lol
Kenneth Yung
Kenneth Yung - 6 hours ago
This may be already mentioned... Is Zendaya wearing the broken black dahlia necklace?
M. Clark
M. Clark - 6 hours ago
The writers of Spider-Man were like; Kevin Fiege: So, what’s the plot going to be about...? Writers: YES...!!!
Chris Millburg
Chris Millburg - 6 hours ago
Oh I saw the korra avatar one I Missed the original avatar partly because katara was alive instead of Aang Aand technically Aang was younger than her
William Mitchell
William Mitchell - 6 hours ago
The set photos aren't from Agatha Harkness' house/basement are they? Maybe they need to go back to the nexus in order to send back a bunch of multiverse villains trapped in the main MCU universe timeline?
Mike - 6 hours ago
Who’s here after the fantastic news? Atla animated series will continue thanks to Nickelodeon, Micheal, and Bryan. 🤗❤️😍
Rick Zayas
Rick Zayas - 6 hours ago
Pleas do a weekly Superman and Lois review. Love your videos bro! Keep up the great content.
Liquid - 6 hours ago
She said the last Toby title Toby miguire ?
Jason Black
Jason Black - 6 hours ago
Soooooooo, Pac Man ghost 👻👻👻👻
Mesa Player
Mesa Player - 6 hours ago
I can't believe that everyone would just believe the villan when he reviled spider man's name school and home. Right now we are able to deepfake peoples voices and cgi their faces onto others that people should logically assume he was lying
Jaime Lebron
Jaime Lebron - 6 hours ago
Hey Charlie did you notice the island of Puerto Rico maybe could be a reference to Miles Morales🤔
PhantomPrince505 - 6 hours ago
What if the black and white things that are hanging is a Easter egg to venom!
Michael Elliott
Michael Elliott - 6 hours ago
I needed this today
Violent Heart
Violent Heart - 6 hours ago
I can’t believe it was Agatha all along!!!🤯
Talos115 - 6 hours ago
possibly Fouse
Chris Millburg
Chris Millburg - 6 hours ago
I feel so behind I just finished watching the whole seiries today
M. Clark
M. Clark - 6 hours ago
So, is that ‘finally’ the REAL name, “No Way Home”...? Finally...
Nev 58
Nev 58 - 6 hours ago
Bro that shadow was just neds shadow from the window sunlight, they're just looking up at something not a person
ECO Base Tech
ECO Base Tech - 6 hours ago
"....when you fix this Damn! door"
The Cappy
The Cappy - 6 hours ago
Dr. Strange shows up in SP3 to get Spiderman to go to NJ to stop/help Wanda. Boom multiverse spiderman 3 and dr. Strange 2 movies.
themmahouse - 6 hours ago
That part where you talk about snow being on the floor inside the building they're at, well if you remember, during Infinity War, Hulk crashes through the roof of the Sanctum Sanctorum. It probably never got fixed since Strange was blipped.
Regan Brannigan
Regan Brannigan - 6 hours ago
If you do the maths (which is really simple if you assume that it is a right-angle triangle) you get 55 rounded to 2 d.p. Go look at the Amazing Spiderman Comic number 55. (Written before I watched the video so maybe it is discussed, just something I caught onto quickly)
Paul Turner
Paul Turner - 6 hours ago
Should be "I'll Be Home For Christmas"
Michael Jaf
Michael Jaf - 6 hours ago
The hole is the shape of Puerto Rico!!! MILES MORALES!!!!!
Benjamin Abruzzo
Benjamin Abruzzo - 6 hours ago
Nexus of all realities? Giant-sized Man-Thing!
Munro McLaren
Munro McLaren - 6 hours ago
They’re not going to have Jordan go bad. That’s stupid story writing and cliche.
Senior Ricketts
Senior Ricketts - 6 hours ago
Lol 7:38 the sign is in turkish not german haha Turkish has way more umlauts than German
Dennis Montalvo
Dennis Montalvo - 6 hours ago
At least Spider-Man is acostumed to wear a mask in this pandemic. And it smells like a new car.
Kristi - 6 hours ago
Spider-Man: It Was Agatha All Along I damn well bloody knew it!!!🤬🙌🏼
Spenser Dollar
Spenser Dollar - 6 hours ago
is it just me or did the dr in his second appearance look like Dr. Selvig from Thor 1 & 2 and The Avengers?????
Eddie House
Eddie House - 6 hours ago
I hope Matt Murdock is his lawyer. If theres anyone who can tell of Peters lying it would be him. Who better to defend an alternative hero life than Daredevil
ATL Matty Ice LVI
ATL Matty Ice LVI - 6 hours ago
Tobey-"Am I not supposed to have what I want, what I need?" Marvel-Spider man:No way Home
Les Rostad
Les Rostad - 6 hours ago
Tom Holland found X. The X-men?
Adrian Nembhard
Adrian Nembhard - 6 hours ago
The other villain buying land at rock bottom prices through taking over Smallville's mortgages, sounds sort of like Superman 1978's Lex Luthor. Did the same thing with his evil plan for "beach front property". Of course that Lex wanted to unleash nuclear weapons to get it. Someone should get the Daily Planet to investigate, no wait they got fired...
Wynand Labuschagne
Wynand Labuschagne - 6 hours ago
Not another fucking spider man movie for fuck sake.. Marvel ran out of ideas.. Again....
ThaWorldFamous BELLA BALLA
ThaWorldFamous BELLA BALLA - 6 hours ago
It's on his T shirt 👕
Mrlast 21
Mrlast 21 - 6 hours ago
Ok but has any one thought that it just could be tom Holland as the other spiderman but they probably just cgi him as the other spiderman just theory i know it's kinda stupid
Alvin Jones
Alvin Jones - 6 hours ago
Wow only in theaters. I really hope so because there's nothing like watching Marvel than in a movie theater. Let's hope covid is a thing of the past by then
J Black890
J Black890 - 6 hours ago
It’s Dr. Strange... look at how Dr. Strange hair is parted now look at the shadow on MJ
Cny. LDN
Cny. LDN - 6 hours ago
No one will ever be better in black panther’s costume than Chadwick he’s forever the only Black Panther❤️
jimmyxchang - 7 hours ago
Sinister 6 composed of villains from all spiderverses VS the three spiderman!!
kaminoshi713 - 7 hours ago
Oh snap Agatha becomes madame Webb!
zaiwen3 - 7 hours ago
Bats and batarangs in spider-man teaser
Revan - 7 hours ago
Tobey Maguire is gonna play Uncle Ben and Andrew Garfield is gonna play a younger version of MCU Peters Father before he disappears. Their Doppelgängers will be their respective versions of Spider-Man that MCU Peter will meet. Obviously a wild Prediction but I’m calling it now.
Kimberly Jeanne
Kimberly Jeanne - 7 hours ago
The teaser is in an office... an office like Dunder Mifflin... which is where Jim works... Jim is played by John Krasinski... John Krasinski WILL be Reed Richards.
The Castaway
The Castaway - 7 hours ago
Is Tom ‘s tee shirt an X-men Easter egg tease?
Mr Fortnite
Mr Fortnite - 7 hours ago
I wonder if that Home Worlds title that wasn’t used, is a nod to them possibly exploring the multiverse in this movie?
viktor muerte
viktor muerte - 7 hours ago
Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock is the only character I care about.
George Okez
George Okez - 7 hours ago
We've gotten to the age that if marvel should cough, a break down video somewhere on US-channel would surface.
Ayrton Llerenas
Ayrton Llerenas - 7 hours ago
When Superman pulled out the kryptonite mid air. How was he able to be back to normal while holding the kryptonite in his hand still?
SAlcocer12 - 7 hours ago
The Flux Capacitor and the Hypercube on the board make it seem like Spidy will probably be traveling the multiverse and thats how he meets Doc Oc and Electro. Maybe Dr. Strange kicks off his journey OR is the one that has to find him and bring him back