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Mahjoub Bouchta
Mahjoub Bouchta - 13 hours ago
SuperMaximmax - 13 hours ago
39 avenue
39 avenue - 13 hours ago
Forza 1908 From bekasi
ZeHenG - 13 hours ago
MrAnon - 13 hours ago
Ibrahimovic who???????
Dario Pasha
Dario Pasha - 13 hours ago
I don’t like Ac MILAN and ibrahimovic
Dario Pasha
Dario Pasha - 13 hours ago
Goal Lautaro goal Lautaro and three goal Lukaku hurray hurray INTER is my favourite club.
F.C. INTER - 13 hours ago
RealGamerz619 - 13 hours ago
oh man that one probably hurt zlatan to see lukaku score after that fight
Dara Ngemil
Dara Ngemil - 13 hours ago
Sasidu Divyanja
Sasidu Divyanja - 13 hours ago
Forza inter 🖤💙
Klava Noris
Klava Noris - 13 hours ago
Teper' on hochet smerti sebe, i vsemu miru.
Ad Bellow
Ad Bellow - 13 hours ago
Ronaldo is the football GOAT. What a beast!
mehmet yıldızhan
mehmet yıldızhan - 13 hours ago
Cr resmen golün kokusunu alıyor 😄
Alex Naretto
Alex Naretto - 13 hours ago
The president Moratti loves all of the high class players and he spent money without any limits to sign all of them. His Inter was always full of amazing players but sadly they never win all of the trophies that they deserve. Moratti never bought who really make possible to win trophies in Italy: the referees.
dangoz tonguç
dangoz tonguç - 13 hours ago
Ronaldo very big player
dangoz tonguç
dangoz tonguç - 13 hours ago
Türk yok mu?
schweizerbuddy - 13 hours ago
Stéphane Le Célèbre Kolo
Stéphane Le Célèbre Kolo - 13 hours ago
Ronaldo, le meilleur
Sam Ariefin
Sam Ariefin - 13 hours ago
Mama mia lezatos
Fauzi p
Fauzi p - 13 hours ago
Ishma Adams
Ishma Adams - 13 hours ago
How you like me now Ibrah says romelu lol
MrFoxy Gaming
MrFoxy Gaming - 13 hours ago
Welcome guys 🦸‍♂️
ZOIROV 01 - 13 hours ago
Alessio Rizzo
Alessio Rizzo - 13 hours ago
Avevo Ilicic,Caldara e Milinkovic-Savic in questa partita al Fanta 🥲
ali ali
ali ali - 13 hours ago
Forza Inter 💙⚫️
Sara Droghini
Sara Droghini - 13 hours ago
Chicco Zanni
Chicco Zanni - 13 hours ago
i milanisti che rosicano in questo momento👇
King-kigwe - 13 hours ago
Best football highlights channels make the videos longer 💜💙💚💛🧡🖤
Калонов Яхёчон
Калонов Яхёчон - 13 hours ago
Тут есть руско говорящий
Matías Rodríguez
Matías Rodríguez - 14 hours ago
Lpm Milán como vamos a perder el clásico así con zlatan y todo perdimos que mala suerte para el gigante de italia
Ashra Tempel
Ashra Tempel - 14 hours ago
Zingarhimovic canta e Lukaku suona.
simon evans
simon evans - 14 hours ago
Maybe not as sharp as ten years ago but still a joy to watch. What a player, competitor and athlete. I think he can play another 5 years at the top . Spoilt rotten to see him and Leo light up the game.
Andrei Dumitrescu
Andrei Dumitrescu - 14 hours ago
Fantastic goals
Elilucifer - 14 hours ago
Vengo. Non c'è altro modo per dirlo. Vengo.
Евгений Ивашин
Евгений Ивашин - 14 hours ago
matorchiana - 14 hours ago
Inter...Inter...Inter...CAPOLISTA...avanti ragazzi
Yurchik 9
Yurchik 9 - 14 hours ago
Интер 👍✊👍✊👍👏
Douglas Henrique
Douglas Henrique - 14 hours ago
Fenômeno é o melhor centroavante de todos.
Batuhan Mızrak
Batuhan Mızrak - 14 hours ago
Bu Ronaldo insan mı kardeş bana bı açıklayın ya
valmir beshiri
valmir beshiri - 14 hours ago
E cosi ma mi aspettavo un ª 0
Main Triangle
Main Triangle - 14 hours ago
Serie a are inter fans
A Pras
A Pras - 14 hours ago
I miss this vibe dude. get well soon my earth.
MAGZIM - 14 hours ago
почему это в русских трендах)?
Arab Raksyeh
Arab Raksyeh - 14 hours ago
Gak bisa bahasa inggres
Daniel D
Daniel D - 14 hours ago
Lukaku's celebration was aimed at Ibra btw. Dunno if you guys noticed lol.
Malyke Jabbi
Malyke Jabbi - 14 hours ago
My favourite team is juvetous and Manchester United
Daniel D
Daniel D - 14 hours ago
This is how Lukaku should be used, go deep with attacking runs, he is actually a bad target player but excellent if you let him use his amazing speed.
Giuseppe Vultaggio
Giuseppe Vultaggio - 14 hours ago
Non parliamo tanto noi interisti
Zuzu Ali Ali
Zuzu Ali Ali - 14 hours ago
i got prime already iam fired to see thissssss!!!!!!!!!!
Moch zakiy
Moch zakiy - 14 hours ago
Ibrahimo Jamal
Ibrahimo Jamal - 14 hours ago
Lukako é o cara
CANAL TROLL - 14 hours ago
Juventus muito dependente de cr7
wahyu Z
wahyu Z - 14 hours ago
Bastoni new nesta
Pasquale Giugliano
Pasquale Giugliano - 14 hours ago
jtukgjfjhfhurfui8 napoli forza
joe latan
joe latan - 14 hours ago
Inter scudetto...
Matiix - 14 hours ago
The Derby of all the Derbies?? yeah keep telling that to yourself, we are not in 90s anymore.Italian football is so irrelevant
irvanCrocs - 14 hours ago
De paul has been a class for the last few years, it's astonishing how he hasn't moved to big clubs yet despite also consistently being called for Argentina as well..
Simon Ale le rouge
Simon Ale le rouge - 14 hours ago
Lasagnaaaa! Quasi goal
Jimmy Abort
Jimmy Abort - 14 hours ago
Da juventino, sinceramente, se il Milan dovesse vincere lo scudetto sarei molto contento per loro.
Дмитрий Пышный
Дмитрий Пышный - 14 hours ago
Поменял Италию на Челси☹️... так бы стал легендой Милана.
A. M
A. M - 14 hours ago
Zlatan got humbled by that goalie.
Clyton Fernandes
Clyton Fernandes - 14 hours ago
Goosebumps! Literal goosebumps! #SerieA ❤🙌💫
Antonio Grimaldi
Antonio Grimaldi - 14 hours ago
Che fine ha fatto han?
Poetry Ayye
Poetry Ayye - 14 hours ago
Milan has back to factory reset 😁😁😁😁
Mu_stia - 14 hours ago
Aahahah ultima partita di Dzeko....morirà a Roma.
Laura Murialdo
Laura Murialdo - 14 hours ago
A Sanremo Ibrahimovic canterà"non mi avete fatto niente " scripts da handanovic
Giuseppe De Santis
Giuseppe De Santis - 14 hours ago
Captain Barbossa
Captain Barbossa - 14 hours ago
3:43 What does he say?
elisa querini
elisa querini - 14 hours ago
schifo Verona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! forza Udinese !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! però dobbiamo ringraziare Deulofeu gran giocatore!!!!!!! grazie
mattia martinenghi
mattia martinenghi - 14 hours ago
milano siamo noi⚫️🔵
Pasindu Madusanka
Pasindu Madusanka - 14 hours ago
Andrea AntigoBBo
Andrea AntigoBBo - 14 hours ago
BBilan kaputt!!😂😂😂
RL K - 14 hours ago
The Script A Mafia Story! Read The Movie For Your Mind...
Aggelos - 14 hours ago
Currently the best striker in the world.