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Thefemalearrow - 51 second ago
That ET joke was probably stolen from the Babysitter. But this film was great
Loretta Gallagher
Loretta Gallagher - 13 minutes ago
Just in time for Halloween 👻
Big Chulo
Big Chulo - 28 minutes ago
I’m Absolutely terrified
Jamie Sherman
Jamie Sherman - 55 minutes ago
He played that role had me balled up with my ears and eyes covered on certain scenes like he gonna die.
Motor Oil
Motor Oil - Hour ago
SPOILERS AHEAD Believe me when I say, the trailer gives a much more better tone than the actual movie, I just watched it on Amazon, and it was not that good, literally 40% of these scenes and scripts are not even in the movie... the ending was so stupid, there was so many unanswered questions, how the hell can this man have a literal 7 foot nail removed from his whole foot and then back in and then back out without passing out? What was that house he reached until that buff guy tackled him in the forest, I get that they had dark magic but how the hell could they just change the time in 2 seconds? They never introduced the characters AT ALL, for only 5 minutes, there were at the city...... the husband got stabbed by Marq, but he just disappears? The movie was obviously rushed A LOT, they don't pay attention to details that should be answered, and this movie had SO MUCH potential! If they took a little more time, got more actors, and made the voodoo horror scary and just make the movie make a little more sense... this movie could have been pretty good, this a solid 3.5/10 The beginning was meh, the middle was kinda nice, and then it just fell down, all these movies getting releasing on covid will most likely be pretty bad... Don't listen to no people who say " brilliant acting " or " amazing horror ", the movie was just sad, had a lot of potential though...
Insert Name
Insert Name - 2 hours ago
is it just me or wasnt this a just reversed plot of thirteen reason why...... swear to god im losing it
Cole Franklin
Cole Franklin - 2 hours ago
Just watched it and I must say it’s been a long time since a “horror” movie have spooked me. This one had me on the edge of my seat. Something about voodoo dolls and spells and me being from the south have always creep me out.
Darian Chatman
Darian Chatman - 2 hours ago
This movie is going to be a classic
Lyfe - 2 hours ago
I got link for this if anyone wants lmao
Chuck The Scorpio
Chuck The Scorpio - 3 hours ago
Can anybody tell me the name of the song at the end of the movie
Daijohn Thames
Daijohn Thames - 3 hours ago
Who’s watching this I’m going to watch it tomorrow
Prince Bytor Frunobulax
Prince Bytor Frunobulax - 4 hours ago
Wouldn't you bring a sandwich bag or two
tatiana andrea bohorquez castrillon
tatiana andrea bohorquez castrillon - 4 hours ago
Kfthccc g5ggfev v
Mikey Kuplevatsky
Mikey Kuplevatsky - 4 hours ago
Looks awesome! Not sure why, but I got the "Skeleton Key" vibes from this, even though the storyline isn't that similar.
jatekforditok - 6 hours ago
a C movie category combination of Mortal Kombat, AvP and 0 jiu jitsu. wow.
Favoritepluto65 Jojo
Favoritepluto65 Jojo - 6 hours ago
WW2 nazi zombies anyone?
Meow Milev
Meow Milev - 6 hours ago
Is it comedy? Looks hilarious
Kendah Kendah
Kendah Kendah - 6 hours ago
pickalo caesar
pickalo caesar - 7 hours ago
Eliane Braga dasilva iutes
Eliane Braga dasilva iutes - 7 hours ago
Oh pĺ
Paramount Movies
Paramount Movies - 8 hours ago
We're ready to be under this #SPELL. 😱
Arc Blackheart
Arc Blackheart - 8 hours ago
I love when they pick black actors to do these horror films I'm loving it
dark Lord
dark Lord - 8 hours ago
This is the soundtrack to the movie spell
Okinoki 303
Okinoki 303 - 8 hours ago
now I'm just waiting for Wojtek's bear, the Polish hero
The Enchantress
The Enchantress - 9 hours ago
Jacob Pickell
Jacob Pickell - 9 hours ago
The sentence mixing is YTP levels.
Dylan Du Toit
Dylan Du Toit - 10 hours ago
I’m not liking this! Never!
spideybishops - 10 hours ago
CW Neuman where the hell you are going this days. But seriously tho this strongly reminds me of a Japanese film/manga, "As the God's Will"
Rahi Status Diaries
Rahi Status Diaries - 10 hours ago
Wooow i am waiting
BHARATH PALEKER - 10 hours ago
Haley Higgins
Haley Higgins - 11 hours ago
Lol I thought this was only a romance movie
غلوو ؟؟؟؟؟
غلوو ؟؟؟؟؟ - 12 hours ago
Do us in UK TV TV cv in
jakendriam112987 - 12 hours ago
Just watched it. Characters could have been a little more developed. Should have been longer than 91 minutes. It wasn’t bad but you will be reminded of movies you’ve seen before.
john myers
john myers - 14 hours ago
Ghost is back!..but where is Angela and Tommy ???..
Jack Mason
Jack Mason - 14 hours ago
Nice to see Dylan o Brian hasn’t stopped running
Patricia Oliveira
Patricia Oliveira - 14 hours ago
Q no bnjhiibjvvv.
Brick Assault Productions
Brick Assault Productions - 14 hours ago
Who killed the Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand Someone from Serbia .
Taseen Hameed
Taseen Hameed - 15 hours ago
this movie is totally wrong even according to bible.😑
Saga of a Crew
Saga of a Crew - 18 hours ago
In 1959 audiences thrilled to the spectacle that was Ben Hur. Several hours into the Film the watcher was treated to the most majestic chariot race sequence ever! In 2020's reboot 'Ben Crick', you'll only wait 6 minutes!
superblahmanofdoom - 18 hours ago
Dude, Katherine Langford is so gorgeous.
Inge Gardewischke
Inge Gardewischke - 20 hours ago
Evan Golding
Evan Golding - 20 hours ago
Lot of overhead lights for a living room. I somehow wonder how many of the participants just go along with the joke knowing, that it will be one of the fun parts of their lives.
moses m
moses m - 21 hour ago
wow what a simp lol
Amber Nanoella
Amber Nanoella - 21 hour ago
Movie no damn good horrible
Rafael Pinto
Rafael Pinto - 21 hour ago
i really enjoyed this movie. is so good, but also so sad.
Rhizon Gaming NPL
Rhizon Gaming NPL - 21 hour ago
oohhhhhhhh myy gassshhhhhhhhh where rainbowwsssss endddddddd im dyyiinnnnnnn
Levi Brown
Levi Brown - 22 hours ago
I can just rip this movie into Peace's but I'm just going to say...what is it this the allies not having any equipment I just have to say the french men look more accurate than the US or british idk
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez - 22 hours ago
Love Remy
Love Remy - 22 hours ago
I watched this and it was good
Nible - Day ago
This movie is how black people view black people
Pomelo - Day ago
Whats the song ????
Juanita Sim
Juanita Sim - Day ago
Alexis hayes
Alexis hayes - Day ago
This movie is good I’m watching it now
Pablo V
Pablo V - Day ago
Misery, Netflix version
Jerry Rodriguez
Jerry Rodriguez - Day ago
What’s the name of the song?
DJD Bunch
DJD Bunch - Day ago
Terrible.. the whole movie is in the trailer no explanation of how n why she held him captive who was she n how she's alive if she was in a photo taken in 1860 just terrible not scary at all casper is more frightening than this
basanto - Day ago
If anyone doesn't watch it but finds it interesting. I'll tell the story! So, the guy and his family were in a plane accident, the storm took the plane out. The father wakes up in some mysterious house with a old woman, an old man, and a really tall black dude, The father of the plane accident doesn't know what's going on, but his MAIN priority is to find where his family are, the OLD people of the house dont tell him... the father tries to look for clues, He find a window which is unlocked so he jumps out and onto the roof. Now he jumps on to another roof and there was a little peak hole were he could see the old lady with 10 black people sitting there, as he lays there to watch, he sees the old man of the house cutting (censor warning) the head of cat, then an old man with no eyes gets told to stand up by the old woman of the house and cuts out eyes of a goat, and puts the eyes of the goat onto the man. The old lady says "what do you see?" *in a dramatic tone* He says "I see a man peeking through a hole" the father of the plane crash desperately tries to get back and he succeeds, now.... he wakes up to a delicious meal, the woman keeps the bones for him to play with. The father of the plane crash matches the bones and to reveal... it's a hand. The father of the house starts vomiting and after his vomit there was a tag for size, it was his sons... the father of the house catches on to find the people who live in the house are crazy, He finds out the bell on the door of his room makes a noise when you go open it, The father of the plane crash takes it off so he can run. The father of the plane crash makes a great attempt to run, he finds the plane what crashed and tries to see if his family are there but they arent! Then the tall black man knocks the father of plane crash out, hes back at the starting point but now. He finds the voodoo dolls and finds that the women and the old man are 180 years old!!!! He finds a picture from 1840 and the old man and the old women are on that picture. The father of the plane crash now finds the book on how to create these mysterious dolls and makes one of the women, one of the old man, and one of the tall man. That's all I'm giving you! I'm not gonna spoil the ending ahahhahahaha
basanto - Day ago
Just watched this movie with my dad. It's amazing recommend watching it!!!
SauceBroskie - Day ago
Who watched this
Trailers Factory
Trailers Factory - Day ago
In Select Theaters November 13 2020 & On Digital & VOD November 17, 2020
TCEauthor - Day ago
This looks great!
Redhawk 2Feathers
Redhawk 2Feathers - Day ago
Loretta Divine!!! One of my favorites
Hollowfox - Day ago
See these reviews? That's what happens when... *SPOILER ALERT FOR L&M* you don't kill off love interests. Not even female ones. UNLIKE IN THE MAZE RUNNER. OR GODZILLA.
Sharkboy 9231
Sharkboy 9231 - Day ago
Now the soveits need to make a bear movie
DENDY TV - Day ago
Wow 🤩....🎥.... super ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Ryan Luebker
Ryan Luebker - Day ago
This is cancer
Luiz Fx Silva
Luiz Fx Silva - Day ago
Is it prohibited to make films with white people in hollywood?
Keitou Animations
Keitou Animations - Day ago
ABCGoalFan 929 / Stop Alely Acosta
ABCGoalFan 929 / Stop Alely Acosta - Day ago
Paramount Movies
Paramount Movies - Day ago
We're not scared.... YOU'RE scared. 😱
Bee9 Gee9
Bee9 Gee9 - Day ago
That music is so Jordan Peele. Creepy as hell. Watching this in a couple of hours!!
Arvan Mauza
Arvan Mauza - Day ago
H.Dilk - Day ago
The Office Reloaded