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William Chen
William Chen - 13 hours ago
The plastic lycra disconcertingly curve because cushion macropharmacologically manage apud a crazy sheet. likeable, wiry lemonade
Dance_Cat9 - 13 hours ago
Hanging - 13 hours ago
You better start streaming mark.
That_person_next_door - 13 hours ago
Mark you don’t have to name it a “stupid video “ in order for one of your videos to be stupid 😂🤣
R080 TK
R080 TK - 13 hours ago
Running in dreams be like:
Fnaf Roleplay
Fnaf Roleplay - 13 hours ago
His skull is too damn thick
Ridgely - 13 hours ago
I NAILED A SPACE FAIRY! shut up, shut up, shut up, you horny fairy. Good god this is a great day
Ninjamac - 13 hours ago
Mark: "Go enjoy the SUN!!" Also Mark: Punts Wade into the garage.
Dulgoon - 13 hours ago
Whats with all the Adverts? I normaly get one at the beginning and thats it, but I got one 30 seconds later another one, All these ad's was really heard to enjoy the vid, and yes I have an ad blocker so i dont see the ad but i just get a white screen, but this never happened befor I get so many white screens due to adverts it was very heard to enjoy any of this.
Peanut Cothren
Peanut Cothren - 13 hours ago
If everything is made out of ink then......are you made out of ink?
Totally Not A Human
Totally Not A Human - 13 hours ago
Who else is coming back to watch these because they are funnier than the newer videos
seagull Tracker
seagull Tracker - 13 hours ago
2024:average views 10k
The Lord Jupiter Games
The Lord Jupiter Games - 13 hours ago
Get a hair cut you hippie
Ysmar Vinicius
Ysmar Vinicius - 13 hours ago
garaio um jogo br kkkkkkkkkkk
Sophie Gettle
Sophie Gettle - 13 hours ago
Bonnie not leaving the door is my older brother not taking his foot out of the door whenever I was a kid and shut the door in his face and he would have a temper tantrum and bang on my door so me and my sister would sit in front of it and put our legs against the wall so he couldn’t open the door and we’d scream until somebody came and yelled at him💀
Extracted Inactive
Extracted Inactive - 13 hours ago
Lenin Luna Jr.
Lenin Luna Jr. - 13 hours ago
Jack Dare
Jack Dare - 13 hours ago
Title: THE BROTHERS GRIMM Me looking at the thumbnail: That totally fits the description.
PeaPod :D
PeaPod :D - 13 hours ago
It has been *1* days since an incident with Mark
Rat - 13 hours ago
Jump scares for anyone like me who is ˚ ༘♡ ·˚ jumpy ₊˚ˑ༄ 1:01 creaky creaky 1:21 Jimbo walks by 1:43 Jim Jim walks by pt. 2 2:07 - 3:03 this entire section is just Jimmy spouting absolute bars 3:48 MAYA!! 4:14 Creak creak 4:32 scawy doctor man (very startling) 8:12 scawy man 10:50 scawy man (the sequel) 13:55 tiny camera wiggle 15:47 Mark I don’t think he’s taking a shit 16:45 Jimothy = Michael Jackson confirmed 17:06 Jimin said 🧍‍♂️ 17:35 Jimster walk by pt.3 17:42 MAYA!! (pt.2) 20:47 idk who that was but it scared me 21:11 scawy doctor man pt. 2 (very startling) 24:06 No one puts Jimeney in a corner. 26:28 **breathing intensifies** 26:50 Jim does a little scat 27:37 MAYA!! (pt. 3 and tiny) 27:52 MAYA!! (pt. 4) 28:05 Jinny stares into your soul (very startling) 28:17 Jimster walk by 28:33 homeboy kicks down a door and commits a murder (very startling) ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ ~ k have a great day! ♡ Also tell me if I missed any lol-
Asian maid
Asian maid - 13 hours ago
He's just yoo good HE IS THE ULTIMATE BOSS
Maruss Makes
Maruss Makes - 13 hours ago
Aw man i missed it
VenomQuill - 13 hours ago
6:06 JFC I haven't gotten "got" by a jumpscare in a long time. Jumped at that, though. Holy guacamole.
T-Pose Noob
T-Pose Noob - 13 hours ago
This video is about mark being literaly abused this whole video
ERIK LUPLOW - 13 hours ago
inne de poona.... hahaha sex joke very funny
Misima - 13 hours ago
Fatal frame lets play is perfect proof that Markiplier would be perfect engineer. Because he has mind of an engineer.
FLAW - 13 hours ago
Title: Fruit Loops
Rik Henry
Rik Henry - 13 hours ago
I had to go back and replay it while you were in the bathroom talking to Bose, I didn't hear Jimmy at first
the OG ghost
the OG ghost - 13 hours ago
I agree with you some shapes have a different taste
C theBEARcub
C theBEARcub - 13 hours ago
Ok Ethan be looking really cute in that outfit can I have one
Kayla Lugenbeel
Kayla Lugenbeel - 13 hours ago
I think I heard ski mask say YUH in the starting
Adinda Rizki Tafany
Adinda Rizki Tafany - 13 hours ago
LBtdmシ - 13 hours ago
him freaking out made me so fricking dizzy, it’s not even funny, I kept telling him the stfu and calm down lol
Babbling Brook
Babbling Brook - 13 hours ago
Tsuundere Chan :3
Tsuundere Chan :3 - 13 hours ago
hey guys, i played this game for the first time and hadn't come across scraptrap but why did he jumpscare me???
Julian - 13 hours ago
When you hear the deep laughs that means freddy moved
Joshua Santa
Joshua Santa - 13 hours ago
Oh no here we go again
Jarron Smith
Jarron Smith - 13 hours ago
its hard to believe this was like 3 years ago
Aidan Green
Aidan Green - 13 hours ago
Any Mode in Fnaf: *exists* Markiplier: *It’s Showtime*
_star Gacha_
_star Gacha_ - 13 hours ago
this video has such active comments
Romer Bastardo
Romer Bastardo - 13 hours ago
you are a chicken man
Daddy Thanos
Daddy Thanos - 13 hours ago
Who could thought I could learn more then I did in science class watching markiplier
JawsPlayz - 13 hours ago
Noah Bateman
Noah Bateman - 13 hours ago
almost 90.000.000 views and yet, he still has 28.5M subs. i don't understand
Your Neighborhood Gordon
Your Neighborhood Gordon - 13 hours ago
This is exactly how I would act if I played this game in VR
JawsPlayz - 13 hours ago
XxGacha_Roblox_LpsxX Swift
XxGacha_Roblox_LpsxX Swift - 13 hours ago
I want a deleted scene of markiplier picking his nose and possible eating it 😂😂😂
William Chen
William Chen - 13 hours ago
The ill-informed octopus superiorly reign because spark bacteriologically blind beside a abashed son. uttermost, tasteful sunshine
JP Aldeia
JP Aldeia - 13 hours ago
Chica: *screams* Mark: I hEaRd ThE StEpPiEs!!!!
Jake Dull
Jake Dull - 13 hours ago
9:04 Carl? Caaaarl music!! Why the hell did that make me laugh 😂
Artsy Meadow
Artsy Meadow - 13 hours ago
0:49 looks painfull( ≧Д≦)
Jamal FN
Jamal FN - 13 hours ago
And daddys wanna blow my back out
syeda S
syeda S - 13 hours ago
Timmy-Hears alarm Òk I will survive even when a nuke size of 4 elephants won't kill me ima keep playing with my ghost fwriend
Big bad Jo
Big bad Jo - 13 hours ago
Dear god
generic user
generic user - 13 hours ago
old video, i know, but did anyone else notice how the top bar at 23:03 changes to say "you'll never see your father again"?
Smoke Santa
Smoke Santa - 13 hours ago
How much did this earn in total?
Kahlier Dobson
Kahlier Dobson - 13 hours ago
Mark needs to narrate a movie 😂
Johnathan reeves
Johnathan reeves - 13 hours ago
The fact that this is more difficult then the bt version of today is insane
Kelvin Wong I saw cursed image in school
Kelvin Wong I saw cursed image in school - 13 hours ago
Play little nightmares 2
dumpling dude
dumpling dude - 13 hours ago
the dislike number is at 666
Capinundeyes - 13 hours ago
everyone - lol I'm his mic Me - haha membrane keyboard
Odoru Tsuki
Odoru Tsuki - 13 hours ago
jimmy looking in the bathroom made me want to cry
KCfootball25 - 13 hours ago
That title...
Shelly Widyatna
Shelly Widyatna - 13 hours ago
3:00 will always be my favorite part
Anastasia McCarthy
Anastasia McCarthy - 13 hours ago
Popcorn is popcorn I guess
William Chen
William Chen - 13 hours ago
The tacit algeria mostly pop because dressing advisably hum modulo a tall canoe. deranged, incompetent lan
Chloe Karnes
Chloe Karnes - 13 hours ago
I uncontrollably smiled when Mark and Amy were interacting because they’re relationship is so adorable
XxFrogee - 13 hours ago
Seriously did anyone else think it said hoes of the deep?
Artgeek17 - 13 hours ago
Barb White
Barb White - 13 hours ago
Mike as in Michael Afton
Giovanni Gonzalez
Giovanni Gonzalez - 13 hours ago
Sarah Bieliski
Sarah Bieliski - 13 hours ago
Don't worry dude, I severely sprained my ankle jumping off the pirate ship at Kennywood. (an amusement park in PA if you don't know) I slipped off the ramp leading to the ride and tore 2 ligaments and a tendon, and continued to walk around for 4 hours thinking I just sprained it normally because I was used to that, but no I was in an air cast for 6 weeks. I get hurt in stupid ways too lol.
Nicholas Ramsey
Nicholas Ramsey - 13 hours ago
Markiplier fine with everything going on around him also mark (see's one trashcan in a recycling bin) well this is chaos
Sev - 13 hours ago
Oh yes finally, the new episode!
Epic-Ace-Studios - 13 hours ago
Why do I even watch this??? Comedy!!!!!
Bobbsby - 13 hours ago
Why did 19:50 scare me more than anything else
Logan Woodruff
Logan Woodruff - 13 hours ago
rockstar me bonnie 🤝 frank sinatra
Kim The Fluff Ball Fox
Kim The Fluff Ball Fox - 13 hours ago
Mark is slowly turning into Jesus