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We drop stuff, we bounce stuff, we throw stuff, we catch stuff. How good #44Club

CJ Kirby
CJ Kirby - 5 hours ago
ya know whats sad, my dog is getting put down in 8 mins...
Casper Besana
Casper Besana - 5 hours ago
The sun gives vitamin d when you're exposed to it so they be getting lots of d every day
Hamster_is_Daddy - 5 hours ago
You just got coconut malled
Ace Esh
Ace Esh - 5 hours ago
This would be awesome to see with the slow mo guys
Jaden Spears
Jaden Spears - 5 hours ago
drew g
drew g - 5 hours ago
Daniel Daman
Daniel Daman - 5 hours ago
I think it should be named the bob the axe
MJones#serenityseeker - 5 hours ago
The tiniest one sounds like a Glock So the last one should sound like a bazooka
Andrea Eby
Andrea Eby - 5 hours ago
A big SUV
Taco Studios
Taco Studios - 5 hours ago
Imagine there was like some sort of dust in the ballons
Springtrap 1983
Springtrap 1983 - 6 hours ago
Not a bike anymore, it is now a Unicycle
Erling Beast
Erling Beast - 6 hours ago
I legit thought of Oblak the goalkeeper for Athletics Madrid
Nate P
Nate P - 6 hours ago
The guy in the yellow shirt sounds like an Australian version of Jerry Seinfeld.
Judah Sh
Judah Sh - 6 hours ago
you should really do an OLD SCHOOL redo. Some of your favorite "things" and make a comparison to then and now.
Souhail RAZZOUK - 6 hours ago
Morals of the video: - Grown ass man + balloons = fun 🔥🔥🎇🎇 (we love round things 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️) - The bigger the balloons the bigger the fun 🔥🔥🎇🎇 Thanks and love for you guys from 🇲🇦🇲🇦
Antonia Baroga
Antonia Baroga - 6 hours ago
Xbox better
GamerBrady1212 - 6 hours ago
Drop a bike
Pp Poopoo
Pp Poopoo - 6 hours ago
balloon: wiggle wiggle wiggle jiggle
Pp Poopoo
Pp Poopoo - 6 hours ago
me: wow
Rouge Gaming
Rouge Gaming - 6 hours ago
The cone is like that cause the shock distributes acrost the outer layers causing them to break befor the insode, causing this deformity.
Marlon J
Marlon J - 6 hours ago
all i see is a saw movie when i look at this and think too much
Dragon Ruler
Dragon Ruler - 6 hours ago
David Bigar
David Bigar - 6 hours ago
Now that was cool, where can I get one?
Giacinto Pascazio
Giacinto Pascazio - 6 hours ago
Ummm... the first time I saw this the likes were at 666k CREEPY
Casen Buckshot
Casen Buckshot - 6 hours ago
Y’all should do tanerite( highly explosive)
CHUKWUKA VLOGS - 6 hours ago
15 Minutes
JB WATKINS - 6 hours ago
balloon pops @13:20
Casey B
Casey B - 6 hours ago
Knoda - 6 hours ago
It’s so scary looking at the ball falling from that high
Shana Goldwasser
Shana Goldwasser - 6 hours ago
Scott you cheater
Sam Cochran
Sam Cochran - 6 hours ago
You should've waited to get the Slo Mo Guys in on this, giant balloons are totally their thing!
Markus Wernli
Markus Wernli - 6 hours ago
#ScottWasTreatedUnfairly. Creativity must be rewarded.
Gus Tobe
Gus Tobe - 7 hours ago
Angus Chandler
Angus Chandler - 7 hours ago
The reason the pool bounced was because of the transfer of kinetic energy to potential energy on impact, which in turn would've transferred back to kinetic energy (which caused the bounce) as well as heat energy or "internal energy". Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but can be transferred into other forms. When the ball impacted the water, the pressure of the water against the inside walls of the pool would've drastically increased. This increase in pressure would've pushed the walls out slightly, in some ways transferring the movement of the ball into the walls using water as a medium and causing the walls to gain a some kinetic energy. As the walls were pushed outward, they experienced tension. This outward motion put the walls of the pool into a high potential state, similar to when to stretch an elastic band, or compress a spring. The water pressure then dropped due to the water being pushed upward now having some inertia behind it (the immediate impact would've caused the updraft of water to accelerate from a standstill, which required force. The pressure at this point had no obvious way to be released while the ball was still pushing on the water, which created the spike in pressure). This drop in pressure would've allowed the potential energy contained in the plastic walls to be released through kinetic energy, which was the walls closing back in again. Because the walls are angled outward from the bottom up, this inward motion also created some upward motion. The pool structure would've slowed down the walls inward motion due to the walls now being in a low potential state i.e. not under tension. As the walls motion encountered resistance and slowed down, it transferred that kinetic energy into the structure that was slowing it down. This is called "conservation of momentum" and that is what drove the pool upwards, which led to the bounce. Almost all bouncing motion is caused by a kinetic -> potential (+ lost internal) -> kinetic + internal energy transfer. The internal heat energy generated is why bouncy objects bounce at a lower height than from where they were dropped.
Javier Pijoan
Javier Pijoan - 7 hours ago
0:22 👌 imagine the squeak made from squeezin a balloon nozzle like that one. 🙉
Heather Hall
Heather Hall - 7 hours ago
i mean i see they vids so late :/ bruh
jay thom
jay thom - 7 hours ago
13:21 it sounds like a berret 50 cal shooting 😂
Brayden Bell
Brayden Bell - 7 hours ago
Please do a giant recking ball that would be cool
Nicholas Donoghue
Nicholas Donoghue - 7 hours ago
Was gaunson the main role of the bee movie
Brielle and Robyn Wiebe
Brielle and Robyn Wiebe - 7 hours ago
I wish someone would've climbed in the balloon
Bradford J
Bradford J - 7 hours ago
I see the phantom onewheeler in the background.
Emily Gustafson
Emily Gustafson - 7 hours ago
Chastity Ryan
Chastity Ryan - 7 hours ago
Chastity Ryan
Chastity Ryan - 7 hours ago
Kyle Kujala
Kyle Kujala - 7 hours ago
Phillip Christoffersen
Phillip Christoffersen - 7 hours ago
That was awesome!
Shell S
Shell S - 7 hours ago
you made this vid on my b day
Caleb J Foley
Caleb J Foley - 7 hours ago
all the darts in the ground looked like a bunch of poppies
Jameshomey - 7 hours ago
be cause u have it up u but
ddrmadness - 7 hours ago
So stoked that the first video of the year included a "science with Gaunson" segment 🤣
Vwlss Nvwls
Vwlss Nvwls - 7 hours ago
Can I just say, you three are everything that is right with the world. :)
Vwlss Nvwls
Vwlss Nvwls - 7 hours ago
Your slow-mo camera must have some sort of reset. I bet if you reset your slow-mo it will start saving files again.
Tyler Mastny
Tyler Mastny - 7 hours ago
“e-go has e-stopped” 😂
Mark McClave
Mark McClave - 7 hours ago
Derek as a kid: bounce a plane on a trampoline? How ridiculous! 🤣🤷🏻‍♂️
kryptic_ Ruffian
kryptic_ Ruffian - 7 hours ago
That camera fall was scary AF.
Logan Beckett
Logan Beckett - 7 hours ago
a blimp is the bigest
Markus Wernli
Markus Wernli - 7 hours ago
I feel like Gaunson doesn’t really know the lyrics of Dido‘s „White Flag“. Respect for trying though.
Eric Vanas
Eric Vanas - 7 hours ago
This channel needs more identy politics rhetoric
Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic The Hedgehog - 8 hours ago
The last explosion kinda looks like NASA's logo.
Jake Maciel
Jake Maciel - 8 hours ago
Nigel barely miss the go pro
sly fly
sly fly - 8 hours ago
you should of recorded the decibels
The MVR Video Squad
The MVR Video Squad - 8 hours ago
This where it all started
Abul Qasim Asadi
Abul Qasim Asadi - 8 hours ago
'Havent played tennis in years' - nails a serve strike through the balloon
The MVR Video Squad
The MVR Video Squad - 8 hours ago
Does anyone notice that sometimes they are going to drop something and an add comes up.
Jake Maciel
Jake Maciel - 8 hours ago
It will brake braky akne snaky bottom
William Sr
William Sr - 8 hours ago
I wonder what else they do under those covers
troy ferguson
troy ferguson - 8 hours ago
Harveys casino I'm 13 yo and in the underground arcade playing the hell out of a pinball game and a crowd gathered around me I was on fire playing the machine and suddenly I feel a giant gas pocket inside move.... and i let it rip,thankfully it was quiet ,by the time i noticed the aweful smell the crowd began to disperse I wanted to laugh so bad that night but I didnt
Vinijoncrafts ʎɐʎ
Vinijoncrafts ʎɐʎ - 8 hours ago
The poll jumped cuz of the bouncing of the ball combined with the force of the water going out
eddyk - 8 hours ago
Every episode they be begging at KFC. Ya not getting those black cards boys.
Sam Lawson
Sam Lawson - 8 hours ago
Vinijoncrafts ʎɐʎ
Vinijoncrafts ʎɐʎ - 8 hours ago
commtest: 4h
481439 - 8 hours ago
Some Guy: Uh. Where's my pool? H.R.: (whistling)
Waggsmith YTP
Waggsmith YTP - 9 hours ago
Rip rexy
the chosen one
the chosen one - 9 hours ago
But also I think this is the rexy one and I loved this one so much like I cannot tell you how much I love this
the chosen one
the chosen one - 9 hours ago
If I ever have commented on this which I was the talon barrack dude please tell me
Vinijoncrafts ʎɐʎ
Vinijoncrafts ʎɐʎ - 9 hours ago
hey DAM is missing
Josiah Gonzalez
Josiah Gonzalez - 9 hours ago
I cleared 7 hours