What Sparked The Philadelphia Riots

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BigCat EM
BigCat EM - 2 days ago
"Black Nazis". That just shows you the education (or lack thereof) and history ignorance and brainwashing the Libtards have had in their lives. Smdh
Ian Whiteley
Ian Whiteley - 2 days ago
Cnn corrupt negative news cnn
Ian Whiteley
Ian Whiteley - 2 days ago
Mr putin rejects the claims of the media and biden of being the leader of the usa. ...take that to the bank
sandra acone
sandra acone - 6 days ago
Between both officer's cam footage shown, they told him to put the knife down at least 30 times.
Jman The Beast
Jman The Beast - 6 days ago
defund the police
Tj Drama
Tj Drama - 7 days ago
So happy to see you guys on Parler!
ChrsGuit - 9 days ago
Guys, excellent point on rounds fired... Just a small amount of information for consideration.
Our U.S military switched to the .45 M1911 because we faced tribesmen in the Phillipines who were tweaked out on Opium.
The tribesmen would get jacked up on drugs then charge the American lines, and the troops would empty their small .38 cal revolvers trying to stop them.
Most cops today carry 9mm pistols, and when faced with a subject acting irraticaly and charging them with a weapon, I couldn't blame a cop for firing multiple times...
Maybe the guy is high on meth or crack... there is no guarantee that first round is going to stop the attacker... Every personal defense, law enforcement trainer, and concealed carry instructor will tell you to "fire until the threat has been neutralized"...
That first round could very easily do nothing... it could hit a rib, a piece of jewelry, etc...
It's just common sense, from a self defense standpoint, to fire until it's obvious the threat has been taken down...
You dont shoot to maim, and you certainly don't shoot to scare... You shoot to stop the person coming at you, and as the instructor told us during out concealed carry permit certification class "nothing stops a threat like multiple rounds to the chest... you fire til the threat is neutralized..."
breezee6483 - 10 days ago
Also people with mental health issues may be doing it cuz they want the cops to shoot them. I'm a widow my husband was very mentally ill and when he would go into psychosis I wouldn't know what the hell he would do. You never know
Brad Ryan
Brad Ryan - 11 days ago
Lack of fathers
rl h
rl h - 12 days ago
The (guy)* a big ass blunt of some gas . I'm bipolar and that helps me out a lot I have rage and happy bipolar I don't get too sad and depressed
rl h
rl h - 12 days ago
Damn I said the damn net thing before I saw you talk about it with the Predator thing see genius minds think the same🤯🤪🤣
rl h
rl h - 12 days ago
I wonder if the parents the family members of the bipolar guy called the police that hey my son or my family member is having a bipolar episode can you please come and help us you would think they're like okay this is an incident somebody has a mental issue let's bust out the shotgun bean bags let's bust out the pepper spray cannons let's bring out a net gun do they even have a net gun I seen it on TV they shut down drones with it why can't they use that to stop people from running after him no they said hey we're having a hostage situation and this guy's armed to the teeth with shotguns bow and arrows crossbows machine gun handguns throwing knives ninja stars bombs of course you want to use lethal Force.
rl h
rl h - 12 days ago
Why cant they shot the person in the foot or leg or shoulder. They go to the shotting range aiming for the head why not aim for non fatal shots .
mike devore
mike devore - 12 days ago
I love u all's attitudes great minds think alike.peace
sprkid3 - 12 days ago
The media fan flames
Stephanie Beach
Stephanie Beach - 14 days ago
You guys are Great
Christopher Kindle
Christopher Kindle - 15 days ago
As usual u all t right. As I said b4 I'm a twin. And if me and my brother set up there and said that even though its true. Even though he and I both have children of mixed races and cultures we woukd be shut down or hated on. Asus all r to I'm sure. Once again thank u for info. Update and most of all truth..
Celeste Elzea
Celeste Elzea - 15 days ago
Bodily harm you can bet you are going to be killed or maimed. Get a grip. If I was coming at you with a gun and a knife you would use force to protect your self.
Celeste Elzea
Celeste Elzea - 15 days ago
Okaya mentally ill cat gets shot by Police. By all means sick in the head or not. Having a gun and a knife going to cause bod
Jeff Grays
Jeff Grays - 16 days ago
I am a believer in that the police have a place and purpose in our society. But I would like to know. What happened to shooting someone in the arm or leg. A person at distance with a knife. Can be taken down with a baton or shoot the fool in the leg. He gonna drop that knife.
GotTreeFiddy 187
GotTreeFiddy 187 - 16 days ago
CNN=Communist News Network
James Whitener
James Whitener - 18 days ago
Ain't nothing been Fair on me from the day I was born until now hell I even came out the wrong damn hole if it was raining buckets as s*** I get hit with all of them
James Whitener
James Whitener - 18 days ago
Cuz you ought to know by now you can't win for losing when you start out with a Democrat belief
James Whitener
James Whitener - 18 days ago
Yeah you never know what you going to do until you're in that situation let's just hope you got a cool mind about you and don't go berserk
Kory p
Kory p - 18 days ago
Where do y'all get real news, every time I look something up all I see is people calling Trump a tyrant.
Dee Hollow
Dee Hollow - 19 days ago
Jordzyi1 - 20 days ago
People need to stop letting these left idiots get away with it.
Nikhilesh Surve
Nikhilesh Surve - 20 days ago
2:34 Well may be you're not racists & nazi, but I don't know man… you could be white supremacists 😂😂
Sherry Azaniyah
Sherry Azaniyah - 21 day ago
yeah remember your ancestors when you say that
and they killed him because they didnt have tasers .they couldve shot him in leg but they many bullets and then they tried to drive him to hospital to save him
Kimie Cromley
Kimie Cromley - 21 day ago
I live right down the street where the main riots happened. Me and my man tried to get people to stop but yea didn't work that great. And please its all an excuse for them to just steal shit and break shit up its sick
Pablo Francisco Iglesias
Pablo Francisco Iglesias - 23 days ago
Cats out here saying y'all are fake Trump supporters, say you're only in it for money and fame. Care to refute that claim?
MeGaDroiDx - 23 days ago
If people lived in my country of oringin for 1 month, heck 1 week they would realize how horrible it is to not have proper law enforcement. Crime is rampant and no one can help you personally have to risk your life all the time.
MagnumTMA - 23 days ago
united we stand, divided we fall. How true.
Nathanael Cambridge
Nathanael Cambridge - 23 days ago
This is the most racist shit ever
Walter Williams
Walter Williams - 23 days ago
It’s funny that mr Wallace has a rap sheet long as your arm including violent crimes.
Stacy 51
Stacy 51 - 24 days ago
Walking their dogs and cats !! LOL I watched too many videos today ..I need to take a break that made me laugh so hard ..I don’t know why it’s a funny statement...I know y’all are being serious...I’m sorry
Christopher Poston
Christopher Poston - 24 days ago
And i doubt we commit majority of crime thats bullshit
Christopher Poston
Christopher Poston - 24 days ago
I agree about what happened in Philly they did their job
Christopher Poston
Christopher Poston - 24 days ago
So there is no systematic racism against indigenous people in America ?
Christopher Poston
Christopher Poston - 24 days ago
Are those numbers real
Ryan Fowler
Ryan Fowler - 24 days ago
another thing is depending on how close they r from you before you take the shot, the first shot might not have stopped the guy
Michael McDonough
Michael McDonough - 25 days ago
3 days!!!!!! Apprently it takes 3 days to fabricate enough votes to steal an election
Hawkeye - 4077
Hawkeye - 4077 - 25 days ago
My friend at work checked to see if his VOTE counted and found out his mother voted for Biden. She has been DEAD for 5 years. In NY......The FRAUD IS EVERYWHERE. CHECK YOUR VOTE. And it's not a common name.......
Mr D
Mr D - 25 days ago
Actually there are pictures of blacks in Wehrmachts uniforms. Either from the indian or arab legion.
There is a lot of inconvinient history out there. Here is one example
International military tribunal charter
Article 19 "the tribunal shall not be bound by technical rules of evidence..."
Article 21 "The tribunal shall not require proof of facts of common knowledge but shall take judicial notice thereof"
This trials had quite a lot high level critics in the US but they tend to get blacked out. It is known that defendents were tortured with the purpose to get confessions. Also look at who was at this trials/who conducted them and on what legal basis people were convicted.
People in germany today are still imprisoned over the rules mentioned above even when they haven`t been born back then.
Mr D
Mr D - 25 days ago
Before i forget people should do force on force training before speaking on police shootings.
Jason Brown
Jason Brown - 26 days ago
I want one of them hat how much and where can I get it from
Kat Claphan
Kat Claphan - 26 days ago
Biden wants to use a social worker, so when that SW gets killed, shot or stabbed, it will be the police fault& the police dept will get sued
Kenyon Prunty
Kenyon Prunty - 26 days ago
well Joe Biden says you can shoot him in the leg well when somebody's mentally ill and they're in a blood rage shooting him in the leg isn't going to do a damn thing
Kenyon Prunty
Kenyon Prunty - 26 days ago
He said walking his cat twice this dude I love him he is so they're both so damn funny I mean and they speak truth like it's true I know the media is b******* but a lot of people don't a lot of people sit there at words hear that all on the news where did you hear that on the news on the news the news said yeah the news says a lot of s*** it's news they have to get ratings if they don't get ratings what the f*** good are they you can't listen to Media like that if you're going to listen to Media you know there is some truth and what they say but it's like it's like a shotgun effect I'll say that of information the truths in there somewhere but you got to find it and you got to like they said you got to look into it now there is right-wing media and there is left-wing media most of the media people hear about when this kind of stuff comes out is from left wing cuz right wing don't do that right wing I was raised Democrat I was raised Democrat and the Democrats forced me to turn Republican forced me to turn Republican the Democrats did that and the reason why is because I grew up and got a mind of my own and started seeing things that just don't make sense and unfortunately there are people older than me in this country I'm 36 years old but there are people older than me in this country they never did grow up and realize you're being played now I believe a lot of Republicans play me too play us cuz they're politicians that's what politicians do the professional liars a lot of them come up through the police departments become sheriff move on from there you know what I mean just gain higher up in the ranks or their professional lawyers doctors a lot of them are higher paid things a lot of things for paid to lie to you so they're professionals at that that's why during their campaigns every every time a president's elected and he doesn't do what he says he's going to do that's how it is they get in there for the power of the fame and the money most politicians aren't filthy Rich they're rich but they're not filthy rich
Connor Unus
Connor Unus - 26 days ago
Walking ya cat😂
J B - 26 days ago
Appreciate you
Amari Grant
Amari Grant - 26 days ago
Unfortunately...most ppl are sheep. It’s easier for them to live in a society where media could do the thinking while they simply follow suit in total ignorance
John Westervelt
John Westervelt - 26 days ago
Black and leftist racism sparked it
John Anderson
John Anderson - 26 days ago
Hahaha, what a joke...
Boss 420
Boss 420 - 27 days ago
DAAAM good show !
BandGangstar - 27 days ago
Oh now you wanna be together but you talk more shit about “the left” than anyone I’ve watched
Slim XBP
Slim XBP - 27 days ago
9:27 yeah id shoot
Slim XBP
Slim XBP - 27 days ago
It’s a win win for me because if trump wins i win.... if biden wins, im certain that chaos could potentially rise in the world at a rampant rate and honestly part of me wants people to suffer while the words burns I just hope ill have time to talk some sht to everyone on social media and tell them they deserve it. Even if I must perish which I probably wont perish, it’s amazing to think that everyone can suffer bc some people i believe should
JoeSloppyJoe - 27 days ago
There was a shooting by my house recently, my neighbor was outside working on his car and counted 8 shots, I walked up while they were investigating and counted 26 evidence markers
pbr-streetgang - 27 days ago
I tell you what sparked the riots. People don’t stand up to stupid shit!
suzanne murnane
suzanne murnane - 27 days ago
Police are trained to shoot at the largest target and empty their gun. How far away should those cops wait
..6 freaking inches away...wow, defunding the police is why they had no tasers...no media said that!
suzanne murnane
suzanne murnane - 27 days ago
CNN..China News Network! The media should be help accountable
suzanne murnane
suzanne murnane - 27 days ago
Ordering several shirts!
Chrome Horse Rider
Chrome Horse Rider - 27 days ago
Well said!!
Andriy Yarmalenko
Andriy Yarmalenko - 27 days ago
These two sellouts are soo deluded. Just because they are light skinned and force their blue eyes into the camera doesn't mean they are white... They want to be white so bad! Pumpchasers was right... What do these uneducated from fitness to junk food know about the world? They don't even know how to talk and pronounce things and dont have any general knowledge about the world... Wtf who values their opinion? They don't have any black friends and are money hungry...
The Youtube money made them crazy...
Jacqueline Davis Nicholson
Art3mis Arrow
Art3mis Arrow - 28 days ago
Lmfao i can't get over walking you cat.
MommaJane D
MommaJane D - 28 days ago
Americans, stop walking in fear. Edit: If you don’t fear man but consider everything it love, things may start changing. Try it.
MommaJane D
MommaJane D - 28 days ago
We all bleed red. How much you gonna let them have?
MommaJane D
MommaJane D - 28 days ago
WHY IS COLOR A PROBLEM ANYWAY?!?! We all suffer shit. Keep letting them divide us, and they will rule us! Grow up America!*Edit. They control all media.
Gus Salas
Gus Salas - 28 days ago
Democrats control the media, businesses get burned, people get hurt or die ,THIS is the Democrat PARTY 👎👹👿😈EVIL PARTY
Gus Salas
Gus Salas - 28 days ago
Democrats and media ,wants riots to blame our president, god help us with this antiamericans
VehementVixen - 28 days ago
The media glorifies gang life (rap and movies, thats why all the conscious rappers are underground) they have bad schools in poorer neighborhoods and allow criminals thugs to predate on children and appropriate them into criminal lifestyles... removing police will totally make this problem better.
DelawareHOG - 28 days ago
The family called for a reason
Why didn't the family control him?
DelawareHOG - 28 days ago
Tony P
Tony P - 28 days ago
Because of how important the Philadelphia vote count is, they're trying to drum up fear in hopes people will feel threatened enough to vote for Biden.
bluesageful - 28 days ago
My WHITE nephew was shot and killed by a police officer..... His situation was almost IDENTICAL to this one. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia a year prior. His father called the police because they were afraid because he was having an 'episode'...... My nephew DID NOT have a weapon, and was in his house.. He was holding a small stick though... I firmly believe Nathan was shot because the officer just heard the word schizophrenic , and was scared because he didn't understand mental health. .... No protests though
Brick Martin
Brick Martin - 28 days ago
8:38 I love walking my cat. 🐈
Seth Ruschiwal
Seth Ruschiwal - 28 days ago
Its like Jumbo Shrimp. How can a shrimp be jumbo? Like how can a gay can be homophobic (Dave Rubin)? How can you be a black N*zi
GoGee - 28 days ago
Don't know where the 100+ thumbs comes from. Most likely CNN. Great show guys. Context is everything.
Quail Valley Homestead
Quail Valley Homestead - 28 days ago
Dax Veralux
Dax Veralux - 28 days ago
The reason why cops shoot as many rounds as they do is because most departments issue and carry 9mm, a caliber that in most instances of shooting someone center mass, is not going to have enough stopping power behind it, to immediately drop a target. It's a lighter projectile with higher velocity and a much smaller wound channel than a .40 or a rifle would have, i.e. velocity does not equate to impact and stopping potential. There are SO many documented cases of people being shot several times and they continue to go, hopped up on drugs, adrenaline or both before finally succumbing to their injuries. So if you think because 10 rounds were fired off, all of them hit and all of them were either lethal or effective in stopping an individual in a situation like that, you're a D U M M Y Y, dummy.
Teri Daley
Teri Daley - 28 days ago
I wanted to mention that my nephew is a police officer, he is hispanic and he actually had someone come after him, a white man, with a knife, now was my nephew suppose to just stand there until he got stabbed or defend himself??? My nephew had to defend himself and the white man with the knife died. Was it on the media, was there riots, heck no. So don't tell me that blacks are the only ones dying, because they don't listen to the police officer, whites are dying too.
Spencer Johnson
Spencer Johnson - 28 days ago
He was another innocent knife wielding minority that was only told to drop the knife 9 times... I don’t think he charged police he tripped and stumbled towards them.
He was probably cooking for his family and why he had the knife
What makes me mad is why is there no protests for Ryan Whitaker the Arizona man that answered his door late night with a legal gun for his safety .
When he saw it was police he got on his knees put his hands up when he was shot in the back.
Why.... because he was white and it would disprove the narrative they pushing.
The reason for our violence isn’t race it’s culture.. all our role models rappers and sports stars glorify this thug lifestyle so it’s what kids look up to especially with no father figure .
It’s sad but true.
April Thompson
April Thompson - 28 days ago
The media has blood on their hands 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
J Lega
J Lega - 28 days ago
Send the park rangers to tranquilize their ass hahahah or give the police officers tranquilizers. Sleep em them cuff em. It'd be some funny cell phone footage.😂
Chaille Smith
Chaille Smith - 28 days ago
There was no mental illness for the sky. That's the claim the media and the left is making. He had a long history of criminal violence. Including stabbing somebody else try to kill police officers and a what put him his arrest woz the knife to a woman's throat.
Cormac MacArt
Cormac MacArt - 28 days ago
Our government, media, education system, and entertainment industry have been heavily infiltrated by Marxist/Communist starting about 100 years ago, and becoming worse, as generation after generation of kids graduate from college. There was an interview done in 1984 of an ex-KGB agent named Yuri Bezmenov Link: https://youtu.be/os63_osqIzo this is to the last 13:33 minutes of the video. The entire interview is 1:21:27 long, but the most important part is the one above. It explains exactly what is going on in America.
Cormac MacArt
Cormac MacArt - 28 days ago
You shoot until the threat is stopped.
Cormac MacArt
Cormac MacArt - 28 days ago
What you are seeing in their eyes is called crazy.
RJ Huncho
RJ Huncho - 28 days ago
U right, more funding equals more training & epuipment for cops.
heat4yoass - 28 days ago
The media lies. Even on Reddit. There's a subreddit called "Publicfreakouts". If you make any comments that's considered conservative, you're susceptible to get banned. They only show the cookie cutter shit you see in popular media such as Yahoo and such. But when you go to "actualpublicfreakouts", they show more of what the media fail to show you. Look for yourselves. Search for r/publicfreakouts and r/actualpublicfreakouts. You will see the difference.
Mercedes Ghretlli
Mercedes Ghretlli - 28 days ago
Yes the Cops Have a Job to Do Called “Defend and Protect.” So Obey Them When They Say, “Drop Your Weapon”. They Were Called Into an Un-Safe Situation. Why Can’t People Understand This?
Angel Gary
Angel Gary - 28 days ago
😂😂😂😂😂 man y'all be making me laugh so hard!!!! Smh but y'all telling the truth🤦🏽‍♀️😲👀
Eric Schnidrig
Eric Schnidrig - 28 days ago
If I took a Taser from a Cop and then fired it at him... I deserve to be shot. If I walk toward a Cop with a knife... I deserve to be shot. STUPIDITY KILLS, but not nearly enough.
Love you guys!
Jon Carney
Jon Carney - 28 days ago
Accountable and Responsibly are the keys to staying alive.
Mg W
Mg W - 28 days ago
If I lived in a democratic controlled state or city and was black and have a handicap person in the family give em a knife or a gun call the cops and let them get shot and then get 12 million dollar settlement. I'm sorry doesn't matter what color you are but if I chase a cop with a knife I'm going to get shot not a racist thing just common sense but cant have a conversation with someone who is stupid like a democrat.
deep5811 - 28 days ago
His relatives called because they feared for their lives, just as the cops fear for theirs.
You called the cops. This wasn't s "targeted" anything.
Don't call the cops. Problem solved.
JR87 - 28 days ago
"walking their cats." xD
Fabian Lawstudies
Fabian Lawstudies - 28 days ago
First of all, prayers for the family of Mr. Amir Boston’s family, the community, and the decent police officers who put their lives on the line every day. Hodges twins, you guys need to start having a type script of information place in front of each of you, and give yourself each a time limit to talk so you guys want interrupt each other while a point is being made. Plus, you want lose your trade if thoughts and you’re making more sense because you’re have your script right in front of you both especially if you guys did your research.
One of the best privileges anyone can have is the freedom to express their perspective on any given topic regardless if I disagree or agree with their perspective. But most folks can agree that conversation about heated topics that are reasonably considered major crisis are worth and needed in order for them to be resolved.
For instance, “PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A 38-year-old man was shot and killed in West Philadelphia, police said Thursday night. The shooting happened in an alley on the 5300 block of Irving Street. The victim, identified as Amir Boston suffered multiple gunshot wounds throughout his body, police said. He was rushed to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, where police said he was pronounced dead just before 8 p.m.”
From my perspective, police officers who are genuinely doing their job even if the results are considered unacceptable to some folks, have a taught job. Decent police officers and police officers who aren’t decent, whatever ethnicity they are every day put their lives on the line. In fact, if I was a police officers, I would pray every day that the God protects me, and bless me to use what I have learn to a reasonable satisfactory for the safety and protection of our communities and my own life regardless if anyone disagrees with the results. Or hypothetically speaking if I had a wife and children, and we were at a park, and some guy whether something is mentally wrong with him or not, approached us with a knife with the “INTENTIONS” to harm my wife and children, I am going to shoot the guy.
Let’s face it, just because the police officers maybe white or black, or the suspect maybe white or black doesn’t mean shooting a suspect who appears to be trying to physically harm police officers with a knife is the wrong decision. Suspects whether they are apart of a ethnicity that appears to be on the news every week because they were shot by police officers, doesn’t mean the police officers were hunting for a specific ethnicity because “DECENT” police officers “are not out to hunt and kill black people!
Eric Bates
Eric Bates - 28 days ago
All these saints that’s bitching about these cop shootings would do the same thing if they were put in the same situation. It’s real easy to watch a dam video and say what you would do if that was you. It’s a hell of a lot different when it’s you and it’s for real!!!