Update: On Moving Forward

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jeremy - 31 minute ago
So happy u are back
Babatunde Jones
Babatunde Jones - 34 minutes ago
You're strong. Enjoy the happy moments
Joseph Pena
Joseph Pena - 45 minutes ago
You deserve the world, Nairo. Glad you're back.
XiPotato _
XiPotato _ - 49 minutes ago
I’ve been hoping everyday for your return I’m a naifu for life love you forever man
Account thingy
Account thingy - Hour ago
Dude....you gotta win Genesis. It will be the ultimate ending to this journey you've gone on. Godspeed
John Enriquez
John Enriquez - Hour ago
Xavier Mcgee
Xavier Mcgee - Hour ago
Idk 100% why he left.
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler - Hour ago
F*ck the haters. Do you Nairo, the community wants you back.
Sladkya Makaka
Sladkya Makaka - Hour ago
Good luck man!
Everything will be ok!
Jake Presland
Jake Presland - Hour ago
Hvyarms44 - Hour ago
Miss u bro. Youtube streams lessss gooo
TheAverageMan - Hour ago
I'm so glad I defended you since the beginning, everyone I knew personally was ready to hop on the Nairo hate train, but the whole situation seemed like bullshit to me. I myself have received false accusations and It seemed like you were a victim of one.
Diego Camero
Diego Camero - Hour ago
Nigga gay
EtherealPulse - Hour ago
They say Hero's Zoom is the best recovery. But I think Nairo has him beat by a long shot.
Chloe S.
Chloe S. - Hour ago
Thank you.
Matthew Conner
Matthew Conner - Hour ago
welcome home nai we missed u
Biz TheNinja
Biz TheNinja - 2 hours ago
Light shaking in his boots rn
BMVfilms - 2 hours ago
I'm glad to see you took the time to straighten things out in your personal life before returning. Nonetheless, I hope that the need to protect every member in the smash community, and for the push towards the held accountability of all players still rings true. It is important to redeeming the tarnished image of the scene and a sign of growth.
Brandon - 2 hours ago
KvngBM: Nairo i miss u bro. Your return is long overdue and u deserve your life back. nairoApex
higrlz - 2 hours ago
Why is everyone so happy about this - Have yall not seen the evidence of what he’a done? He’s not welcome back - and for those who think he is welcome back check your morals.
San-G - 2 hours ago
Don’t care didn’t ask
Killua_99_1219 - 2 hours ago
Yo I also have birthday on November
Thomas Kiefer
Thomas Kiefer - 3 hours ago
Come back Nairo!
The Yo
The Yo - 3 hours ago
Riley Mulkey
Riley Mulkey - 3 hours ago
We love you forever and always Nairo
Diego Orendain
Diego Orendain - 3 hours ago
I didn't care if he was gay and did something wrong. I just wanted to see Nairo to get back to playing. We all missed him for so long.
Erick Antonio Hasbun Aguilera
Nairo do youtube streams thats what hashinshin did and it works.
Bakari Curry
Bakari Curry - 3 hours ago
Between him and ProJared, we need to learn to not witch hunt so aggressively when mere allegations are cast.
Zacarias Gibbs
Zacarias Gibbs - 3 hours ago
Stay Strong Nairo we are with you
loga boy
loga boy - 3 hours ago
Good stuff man I'm real happy for you
Alfredo Larios
Alfredo Larios - 4 hours ago
New guy here. Now im a fan.
Phil Mahooters
Phil Mahooters - 4 hours ago
Just because the haters have big mouths, that doesn't make them a majority. The smash community would gladly welcome you back.
Joaquin Traynham
Joaquin Traynham - 4 hours ago
Let's fucking go!!!
Landon Bradley
Landon Bradley - 4 hours ago
i was mega late to the nairo party, but man do I miss you, hope you know you are cared for more than you know, cant wait to see you body some people in smash again :)
Imperator Emir
Imperator Emir - 4 hours ago
we would like to welcome you back with open arms
Prabhdeep Dhaliwal
Prabhdeep Dhaliwal - 4 hours ago
What’s the backstory? YouTube just recommended this video. I have no clue what’s going here
Axicon - 3 hours ago
It started around 7 months ago an it's still ongoing, albeit much slower. Google "smash allegations".
NoSkill l
NoSkill l - 4 hours ago
Sero G
Sero G - 5 hours ago
Im glad your fine my old friend, but I think its very grave crime and indictable offence for everyone involved and the community... till that day. everyone should get a second chance but pls don’t pretend that nothing has happened. Show us that u change but not in the Hollywood style
it hurt the smash scene irrevocable...
John David Valladolid
John David Valladolid - 5 hours ago
Not a fan, but hope you’re doing well. Good luck
Goonter boi
Goonter boi - 5 hours ago
Best bounce back since James Gunn 👏
Zorc - 5 hours ago
see if you can get zero back
d m
d m - 4 hours ago
_ Red
_ Red - 5 hours ago
Joe mama
RPD - 5 hours ago
The support you’re getting is disgusting; you are a piece of shit.
Disturbed - 4 hours ago
I don’t think you know what happened.
Keng Wee
Keng Wee - 5 hours ago
You even know what happened?
Eric Alejandro
Eric Alejandro - 5 hours ago
That’s cool my man, I just hope you don’t think every gay man gropes straight men
James Li
James Li - 6 hours ago
Let's gooooo! You deserve all the love man! We should be thanking you!!!
TheScar3cro - 6 hours ago
Hi Nairo,
you're probably not gonna read this, because here are so many people, who tell you the same positive things (which is obviously great) and it's impossible for you to keep up with so much.
I just want you to know, that you're the only smash content creator, I've really enjoyed watching since the very beginning and I never stopped believing in you. Since this statement came out, I've rewatched many of your older videos and I enjoyed literally every video. You made me laugh at least twice within each video, which is a crazy ratio for content that I watch. And even though I couldn't watch your streams, because of timezones and work, I just want you to know, that I personally really really enjoy your youtube channel and I'm glad, that you're trying to work it out.
That being said, please don't rush coming back. Take your time to heal from everything, that happened within the last year and when you think, you're ready to enjoy creating content for a community, which was so quick to cast you aside and step your back (not talking about the Naifus obviously), I'll be more than happy to watch every video as soon as I can.
So as many people here stated before me: love you man and I'm glad you're okay and pulling through. Hope to see you in the future, when you're ready and at last big thanks to you as a content creator for brightening my days even more with your content
William Marsh
William Marsh - 6 hours ago
Man your dk is godlike
Seamus McBass
Seamus McBass - 6 hours ago
Little by little, step by step, man. Just keep going. We're waiting ❤
Blinzer - 6 hours ago
grats on your victory in the legal battle, though i assume it came at a hefty cost. good luck rebuilding
Me And My Imaginary Friends
I hope you're doing alright. I'm glad you're going through therapy and it's been helping. I can't wait to see you being the best you you can be again man.
Simion Rucker
Simion Rucker - 6 hours ago
Boi the unit is back im hype asf im ready for this comeback
MattieLinz - 6 hours ago
its_ the King
its_ the King - 7 hours ago
i love you. we love you.
Alex Parpotta
Alex Parpotta - 7 hours ago
I'm ashamed to say that I, like many others, was complicit in what happened to Nairo. I, unfortunately, bought into the allegations without bothering to look into [REDACTED]'s history of manipulation and lies. But, knowing what I now know, I wish you all the best with your recovery, and hopefully, your return to the community.
Max Cruz
Max Cruz - 7 hours ago
you don’t know how much this video made me feel emotionally... good to see you back my man you were the only person keeping a smile on my face back then happy to hear you’re doing well and considering coming back to streaming
Izzy - 7 hours ago
Welcome Back Man Good To See You Again
Wakapout - 8 hours ago
Do you guys think with Nairo comming back Zero will come out of his hole ?
J B - 6 hours ago
No, I doubt this whole situation will motivate him to return. His situation is completely different, and I doubt we'll be seeing him anytime soon
d m
d m - 7 hours ago
M Vision
M Vision - 8 hours ago
It's been made clear that you're missed and welcomed with open arms and hearts, the situation was handled the way it needed to be handled and you course maybe a bumpy one because you'll be slowly cruising a astroid field so some might bump you but brush it off understand why they're saying it and move on don't fight just live because you have our full support man hope twitch appeals my friend, hope to see you soon
Icey Slime
Icey Slime - 8 hours ago
I missed you
ToYo Serp
ToYo Serp - 8 hours ago
A new Hope
Tkmysterious - 8 hours ago
We miss you Nairo
Marc Freeman
Marc Freeman - 8 hours ago
I have no idea who you are or what happened. I just clicked here to make a joke about how you look like Mungo Jerry but... Uhh... Hope things continue to go well with you, man. I think. Don't know what you did. Hope it wasn't too bad but I don't think anyone needs to live in misery
Sparkie Tinder
Sparkie Tinder - 5 minutes ago
Nairo is a pro super smash bros player, and in June/july of 2020 a bunch of people within the smash bros community were outed as pedophiles, sexual harrasers/abusers, rapists, etc. etc. etc. There were hundreds of victims that spoke out about their stories and Nairo (to add more context, who was a very much beloved content creator and streamer within the community at the time) was accused of raping a minor in a hotel during a tournament. Without getting a chance to say much about his side, Nairo p much got cancelled and got so much hate that he folded and 'admitted' the accusations a few days after the allegations surfaced. We don't know the truth of the story but we do know that Nairo has pushed for his justice in around November 2020 (so he was silent for about 3 months since being cancelled) through legal means, in which he claims that they were false accusations and rather that the minor put themselves upon Nairo. In additions, there are other people who have talked about their POV of the situation which questioned the validity of the orignal allegations. Ultimately with Nairo asking to be let into the community, we can only assume that he won the court case, but obviously we don't know anything about the truth b/c of NDA and stuff. There's nothing wrong with believing in the victim (i.e. the one who accused Nairo of rape), but there also has been many noted incidents of the victim repeatedly pursuing Nairo and other top smash players despite refusing their advances, which again adds slightly more credibility to Nairo's story. The community began using #unbanNairo as a response to the many tournament organizers (and Twitch) banning Nairo indefinitely from entering shortly after the accusations surfaced.
etree - 8 hours ago
love you bro, you deserve the world
Thick Thighs Save Lives
Thick Thighs Save Lives - 9 hours ago
I'm not sure if my name would still ring a bell after all this time, but I was a pretty active member of the Naifu Nation. I wish I had been there to wish you happy birthday.
Krunschy - 9 hours ago
Damn, I didn't know Twitch actually permabanned you back then. I mean there were severe accusations, but it's still odd for me to think that twitch as a platform seemingly took the role of a judge for those. A suspension with an eye on how the situation resolves is what I would view as a more appropiate reaction.
Taelin Cusic
Taelin Cusic - 9 hours ago
Man you have so much support from the community... I Envy you Bro
ConneryPony - 9 hours ago
Subscribed for this, super happy to see you drop videos again. Lots of people want to see you come back man, come on home brother :)
Issac Arellano
Issac Arellano - 10 hours ago
Welcome back Nairo!
Taizens WRLD
Taizens WRLD - 10 hours ago
I’m glade you’ve layered up and learned form your mistakes. That’s how you become a greater person then you were before. I could truly see it in your heart I wish you a strong recovery back to the community
Josh Delgado
Josh Delgado - 10 hours ago
Him and ZeRo are the two streamers I miss the most.
Avid SSJ3
Avid SSJ3 - 10 hours ago
Love you bro glad to see you back!
Aaron Liu
Aaron Liu - 10 hours ago
Dream (In2D)
Dream (In2D) - 10 hours ago
I dont even know Nairo that well but I am aware of all that happened and used to watch the stream from time to time, glad he is back this almost made me tear up! Most enjoyable content for me man.
Mr. Yogurt
Mr. Yogurt - 11 hours ago
Glad to have you back
Unreal Pigeon
Unreal Pigeon - 11 hours ago
Bro it’s been 5 days where’s the the vids? We need to see the plays
Verve - 10 hours ago
hes still banned on twitch so he can't make content. anyway he's said he'd come back so we should just respect that and give him as much time as he needs
Indigo_Sir Gaming
Indigo_Sir Gaming - 11 hours ago
Welcomed with open arms. Couldn't even imagine what you had to go through...
XenoBlade Zagreen
XenoBlade Zagreen - 11 hours ago
Its great that your coming back bro i loved you no matter what
Chibimoon143 - 11 hours ago
I had to come back to this! I'm so happy this is getting more views! Hell, even in Marss recent video they referenced Nairo so yay!!
Eddie Spaghetti
Eddie Spaghetti - 11 hours ago
Handled this CRAZY situation like an adult. I hope you get unbanned on Twitch.
SSJack23 _
SSJack23 _ - 11 hours ago
I haven’t been too up to date on gaming news for a while, what happened?
Jhin - 11 hours ago
lenerdx - 9 hours ago
4xsteel is coming back LESGO
dannyboooze - 11 hours ago
THE CHAMP IS HEEERRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Man it feels good to finally hear his voice again. Hearing him say he will stream again put a smile on my face frame 1. We’ll be waiting for you my man, always.
livelyoh - 12 hours ago
Words can't describe how much I've missed you and your streams Nairo. I've been hoping you would consider returning, and man am I glad to hear this... Even if you would've chosen not to, which would've been very understandable, I'm just so happy to see you again. Take care of yourself. I will be one of many waiting for you. Love you man. xx
Red Gaming
Red Gaming - 12 hours ago
I wish I could begin to tell you how much you've been in my thoughts this past year. I know you'd like to go back to Twitch, but the people here on YouTube would love to see you stream as well. So glad you're doing better. Your happiness is really all that matters.
Miguel Market
Miguel Market - 12 hours ago
Always watched you go off in tournaments on YouTube. Glad you are back and hopefully twitch can unban you so I could catch a stream. Much love.
Isaiah Hamilton
Isaiah Hamilton - 12 hours ago
Miss you dude
NarusTreko - 12 hours ago
I really missed you man I'm glad that you're better and I will support you when you comeback
Pico Luna
Pico Luna - 12 hours ago
Nairo I miss you buddy
Please just do you man.
Nico Ley
Nico Ley - 12 hours ago
Very Happy to see you again !!! 😍
SonicMovieFan06 3eZ
SonicMovieFan06 3eZ - 12 hours ago
Let’s go Nairobi
K_J - 13 hours ago
ive been waiting for THIS day.
icidas - 13 hours ago
Ill be there!
will winstead
will winstead - 13 hours ago
hey man its hard going through something like that and not everyone will understand that you've moved on, but you just gotta keep pushing on in life with the people who do love and support you. Life goes on and you'll be happy again one day I promise. please keep pushing through this hard time and youll see the other side.
Alex Odeja
Alex Odeja - 13 hours ago
I missed you bro😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Diego Calderon
Diego Calderon - 14 hours ago
I wish zero would also come back to and as a better person as well along with Nairo.
Joshua G
Joshua G - 14 hours ago
Let's go Nairo cant wait for the come back everyone is waiting
L Barry
L Barry - 14 hours ago
Good to hear from you man
Any news on Keitaro coming back?
H U H - 11 hours ago
Keitaro was actually found guilty for what he was accused of unlike nairo so I doubt we’ll be seeing him at all.
Joshua Edralin
Joshua Edralin - 14 hours ago
If you can’t stream on twitch then stream on YouTube!
Martini Vibez
Martini Vibez - 14 hours ago
It’s good to see you again I hope everything works out for in the future
InitialDrifterZ - 14 hours ago
I miss your content. Can’t wait to see your comeback!