The untold truth about TEAM 10 (Reuniting with Chance)

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Hey guys!! I’ll be posting every week 😇
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shout out to Chance for being in the vid with me, make sure to go follow him !
Runtime: 08:37


Ilyssa Hagood
Ilyssa Hagood - 9 hours ago
You know when people say your life flashes before tour eyes...all I saw was Cholula 😂
Alexander Diego
Alexander Diego - 17 hours ago
Make more videos
Lana Kovač
Lana Kovač - Day ago
WHY DON’T WE and her are FRIENDS?
Thena Holman
Thena Holman - Day ago
ok i used to not b able to stand them but they’re such cute friends now oml
DearestDenziiee - Day ago
Guillaume - 2 days ago
Tessa do you miss team 10 ?
Robuu - 2 days ago
Camera man is non existent to them
Tavita Valle
Tavita Valle - 3 days ago
After watching this it really gave me a different perspective on chance. I always thought he was an asshole but this made me see he Frl just another person.
Liz Treon
Liz Treon - 4 days ago
get. them. back. together.
Kubo Jack
Kubo Jack - 4 days ago
Anyone else still confused on if "team 10" was what it is or something?? I've been under a rock and i still don't know man I just wanna know cause it's a mystery . idk if it just be me but it is what it is
Madisyn Thatcher
Madisyn Thatcher - 4 days ago
They need to get back together they are so cute
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un - 4 days ago
Let me educate ya!
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un - 4 days ago
Is this the guy from Brazzars?
Bigboy Brian
Bigboy Brian - 4 days ago
Chessa rekindled
Mateo Houle
Mateo Houle - 4 days ago
the martinez twins went there and nobody was there
Daniella Leech
Daniella Leech - 4 days ago
I want them to get back together but is it just me —————————————————>>
Aarav Jhunjhunwala
Aarav Jhunjhunwala - 5 days ago
2:40 am i the only one wondering why she is casually stripping?
KIllerGame 630
KIllerGame 630 - 5 days ago
yeah, do u remember "dragon" in overwatch?
justin canty
justin canty - 5 days ago
Chessa p2 ?
Drake Hanrahan
Drake Hanrahan - 5 days ago
Wow I haven't seen u in 3 years
wondergoof 242
wondergoof 242 - 5 days ago
chance is hot. ANYWAYS.
ari - 6 days ago
anyways i still ship them
shoni - 6 days ago
pleaseee they both still love eachother :///
Allen Hernandez
Allen Hernandez - 6 days ago
I thought chance died wtf
Choco Mousse
Choco Mousse - 6 days ago
you two look so good together
Choco Mousse
Choco Mousse - 6 days ago
Synzz Ryft
Synzz Ryft - 6 days ago
One week later: Tessa is pregnant
daniela vazquez
daniela vazquez - 6 days ago
i’m getting second hand embarrassed 😭😭
Charlotte Myers
Charlotte Myers - 6 days ago
Am I the only one who thought his name was chace not chance
regan tobin 09
regan tobin 09 - 7 days ago
Chance reminds me so much of my cousin it’s unreal
Cynthi Star
Cynthi Star - 7 days ago
Lol I love her laugh.
Ariana Rivas
Ariana Rivas - 7 days ago
DONT sage your house it makes it worse
Janelle Allen
Janelle Allen - 7 days ago
You can tell Chance still has something for Tessa still.
Karina Teck
Karina Teck - 7 days ago
what about a reunion with the Martinez twins
That1Daisy - 8 days ago
I miss it and I ship it, yall NEED to bring chessa to life again. I see the tension between you too
bethelehem abiye
bethelehem abiye - 8 days ago
y'all in her outro, she spelled subscribe wrong haha-
Minnie Do
Minnie Do - 8 days ago
why is my chessa heart being revived
Mike Kooyman
Mike Kooyman - 8 days ago
He hugged her twice 🥴😂😂
Dima Kanj
Dima Kanj - 8 days ago
Gurl they r cute wtf
Layla Marie
Layla Marie - 9 days ago
Melissa Rauda
Melissa Rauda - 9 days ago
Chessa is back
Princess Ari
Princess Ari - 9 days ago
Me still having powerful emotions on my playlist since it first came out. 😂✌🏻💜
KYLAN WHITTAKER - 9 days ago
When you leave Team 10
Anstyle 23
Anstyle 23 - 9 days ago
Yooo tmbn quiero el merch de wdw 😭😭😭😔😔
Barbie Palmer
Barbie Palmer - 9 days ago
Get back together
MR. 97
MR. 97 - 10 days ago
Edottz vlogs
Edottz vlogs - 10 days ago
Are u with chancw
Nina Lovely
Nina Lovely - 11 days ago
you can tell it’s was the right person wrong time i mean they still got so much chemistry between them
Gabriel vincent
Gabriel vincent - 11 days ago
These girls look like they are 20 but act like they are 11. Yikes. This generation makes me sick
Madison x
Madison x - 11 days ago
Chance and Tessa NEED to get back together xx
Ciara Caggiano
Ciara Caggiano - 11 days ago
omg chance i haven’t thought about him since he left team ten i forgot he existed lmao
Divide Rexo
Divide Rexo - 11 days ago
I never seen chance for a while
blank space hsjsjeygrhr
blank space hsjsjeygrhr - 12 days ago
Cassidy Parker-Smith
Cassidy Parker-Smith - 12 days ago
Is she still friends with Tristan ?
beckybee1973able - 12 days ago
Aww I miss Team 10 😔
Underratedski Pinkerton
Underratedski Pinkerton - 12 days ago
Not me going in my closet looking for my chessa merch
Big Nut
Big Nut - 12 days ago
Sad to see everyone go there ways and some became noting
Xochil Obando
Xochil Obando - 12 days ago
I might jus end up stay up all night and watch the old team 10 videos 🥺😂
Xochil Obando
Xochil Obando - 12 days ago
Ngl I miss the team 10 being together 😩🥺!
Kennedy Scheigg
Kennedy Scheigg - 12 days ago
bruh i want them to get back together😭
jackie v
jackie v - 12 days ago
That hug tho👀
jackie v
jackie v - 12 days ago
ngl I kinda miss the old team 10
Alex Jkmenez
Alex Jkmenez - 12 days ago
Haven’t been watching y’all in literally 3-4 yrs
ClassyClouds X
ClassyClouds X - 12 days ago
The team10 house looks like a bloxburg house... (roblox game)
that loser
that loser - 13 days ago
Okay now martinez twins 😂
Calim Hendriks
Calim Hendriks - 13 days ago
Tessa kindda look like Addison Rea
smdownh9 - 14 days ago
Sub to airrack
rp - 14 days ago
chance hit that after
Gloria Vélez
Gloria Vélez - 15 days ago
Omgg i clicked on dis mad fast 😭😭 i haven’t watched them ina whilee
StyloZA - 15 days ago
Tessa lost some much weight it’s nit even funny
Omar Fc
Omar Fc - 15 days ago
I want them back together no cappp
Kandice Morrison
Kandice Morrison - 15 days ago
I miss the old jake and everything but everybody changes in there own ways. But I wished nothing changed- I mean jake never posts anymore. But yea.
Arianah Cruz
Arianah Cruz - 15 days ago
Chase a simp lol 😂😽
Sofia Reyes
Sofia Reyes - 15 days ago
Why am I watching this I legit haven’t seen one of their videos in like 3 years
Bende 510
Bende 510 - 15 days ago
Team 10 back 😪🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾😭😭😭 please
TheYoshibloxHD !
TheYoshibloxHD ! - 15 days ago
The part when they went to the old team 10 house broung back a lot of memories
Jake Man
Jake Man - 15 days ago
Chance got hella skinny
Delfina Langu
Delfina Langu - 16 days ago
Who else wishes they were still together
• ᴊɪᴍɪɴᴄʜᴜ •
Is it just me or everybody is watching all the team 10 members videos
Larissa.7v - 16 days ago
Oml I lowkey miss the old team 10- I CANT BELIEVE I JUST SAID THAT BUT LIKE I DOOO
Jamie Wickham
Jamie Wickham - 16 days ago
his ex of 3 years watching this rn like 👁👄👁
Bryan Moran
Bryan Moran - 16 days ago
"Yo, it's Tessa Brooks
The competition shook
These guys up on me
I got 'em with the hook
Lemme educate ya'
And I ain't talking book
Panera is your home?
So, stop calling my phone
I'm flyin' like a drone
They buying like a loan
Yeah, I smell good
Is that your boy's cologne?"
Denny Sell
Denny Sell - 16 days ago
This is great!.....Pause it at 8:36.....AMAZING!! ❤️
Haleigh Martinez
Haleigh Martinez - 17 days ago
wow....once they went to the old team house it gave me SO MUCH memories i watched team 10 from the day it started and even before thats insane to me
Shinka - 18 days ago
Nice video!
Biscuits and Gravy!
Biscuits and Gravy! - 18 days ago
I haven’t watched Tessa, chance, jake, and everybody else in like 2 YEARS, and theyve grown so much :’)
Mason Gossett
Mason Gossett - 2 days ago
tessa looks actually good now
Oscar Covarrubias
Oscar Covarrubias - 18 days ago
If you invite me over i can make the dirt bike turn on 😂
pimpinasosama - 18 days ago
Ok bu yeah I definitely want chessa back!
Wazx clan
Wazx clan - 19 days ago
As nice as I want to be I used to love the old team 10 and Jake now Jake has became how he is you are like the old nice Jake wild don't turn into the new Jake so calm down like if you agree
jayh is gay lol
jayh is gay lol - 19 days ago
am the only one who hasen't watched tessa's videos since 2018
Samuel Padgett
Samuel Padgett - 19 days ago
She was taking that patron to the face. She an alcoholic
Sompunabdi -_-
Sompunabdi -_- - 19 days ago
let's go to my room first
me: UuUuUuUuUuuuuuUuUU
Jeff x Nina
Jeff x Nina - 19 days ago
You 2 are goals
Anna Miggs
Anna Miggs - 19 days ago
You look like Cloe couture
Kxtîę Çhxvēż
Kxtîę Çhxvēż - 19 days ago
Right person wrong time
Kxtîę Çhxvēż
Kxtîę Çhxvēż - 19 days ago
I want them back together i ship it sooo hard
Alec Parker
Alec Parker - 19 days ago
Chance looks so skinny ngl
Nolan Chartier
Nolan Chartier - 19 days ago
He definitely hit
GVBRIEL - 19 days ago
Chance doesn't age does he? Like wtf 😂
Ç.p. Rap
Ç.p. Rap - 19 days ago
No one talking about how chance looks younger now then back in the team ten days