Budda Baker describes being chased down and tackled by D.K. Metcalf | 10/27/20

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HowlBeast - 7 hours ago
I admire Budda for keeping it real and not lying etc instead he was honest hell anyone would be startled by that big shadow
Paul C
Paul C - Day ago
He was smoked, needs to be more animated with description of events and give DK more props about being run down.. other than TH from Chiefs, it would have happened to anyone..it’s all good 👊👍
Jay C
Jay C - Day ago
Imagine thinking you are home free and then seeing some huge receiver right on your ass in the Jumbotron. lol
Steven Hubbs
Steven Hubbs - 2 days ago
DK Metcalf could run Budda down again every time for however long they want to repeat the play.
JordanEsUnMariconsito - 3 days ago
what a dope dude. Wish more success for him
Beatrice Blocks
Beatrice Blocks - 3 days ago
He kind of startled me.🤣🤣🤣
Buck Futtler
Buck Futtler - 6 days ago
As a seahawks fan and a UW Husky fan, its too hard to not love me some Budda!
Rad Raad
Rad Raad - 9 days ago
The fact that the defense then got a stop in the red zone right after dk denied the td made the play matter even more
JesCagVil - 9 days ago
What is this guy talking about "a guy that big shouldn't be running that fast" has this dude never heard of mother fucking Usain Bolt the fastest man alive?
Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane - 9 days ago
Lol Budda a good dude but you don't rematch DK. DK rematches you.
Dave Long
Dave Long - 9 days ago
Budda is hilarious!!!! Lol
Russ: Nope. Fuck it. I can’t catch him.
DK: Hold my protein shake!
_krysluvskush -
_krysluvskush - - 10 days ago
He sound freaky as hell😭😭 You can ask me right now
Leon Kendricks, SR.
Leon Kendricks, SR. - 11 days ago
Na, you don't want to race him🙄
Andrew Marino
Andrew Marino - 11 days ago
Baker isn't ashamed he still took it form his end zone too their red zone. DK Metcalf just happens to be the fastest guy on the field and caught him.
Casualguy 939
Casualguy 939 - 12 days ago
You have done so many videos on this event, but you don't even show the actual run down. What a waste
Joe Skiiano
Joe Skiiano - 14 days ago
He’s so cool about it 😂
Sven Lindstrom
Sven Lindstrom - 16 days ago
Budda always welcome to come back to Seattle after his years in UDub!
Levifanboiii i
Levifanboiii i - 16 days ago
Ima call up dk and ask him to give me a ride
Nancy Zheng
Nancy Zheng - 16 days ago
“Objects in the rear view mirror may be closer than they appear” 😂😂😂 love Budda’s description of seeing DK on the Jumbotron
Edwin Rodriguez
Edwin Rodriguez - 17 days ago
Wazoodles - 19 days ago
"A guy that size shouldn't be running that fast..."
-Dan Patrick
Usain Bolt laughs a Jamaican laugh.
Roland Lugo
Roland Lugo - 21 day ago
Love Buddha’s description of seeing dk chasing him down 😂
M Bot5
M Bot5 - 22 days ago
Love Buddha’s description of seeing dk chasing him down 😂
snoski - 22 days ago
I love the humility, sportsmanship, and competitive spirit Budda displays in this interview!
David Post
David Post - 22 days ago
Good for Budda Baker out of Bellevue High !
Yin Tai BSRGSNAA - 22 days ago
DK a beast.
Bantz Banta
Bantz Banta - 23 days ago
Budda sounds like Kendrick
Person also person
Person also person - 23 days ago
😂 budda thought he was gonna stiff arm dk lmfaoooooooooooooo
okolekahuna - 23 days ago
Even though I'm a Hawk fan, props to the Cards D. Buddah and Peterson are Studs and nice guys.
francisco gUtierrez
francisco gUtierrez - 23 days ago
budda is all class
Michael Watts Jr.
Michael Watts Jr. - 23 days ago
Coo dude man
Johnathan Sinns
Johnathan Sinns - 24 days ago
Buddha sounds like a good guy. I like him. And DK Metcalf, too.
Michael Zheng
Michael Zheng - 25 days ago
Budda seems like a good dude salute
antho - 25 days ago
DK tackling Budda was one of those moments like in NBA where a crazy poster happens and even the other teams bench reacts
Aalayah Harrod
Aalayah Harrod - 25 days ago
Lol wouldn’t of been suprised if he went “ I heard the ground shaking when he got close to me”
Kai Hamasaki
Kai Hamasaki - 26 days ago
Always knew Budda Baker was gonna be good, ever since his time at U dub
Moyna Westerheide
Moyna Westerheide - 26 days ago
Lol wouldn’t of been suprised if he went “ I heard the ground shaking when he got close to me”
Will Meyers
Will Meyers - 27 days ago
"OH SH*T! DARREN SHARPER!"...wait, wrong video.
Michal Tan
Michal Tan - 27 days ago
Budda sounds like Kendrick
Hags - 28 days ago
Even in a rematch, DK would run circles around him. DK has long strides.
redfishradical - 28 days ago
Budda, a great Dawg, Go Huskies! But unfortunately for Budda...GO SEAHAWKS, GO GET 'EM DK!!
capstar633 - 28 days ago
Top five play I have seen in 50+ years of watching NFL!
Michael - 29 days ago
Go Hawks! 🤘
Mark Fox
Mark Fox - 29 days ago
With that motivation he was definitely running faster than a 4.3 forty.
chad adams
chad adams - 29 days ago
budda baker sounds like crazy legs from the " Don't be a menace" movie......
Schnell - 29 days ago
“.15 seconds does not make a difference”
Que DK Running down Budda Baker
Ryan James
Ryan James - 29 days ago
*confused screaming*
Renko - 29 days ago
That was the best.
Mr. Bear
Mr. Bear - Month ago
Seems like a good guy. Respect.
Ebrima Jallow
Ebrima Jallow - Month ago
FEAR. just pure undiluted fear. No way of getting around it
AcesInMyPocket - Month ago
288K views 59 dislikes is that a record?
Philgob - Month ago
he seems like a good dude and he has a good rap voice
Ismael Carrillo
Ismael Carrillo - Month ago
Running with a football tucked under your arm is not the same as running without one.
The Gold Mine
The Gold Mine - Month ago
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funkyflights - Month ago
Budda is a good player ... Like him, and I’m a Seahawks fan ...
makuu - Month ago
Awe budda seems sweet. Glad for him that they got the win.
Ray B
Ray B - Month ago
He sounds kinda like Kendrick Lamar
Jeremiah Gary
Jeremiah Gary - Month ago
You can tell this guy is just grateful and enjoys playing football. You won't hear many pros talk about how they got "startled" by another player, but the whole nation saw what happened and it just sounds better coming from him
Peter Burnham
Peter Burnham - Month ago
Damn budda is pretty funny
ColoradoHiker7002 - Month ago
...if Usain Bolt played football.
bingo butler
bingo butler - Month ago
Loved Budda at the UW. Always class act
Galaxywarfar3 - Month ago
Lmao i got budda and dk on fantasy 😤
Matt.G - Month ago
He sound like Kendrick 😂
Mihai Grigoras
Mihai Grigoras - Month ago
Congrats on the W, that play was one of the few bright spots for me ;))
Real Life
Real Life - Month ago
I beat russ and I was like ok housin it. Then I heard a rhino thundering behind me lol. Dk scary af.
duelinthis - Month ago
Why is he shaming him? DK is a freak that made a freak play, thats all. Run it back and he catches him everytime.
Bruce Kaiwi
Bruce Kaiwi - Month ago
Buddha had no idea DK was even back there. He thought he was home free when you watch the mic’ed up video of that game.
Ricky Tyson
Ricky Tyson - Month ago
I would get cut before I looked that goofy running I would let him score jeez that was ugly
eli eli
eli eli - Month ago
I would’ve been scared of hell and ran out of bounds
Green Mantis
Green Mantis - Month ago
I’m a hawks fan, much respect to Arizona for fighting back and getting the win. Super fun game to watch. Seahawks had more than their fair share to win . But Arizona made the key stops when it counted. My only happy take away was that run down! And to Buddas credit his teammate Peterson pointed out that DK took off a down to rest before. But DB’s don’t get to rest...I’ll give him that
Some Guy
Some Guy - Month ago
Love how budda has a good attitude about it🤙 really wish seattle would have drafted him loved watching him play at washington. We'll meet again in Seattle Budda just wait
That Boy
That Boy - Month ago
Budda sounds like Kendrick lamar
Jack - Month ago
Budda so real glad hes here in AZ!
M0D60 - Month ago
Buddha says, had he kept looking forward...
Nick Lund
Nick Lund - Month ago
Buddha was a beast husky now cardinal
Georgios Nikolopoulos
Georgios Nikolopoulos - Month ago
Budda: "He is welcomed to chase me down at my every pick-6 attempt!"
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones - Month ago
Budda kind of sounds like gangsterlicious.
Anthony Pereira
Anthony Pereira - Month ago
Nick Custodi
Nick Custodi - Month ago
Super humble about it and I appreciate how he even mentioned wishing he kept his gaze forward like a track meet- clear indicator the man knows a thing or two about speed. Let’s be real though, he still won that little scrap considering he caused the turnover- speaks to Metcalfs freak athleticism that that’s what’s getting the coverage!
Kaung Kaung
Kaung Kaung - Month ago
Budda is a hell of a player, Huskies fans also got to see that for years. I wish the Seahawks would've drafted him.
That DeKaylin (that's why it's "DK" and not "D.K.") Metcalf though...and Budda is fast. Budda said he's never been "Hawked" like that in his life.
DeAnthony 91
DeAnthony 91 - Month ago
Okay it was a great play can we move on getting some odd vibes from this a little humiliation.
Danny - Month ago
I never knew much about Budda Baker before this interview. I like him a lot now and I'm now a fan.
Jeffrey Musser
Jeffrey Musser - Month ago
Wa. Husky fan here...was disappointed when the Cards drafted Baker because you could tell dude was a baller in college...wanted the the Hawks or the Cowboys yo grab him...no dice...
Trevor Keeling
Trevor Keeling - Month ago
I sure am suuuper happy that my Cards drafted Isabella instead of Metcalf! Smh 🤦🏻‍♂️
Jay Boogie
Jay Boogie - Month ago
d culhane
d culhane - Month ago
Budda sounds like the rapper Mase
D Storm
D Storm - Month ago
This video, watched in toto, will lower your IQ by at least 20 points.
Hayden Cook
Hayden Cook - Month ago
Most guys run faster chasing people
Jacob Sims
Jacob Sims - Month ago
Dudes a beast safety and hilarious. Lol.
Connie B
Connie B - Month ago
“I looked up on the Jumbotron and it was like it says on some rear view mirrors:’Objects May be closer than they appear.’ Next thing I knew he caught me.“. MetCAlf was moving.
Chris Webster
Chris Webster - Month ago
Also should be talking about Budda laying big licks on Hawks O players all night.
OG Kamo Gaming
OG Kamo Gaming - Month ago
DK was clocked at 22mph! That's a speeding ticket in a school zone. lol
Christopher Jackson
Christopher Jackson - Month ago
As Chiseled Adonis puts it, "Created player DK Metcalf" is accurate. Physically, he's what everyone wants to play in Madden. Strong, fast, tall...like a human cheat code.
David Hooper
David Hooper - Month ago
40yd times are only relevant from a dead start. Jerry Rice was a 4.6 guy and he never got caught with a rolling start
Daniel Colin Saño
Daniel Colin Saño - Month ago
Budda is humble
William Parsons
William Parsons - Month ago
Carrying the ball does slow one down so DK incredible effort was possible.
Tyler Matthews
Tyler Matthews - Month ago
Super cool dude. Is it just me or does he sound crazy similar to Kendrick Lamar??
Tony Smith
Tony Smith - Month ago
DK had Budda feeling like Dennis Weaver in Duel.
linvector - Month ago
“Objects in the rear view mirror may be closer than they appear” 😂😂😂 love Budda’s description of seeing DK on the Jumbotron
lil toenail
lil toenail - 20 days ago
@River Maxwell 1. He literally corrected himself before you wrote this. 2. I'm pretty sure the reason he wrote "optimize" is because of auto correct or something.
River Maxwell
River Maxwell - 28 days ago
@no name the fact you need to degrade his “useless” comment epitomizes how useless you are, not to mention your spelling error.
no name
no name - Month ago
no name
no name - Month ago
The fact you couldn't even copy and paste the quote optimizes how useless of a comment this is. The added emojis are the icing on the cake.
Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton - Month ago
Maybe closer than they appear
newmexrob99 - Month ago
Objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear.. classic response