NF - Chasing_(Demo) ft. Mikayla Sippel

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Official NF video for Chasing_(Demo) [feat. Mikayla Sippel].
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Runtime: 03:02


NFrealmusic - 10 days ago
I posted a clip the other day of a song and was honestly shocked at how much you guys liked it. Every project I do there are a couple of songs that I hold back or just don’t feel like work and this was most likely going to be one of those songs. A day or so after I posted the clip I heard a cover a fan did of it and I was blown away by it. Long story short, my producer Tommee and I took her audio and ended up finishing it for you guys! Thank you Mikayla Sippel for letting us use your amazing voice and inspiring me to actually release it.
Leif 3
Leif 3 - 21 hour ago
Never hold back, your the goat
Lil Fella89
Lil Fella89 - 4 days ago
This a big thing to say but as much as I luv Eminem I thinks NF is a better rapper then EM the music juss speaks to me in a different way then Eminem’s
Amber Campbell
Amber Campbell - 9 days ago
This is soooo good I love how you show people all the sides of yourself and don't hide really anything. You are so amazing
Mason Lovelady
Mason Lovelady - 9 days ago
Are we going to get a full song of this
The neighbor's Kid
The neighbor's Kid - 9 days ago
Fiona Bear
Fiona Bear - 5 minutes ago
Martha Allen
Martha Allen - 11 minutes ago
If any NF fans get a chance and you havent watched it yet, Bigghomi needs some NF fan love on his reaction to NF/Mikayla Sipple Chasing Demo. Thanks to Everyone, NF has the greatest fan base ever ❤
Frana Gamer
Frana Gamer - 14 minutes ago
This full song Edith a new verse 3, Will be more insane tan the demo one, hope for that 🔥🔥🔥
Ravi Chauhan
Ravi Chauhan - 14 minutes ago
Pure gem.
Charlie Bronson
Charlie Bronson - 26 minutes ago
Mernky 356
Mernky 356 - 32 minutes ago
This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen a rapper do honestly
Ahealing Warrior
Ahealing Warrior - 51 minute ago
Hey man I just wanted to say that your music is changed my life for the better and I will never forget you I listen to your music all the time when I'm feeling down and somehow it Lift Me Up it shows me that I'm not alone it shows me that you're there even if you're not physically there and I appreciate you and I love you music and I hope you never stop making music because there is no other way than forward and I just hope that you have success in life and you keep growing man thank you for everything you've done for me much love
Olivia Brouse
Olivia Brouse - 51 minute ago
Thank you man. Thank you for releasing this.
Aliyah Mijares
Aliyah Mijares - Hour ago
Wait. I let you down, and I’m sorry. Just Lost in the moment, and I can’t seem to wake up. It’s like I’m Chasing something. I got a lot of Trauma. A lot of the time I feel like a No name and I feel like an Outcast, the worst part is that that is All I have. Like I’m stuck in a Mansion and I feel Paralyzed. Why? I feel fake, not real. I Paid My Dues already, how much more do I have to pay!? I Hate Myself. But I’m on a Search. I guess I just need Time.
I used words from the titles of NF's songs-
Zech Gwatney
Zech Gwatney - Hour ago
Been listening to NF since moments. Man it’s been a great time listening to his music. Hope there is more great music to come.🔥🔥🔥🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Jamoy Edwards
Jamoy Edwards - Hour ago
Yo bro your rap is great but I really Wana Kno if Eminem is or was your idol because you rap just like him.....but the only thing he has over you is that he can really fast 💯💯👍I list your rap every single day
Sad Vides
Sad Vides - Hour ago
Man I wish I can see him in real life ⚰️🙃🐐🕊🦾
MK Pb - 2 hours ago
I just wanna give him a hug....
MK Pb - 2 hours ago
I just wanna give him a hug....
phurba wang
phurba wang - 2 hours ago
Legend is back with his real music🔥
Talirenla pongen
Talirenla pongen - 2 hours ago
I know its impossible for someone like me to meet him
But my only dream is to see him one day and hug him so tight and thank him for all these beautiful songs ☺️
Daniel Walker
Daniel Walker - 3 hours ago
Can we all just take a minute and pray for NF's wife?
homi7game - 3 hours ago
I love ❤️❤️
Ashley West
Ashley West - 3 hours ago
Your music speaks to my soul... we both lost a parent to an overdose 😔, you are an amazing artist i look forward to all of your music!!!❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏
yeet master
yeet master - 3 hours ago
anyone who says he doesnt speak for ppl, theyre not human
Selena Fabrizio
Selena Fabrizio - 3 hours ago
The day this was released I got a call from my dad and he told me he wanted to cut our ties. Cried to this song and KYD the band for hours.
Julian Dubz
Julian Dubz - 3 hours ago
nf ... you saved me..and not just once. my life is a little messy but when i put on your music..i shed a few tears and try to live a little more. i dont know whats wrong with me or why i feel like this, but thank you for your music
Underdog Outdoors and More
Amazing song keep it up. Talk about some real music👍
Goosebumps through the whole track
Harts beating out of my chest
Maria Araujo
Maria Araujo - 4 hours ago
Daniel_RH03 - 4 hours ago
Geoff Whittles
Geoff Whittles - 4 hours ago
you save lives man, mine at least. thank you.
Skater Bird
Skater Bird - 4 hours ago
I love all of your songs,I can connect to a lot as I didn’t grow up in a good home and had to own up that to change I gotta do something good for myself,aka getting out of my abusive house,it’s taking a bit to get out,one day,I’ll keep saying one day till that day comes and I’ll make it,that one day gonna be my best day,but for now I’ll listen and sit in my room feeling numbness until I can feel happiness,these songs get to me and help me open some of the holes to fill,that one day will come and then I can say I made it over the hill and I’ll keep climbing till I’m ok,for now ima listen to these songs.thank you
ARGO Rdub - 4 hours ago
you are my favorite rapper
VIV-HYDRO -VIV - 4 hours ago
[Mikayla Sippel]
I just wanna run away
Find somewhere that feels safe
Find somewhere the bad days
Don't come as often in this sad phase
Somewhere I can be loved
Where I don't have to run away from my flaws
And I don't have to be afraid of my thoughts
This high, this high that I've been chasing
[NF (Mikayla Sippel)]
Doesn't have an exit
I don't learn my lesson
I don't see no endin' in sight
I don't feel the best when I try
Holdin' my head up high but it's not workin'
Makin' you cry makes me feel like a bad person (Bad person)
And something's got a hold on me
They don't see the world I see
Heartbeat in my chest feels weak
It's really startin' to weigh on me, yeah
[Mikayla Sippel & NF]
I just wanna run away
And find somewhere that feels safe
Find somewhere the bad days
Don't come as often in this sad phase
Somewhere I can be loved
Where I don't have to run away from my flaws
And I don't have to be afraid of my thoughts
With this high, this high that I've been chasing
[NF (Mikayla Sippel)]
Always likes the sad trip
And ruin all my friendships
Way too many questions in my mind
I don't have the answers but I try
Holdin' my head up high but it's not workin', yeah
Making you sad makes me feel like a bad person (Bad person, person)
I said some awful things last week
Messin' with my self-esteem
Mixed up my priorities
It's really startin' to weigh on me, yeah
[Mikayla Sippel]
I just wanna run away
Find somewhere that feels safe
Find somewhere the bad days
Don't come as often in this sad phase
Somewhere I can be loved
Where I don't have to run away from my flaws
And I don't have to be afraid of my thoughts
This high, this high that I've been chasing
Dakota Deoraj
Dakota Deoraj - 5 hours ago
This song describes alot of me and so much other people who is going through some shit bro nf ur a legen bro
Jacob Abbott
Jacob Abbott - 5 hours ago
You're one of the reasons I continue making music. I know I'll meet you one day
Noomi Bear
Noomi Bear - 6 hours ago
Mom: Name one person who has insane talent, Never curses and Amazing voice
me: isn't it obvious? NF duh!
Sophia Nguyen
Sophia Nguyen - 6 hours ago
No, thank YOU for everything you’ve done for us, it’s amazing how you work so hard just to express your feelings. It’s amazing how you are so strong mentally, physically, and emotionally! You deserve more than this world, you don’t deserve the sadness you have. You are the most amazing person i could ever know. I can’t say I know how you feel but I can tell you I’ve been sad before, then I heard your songs, They got my happiness back knowing I wasn’t alone. You are someone we appreciate, understand, and care for. I hope you get well and I hope you feel happy one day. (Replies on his comments were full)
trap.skull - 6 hours ago
Just posted this song can y’all go check it out ?
BBGStats - 7 hours ago
Music I can relate to ❤️
Kimberly Dixon
Kimberly Dixon - 7 hours ago
Kimberly Dixon
Kimberly Dixon - 7 hours ago
Hassine Mostafa
Hassine Mostafa - 7 hours ago
ari aa
ari aa - 7 hours ago
Austin s
Austin s - 7 hours ago
I believe what your doing is right bro. I'm going through similar things
Sean Vasquez
Sean Vasquez - 7 hours ago
The time you have is something you always want to have the best but don't want to mess it up but you and everyone knows you have been doing good. Don't forget you can take breaks and relax but always come back strong. You can do what you. You probably won't read this but hey worth trying to help someone get back on there feet then there back.
Elif Ecrin Çelik
Elif Ecrin Çelik - 8 hours ago
uçmaya hazır değilim
Christian Rico
Christian Rico - 8 hours ago
Everytime NF release a new song i feel like it's my birthday.
Ali Marie
Ali Marie - 8 hours ago
I LOVE when NF sings❤️ It’s so beautiful and emotional and warm🤗
Dany - 8 hours ago
dios mío, estaba esperado por está canción
ash screaton
ash screaton - 8 hours ago
Sad to see a lot of people advertising thier own stuff in the comments, there’s better ways then leaching of someone else to get noticed guys come on
Alex Oliveira
Alex Oliveira - 9 hours ago
Nf vc é incrível💥😬💪
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu - 9 hours ago
People say he deserves a Grammy but I think he way above Grammy . He is a proof that " darkest past can give the brightest future " ❤️❤️
PROMETHEUS - 9 hours ago
Never heard of this dude
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu - 9 hours ago
you so much for bring so much joy to my life and you are a great singer I wish I was as good as you and keep up the great work. Like so NF can see PLZ.
okey ismiregaö
okey ismiregaö - 10 hours ago
2:19 who was alsp hoping for an explosion of emotions and feelings with great singing? :( But all in all such a solid and emotional song!
Mehedintu Marius
Mehedintu Marius - 10 hours ago
I cry like a idiot on this song , I cant do anything right 😭
Reli Edits
Reli Edits - 10 hours ago
Elijah Legacy
Elijah Legacy - 10 hours ago
Don't hold anything back sing or rap u always have a message i always feel broken but wen i listen to you and Juice wrld(RIP) am found thank you for sharing your gift with the wrld
TP - 10 hours ago
nf and bad songs cant be put in the same sentence, his music is just hits hard uk?
Elijah Legacy
Elijah Legacy - 11 hours ago
Hey Nate hows life
Karrie Gray
Karrie Gray - 11 hours ago
No words can express the love i have for you and your music...
eddie batalla
eddie batalla - 11 hours ago
I needed to hear this 🙌
Noah. Avilez
Noah. Avilez - 11 hours ago
Nf love ur music it inspires me
Zvirus - 11 hours ago
Hey I am here to let everyone know I was lost and slowing regaining my faith with Jesus and just looking for some help on the way come see my messages that I wanna spread around to the world
Alex Godwin
Alex Godwin - 11 hours ago
You've gotten me through alot.. thank you Nathan, I swear I will buy every album and see you when you reschedule littlerock Arkansas. ❤ you speak exactly what my heart cries
Levi - 12 hours ago
Eclipse Wo̷lf
Eclipse Wo̷lf - 12 hours ago
I'm so happy right now, I listened to this the day it came out, NF is literally the best singer and rapper in my opinion. He's also the only artist that I love every song he's put out. I can relate so deeply to all of his songs. I love how he sings about real problems that some people don't even think about. His songs have been better therapy for me then an actual therapist so, thank you. It's so weird for me to think for once somebody actually understands how I'm feeling. I can't wait for the new album❤

"Then you drop a song out of nowhere and all the fans embrace it, then the buzz will surface again it's part of my operation"
Eclipse Wo̷lf
Eclipse Wo̷lf - 11 hours ago
I also think its amazing how you added Mikayla into this, I've never seen anyone take a fans audio for their song before, I feel like this is something only NF would do. He truly is amazing
Alex Cooper
Alex Cooper - 12 hours ago
wow this is dope Nate
A McDonald
A McDonald - 12 hours ago
wow this is beautiful. I have no other word for it. Props NF you keep moving that bar. Thanks for your music friend. Did a lot for me this last crap year. Love from scotland, come play here when this craps all over please :) you have many many fans here.
Michael Maciorowski
Michael Maciorowski - 12 hours ago
NF your songs have impacted me so much. your song "how could you leave us" is describing my life right now my mom is killing herself and I cant do anything about it. thank you so much for bring so much joy to my life and you are a great singer I wish I was as good as you and keep up the great work. Like so NF can see PLZ.
Tears Log
Tears Log - 12 hours ago
Nicholas Persad
Nicholas Persad - 12 hours ago
If this is JUST the demo then I'm pissing my pants for the official to be released
Unofficial Guide
Unofficial Guide - 12 hours ago
Can't wait till this comes out! Much needed for 2020 after the year we have all had. May you reading this find joy, peace and have a better ending to this year and beautiful years ahead. Much love to NF.
logan horvat
logan horvat - 12 hours ago
This gives me chills!!
Justin Mader
Justin Mader - 13 hours ago
A coworker sent this to me today. Here I am at my desk trying to not let people see me crying.
•Crybaby •
•Crybaby • - 13 hours ago
This song is amazing
FloralCypress - 13 hours ago
"Making you cry makes me feel like a bad person" hit me hard 🥺
Suicide Kido
Suicide Kido - 13 hours ago
Better question when will the album get droped
laura valladares
laura valladares - 13 hours ago
👌👌👌💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🖤🖤🖤🥺❤️❤️❤️Amo esta canción.
Blezzy - 14 hours ago epic song of NF :)
A J - 14 hours ago
Ummmmm. Where you been my guy?
FLASH gaminglaw
FLASH gaminglaw - 15 hours ago
I was going to go to your concert for my birthday but it got canceled :(
I feel like making a joke in the comment section of this song would be disrespectful, so...

Thank you Nate for this beautiful song.
Alyssa Swoager
Alyssa Swoager - 15 hours ago
I tried to take my life away. And because of you and what you do is the only thing getting me through the days im burried deep in my depression. Keep doing what you're doing, please. You're loved and needed.
E Stettler
E Stettler - 15 hours ago
NF is music, GOD BLESS YOU !
NICKOS - 15 hours ago
Perfect all NF songs are perfect
Shahid Raza
Shahid Raza - 15 hours ago
Caleb Crowe
Caleb Crowe - 15 hours ago
Nice deep yet chill song ❤ keep up the great work NF
Pikachu Fanz
Pikachu Fanz - 15 hours ago
guys tiktok cant ruin a song if youre not on tiktok
mike ludwig
mike ludwig - 15 hours ago
I think youtube has blacklisted me...can someone like my comment or reply please...i left a comment 5 days ago not a single like or reply
Hanna Hairsine
Hanna Hairsine - 16 hours ago
Obsessed with this. 🖤
Doryzandre Patino
Doryzandre Patino - 16 hours ago
This is so good :(
Josh Massey
Josh Massey - 16 hours ago
More talent in this kids pinky then most rappers whole discography
Riley Evans
Riley Evans - 16 hours ago
at first i couldnt get the vid to work so i litterally cried cuz i was waiting forever and finnally its working
gabby 21
gabby 21 - 16 hours ago
I want to run to nf and asked for hug, saying here "I am and I tried" and say "thankyou, because of you I felt like your comfort reached me
Riley Evans
Riley Evans - 16 hours ago
U posted one in feb and everyone said u were gonna release a song on feb 13th but u didnt so here it is :0
kilianya mayfield
kilianya mayfield - 16 hours ago
Will Mikayla please step forward so we can thank youuuu💕😭 so happy he released this! Always right on time..
Malyki Harris
Malyki Harris - 16 hours ago
hey nate could you do a concert type thing at my church please look for micky pain on facebook
Raven YT
Raven YT - 17 hours ago
NF is transparent in music.
Raven YT
Raven YT - 6 hours ago
CORPORATE DEVIL - 16 hours ago
Louay Dz
Louay Dz - 17 hours ago
Big fan from algeria 🔥💕🥺
Martha Allen
Martha Allen - 17 hours ago
This song is so Beautiful and the two of you sound amazing. I'm 55 yrs old, I have never been a real fan of rap, there are some songs I listen to but they were recommended to me, I dont have anything against rap I just never felt a connection. One night I couldnt sleep and was looking through YouTube and happened across your song "The Search" and I watched the video, I was blown away with how it touched my heart and with your talent, I searched for more and loved everything. I started reading comments left by fans and took their advice on what order to listen to your songs and I spent all night doing just that. I have been going through very hard times the last few years, in 2017 I was diagnosed with severe cardiomyopathy and am now disabled and have limited activities, at the same time my husband of 15 years left me for someone younger, healthier, I was an emotional mess for several years, going from hurt to depressed to angry and back again. Listening to your songs that night helped me more than you could possibly know and I thank you for that. I listen to you every day and because of you I have found a great appreciation for rap music. The sincerity, the real comes through in your music and the way you touch people is a rare and beautiful talent. I know I'm probably a lot older than your normal fan base but this 55 year old is a Real NF fan. I can't wait to hear more, keep them coming. God Bless you and your family. ❤
Jonas Winkler
Jonas Winkler - 17 hours ago
Goose bumps throughout the whole song
Jesalie Nacino
Jesalie Nacino - 17 hours ago
Always love everything you put out
Renee Fisher
Renee Fisher - 17 hours ago
×😪 thank u