THE ABSOLUTE BEST OF David Spade on ELLEN!!!😂😂😃😂

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Hey Guys!! This is a compilation of all the funny David Spade moments on Ellen! Spader has been frequenting the show since 2004 and these are the best moments from over the years. I hope you enjoy! Please like this video if you liked it or dislike it if you disliked. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you liked or disliked in this video.😃😜😂😂

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Runtime: 37:07


HerrBenedikt - Day ago
LIKE at least 500 times -____-
John Massingale
John Massingale - 3 days ago
6, 5, 222!
Kimberly Harrison
Kimberly Harrison - 6 days ago
Hahaha omg I'd love to hang with him one day
Starzan Wieber
Starzan Wieber - 10 days ago
It was super funny until he made evil Trump joke. I never diss respect Obama. I’m a patriot
muja MR
muja MR - 13 days ago
12:53 that noise he made always gets me for some reason
Emmet Wilson
Emmet Wilson - 16 days ago
Do you believe I'm 74 hahahah
The Bitch is Back
The Bitch is Back - 17 days ago
He's just a little stinker. 🤣 I loved his show, LOVED IT!! Shame he was let go from comedy central. Hope the new show is as funny. 🤣
YE YE - 17 days ago
True and deep friendship is priceless! Ellen and David's friendship is of this kind! Love you, Ellen😘
Flying Sky
Flying Sky - 17 days ago
David has said publicly more than once that he had a crush on Ellen, and if Ellen isn't gay, maybe they would have a chance. Because they definitely know how to make fun of each other, they do look a little alike, but David is a little shorter. He has the right beard, he's a little more masculine. Of course, I'm glad Ellen is Gay, because she's a perfect match for Portia right now❤👍
YE YE - 17 days ago
Always High
Always High - 17 days ago
Two brilliant comedians who have known each other for nearly 3 decades and have a deep friendship, what would their relationship be like now if Ellen weren't Gay?
A Ali
A Ali - 18 days ago
Who would know this woman was such a horrible moo moo 🐮
A Ali
A Ali - 17 days ago
@YE YE why coz I called her a bully? Get some cojones, Snowflake !
YE YE - 17 days ago
@A Ali Your words are full of discrimination and prejudice, you are abnormal!
A Ali
A Ali - 17 days ago
STFU stoner! A normal person? she is an entitled, tomboy, bully, moo moo!
Always High
Always High - 17 days ago
She's just a normal person! If you think she's horrible, maybe you're the horrible one.
K Miller
K Miller - 18 days ago
goulash64 - 25 days ago
I had to go change my pants because I peed a little during Ellen's Birthday Party story where he got too high. He's the most underrated comedian.
Emily Spitznagel
Emily Spitznagel - 26 days ago
TattySunDanz - 26 days ago
He is so good! Pura Vida from Costa RIca
DinoHF79 - Month ago
David always makes me laugh. I'm so glad he hasn't faded into the woodwork!
DinoHF79 - Month ago
David is hilarious.
Gavin Saunders
Gavin Saunders - Month ago
Magnesium in the house
I’m dead
Bryan Booker
Bryan Booker - Month ago
I want to watch Spade, but i just can't stand Ellen
Joan Beasley
Joan Beasley - Month ago
Estella Grace
Estella Grace - Month ago
I feel bad for the sad people who thumbs downed this :(
Astriana Rosario
Astriana Rosario - Month ago
6! 5! 2 2 2 😂😂😂😂😂
Millie Casey
Millie Casey - Month ago
David is the ace of Spades.
Satevo - Month ago
I've been watching this for 32 minutes and I can't stop
Satevo - Month ago
I really just want David Spade to come hang out at my house and talk shit about my furniture and pot smoking mom.
Satevo - Month ago
I love how much he genuinely tickles Ellen.
Tine Kristiansen
Tine Kristiansen - Month ago
Did he say he was driving home??¿ P
Diana Dirvariu
Diana Dirvariu - Month ago
ugh you are a god for collabing these clips together thank you
Simply The Best
Simply The Best - Month ago
Ha ha😂 Thank you Diana 😊 I'm so glad you enjoyed it😂😂
Brenda Niebel
Brenda Niebel - Month ago
I would love to meet him, im a big fan of his. MI, is his calling.
Brenda Niebel
Brenda Niebel - Month ago
Some ppl cant afford 1 car.
Brenda Niebel
Brenda Niebel - Month ago
Some ppl cant afford 1 car.
Brenda Niebel
Brenda Niebel - Month ago
Wow, hanger, full of cars. Wtf. People, are so lucky.
Brenda Niebel
Brenda Niebel - Month ago
Southwest, sucks.
Brenda Niebel
Brenda Niebel - Month ago
Southwest, sucks.
Brenda Niebel
Brenda Niebel - Month ago
Id marry him, in a heart beat.
Brenda Niebel
Brenda Niebel - Month ago
He needs to come back to MI.
Amanda Nunyabusiness
Amanda Nunyabusiness - Month ago
I love when his inner Joe Dirt comes out 😂
Jhony Utah
Jhony Utah - Month ago
I love that guy I m not gay
jesusbonnie - Month ago
Ole Joe is a savage!
Veronika Fischel
Veronika Fischel - Month ago
I never knew he is that funny,I am laughing my butt off
Erica Rounsavall
Erica Rounsavall - Month ago
There will be a special video this evening in memory of the late Philip Dunne as we approach his one year anniversary.
The video will be posted at 8pm in his honour and in association with Men's health charity The Movember Foundation. We have a link to charity below and a donate link will be included in tonight's video.
Philip's talent will never be forgotten.
Thanks for the support as always. Much love from DCT ❤️🙏💚
Gibram Saucedo
Gibram Saucedo - Month ago
I once installed his roof we had misunderstandings but I still genuinely like him, he’s literally that person in many ways
Charlan Gregg
Charlan Gregg - Month ago
Made me laugh out loud, it hurt, spade shuffle! Char in Michigan.
D K90
D K90 - Month ago
Some people are just born with it and that’s definitely David spade !!! The best of the best !!!
Amins Eldirawi
Amins Eldirawi - 2 months ago
I met this dude at a resturant last night. Such a great guy
Annette Wailes
Annette Wailes - 2 months ago
“do you believe i’m 74” LMAOOO
Annette Wailes
Annette Wailes - 2 months ago
This guy is nonstop funny. He's great no matter who interviews him.
Karina Solano
Karina Solano - 2 months ago
Im kuzco’s biggest fan
Saved by Christ
Saved by Christ - 2 months ago
If you really wanna trip out you're family watch with ear pods 😂👌🏼
I'm over here laughing historically n they don't get what's happening. My daughter ran to me thinking I was crying 😂😂 which, I was
But cry laughing
Lora Z
Lora Z - 2 months ago
David Spade: says anything
Ellen: breaks out laughing uncontrollably crying tears
But in all seriousness hes hilarious 😂
Prince Bytor Frunobulax
Prince Bytor Frunobulax - 2 months ago
jenny McCarthy is still the hottest thing since sliced bread.
Shame on you Jim, should have made it work. I believe it would have been good.
Barbara Connett
Barbara Connett - 2 months ago
I enjoy David, thank you!🐶🌹
Simply The Best
Simply The Best - 2 months ago
My pleasure Barbara😂😃😂 I'm glad you enjoyed it😉😊😂
Shivam Vyas
Shivam Vyas - 2 months ago
Ellen’s laugh is so annoying 😡
John Jones
John Jones - 2 months ago
It's November in 4 days... @Tate McRae
Phung Duy Khiem
Phung Duy Khiem - 2 months ago
he''s so naturally, just off-the-cuff funny. My absolute fav comedian!
Deb Trethewey-TerVree
Deb Trethewey-TerVree - 2 months ago
Love Spade!! He's definitely funnier on these interview shows for sure!! I know exactly what he was saying about his accident where it seems like slo-mo when it's about to happen. Soooo glad he was ok and still making us laugh. ❤
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown - 2 months ago
the future
Miranda Cruze
Miranda Cruze - 2 months ago
The “you’re lost, ma’am” SENT me
trick351 - 2 months ago
👍🏼 only for David Spade!!!
Ben Townsend
Ben Townsend - 2 months ago
HE IS HILARIOUS !!!!!!! So underrated
lovable glo
lovable glo - 3 months ago
😂😂😂😂😂 Ellen is cracking up😂😂😂😂😂😂 so contagious😂😂😂😂😂
chantel bautista
chantel bautista - 3 months ago
South west 🤪🤣🤪🤣🤣🤣
way too much fun.....yup...
Chantel Jenkins
Chantel Jenkins - 3 months ago
I never knew I was a fan... really enjoyable
Simply The Best
Simply The Best - 3 months ago
Thank you :-)
Ali Sheikh
Ali Sheikh - 3 months ago
Such a hilarious story teller. Literally laughing out loud watching this.
MojoMusicFilter - 3 months ago
people actually like david spade? lol
Eye Minor
Eye Minor - 22 days ago
Boo this person
Random Person
Random Person - 3 months ago
I was waiting for “i had a big crush on Ellen back in the day....then i found out” that should’ve been on here lol
Megan Pippen
Megan Pippen - 3 months ago
Close your eyes and it’s literally dory and emperor kuzco talking and laughing
Lara Faceroli
Lara Faceroli - 3 months ago
david spade is probably 30 years older than me, but i’d gladly marry him. i just wanna laugh all day long
dancepiglover - Month ago
You’re 30 years younger than him? That’s probably just the right age for him.
HIGHDROPONIC - 3 months ago
Damn hes killin it
Texas Wildflower77
Texas Wildflower77 - 3 months ago
He is great... I loved his book.. Listened to him reading it. It's nice.
Nancy Colclasure
Nancy Colclasure - 3 months ago
Listening to this at my desk, during my lunch and I am laughing so hard that I am crying! A good cry from laughter is what I needed - now on to teach! If you like DS, then listen to his audiobooks, they are the best I relistened to them during COVID because everything else was so depressing!
Ed Mitchell
Ed Mitchell - 3 months ago
Norm is better
Bends95 - 3 months ago
David Spade is hilarious!
Brahmin priest
Brahmin priest - 3 months ago
Ellen is good at being fake.
Snd Efx
Snd Efx - 3 months ago
Steve jones
Steve jones - 3 months ago
more liberal BS.
gnat - 3 months ago
i did not expect to watch this entire thing
Bruno Carvalho
Bruno Carvalho - 3 months ago
“Hello darkness my old friend” call an ambulance I’m dead.
tnt - 10 days ago
I know right. Lol
Mosab Hijazi
Mosab Hijazi - 3 months ago
13:57 i pretty much died , i actually fell laughing
Kat - 3 months ago
“Thank you for almost calling me.”
When I tell you I spit out my coffee
Ann Fogarty
Ann Fogarty - 5 days ago
Frederik Figlarz
Frederik Figlarz - 26 days ago
@MOO- Snuckle maybe she did, but if you’re such “good friends” you make direct contact and not via a tweet. But that’s the world we live in nowadays...
MOO- Snuckle
MOO- Snuckle - 26 days ago
it got my attention undivided. good man for callin out a lie. makes me feel like when he tells a story now, its unlikely to have any fabrication. shame on her for trying to get over wit the viewers acting like she ever gave a shit.
ANTHONY SCANDAL - 27 days ago
Read for filth
Lacondra Thompson
Lacondra Thompson - 3 months ago
Cuddy Mack
Cuddy Mack - 3 months ago
Did not know he was the emperors new groove how did i not
pas lit
pas lit - 3 months ago
I am laughing again and again, every time, so funny David, thank you from Chile
amy lover
amy lover - 3 months ago
If you like Spade, check out his movie the "The Wrong Missy" Super funny.
jviyfg - 3 months ago
What is an OX-COURT?
Coughin Dog
Coughin Dog - 3 months ago
I liked the part where David mirrored Ellen's "Aha" comment @ 24:44.
Ellen I love, Spade I've only seen for the first time today, (being that I'm British & in UK) -
but yeah, he's hilarious as well!
c. s.
c. s. - 3 months ago
This popped up in the suggestion of video's and I thought "There's a best of David spade? Really?" And i just knew it wasn't true and i was right lol there is no such thing as the best of David spade. Lol
Another Comment
Another Comment - 3 months ago
Now I'm going to watch Emperors New Groove again. Lol
Neighbor Bruce
Neighbor Bruce - 4 months ago
"Thank you for ALMOST calling me"
D Gian
D Gian - 4 months ago
Ellen laughs the most at him
Ryan Roper
Ryan Roper - 4 months ago
I’m pretty sure he stole that aux cord bit from Joe Rogan
CT Sloane
CT Sloane - 4 months ago
he''s so naturally, just off-the-cuff funny. My absolute fav comedian!
kaz mcgarvey
kaz mcgarvey - 4 months ago
Love him!!
JP - 4 months ago
*sees the Queen*
“... you’re lost, Maham”
JP - 4 months ago
One of ‘em is honey roasted 😂
Be The Change
Be The Change - 4 months ago
6. 5. 2. 2. 2.
Barbara K.
Barbara K. - 4 months ago
er imitiert Geräusche , wie ein Kind Comics nachahmt. Im Übrigen drückt er seinen dreckigen Schuh an die Tischkante. Muss er was abschmieren?
David Standen
David Standen - 4 months ago
Reminds me of the comic genius of Robin Williams. (R.I.P.), only not quit as good.
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His mom look so young he get his looks from her
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He’s so sexy