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The Guy That Talks Shit On YouTube
I thought they were going to give him the Cringe Lord Cape!
Rational-hoop0 - 19 days ago
Who would win deji or gib
Kieran_RB - Month ago
My guy thinks he’s a professional
Kidd Ara
Kidd Ara - Month ago
Tombombschannel - Month ago
Fights someone who actually boxes... Like for real I hope evander kane fucks u up jake paul
briete bank
briete bank - Month ago
This guy actually thinks he’s a boxer that ANYBODY cares about FOH CLOWN
Hamza Muhammed
Hamza Muhammed - Month ago
Jake us just picking easy fights
Rueee - Month ago
I just dropped tired a song about being tired of struggling check it out please
King Ding
King Ding - Month ago
A YouTuber who thinks he’s a professional boxer smh 🤦🏼‍♂️
michael lundy
michael lundy - Month ago
Technically he is professional now, he’s a licensed boxer, I’m certain he’s going to pursue the cruiser weight belt
PureShores - Month ago
At this point everything is commercialized and people can say this and that about a person over a keyboard but the fact is, this kid talks smoke and backs himself up and as a man i respect it, despite all the ego driven staged nonsense that makes his pockets deeper. Just remember he makes money off your hate because its what drives the controversy on the larger scale.
Byron ssgBD
Byron ssgBD - Month ago
YouTube 1 NBA 0 https://youtu.be/p9WvF0FOzG0
Charles Shell
Charles Shell - Month ago
I am going to breathe rn ... guess u respect me now
Youtube - Kun
Youtube - Kun - Month ago
I like how Jake was changed from being a pussy to a real man.. i think he can beat JJ. JJ lost my respect. he is not taking serious in boxing instead of his music.. KSI is being a pussy rn.🖕🏿
Lumina Royalè
Lumina Royalè - Month ago
Jake Paul is a Mcgregor wannabe.

Like if you agree 🤔
Nunyo Biz
Nunyo Biz - Month ago
You swear he beat someone that actually boxed before lol 😂
Kuenzang Dhendup
Kuenzang Dhendup - Month ago
Look how hes proud beating a NBA player in a boxing match..WOWW.....
Random Rabbitt2k19
Random Rabbitt2k19 - Month ago
If you love or hate jake Paul
I respect nate because he have the nutz to go in the ring. Most of these celebrities wouldnt
Max Ward
Max Ward - Month ago
Jake is gay
notthereal billybobthorton
Damn that dudes a bad dude he beat up the smallest NBA player since spud webb I was expecting Robinson to just jump over him a few times but I was wrong
Logan Sanford
Logan Sanford - Month ago
Dude at the beginning couldn’t find the camera😂😂😂
Jamaine Ortiz
Jamaine Ortiz - Month ago
That’s the Technician !
Jamaine Ortiz
Jamaine Ortiz - Month ago
Dalton Brewer
Dalton Brewer - Month ago
I have alot more respect for Jake knowing that he knows who Jamaine Ortiz is
Bips Muan
Bips Muan - Month ago
In the back every one is kind
Wei Yong
Wei Yong - Month ago
Soon you will see him going around public punching people
Robin W
Robin W - Month ago
Haha he beat a NBA basketball player, he thinks he is Mike Tyson hahahhaa
Mrglitch7 - Month ago
Aye like I hate jake Paul but mad respect for him cuz he ain’t back out from his word
Osvaldo Reyes
Osvaldo Reyes - Month ago
What on his hand ???!
Big Billz
Big Billz - Month ago
He legitly has to fight sauce walka and prove he can go toe 2 toe wit someone his height and weight class. Nate Robinson was at a -7 reach advantage
dtechlogic - Month ago
Looks like he's liking boxing. Hope he makes a career in it and becomes a champion some day
Angel Anthony Sierra
Angel Anthony Sierra - Month ago
Camp get right. See you ken
Lee Jizzle
Lee Jizzle - Month ago
This dude hype for beating up lil Nate. His day coming
Butke Brutalni
Butke Brutalni - Month ago
He swears hes god, jj going to humble him
The Moto King
The Moto King - Month ago
Doing well
SSJ Reaco
SSJ Reaco - Month ago
Say all the things you want about jake, but he’s is becoming a greater fighter.
Anthony Sheridan
Anthony Sheridan - Month ago
Either way he’s getting shit on by ksi soon
The RSW Family
The RSW Family - Month ago
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emoney7472 - Month ago
Dont these guys know that covid knows the time and #'s? How dare they walk against the covid arrows on the floor. It knows direction also.
GS ALPHADOG - Month ago
Looking more like a boxer than a youtuber hes probably home
Josh Cramer
Josh Cramer - Month ago
Bet he would not take the fight with Connor if it’s for charity! He just wants big payday. He’s no where on that type of level. Facts
Eric Whitfield
Eric Whitfield - Month ago
I don't know how anyone can praise this nigga. Fight Anthony Joshua. Deontay Wilder.
Tyler Hopkins
Tyler Hopkins - Month ago
Nicholas Depina
Nicholas Depina - Month ago
That was a real nice punch,but I wanna c em fight sumone tht can actually fight,then we can really c what he got
Dark Ends TV
Dark Ends TV - Month ago
I want jake paul vs 50 cent let's see who wins
Dark Ends TV
Dark Ends TV - Month ago
Nate ran in to the punch ,and Jake going on like he got conner McGregor striking skills 😂😂😂😂its just comical
Dark Ends TV
Dark Ends TV - Month ago
This is going to end badly for him ,soon as he in with real fighter
SnizzlesYT - Month ago
“Let’s go champ”
brand g
brand g - Month ago
He really thinks that WBC belt means something 😂😂😂
Pavel - Month ago
Why you hating on Ortiz bro all these guys trained hard for the fight. The winners should be proud the belt represents the work they put in to win.
About Everything
About Everything - Month ago
Si Crombie
Si Crombie - Month ago
This is the biggest tw@t on the planet 🌍
Mr. Miyagi
Mr. Miyagi - Month ago
You guys don't understand, Nate called Jake out, Gib called Jake out and Deji I'm not sure.
iLoveYouTrackstar - Month ago
Thats that boy Ryan Garcia he got them hands fr Jake wanna fight him Ryan gone give him the work
Pavel - Month ago
@Taelin Cusic no there boys they spar together.
Pavel - Month ago
That’s jamanie Ortiz stupid how tf would Garcia be there with a belt when he didt fight. He fight Jan 2 🤡
Taelin Cusic
Taelin Cusic - Month ago
Oh ya didn't Ryan want to fight Jake before the Nate fight?
PsychoWTF - Month ago
No one gave a shit about jake😂😂 the bts of ksi winning was a billion times better than this
1 Zech
1 Zech - Month ago
😂😂😂 https://youtu.be/gOcJ9gCyFPk
Big Live
Big Live - Month ago
😳 New Artist In Miami🌴 @BigLive https://music.apple.com/us/album/you-need-me-single/1541692465
#Fuego 🔥❗️❗️
Jonathan Anyanwu
Jonathan Anyanwu - Month ago
lone Starr
lone Starr - Month ago
Not a fan of Jake but I do respect him BUT the whole Connor thing is ridiculous dude just wants a big pay day like Connor got when he boxed Weathers
Jeremiah Ansley
Jeremiah Ansley - Month ago
Let’s see if he do this against a real boxer in Garcia 😂
Taelin Cusic
Taelin Cusic - Month ago
@Jeremiah Ansley ok
Jeremiah Ansley
Jeremiah Ansley - Month ago
@Taelin Cusic it’s gonna be bold Garcia should knock em out
Taelin Cusic
Taelin Cusic - Month ago
That fight is gonna be lit
16Kidd - Month ago
I’m surprised he wasn’t talking shit and being cocky. Respect to him.
Die Hard Gaming
Die Hard Gaming - Month ago
Aye, you guys are all hella fake. You went from hating Jake to literally joining the bandwagon when he’s winning. Definition of fake. Smh
Kolo Toure
Kolo Toure - Month ago
So change your comment or just delete it please cause it just makes you look stupid
Kolo Toure
Kolo Toure - Month ago
And that is not the definition of fake at all🤣🤣
Kolo Toure
Kolo Toure - Month ago
Nah mate we can just give props to someone who deserves it. We all still hate him but that doesn’t mean we can’t show a little bit of respect when he doesn’t act like a bell end for once
PE_ProductionTeam - Month ago
One of the best celebrity boxers out, but that's about it. Celebrity boxer.. until he goes against real boxers.
Kozz Flamee
Kozz Flamee - Month ago
Cool he knocked out a B - ball player
ytzephyrus 0116
ytzephyrus 0116 - Month ago
Man said he would fight anyone i wanna see him fight canelo oh wait he only fights people who dont know how to fight
Bobby G
Bobby G - Month ago
Yo jake ill fight you , set it up ill fly out
Benmcconnell 3311 4TH Estate
Jakes a fake boxer..hes nothing
Jesus Mart
Jesus Mart - Month ago
Nate did not fight at all.. all I saw from Nate was running towards Jake and hugging.
Kungfu Dirk
Kungfu Dirk - Month ago
He was to big to fight nate anyways
MileScraper - Month ago
I hate jake Paul so much bro KSI is gonna brake him
Thaiboxer 415
Thaiboxer 415 - Month ago
This fool isn’t a real boxer. This generation is a trip!!! He fought a 36 year old man who’s never had a pro fight let alone a bunch of amateurs and people praise him. You fuckers need to wake up!!!! Put him on a wbc card against a real opponent and see how it goes. Now and days skill doesn’t matter, it’s whoever can get the most views on YouTube 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️.
Robbie Lochrane
Robbie Lochrane - Month ago
Let go jake paul
Skinny E
Skinny E - Month ago
Jake should just quit youtube and become a full time boxer
Geo Leo
Geo Leo - Month ago
Wait what did he get a medal for? He beat someone that had a 10 pound under 2 weight class disadvantage. You better knock his lil ass out lol.
Sunday Venom
Sunday Venom - Month ago
You knocked out a guy who’s offensive game plan was attacking with his face. Shame on you
Sunday Venom
Sunday Venom - Month ago
@Pavel bruh 😂😂😂
Pavel - Month ago
@Sunday Venom LMAO 🤣 you would feel bad and prolly let him beat you.
Sunday Venom
Sunday Venom - Month ago
@Pavel but you’re right shame on Nate. Fuck wrong with him
Sunday Venom
Sunday Venom - Month ago
I don’t think he landed anything after that.
Sunday Venom
Sunday Venom - Month ago
@Pavel the nerve lol speak for your self bro. I have hands all my fights try to end up wrestling matches til I had to learn from getting dipped in a fight. I learned to sprawl and defend take downs after that. I’m 6’1 200 lbs with winter weight. I’d dance around Nate. Jab cross all day til he ducks in uppercut. I don’t like getting hit but I have been hit. My last sparring match I got punched in the neck hard first punch of the fight. I woke up and worked that man.
Chris Carter
Chris Carter - Month ago
But tell me why you keep fighting people smaller than you
FUBAR MOFO - Month ago
Lmao it’s hilarious that anyone can take this clown seriously! He beat a kid who has never fought before and wasn’t a clear win and now he acts like he is a pro lmfao this clown embarrasses boxing
LOSO G - Month ago
Dat boy said he was knock his shit out the park 💯
Frankie Lightyear
Frankie Lightyear - Month ago
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wesley cornelius
wesley cornelius - Month ago
He better than Logan Paul but i dont think he would knock Logan out
Chriss 1k
Chriss 1k - Month ago
Hope everyone is having a blessed day and remember god has a plan for us I hope you have more and better opportunities and opened doors amen 🙏🏾 https://youtu.be/kkNCKXMjfp4
Tonton Adventures
Tonton Adventures - Month ago
After seeing this. I feel bad for Nate. He is gonna be a Living Meme after this.
SkyDaLimit925 - Month ago
Wait till he fights a actual boxer lol
Ron Hertzberg
Ron Hertzberg - Month ago
The only thing that annoys me about this is that everyone's acting like Nate was some kind of professional fighter. Dude was the winner of the 2009 dunk contest. Has nothing to do with the martial arts boxing fighting anyting he was wearing f****** basketball shoes what do you expect
TJ Shotgun41
TJ Shotgun41 - Month ago
He trained, he worked on it. He delivered. Don’t hate the man
Da_YummY_Man - Month ago
He’s so cringy
Glazer Guy
Glazer Guy - Month ago
Jakes Paul sux people. Terrible human
HTown Goat
HTown Goat - Month ago
I’d drop Jake Paul
David P
David P - Month ago
Don’t think KSI wants this heat lol
Wide Watching 33
Wide Watching 33 - Month ago
I like how the hater’s narrative changed from “Nate is gonna knockout Jake, he’s an ACTUAL athlete” to “That wasn’t even fair, Nate’s not an actual boxer!!!”
african kaleab
african kaleab - 16 days ago
Facts bruh. Jesus is King. Orthodox Christianity is the Truth. Pray to Him and Pray to Mary. Have faith in Him. 2021 will be your year.
xXTOX1CT3TU5Xx YT - Month ago
im not a fan of jake but everyone is just trying to make an excuse to not realize that hes actually working hard and hes making a comeup
16Kidd - Month ago
@Taelin Cusic I swear I would say that I’m a sore loser lmao. But was We wrong everyone he’s fought is way shorter than him and has little boxing experience. The Deji one counts cuz when he fought Deji they both didn’t have much boxing experience.
AVE - - Month ago
@RichardRamir3z I ain’t no “Jake Pauler” but it’s obvious you hate the dude and are no older than 12. I knew Paul would win but every casual thought Nate would win. Everybody on ESPN, sport center, bleacher report; and on Twitter thought Nate would win cuz they don’t know shit about boxing
AVE - - Month ago
@RichardRamir3z you type like you’re 12. But all the casuals thought Nate would win
Isaias Martinez Jr
Isaias Martinez Jr - Month ago
Is that all he won? That little medal?
Pavel - Month ago
U thought he was gonna get a belt or something it was his second fight. 🤡
Stanley Bleich
Stanley Bleich - Month ago
He’s not from Cleveland. He’s from Westlake
James Appel
James Appel - Month ago
This is why you don't lead with your head, in the ring...
James Myers
James Myers - Month ago
I didn't like Jake Paul the last few years but I respect his work ethic and the time he puts in he does what he says he is going to do and you have to respect that
Orion - Month ago
What is this scripted shit lol
Christopher Mark Filardi
Gangana Perera
Gangana Perera - Month ago
This is cancer
Dennis Palmqvist
Dennis Palmqvist - Month ago
He’s fought deji, who had no training camp. He’s fought gib, who just flopped on the night and didn’t show. And he’s fought Nate, a guy with 3 months training and no previous history in boxing. He hasn’t proven anything. He’s just trying to make his delusional fans think that he’s sick.
Bloater Snake
Bloater Snake - Month ago
Nate didnt spar once appearantly, grave mistake
ShowingYouOnline - Month ago
He’s wearing a participation medal? Come on!!
Pavel - Month ago
Only the winners got it. Imagine if Nate Robinson got a participation medal for getting slumped.
ShinruXL - Month ago
Lets be honest if Nate even tried to atleast defend himself no one would be memeing him. Dude sucks ass at defense in boxing and basketball