Saigon On "Love & Hip Hop," Acting On "Entourage," Just Blaze, JAY-Z & More | Drink Champs

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In this episode of #DrinkChamps, N.O.R.E & DJ EFN drink it up with The Yardfather aka #Saigon. The guys discuss idols becoming rivals, "Love & Hip Hop," creating positive music, working on the hit television show “Entourage,” working with Just Blaze, JAY-Z and a lot more! #LoveandHipHop
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Runtime: 3:06:34


Highly Dish Functional
Highly Dish Functional - 3 days ago
Good interview come check my Saigon interview out on @highlydishfunctional
Letz G
Letz G - 3 days ago
I love this show bye the way
Letz G
Letz G - 3 days ago
Stop all the interruptions and stopping them so frequently end tooo unless you trying to send a message that you really don’t respect those guests
WASTELAND WARRIORZ665 - 8 days ago
Best Saigon interview ever
Flint Beastgood
Flint Beastgood - 9 days ago
I feel like EFN needs to get a tazer to light NORE up anytime he's interupting too much. He'll learn quick then, for real.
Flint Beastgood
Flint Beastgood - 8 days ago
Make some noise for that!
Darral Price
Darral Price - 10 days ago
Saigon Tru Life Legendary Mc S\O Drink 🍹 Champs love the Show‼️
Le Hornet
Le Hornet - 10 days ago
The belly of the beast “whispers” 🔥🔥 this brother should have had next, still doing some great things regardless 💯♾👊
jersey Mcgee
jersey Mcgee - 11 days ago
NORE shut Uuuuup let the man speak.
hajiagenteight - 11 days ago
I hate when N.O gets too drunk. SMH
hajiagenteight - 11 days ago
N.O Please let this dude tell the story
Matt - 15 days ago
What time does Saigon talk about the Mobb Deep fight?
Juan Lennon's Fun house
Juan Lennon's Fun house - 16 days ago
Best interview by far, just need a kottonmouth kings interview or ICP
Polonium-210 XXX
Polonium-210 XXX - 17 days ago
Hopeful that Saigon dose music with tech N9ne
MILANO The Great
MILANO The Great - 19 days ago
“ you fucked my shit up “ 11:44 🤝
Chris Williams
Chris Williams - 19 days ago
Damn, y'all never played "E.D.M.O.P."
perspective outlook
perspective outlook - 20 days ago
Saigon talking about getting beat down, and nore talking about hand me the plastic cup, no ,no, no, hand me that . So disrespectful.
TruckerExile E
TruckerExile E - 20 days ago
Saigon "I never seen a brutha eat a burger and OD" Lmao
Chris Williams
Chris Williams - 23 days ago
I seen people walking around in Newburgh with no shoes on. It's bad.
TRILLTALK TV - 25 days ago
efn is disrespectful with that shirt on #capone
Herbert Scott
Herbert Scott - 25 days ago
Before we did raps🤐💯
|Ja¥far|Saddiq:} - 25 days ago
Ebro: Aye Saigon, it’s called a heart attack my G
Saigon: *slaps Ebro through the phone* 😂🤣
|Ja¥far|Saddiq:} - 25 days ago
I just became a Saigon fan, and have new thought on Ebro not really being a real one!.
Ernesto Burgos
Ernesto Burgos - 26 days ago
Saigon didn't get to tell his Capone story
ILAPAR LANAYA - 26 days ago
Time stamp 2:12:11 NORE DRUNK AS HELL 🤣🤣🤣
Hp The Vet
Hp The Vet - 29 days ago
46:17 shows me that DJ EFN is a official dude outhere. salute!
brandon mason
brandon mason - 29 days ago
Yo u know u comfortable when u cross yo legs bruh"1:34"😅big up to the comfortable ones
Tony B. Conscious
Tony B. Conscious - 29 days ago
Farrah Gray is fronting on his father's legacy... His dad Is DR. KHALLID MUHAMMAD... He scared. Because he KNOW those alphabets is watching his every move!!! Saigon is the TRUTH for our people ..He need to sit wit DAVID BANNER...
Calibre Ranger
Calibre Ranger - Month ago
Someone needs to save NORE from himself. He is dying live on the show
Chris H
Chris H - Month ago
Lol nore head spinning
Chris H
Chris H - Month ago
Nore is the interrupt GOD
d polk
d polk - Month ago
Saigon glasses to damn big I know that!.
Chris Nelson
Chris Nelson - Month ago
Can't believe Nore randomly just brought up that he used to smash Saigons baby mother....damnnnnnn that was uncalled for man 😂😭
Calibre Ranger
Calibre Ranger - Month ago
It pointless telling NORE to shut the fuck up, his ego is out of control. 😡😡😡😡
David Barnes
David Barnes - Month ago
DAAM..50 CENT knows how to Market Everything..all at a 10% Discount!!!!
la'reggie patterson
la'reggie patterson - Month ago
Min 41 Saigon tells the fukin truth!!! Gangsta Rap holds us back and these fukin racist record Co’s know this shit..keeps us in jail from ultra influence, keeps us buying there shit and hating each other but call it a culture, it’s for the culture. Jewish people love hip hop, love hearing our horrible, but if a rapper was the best rapper ever but was named Mc Hitler I bet they would never listen to him and get him cancelled. It’s only for the culture when it pertains to us killing ONLY us.
SHEEM973 - Month ago
Pain in my life a dope song too
SHEEM973 - Month ago
Listen to the letter P by saigon if you think he not lyrical he a beast and underrated 💯💯🔥
SHEEM973 - Month ago
Who wants to get jumped that don't make you tuff lol get away be smart it was 50 dudes
mango1769 - Month ago
Newburgh New York is fucking ruthless bro I thought the same shit like na this upstate we good until I saw they had a Kennedy's there which by the way is an amazing Kennedy's
Joey-Ja Stewart
Joey-Ja Stewart - Month ago
I like nore but one of the reasons he was in them isolated classes in school is because he doesn't know how to listen 🙆‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️😆
Brooklyn Babe
Brooklyn Babe - Month ago
NORE interrupting and not remembering things that were just said is a PRIME EXAMPLE of A.D.D.
NORE really has that disorder.
OG FLY - Month ago
Saigon is probably on of the realist in rap 💯
Roland Brice
Roland Brice - Month ago
The whole interview note cuting off dude but at 1:24:49 dude try’s to get a word in nore says hold up let me get this off I ain’t cut you off once 😂😂😂
Roland Brice
Roland Brice - Month ago
1:21:26 this niggga forgot the convo 😂😂
LOST SOUL TV - Month ago
originoomwizi - Month ago
The interruption by Nore is all over the fucking place! I’m only 10 mins into this interview and I’m thinking there’s 3 hours of this! Fuck that! NORE or somebody next to him tell him to stop talking over his guest....he may start losing fans
Dillagaf Martin 73X
Dillagaf Martin 73X - Month ago
Nore be having me crackn the fk up smh ceazy azzz smh
Nailsona chalkboard
Nailsona chalkboard - Month ago
ROLLING 50 Deep verse million views ♠️💯
Jesus Adames
Jesus Adames - Month ago
Dope interview Saigon much blessings
Da IronMan 973NWK
Da IronMan 973NWK - Month ago
Nore u my guy but when u get to many drinks in you after a while u don’t even know what your guest be talking about. U have to focus my bro...
OG FLY - Month ago
Nore read da comments n shut da f up
redCard - Month ago
Saigon wished he never did this interview
Cloud Man
Cloud Man - Month ago
Look up Farrah gray grandfather
SPAMDEMIC - Month ago
Saigon swollen members bring Me down was and is a great collabo
SPAMDEMIC - Month ago
Listing to 777 on loop
Mack Rilla
Mack Rilla - Month ago
R.i.p H2
Suge 4Short
Suge 4Short - Month ago
Saigon is a “mad rapper” in the inside 😂😂😂
Way High Radio
Way High Radio - Month ago
plot twist hot 97 are the feds
Mario C
Mario C - Month ago
Saigon: ya Lenny s kept giving my shit away
Nore: here Lenny s is on the phone
Saigon: hey buddy...I I I was just saying how great you are
Way High Radio
Way High Radio - Month ago
next you should interview kmk rip saint dog also interview ouija macc
D'Andre White
D'Andre White - Month ago
Way High Radio
Way High Radio - Month ago
By far best episode yet , now we need NORE interview insane clown posse or kottonmouth kings rip sant dog of kmk , p.s long live kottonmouth
Mackkdaddy mackkazzlen Big dawg
Saigon is phenomenal
Gustav Skolnick
Gustav Skolnick - Month ago
Eminem should collabo ft Whitney Peyton
Gustav Skolnick
Gustav Skolnick - Month ago
Tip top Hip-hop
Tip top Hip-hop - Month ago
Saigon is a Hall of famer
Underground Asylum fan page 4 kmk K.M.K-ULTRA
Saigon the rules is a classic Hip hop song prod by Mr show off statik
Jamaal Marshall
Jamaal Marshall - Month ago
Saigon a good bro never really heard from him far as a interview ...ect .
Terah Da Barber
Terah Da Barber - Month ago
Every Track Saigon talks about I stop this episode just to go watch it.... Come again is fire...
JoeyTheWellsian - Month ago
when does he talk about newburgh?
Mali Osage
Mali Osage - Month ago
I wanna like Saigon but it’s way too many contradictions that I’ve heard for way too long from us as black men. I can listen to your words OR I can observe your actions ✌🏾
Mali Osage
Mali Osage - Month ago
@BlackMarq20 I understand completely bro. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about accountability. This man did time in the 90s but still refers to himself as a “jail n*gga” 🤔talking about how we are responsible for hurting Black women but brags about smashing White women 🤔 and has 3 kids, multiple baby moms because he didn’t select healthy partners 🤔 etc, etc no progression in mentality. As a father with 2 sons, I wouldn’t co sign nothing this man says around mine. It’s not “conscious rap” it’s confusion. Words vs actions bro
BlackMarq20 - Month ago
People are complex man, no person is perfect. Either great leaders like MLK, Malcolm, etc... had flaws.
Bespugilist - Month ago
I fuck's with Saigon heavy..
Colette Dubose
Colette Dubose - Month ago
Nore is a comedian lol
bg mck
bg mck - Month ago
2:12:09 damn nore just admitted to hitting saigon baby mamma back in the days.... wtf. Bruh you been talking to this man all this time knowing you hit her smh. Foul
Polonium-210 XXX
Polonium-210 XXX - Month ago
Interview Insane Clown posse
Polonium-210 XXX
Polonium-210 XXX - Month ago
Legendary emees
SPAMDEMIC - Month ago
Saigon clap ft faith evans
SPAMDEMIC - Month ago
Respect Tech N9ne and travis for signing Saigon
SPAMDEMIC - Month ago
Interview D-loc of the Kottonmouth kings he's got 11 songs ft Tech N9ne, and 2 ft x clan brother j,
Krazo Killa Flow
Krazo Killa Flow - Month ago
Juan Lennon's Fun house
Goat cheese 🧀 that's that Strange money
Blue Hillz
Blue Hillz - Month ago
1:14..... "dats meeee, ass*h***" 😤
Gustav Skolnick
Gustav Skolnick - Month ago
Real one
The Self Made Collective Of Entrepreneurship
NORE got ADHD that’s why he interrupt
AngelTheredStar29 - Month ago
This interview is elite. Anyone who don't like it go watch bozos like Elliott or Joe.
Papa Fruugg
Papa Fruugg - Month ago
I've seen a good amount of episodes and never seen Nore that bent... Name another episode if there is
A1 Jones
A1 Jones - 4 days ago
Him and dame dash 😂😂😂
The Self Made Collective Of Entrepreneurship
Best drink champs interview yet sai in my top 5 along with nore & pone💯💯
Shabooya Jones
Shabooya Jones - Month ago
Cutty Gambino
Cutty Gambino - Month ago
Not even 20 mins in and I can’t do it at all 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ that shit crazy
guikatinskas - Month ago
stop letting nore drink during these frfr, he an og but still cant handle his liquor
Papi Amazo
Papi Amazo - Month ago
Love the Detroit shout out stand up salute to Saigon for that
brandon lee
brandon lee - Month ago
i salute NORE. and im a fan but you starting to interrupt your guess in the mist of good stories too much. which knocks the whole interview off sometimes. you dont be listening sometimes and be speaking crazy
Byrdee Entertainment
Byrdee Entertainment - Month ago
Dope interview
Cory Mack
Cory Mack - Month ago
Farrah Gray is the late Most Honorable Khalid Abdul Muhammad’s son.
Augustine Junior
Augustine Junior - Month ago
1. True story
2. Letter P
kenneth kado
kenneth kado - Month ago
Look like they got drunk asf and male bonded. Looked hella fun and hangovers hanging out with drink champs
Dennis Hodgson
Dennis Hodgson - Month ago
He lost me with the pro- Meat shit
Nore you too old to not know about NY man wtf🤦🏽 Its like you deliberately try to disrespect anything in NY outside of the 5 boroughs smh. Thats wack son
it's Sk8 MF
it's Sk8 MF - Month ago
1:41:30 Nore setting him up 😭😭😭 you should of just handed him the bottle my guy 😭😭😭 #Sk8ments