Anthony Edwards With DUNK OF THE YEAR on Yuta Watanabe vs Raptors | February 19, 2021

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Toronto Raptors vs Minnesota Timberwolves - Full Game Highlights | February 19, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season
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Runtime: 01:04


qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon - Minute ago
Cedric Gardner
Cedric Gardner - Hour ago
Oh Lord!!!!!!!!
Rob V
Rob V - 2 hours ago
I like how he didn't show boat or anything. The Dunk said it all!
blkdank1 - 3 hours ago
He caught a Body seriously
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon - Minute ago
Yuta really tried jumping
D.E. Raeth
D.E. Raeth - 4 hours ago
He has Bron level athleticism but can he develop his game?
TROLLANATOR 5000 - 5 hours ago
Remember in the playoffs when Eubanks did the same exact dunk on Greek freaks brother and it was called an offensive foul? 🤔 the only offensive thing about that was it was the other way around if you know what I mean.
Lincavelie - 5 hours ago
Murder was the case was playing 🤣😅
N8 - 6 hours ago
Yuta Watanabe has officially joined Brandon Knight, Kendrick Perkins & Jason Terry (kinda) for being remembered for being on the receiving end of a nasty poster.
social distancing from dem haters
I'm definitely using him in 2k21
Daniel Shin
Daniel Shin - 8 hours ago
That was so nasty, I had to switch to ◼️🟧when my parents came
Big Jay
Big Jay - 8 hours ago
Wow, and they played the perfect song in the background!
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler - 9 hours ago
I’m here to help stop Asian Hate
TeeArtworks - 12 hours ago
Dunk was so good they gave him 4 points...
Dree Wales
Dree Wales - 13 hours ago
That was hollygrove classic
DGM ent.
DGM ent. - 13 hours ago
Flashes of Tracy?
Hajile Strebor
Hajile Strebor - 14 hours ago
The DJ wins this one, he played Murder was the case that the gave me right after 😂😂😂😂
Real M.A.D. Boxing Talk
Real M.A.D. Boxing Talk - 16 hours ago
Larry He
Larry He - 16 hours ago
Vince jumps over an entire 7'2"
Anthony: Fine, I'll do it myself
Larry He
Larry He - 17 hours ago
Yuta really tried jumping
Abdullahi Abdirahman
Abdullahi Abdirahman - 17 hours ago
22-1 scoring run Jesus.
The godley Gamer
The godley Gamer - 18 hours ago
How is this commentator not even that hyped? What’s up buddy
Davis Dowell
Davis Dowell - 19 hours ago
This recent spike in hate crimes against Asian Americans is really appalling. 😞🙏🏿
baibeiye - 19 hours ago
This is a nasty behavior. This guy may end up backfired. There is nothing good happening to tmac after his dunk on Bradley. Winning game lasts your career longer than nasty dunking.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue - 22 hours ago
Bout to start calling him Bobby Smurder because.... "He caught a body bout a week ago, week ago"
Jack - Day ago
Offensive foul, he used his arm to stop him from jumping
Adrian Freeman
Adrian Freeman - Day ago
lamelo gonna win ROY bc clout
Cali's Finest
Cali's Finest - Day ago
I always use my left arm to push the guy off balance when he's trying to block my dunk. That's how you get a nice
soiung toiue
soiung toiue - 22 hours ago
Dequan Turner
Dequan Turner - Day ago
His dunk was worth 4 points it went from 61 to 65
jay_615 - Day ago
the state farm guy in the back be like oh my lord im out
tmc _toxic
tmc _toxic - Day ago
stallings13100 - Day ago
I'd have to get my pistol....
Manny Suarez
Manny Suarez - Day ago
Anyone else realize he got 4 points
Brian Hill
Brian Hill - Day ago
He did a 2k cheese speed boost when he got the ball🤣
Ghost 007
Ghost 007 - Day ago
Bro really committed murder on National Television.. And smiled after. ... This is why we love the game.
Chris B.
Chris B. - Day ago
Nastiest poster i've ever seen
Dempleon - Day ago
If he landed on his feet this would be a top 5 poster of all time.
Nicholas Gojekian
Nicholas Gojekian - Day ago
Not a lot of people in the stands makes it look like a video game
Mr GT - Day ago
If you don't like that you don't like nba basketball.
Flipperoni - Day ago
Sniper King
Sniper King - Day ago
He just reaped his soul 💀
Reggie Hooks
Reggie Hooks - Day ago
Drug test him
Metatron Don
Metatron Don - Day ago
David Kinsel
David Kinsel - Day ago
The announcers post COVID are really annoying now, they all trying to be hype men now cuz nobody is watching
MaddenMobile sansdm
The day YUTA Wanabe got Baptized
stop capping
stop capping - Day ago
He got dunked on in 4k
Jay Cee
Jay Cee - Day ago
Damn, he got baptized in his own sin of jumping.
Jermareo McDaniel
Jermareo McDaniel - Day ago
shootfirst214 - Day ago
When is the funeral ?
Neal Rigga
Neal Rigga - Day ago
Maniak Cartier
Maniak Cartier - Day ago
Cut off the lights
Terrence McHatten
Terrence McHatten - Day ago
That was NASTY and some of yall that's stuck in the past think these players not getting better and better? Everything has evolved except NBA players to they dumbass.
anyware82 - Day ago
You have to fight me after you dunk on me like that I have to get some dignity back. Sheesh! Lol
Evan Reaves
Evan Reaves - Day ago
Am I tripping or does Anthony Edwards look like Jordan a little bit?
RTX J - Day ago
Mcgardy on Shawn Bradley esque
Toomy Conne
Toomy Conne - Day ago
Sit down and get some gatorade after that humiliation...
Dominic Mcknight
Dominic Mcknight - Day ago
Dayumm boiii
Original J
Original J - 2 days ago
Pretty sure that’s a war crime against Japan
Sciverts - 2 days ago
Bro really got a 99 driving dunk.
Zenyou's Apprentice
Zenyou's Apprentice - 2 days ago
you cant have dunk of the year if its on a literal who
BJDACHAMP-YT - 2 days ago
My condolences 😭😂🙏🏾
ExPill - 2 days ago
i like how the arena music intensifies after he dunks on dude
nickouttacontrol - 2 days ago
Getting dunked out to that soundtrack just made it worst.
guest man
guest man - 2 days ago
Looks like the mc Grady dunk on Shawn Bradley.
whiteblue 357
whiteblue 357 - 2 days ago
😲😲 Baynes like damn Watanabe I've been dunked on alot but never like that though. Thank God you jumped cause I was about to. That would have been me on that poster. 🤣🤣
Jay Howard
Jay Howard - 2 days ago
Reminded me of young Vince Carter back in the day. This dunk was nasty.🤦👍
Cesar Rios
Cesar Rios - 2 days ago
Aaron Baynes was like, "it should've been me bro! sorry!" He then spills his 40 oz in Yuta's memory.
Gary Eley
Gary Eley - 2 days ago
It's his teammates faces what's gets me and how is everybody on his team able to keep there composure what really gets me
Carnell D.i.Y To be great
Isaias Fruto
Isaias Fruto - 2 days ago
There are dunks then there is this one.
Vince Carter: 🥱
Nah. I just wanted to say something controversial. Crazy dunks yo!
Shy LaBuff
Shy LaBuff - 2 days ago
For all you youngsters out there, this is what's referred to as "climbing the ladder"
Brooklyn Taz Hemi Strong
Poster 🤦😂😅
Richard Nowland
Richard Nowland - 2 days ago
Offensive foul with the off hand. No bucket
Ol Cam
Ol Cam - 2 days ago
Man this dunk woulda been so much more gutwrenching if all the fans were in the stands🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Zeth Nash
Zeth Nash - 2 days ago
That is one of the best posters I’ve ever seen, that was a Vince Carter type dunk
baka sandoitchi
baka sandoitchi - 2 days ago
Yuta Wanna be in the NBA
Kameron Saunders
Kameron Saunders - 2 days ago
Dunk was so nasty they gave him 4 points
Shukuladay888 Perez
Shukuladay888 Perez - 2 days ago
If he tries that shit on Bam Adebayo it’ll turn into a BLOCK Party.
Shavaughn Hayward
Shavaughn Hayward - 2 days ago
2k need this animation
Dramal Hunter
Dramal Hunter - 2 days ago
Killed that man!😂
d h
d h - 2 days ago
That look like a 2k dunk on 99 dunking and vertical
icecreamforcrowhurst - 2 days ago
Nobody gonna talk about there’s a car parked behind the basket? Gonna get towed.
icecreamforcrowhurst - 2 days ago
Ride ‘im cowboy!
ThaKinggoat - 2 days ago
I wish we har fans
Teddy Goodman
Teddy Goodman - 2 days ago
#8. needed to be escorted out for the evening.
Teddy Goodman
Teddy Goodman - 2 days ago
Latoya Wise
Latoya Wise - 2 days ago
Damnnnnnnnn 🤣✊🏾
David Austin
David Austin - 2 days ago
For the love of elevation!!!!!!
Marlin 7
Marlin 7 - 2 days ago
Yuta and the raptors got the last laugh
Ethan Wuang
Ethan Wuang - 2 days ago
Yuta Wannabe in that position
DarPoe Judah
DarPoe Judah - 2 days ago
This cat seems to be the talk of league. As he grows he is going to be exciting to watch Like Mike
William Dominguez
William Dominguez - 2 days ago
Baynes in the background having PTSD flashbacks from when Morant nearly killed him . . .
Malcolm N.
Malcolm N. - 2 days ago
This is something out of 2K lol
Alexander Gallegos
Alexander Gallegos - 2 days ago
Uhh... did I just see the timberwolves lose a point after a free throw😭😭😭
Tye Mimms
Tye Mimms - 2 days ago
Not better than d wade over Anderson V.... baron over kierlenko ...kemp over lister
Austin Jones
Austin Jones - 2 days ago
Anyone notice that the score went from 61 to 58 to 65 to 58
Dao the Eternal Nameless Beyond Thought
Watanabe contemplates retirement in rookie year...
ihackaccountstheirl - 2 days ago
yuta wu wana be jarret allen
Cognark - 2 days ago
I love this dude bro got up and just smiled about it dudes would have been mad hyped
Shizenator YT
Shizenator YT - 2 days ago
Pretty sure he had 7 points this game and they lost but that was a cool dunk i guess lol
s0meguy09 - 2 days ago
damn. Yuta got stuck in animation