DMing 100 Rappers Asking For A Feature Price (they respond)

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DMing 100 Rappers Asking For A Feature Price (they respond)
shoutout @FaZe Nikan @FaZe Adapt
The rappers we sent messages to in this video are KSI, TYGA, Lil Uzi Vert, Drake, Travis Scott, Kid Laroi, Trippie Redd, DDG, CJ, Bhad Bhabie, Lil Mosey, Polo G, Logan Paul, Lil Yachty, Offset and Aitch.
🕺 TikTok: @jarvis
📸 Instagram: @fazejarvis
🐦 Twitter: @liljarviss
Runtime: 15:10


Rian Rian
Rian Rian - 14 hours ago
Rich brian Bro?
mannthigli - 20 hours ago
9:49 😂
Pool Boyz
Pool Boyz - 21 hour ago
You literally took this idea from rug he has the same video titled the same thing. This man can’t even make his own content.
Mariah Walker
Mariah Walker - Day ago
Yall just want clout... Yall didn't even DM 100 rappers
Abijoot Singh
Abijoot Singh - Day ago
Do justin bieber
Thiccc boi 3000
Thiccc boi 3000 - Day ago
Adapt madd chill now wtf
Chase Hagman
Chase Hagman - Day ago
According to the thumbnail I guess I’ll be getting a KSI feature!
Austin Carnell
Austin Carnell - 2 days ago
Bro said invite her to the studio anyway 💀💀😂
The Epic GamerXx
The Epic GamerXx - 2 days ago
OG Flow
OG Flow - 2 days ago
Bruh.....4.22M subscribers
Grant Cooper
Grant Cooper - 2 days ago
I've mett sixnine i swear to god
Chetana Mitra
Chetana Mitra - 3 days ago
Part 2 jarvyyyy!!!!
Alyssa Taryn
Alyssa Taryn - 3 days ago
so u will get the asian aud
Alyssa Taryn
Alyssa Taryn - 3 days ago
plz put the Kris Wu into the game next time🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jonathan McConnell
Jonathan McConnell - 3 days ago
Jarvis vs KSI, AKA the time KSI got cancelled for child abuse.
roshan mehaboob
roshan mehaboob - 3 days ago
imagine if juice wrld or xxxtentacion was alive and accepted it for free
Art Of poetry
Art Of poetry - 3 days ago
Text Ronaldo
AdjunctLuck - 4 days ago
15:01 why does he look like Morgenshtern lololol
Божидар Вълчев
jaden jones
jaden jones - 4 days ago
No like trouble but didn't rug do this 10 months ago
Steelier - 4 days ago
Kinda mad they put Uzi in the thumbnail and I watched this entire video just for him not to respond
Kaotic - 5 days ago
Typical Faze Jarvis, making his stupid ass faces in thumbnails
Boppsteady - 5 days ago
Y’all fucking funny 😁
Ajdel Arias
Ajdel Arias - 5 days ago
Clipbate god
Camila_ La.malaaa
Camila_ La.malaaa - 5 days ago
Lmfaooo Ksi 0$ mate 😹😹
Youssouf Traoré
Youssouf Traoré - 5 days ago
> profil page and comment report Facebook
Marco Tardino
Marco Tardino - 5 days ago
brutall granger?
Stalin Mesa
Stalin Mesa - 5 days ago
Killy lost his gengar chain in a hotel, but his new ryuk chain from deathnote is 🔥 along with lp8 and his upcoming album WITH FEATURES🌟🌟
Colton Joseph
Colton Joseph - 5 days ago
to bad Juice died otherwise he could dm him😭😭
Not Aura
Not Aura - 5 days ago
3:48 i had headphones in and i about shi myself
zotung ring tha
zotung ring tha - 6 days ago
Imagine dming SCARLXRD
YT-Blunt_ Magic211
YT-Blunt_ Magic211 - 6 days ago
Ill dm any rapper asking for a feature with out cash and ill get a quick response because my flows hit harder and I haven't dropped nothing except these punchlines yoo
YT-Blunt_ Magic211
YT-Blunt_ Magic211 - 6 days ago
Tyga saw your shit and like no way man hahahaha
YT-Blunt_ Magic211
YT-Blunt_ Magic211 - 6 days ago
And seriously they see your piece of shit song and just die of laughter ahahhaga
Paralyzers - 6 days ago
6:46 yoo ong I heard nutsack
Jared Schieber
Jared Schieber - 6 days ago
Bring back singing w faze
2bandzzz z
2bandzzz z - 6 days ago
The ending was random asf😂😂💻
zuni - 6 days ago
I really thought trippie would response, i mean he does a lot of feats and pushes very often
Conor Prettyman
Conor Prettyman - 6 days ago
This the dude that cried and made garbage music
Jesus Nuñez
Jesus Nuñez - 6 days ago
Bro Alex knows how to hit the dms😂😂💯
AM Crazy
AM Crazy - 6 days ago
Did you just say only 2million followers
YHN GkA - 7 days ago
I swear after you got banned, I knew ur channel was gonna hit!
yellowduckyism - 7 days ago
love that killy and bhabie responded 🔥
Medd - 7 days ago
the guy's on the left looks like PHOBIA ISAAC
Samarjeet Bhonsle
Samarjeet Bhonsle - 7 days ago
Mann I miss good ole Fortnite Jarvis, dude was a legend
LFC Are Crap
LFC Are Crap - 8 days ago
Putting ksi in the thumbnail like we wouldn’t notice
cameron walters
cameron walters - 8 days ago
ur music fr
dog shit tho
Mitchy Trix
Mitchy Trix - 8 days ago
7:41 Lets go PlatinINum
Tristan 124
Tristan 124 - 8 days ago
The population of Toronto In the year 2021 is 7 million people with a 0.94% increase population since 2017
Jones Robert
Jones Robert - 8 days ago
What would I have been without your help man *darkklord3* on telegram he is legit and straightforward I got my cc and he sells all darkweb stuff
Scooter Blake
Scooter Blake - 8 days ago
Why is Jarvis on 6ix9ines profile picture
BigDafyJose - 8 days ago
who else saw jarvis face as 69 pfp on 1:17
SmallNotebookBeats - 9 days ago
One day ima work with big artist . its my dream. Let me know what you think on my beats!
hoodpharmacist - 9 days ago
What about travis scott
Smoking With Jay
Smoking With Jay - 9 days ago
So nobody’s going to mention how he’s in KSI close friends 😂?
Neisha Kirkpatrixk
Neisha Kirkpatrixk - 9 days ago
G hrbo
Zaxy On 60fps
Zaxy On 60fps - 9 days ago
On the thumbnail he actually put ksi 😂
Euan Richardson
Euan Richardson - 9 days ago
I don’t think he realises that everyone rejected him... just in a really nice way 😂
Derek Reyes
Derek Reyes - 10 days ago
Bro where’s lil uzi vert
T0MM1 - 10 days ago
this kid will cry if u put some 🐱 on his face.
Amanda tiana
Amanda tiana - 10 days ago
All thanks to Goldvendor10 on telegram through the cashapp transfer I got from I was able to pay up my bills and my son's school bills...thanks a lot for this sir
Thangnou Samte
Thangnou Samte - 10 days ago
Im sorry for 69
Arturo Castro
Arturo Castro - 10 days ago
This white guy on the left Trina act cool and talk slang but he looking like a clown and sped 😂🤦🏽‍♂️
Aguilar Classic
Aguilar Classic - 7 days ago
Arturo Castro Thats God's plan
spudy swan
spudy swan - 10 days ago
Didn’t Travis delete his account
slaveofallah _
slaveofallah _ - 10 days ago
Ole E
Ole E - 10 days ago
why are you famous...
Alex Padilla
Alex Padilla - 11 days ago
Where is lil pump plz do part 2 plz
zxcvbnmkj masdfghjkl
zxcvbnmkj masdfghjkl - 11 days ago
Dude got the rat jumping on 6ix9ine’s profile
jonathan The savag3
jonathan The savag3 - 11 days ago
12:07 she fine be like 100K
Ethan Youngs
Ethan Youngs - 12 days ago
Is this the kid that got banned for aim bot
David Dalisay
David Dalisay - 13 days ago
10:00 skip it
Oleg Živković
Oleg Živković - 13 days ago
Follow instagram @olegzivkovic60
Cai Davies
Cai Davies - 13 days ago
Do some ket soon with me bro
gamingchallenges - 13 days ago
make a song for 2021
Andy Mantua
Andy Mantua - 13 days ago
Part 2👀?
Gamer Dude
Gamer Dude - 14 days ago
Go sub to gamer dude
Basketball Johnson
Basketball Johnson - 14 days ago
Anyone else notice Jarvis on 69 ig profile pic
EnVy Legend
EnVy Legend - 15 days ago
u should actually make some songs with dem
Bedo 0017
Bedo 0017 - 15 days ago
I wanted to see 69
KRAKEN Music - 15 days ago
waiting for the album fr🤓
Snowy Sneak
Snowy Sneak - 15 days ago
adapts nose is huge lol
Petya Hristeva
Petya Hristeva - 15 days ago
Really ? Where the fck is Eminem? He is THE GOAT 🐐
Petya Hristeva
Petya Hristeva - 12 days ago
@DREVINDRXPPI devin I don't agree. Its Em 😘
DREVINDRXPPI devin - 12 days ago
IT ACCUTALLY Xxxtentacion🐐🔥⛓
Iefan - 15 days ago
Khizar - 15 days ago
Trippie Redd
Trippie Redd - 16 days ago
So no one is gonna mention the rat thay popped up when they said 69? 🤣🤣
Unknown Mannion
Unknown Mannion - 16 days ago
Fortnite Official
Fortnite Official - 16 days ago
If XXXtentacion was still alive I would tell you to DM him
Lovely long legs
Lovely long legs - 16 days ago
Otniel Ricardo
Otniel Ricardo - 16 days ago
Where yall left yb tho
Aidan K
Aidan K - 16 days ago
i remember talking to this kid on sc before he became famous
Cai Davies
Cai Davies - 13 days ago
What was you doing ket with him yh
MoNo - 15 days ago
that1fish - 15 days ago
Jeremy Odhiambo
Jeremy Odhiambo - 16 days ago
Great Content bro.
Ze Clout
Ze Clout - 17 days ago
bruh that FBI sounded so real.
Got me looking at the door🤣
Sean Holley
Sean Holley - 17 days ago
Is this the aim bot kid?
Rahat Sowdagor
Rahat Sowdagor - 17 days ago
Thats good how they are agreeing with you to make a track
Rahat Sowdagor
Rahat Sowdagor - 17 days ago
Thats good how they responding to you.
Sincere Bandzzz
Sincere Bandzzz - 17 days ago
Damien Carey
Damien Carey - 17 days ago
"ok guys it's a couple days later" *has the same sweatshirt on*
Unboxing Web
Unboxing Web - 3 days ago
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Evan-sean Gorrie
Evan-sean Gorrie - 18 days ago
It's been a few days I'm in the same seat in the same cloths my guy beside had the brains to swap his t-shirt but it's been days
dylan grgic
dylan grgic - 18 days ago
No eminem mate u dont deserve any view when u miss out one of the biggest rapper of all time
Lil Keem
Lil Keem - 18 days ago
Nah jarvis you could of asked marshmello to take a pic of him without the bucket and expose him
huskeyboys Gaming
huskeyboys Gaming - 18 days ago
the funny thing is that he should sitting in the room every time he messages or DMS people he's sitting in the room at ZHC made on the wall he painted that for a prank on Jarvis
Mekal Harris
Mekal Harris - 18 days ago
No flight??