Popbob's FINAL Secret on 2b2t

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A 6 month journey comes to an end as we uncover one of the last secrets of the server's most notorious griefer.
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Additiona Footage/Images:
IronException (Render)
Homieonice (Instagram) - instagram.com/homieonice
Hyrule Warriors - Age of Calamity (Meditative Training, Lost Woods)
FFX - (Phantoms, Auron's Theme)
SMRPG - (Sewers)
Runtime: 12:27


Reiner Braun
Reiner Braun - Hour ago
“I burnt down a newbie’s house.”
“What did it cost?”
*”My bread”*
WolfieTho - 9 hours ago
Alex is a true legend
gabriel Rivera
gabriel Rivera - 15 hours ago
I have a ton of old maps and Ik my pack is older than wolfie
janpe - 20 hours ago
what client do you use FitMC?
MarkeseHallowe - Day ago
fitmc: *eats popbob bread* this is pretty good!
me: why did you just eat stale bread
MrSlas - Day ago
we want taste popbob Bread
Lizard Brains
Lizard Brains - Day ago
If this is real I got a theory what if Alex is popbob
mathius begay
mathius begay - Day ago
Lol story bout popbob was like a horror story
mathius begay
mathius begay - Day ago
And I was O_Juicy
Vlad Peterson
Vlad Peterson - Day ago
It’s not about the Freud it’s about sending a message
Nidas Nidas
Nidas Nidas - Day ago
“Popbob you son of a b*itch”
Abhraneel Dhar
Abhraneel Dhar - 2 days ago
Imagine stepping on a paper which contains the word " PopBob"
-Ew I stepped on shit
Renan Abrazaldo
Renan Abrazaldo - 2 days ago
Dude if popbob trolls and kill me I'm gonna get all the strongest hacks to kill and destroy him (:
BigToast420 - Day ago
sorry to burst your bubble bud, but popbob doesnt play on the server anymore...
Liza Basmayor
Liza Basmayor - 2 days ago
or exploded by a biggest nuke
Liza Basmayor
Liza Basmayor - 2 days ago
I thought that 2b2t's world is hited by a comet
IbeTedlebob - 2 days ago
Kent Guiller
Kent Guiller - 2 days ago
Everybody gangsta until Popbob opens the End Dimension
GrimReaperKing - 2 days ago
3 seconds 3 SECONDS until he said the line.
Sharon Creed
Sharon Creed - 2 days ago
9:37 fit i thought you where supposed to be family friendly?
BigToast420 - Day ago
It's 2b2t, of course its not family friendly
Mayte Martinez
Mayte Martinez - 2 days ago
Its not a bout winning, its about sending a message
filipgamer1241 - 2 days ago
9:35 never head him swear before
Henry Metcalfe
Henry Metcalfe - 2 days ago
6:59 is nobody going to talk about the fact that that is smooth stone, and it doesn’t exist in 1.12.2. Only existing in beta versions of the game
pablo - 2 days ago
currently going super saiyan while taking a shit watching this
Loose3Cannon - 3 days ago
I just turned around in-game cuz of the thunder. Bruh
H A Z Y - 3 days ago
What a server huh guys. The server with so much history you can literally make a history book about a Minecraft Server
Toby Carr
Toby Carr - 3 days ago
Loud MCBE - 3 days ago
Yo stop spamming
Toby Carr
Toby Carr - 3 days ago
Toby Carr
Toby Carr - 3 days ago
Vermillion Pengu
Vermillion Pengu - 3 days ago
Popbob is the closest we will ever get to real Herobrine.
Christian Johnson
Christian Johnson - 3 days ago
8:56 this platform looks like a cross
HDC Gamer
HDC Gamer - 3 days ago
popbob bread
Philidor - 3 days ago
Bad Ideas
Bad Ideas - 3 days ago
Are we just gonna glide by the fact that popbob was so dedicated to griefing that he literally triangulated a man's location with in game lightning strikes just to burn down a little shack?
Samuel Walker
Samuel Walker - 3 days ago
I love the FFX music man respect
BlueEngland - 3 days ago
How could "Alex" know that? Maybe they are popbob? That's just a theory, a 2b2t theory! Thanks for reading.
Kdogg 194
Kdogg 194 - 3 days ago
How is it illegal
Mr Beaver
Mr Beaver - 4 days ago
Donald Trump2020
Donald Trump2020 - 4 days ago
This is all staged and it pisses me off
guardian of the toasters
"last secrets of popbob"
Popbob in the corner: oh fit.... 15 thousand years had past and yet your still as naive as u are.
terabyte Blockman Go
terabyte Blockman Go - 4 days ago
I'll give 1k ems for some popbob bread
Muhammad Abdullah Atif
Muhammad Abdullah Atif - 4 days ago
haha my friend helped building popbobs base lol
alex Claveria
alex Claveria - 4 days ago
Now people know this place nooooooo
BigToast420 - Day ago
I greifed the portal months ago it is no more
shuckle king
shuckle king - 4 days ago
The lost woods music in the back round just fits so well
Damn Nigga.
Damn Nigga. - 4 days ago
The year is 2030.....**Ender portal opening sounds**
wheedler - 4 days ago
Al Gore Rhythm, please tell this story to people like me.
Evan and Charles Films
Evan and Charles Films - 4 days ago
I can see it now: *2b2t the movie*
Andy luzan
Andy luzan - 4 days ago
I remember there was this fake popbob except the o was 0 and he was saying he was gonna hack me and what not then the REAL ONE came and killed him XD
BigToast420 - Day ago
Exept that didn't happen because popbob hasnt playes 2b2t for 6 years
Tortillian - 4 days ago
i heard popbob is still out there TO THIS DAY!
Matyáš Trpišovský
Matyáš Trpišovský - 4 days ago
PopBob: returns
Everyone: we're in the endgame now
BLucky - 4 days ago
Wait how did popbob triangulate a player's position from the thunder audio?
Cloudy - 4 days ago
popbob = The Closest Player To Herobrine
BigToast420 - Day ago
actually just a regular player tho
Fathir MUH Channel
Fathir MUH Channel - 4 days ago
PopBob ist hacker I met her like 10 times and he destroys my house 10 time
Fitrimanan8 - 4 days ago
Plot twist: alex is actually popbob
Jezus Chrystus
Jezus Chrystus - 5 days ago
Popbob is the villan of old story one day he Will come back like madara in naruto
Brendan Wynne
Brendan Wynne - 5 days ago
this reminds me of the story behind the oak island treasure
Eugene Hong
Eugene Hong - 5 days ago
Fun fact popbob is a girl
Simon U
Simon U - 5 days ago
oh, im so sorry for your base 🥺😕
Catso -Roblox
Catso -Roblox - 5 days ago
maybe alex is popbob?
Gage Johnathan
Gage Johnathan - 5 days ago
This has One piece gold Roger written off.
Wow Dude
Wow Dude - 5 days ago
This was the saddest anime back story ever :(
Mateo - 6 days ago
Who else got griefed by popbob?
I didn't...
Mateo - Day ago
@BigToast420 I was supposed to say "didn't"
BigToast420 - Day ago
nope, you didnt.
SHEN MENG JIE Moe - 6 days ago
FitMC : Popbot you son of a b!sh
Me : My goodness
dsnty chi
dsnty chi - 6 days ago
*GASP* fit sed son of you know or i will get in trouble
Algonquin Llama
Algonquin Llama - 6 days ago
“He triangulated my position based on lightning strikes.”
We’re just gonna ignore this?
Doug Loremaster
Doug Loremaster - 3 days ago
It's an incredible exploit. And the reason lightning is no longer permitted on 2b2t. Highly recommend you check out fit's video on it.
Jericho Butler-Steele
Jericho Butler-Steele - 6 days ago
Pushpa Chettiar
Pushpa Chettiar - 7 days ago
How is it June 1st of 2020
Today's date is 15th January
TheGamingOptimism - 7 days ago
5:44 noone gonna talk about his flint and steel name?
PERKE - 7 days ago
2b2t server can make for an amazing anime stories
Hamish McPhee
Hamish McPhee - 7 days ago
Sharki YT
Sharki YT - 7 days ago
lol imagine if this guy is popbob and "Alex"
Holy Kirby
Holy Kirby - 7 days ago
Just imagine if pop on randomly logged on and destroyed everything
BigToast420 - Day ago
and how would he do that, he isnt a god, just a regular player
Leila Frazier
Leila Frazier - 7 days ago
BGamer 45
BGamer 45 - 7 days ago
That story was like: He broke my toy when I was little and I will never forgive him and get revenge for that
BGamer 45
BGamer 45 - 7 days ago
Wow, that someone gets the name Alex or Steve without a number or _ or X or something just Alex or Steve is probably the Rarest name
The TRITON - 7 days ago
Pop bob has made some legit impossible traps
BigToast420 - Day ago
no she hasnt
George Clarke
George Clarke - 7 days ago
It’s not about greifing, it’s about sending a message

HaVok_Games - 7 days ago
The best backstory in minecraft
Seth Orr
Seth Orr - 7 days ago
Any one else watch bruhify along with fit
Tao j3rt
Tao j3rt - 7 days ago
Popbob is french !
percyvael - 8 days ago
alex being the one to place the eye to activate the end portal noise is lowkey some anime plot-twist type shit
Kenny Mccormick
Kenny Mccormick - 8 days ago
monitization go brrrrrr
Skyler Raemhild
Skyler Raemhild - 8 days ago
Archeologist FitMc
Paragon Deku
Paragon Deku - 8 days ago
Popbob is a woman bro why are you calling her a man lmfao
Clayton - 8 days ago
So funny knowing the real guy only played for a couple months in total
BigToast420 - Day ago
the real girl*
Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez - 9 days ago
MMm fit you found my base mate
maesep - 9 days ago
A friend and I were playing on this shitty 2b2t clone when Jared2013 and Fit joined. I was hesitant to believe it was actually them but I went to spawn and saw them. Jared eventually started shit with us but it was actually funny, anyway I eventually left the server and my friend still played. If I recall correctly I was joking around about popbob before I left and while I was gone my friend sent me a screenshot that showed that a player named popbob had joined then left as soon as he joined. Not sure if it was actually him or if it was maybe somehow using a hack client to log into his account but pretty cool anyway
Joggie - 9 days ago
Popbob killed dream
BigToast420 - Day ago
what is this supposed to mean..
CedThev Gaming
CedThev Gaming - 9 days ago
galacticcentercore - 9 days ago
Fit is Popbob ;P
CF VanGuard
CF VanGuard - 9 days ago
9:35 I swear that sounds so fking dope
Dark Side &
Dark Side & - 9 days ago
He changed his skin and seems to be trans ?
Dog - 9 days ago
I like how my dude opens an ender chest and is like woah look at these items that totally aren’t mine
UnPoissonRouge_ - 9 days ago
popbob is a real legend in 2b2t dude
ABrxgeAlot _
ABrxgeAlot _ - 10 days ago
Ngl this looks kinda staged
BigToast420 - Day ago
I went to the portals myself, it isn't staged they are there, well not anymore cos i removed them xddd
OfirWasHere - 10 days ago
I know that block, see you soon
Super fruity
Super fruity - 10 days ago
Imagine eating eight year old bread
Train X
Train X - 10 days ago
I doubt it’s his last
Amelia the Ninetales
Amelia the Ninetales - 10 days ago
Imagine just selling PopBob bread as an actual product.
Crusader Pig
Crusader Pig - 10 days ago
You're story just make it personal.
Dayby-Playz - 10 days ago
this is my personal opinion but to hide as big of a secret as 2 end portals popbob was pretty smart probably the smartest player to date until dream came along
Brodin Roo
Brodin Roo - 11 days ago
I can easily become the most notorious griever