I Watched WandaVision Ep. 7 in 0.25x Speed and Here's What I Found

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Detailed shot-by-shot analysis of WandaVision Episode 7 at 0.25x speed. This episode was crazy!
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The Canadian Lad
The Canadian Lad - 5 days ago
The name's Agatha Harkness!
AhmedovUzb - Day ago
I found some mistakes from MCU films. How can I share them with you?
Cormac - 3 days ago
Cormac - 3 days ago
Cormac - 3 days ago
Cormac - 3 days ago
verity - 15 minutes ago
You know, when Agnes was revealed to be evil, I was like ok, I'll admit I didn't see that coming, but other than that I don't really care for her character. But then she said she killed sparky, and at that moment I was SO ready to throw hands
Itz_GalaxyMakes - 55 minutes ago
Im so excited to watch episode 8
Ritwin Jeevanandan
Ritwin Jeevanandan - 58 minutes ago
I think Mephisto is the husband of Agatha
serdy ximi
serdy ximi - Hour ago
theory: energy emitted that produces color matches the color and probably the effect of an infinity stone Wanda-reality, Agatha-power, Monica-space, presumed Darkhold-soul
Priyansh Chauhan
Priyansh Chauhan - 2 hours ago
I also watched ur video in 0:25x 😂😂
A Name
A Name - 3 hours ago
So basically billy is just Spiderman but only the spider sense
Cranky Grandma
Cranky Grandma - 3 hours ago
Sugar snaps was indeed a real cereal.
Aidan Gillespie
Aidan Gillespie - 3 hours ago
10:45 Why tf did he say "imposter" like that
Im Garbage
Im Garbage - 4 hours ago
Pause it, and you see there IS no mole... nothing is there... 3:55
Nafis Scott
Nafis Scott - 4 hours ago
You have to watch it with the subtitles on! Just do it
Akaya - 5 hours ago
i’m almost 100% sure vision has some kind of power
Sanjith_Gaming69 - 6 hours ago
3:48 did anyone notice Agnes is wearing a purple shirt?
tawnyad - 6 hours ago
I just noticed that Monica's eye shadow was blue just like the color of her eyes when she went through the hex.
Vix but Bricks
Vix but Bricks - 7 hours ago
This has been my favorite episode so far tbh
alecia hall
alecia hall - 7 hours ago
If you go back to when she was sent back to the “real world” , in the hospital if you have subtitles it says captain marvel
Ael - 7 hours ago
remember what Agatha said to the camera? that she said "I actually did bite a kid once." the kid what Agatha meant is on the milk carton, that's the kid is missing. sorry bad english, can't speak english actually.😄
Xr Clan ツ
Xr Clan ツ - 8 hours ago
Ashley Walters
Ashley Walters - 8 hours ago
The mail man is Agathas husband! The presto and bunny on his hat is a nod to a magician and the bunny Agatha was holding.
Samit Manjunath
Samit Manjunath - 8 hours ago
Quicksilver from wolverine
David Kearney
David Kearney - 8 hours ago
Isn’t this like the best show on TV right now?!?
Mariner Valley
Mariner Valley - 8 hours ago
There is a nano second at 6:19 right before 6:20 that we see a shadow of someone walking
(Edit) I think it could be the mail man as the sound guy?
Dave Groh
Dave Groh - 8 hours ago
Don't know if anyone mentioned this yet, but if you listen carefully to that "Do you think maybe this is what you deserve"... it's definitely not a man. It's Kathryn Hahn's voice and they altered it to deepen her voice to make it less recognizable as her. I thought that was a nice touch to keep us from figuring it out too soon. The scene in Agatha's theme song where we see Wanda having that "you're not supposed to talk" reaction to whoever is in the chair happens after that line, so we don't see/hear Agatha delivering it... but the fact that we see her there in the chair behind the camera proves it was Agatha all along.
The Canadian Lad
The Canadian Lad - 8 hours ago
Watch my latest video. :)
BklynBabe - 8 hours ago
The 4th Monica looks like the full black and white spectrum outfit.
Monica sees the purple haze energy when she reenters...
It's very likely Monica already had some form of her powers before reentry, her eyes almost glow for a second when she is laying in the grass and she didn't seem surprised at all to hear that she was changing. Maybe Carol tried to save Maria with her power and it affected Monica too.
Has anyone seen the rabbit and the mailman together? 🤔
Dottie Jones is definitely Arcanna Jones.
GalaxyINDORAPTOR - 9 hours ago
My theory is that, Agatha put the twins in different Universes, but Tommy was sent to a different Universe which was X men’s universe, thus still having his powers in that universe, he came to be quicksilver there. Also, his hair is long like quicksilver.
GalaxyINDORAPTOR - 9 hours ago
Like, if you support my theory
Karissa K
Karissa K - 9 hours ago
Maria is a skrull?
Jamie Pearson
Jamie Pearson - 9 hours ago
Theory: from your idea of Agatha’s husband being worse I believe that Ralph is Mephisto
That guy from Aggretsuko
That guy from Aggretsuko - 9 hours ago
11:55 you forgot to mention that was clearly a reference to the "Woman Yelling at a Cat" meme
Monica even did her best cat impression
Shadow Power
Shadow Power - 9 hours ago
What if Agana killed the dog because the dog was eating her flowers
SetArk - 10 hours ago
One thing about the episode.
The reveal that Hayward is preping to launch something into the Hex, from a camp just outside the HEX dosen't sit well with me with beeing a bombardment, a nuke, or anything like that.
Considering that he was studying vision body to try and recomission him, what about...
Haywards hates people with powers. He hates aliens. Probably, any kind of enhanced or mutants....
And he was studying the body of the most advanced android in the MCU.
Add to the possibility that he may have gotten some of Ultron drones, fuck maybe even he managed to get a hold on Ultrons Vibranium body that was supposed missing\destroyed with Sokovia, and the we may be seeing the first prototype for the Sentinels in the MCU.
Basically, Hayward = Trask.
Idk Idk
Idk Idk - 10 hours ago
Don’t forget that Pedro when Monica found the basement door was speaking nonsense
Owen Cheung
Owen Cheung - 11 hours ago
plot twist: ralph is mephisto
Neo Torchwick
Neo Torchwick - 11 hours ago
yo gabba gabba god i loved that show. i almost screamed when i saw it.
BlackJaguer - 11 hours ago
its called football
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv - 10 hours ago
Aghata all day
the running man
the running man - 11 hours ago
The only bad thing in wandavison is how the episodes end I wish they were longer
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv - 10 hours ago
I haven't even watch any episodes and yet here I am looking for spoilers and easter eggs
gwendolyn dunn
gwendolyn dunn - 11 hours ago
It was agatha all along!!
Sopato - 11 hours ago
I watch you because your voice is so chill xD
Jonathon Lastname
Jonathon Lastname - 12 hours ago
Also Sanka Coffee
Clips eclipse
Clips eclipse - 12 hours ago
I FEEL THE NEED (if you understand the sentence complete it)
70sbitch 1229
70sbitch 1229 - 12 hours ago
Maybe the book is something to with Ralph
Art By Záyn
Art By Záyn - 12 hours ago
Wandaaaa Charmed
Isaac Roman
Isaac Roman - 13 hours ago
Do you actually watch these in 0.25x speed? or is that an exaggeration
ASHISH KUMAR DAS - 13 hours ago
You just managed to make a 16.25 mins Episode explaining a 27 mins episode! Please come to India!
Marcmello - 13 hours ago
marvel so obviously showed that wanda wasnt the only one who made the hex
Sign Up
Sign Up - 13 hours ago
But want happened to the children I honestly enjoyed does character
L.J. Kettle-Spence
L.J. Kettle-Spence - 13 hours ago
hes rong he means nexus from fortnite nexus war the marvel season
Ashley D
Ashley D - 13 hours ago
Vision this whole episode: 🔵👄🔵
BATty - 14 hours ago
Blink - 14 hours ago
I haven't even watch any episodes and yet here I am looking for spoilers and easter eggs
Lego Man
Lego Man - 14 hours ago
Aghata all day
Sunil Shukla
Sunil Shukla - 15 hours ago
In real nobody cares of 🛑Spoilers🛑
I said nobody✋
TheRealPiplup - 15 hours ago
That quicksilver is played by Evan Peters I looked it up right as he asked
Dominic Amaro
Dominic Amaro - 15 hours ago
I'm pretty sure when Monica is going through the hex it shows her cape. In the freeze frame u have in the video in back of the present Monica it looks like a white sheet which could be her cape
MaddMonkey - 16 hours ago
So it’s basically the upside down except the next to edition?
Adamschannel 567
Adamschannel 567 - 17 hours ago
at 16:03 to give a thumbs up and grab the subscribe button but a few seconds water he says till next time im mephistio
Mysterious YouTuber
Mysterious YouTuber - 17 hours ago
I think that stork-like animal is a pheasant, at least that is what I think it is
DavZ NoT HerE
DavZ NoT HerE - 17 hours ago
The alarms went off when Pietro showed up. They only go off when something passes through the barrier. I think his body is real. The rest...
Paranormal blacktivity
Paranormal blacktivity - 17 hours ago
Bruh darcy gets to see every episode of wandavision AND was part of thor? Lucky
MacNCheese242 - 18 hours ago
Amelia Arbizo
Amelia Arbizo - 18 hours ago
Lol it looks like baymax im realizing now its just the window :b
Amelia Arbizo
Amelia Arbizo - 18 hours ago
OMG I FOUND AN EASTER EGG!!! when wanda talks go to the time 6:00, YOU SEE BAYMAX :0 CHECK IT OUT
Rajan Kunwar
Rajan Kunwar - 18 hours ago
Now I know why everybody watch this channel . Its been Agatha all along
River Merchant
River Merchant - 18 hours ago
some of the easter eggs being called out are just eyeroll worthy.
Wanda is from Europe so of course the Westview 9 news would have soccer.
CEFG101 - 18 hours ago
“Monica gains the power of Spectrum...”
Is it unreliable and not what you paid for?
JB And Son Knives
JB And Son Knives - 18 hours ago
I think Agnes rabbit is actually her cat with a spell to make it look like a rabbit just before Wanda goes in the basement the camera pans over to the rabbit and you can hear a cat purring
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv - 18 hours ago
Plot twist “Pietro” was actually Tommy from the future
meriç emre
meriç emre - 18 hours ago
Black Star
Black Star - 18 hours ago
12:02 you can see on the kids show two kids with the colors representing the twins(red and silver).
Black Star
Black Star - 18 hours ago
@zuygj bnsv well I just noticed it while seeing on regular speed for the first time. It was just my opinion not that I watch any episode twice or in .25 x speed
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv - 18 hours ago
Listen Buddy, we all wish Wandavision episodes were longer but I don’t think watching it at .25 speed is the answer
Christopher Leysath
Christopher Leysath - 19 hours ago
Anybody else got nostalgic when they showed Yo Gabba Gabba?
docweidner - 19 hours ago
Is it possible we get a mid credit scene because this is the 1st episode set in the same era that the mcu movies are set in period. Mid and post credit scenes really weren't a thing before that with the exception of a few films like Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
TTTJxD Vids - 19 hours ago
The missing thing was just a detail on every milk carton a few years ago so it is just a design detail
Tanuj - 20 hours ago
the postman guy is actually broadcasting he says "I am just a messenger".
Forrest_Ven - 20 hours ago
I think the missing kid is a easter egg to the missing kid on the milk carton in big
Louise Wade
Louise Wade - 20 hours ago
i assumed the Missing thing on the milk was related to Jimmy Woo's missing person.
DarrenJSeeley - 20 hours ago
Where is the Nexus Of All Realities located in the comics? Florida Everglades. Look just a for a second in the fridge and there is an actual real product there. Florida's Natural.
The book is a book we haven't seen yet in the MCU, although it could have been taken from Wong's library at Kamar-Taj, There is a book connected to Agatha Harkness in the comics "Tales Of Old Salem"
sanket kangane
sanket kangane - 20 hours ago
One of the side effects of Nexus is seizing your destiny I think it's like wanda or vision will seize their destiny in this series and nobody is talking about it
James Bond
James Bond - 20 hours ago
I thought wanda was from russia since her and her brother pietro both grew up in sokovia
albitto babu
albitto babu - 20 hours ago
Why is Monica eye turned purple while looking at basement
Ellen Barriga
Ellen Barriga - 21 hour ago
Well of course, William did. He barely gained his abilities the night before. Having complete control wouldn't have happened overnight. That was creepy. The moment William said that, my question was, is she dead? Since while she has years of experience over Wanda, she is definitely not powerful enough. Hitting someone once isn't actually beating someone up.
Crystal Cheng
Crystal Cheng - 21 hour ago
i knew she was sus the moment we never saw her husband but she talked about him all the time.
Rashmi Sathish
Rashmi Sathish - 21 hour ago
John wick will come after Agatha harkness cause she killed the puppy and that will be the entry of Keanu reeves in MCU
Arkthus - 21 hour ago
The Darkhold already exists in the MCU and can be seen in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Marvels' Runaways, so this cannot be the Darkhold, unless it has been transformed after Morgan gets sent back to the Dark Dimension. Or maybe the TV series take place in another dimension than the MCU then that dimension's Darkhold looks different than the MCU one, and It would also explains why there was no snap in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. : different dimension, different events, maybe in that dimension, Thor went for the head, thus saving the world from Thanos.
Maxwell - 22 hours ago
Listen Buddy, we all wish Wandavision episodes were longer but I don’t think watching it at .25 speed is the answer
JustSome_Warlock - 22 hours ago
What if quicksilver did actually travel from his universe but he got mind controlled by Agatha as soon as he got there. Which is why he kept asking questions to her and mocked her?!
ShakuMascarade - 23 hours ago
OH DANG I THINK NOW I KNOW! The mail man is Señor Scratchy... I mean, Nicholas Scratch! The rabbit on his hat, the affiliation with Harkness... he's her son!
Kaushal Kulkarni
Kaushal Kulkarni - 23 hours ago
Maybe the rabbit agatha is holding is that postman with rabbit hat...
Umpire Palpatonk
Umpire Palpatonk - 23 hours ago
Could the postman be Ralph?
A_14_Z - Day ago
Agatha is Violet Witch
Fury Mode
Fury Mode - Day ago
If Agatha's basement is in the real world wouldn't Wanda have the same clothes we saw in episode 5?
Dallas Gene
Dallas Gene - Day ago
And agartha harkness is old in the comics
Dallas Gene
Dallas Gene - Day ago
This hole season is beautiful 😞🤌 love it
Illios Manalo
Illios Manalo - Day ago
The reason why i love marvel. DETAILED
Breanna Casada
Breanna Casada - Day ago
Bruh, I think the mail man might be Senior Scratchy. The bunny logo on his hat in episode 7 and his awareness of Wanda confronting Monica, and I feel like the "don't shoot the messager" has something to do with him telling info to Agatha
Francis fw wells
Francis fw wells - Day ago
i think its not petro its a random guy how she gave powers to and made him think hes him
Qbco TV
Qbco TV - Day ago
I like your videos but not soccer. Its football.
Sandeep Surendran
Sandeep Surendran - Day ago
I believe Darcy being within the HEX has to have a bigger impact then just updating Vision about his past. I somehow feel she would be the one helping Monica understand what is going on with her and what her powers are capable of. Also you may need as much 'awakened' ppl on your side (within the HEX) as possible, if you are to fight Agatha Harkness and whoever is coming up!
Pratyush Kumar
Pratyush Kumar - Day ago
they teased that maybe vison and wanda are nexus being as pietro was knowing what happened to vison and he was able to recognise wanda despite pietro looked different implying wanda is a nexus and is same in all the realities
Fabian Dejesus
Fabian Dejesus - Day ago
Jasmine Ramirez :3
Jasmine Ramirez :3 - Day ago
AfroAndy - Day ago
She probably used her magic when she introduced her self to Wanda to make her music intro !