Let's go till some soil or try to πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈπŸ™‚

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** Ok guys, I wasn't sure if I was going to release this video just due to I wasn't sure if it was a fair representation due to field conditions, but I think I said that enough in the video, so people will understand.
** I feel really blessed that I have the opportunity to work with different manufacturers, and dealers and get to try different products. So thanks again to Canada Harvest West Centre and I look forward to trying it again in better conditions. πŸ™‚
** Hopefully we can do a "till down" with different types of high speed tillage, and do some in field comparisons. Especially since they seemed to have shut down all the farm shows due to covid.
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David Almeroth
David Almeroth - 20 days ago
I imagine farming equipment in the future involves an overhead transmitter that relays energy down from the ionosphere.
And work like this is done with vibration as opposed to mechanical blades and knives turning the soil
Tom Chaplin
Tom Chaplin - Month ago
Mike where is the rest of your men and tillage team ? you want 10 tractors & wide protills to make an impact on the job ! eat the job be the boss !!!!!!! TOM FROM THE UK
DLK HAY - Month ago
Mike is the 550 part of your dowery? should you have held out for a 620?
FarmerSchneck - Month ago
Literally every Reuben here in Eastern Ontario had those stupid harrows ripped off and thrown in the fencerow! First 50ft heliador showed up at a bto's farm this spring.
Parent of Twins
Parent of Twins - Month ago
What's up with the hydraulics? Usually they are faster when it is cold because the oil is thicker and the pressure is higher. I wonder if you have a plugged filter somewhere or one that is almost plugged because that's insanely slow.
Parent of Twins
Parent of Twins - Month ago
@Mike Mitchell Really. I really don't remember that being an issue growing up in Northern Wisconsin. Maybe it's the sands of time eroding away at my memory though. I know I don't miss visiting the outhouse when it's minus 25 F. Maybe I'm thinking wrong I would have thought the oil would have been warmed up when you were finished tilling but is that not the case?
Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell - Month ago
The Hyd are always stiffer/slower when cold.. When it gets to - 30 it could take 10mins to lift the front and loader on any tractor
Japio Steem
Japio Steem - Month ago
Please lieve som seed for the birds
GabyKatut - Month ago
Why you don*t tillage the entire field?
Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell - Month ago
Soil erosion and it drys it out
Christopher Alton Carlson
I know what cattails are, not just because I work for Duck Unlimited. Cattails are there to tell you you aren’t draining the swamp you’re farming isn’t drained well. Also, a 20 mile drive on a 550hp tractor on dry hard ground (bad for tool) really worth it? Also, how about you leave the cattails, they are good for habitat, eat up pollution, and are effective erosion control. I notice neighbors are hating, maybe get a cow? I grew up on a farm but having visited so many you guys get every square foot possible. I think the previous person doing tillage left that long swamp grass and cattails as a grassed waterway? You just barrel in and destroy all that erosion control. Also, if you’ve seen a slough, you know you cannot farm it. They usually have a bit of standing water, you can’t simply run over a slough with your tractor and call it good to go. It’s always going to be wet. So a., you’ll get crap crop, and you destroy one of the most productive ecosystems, for plants and wildlife. Not guys who drive their father in laws tractor 20 miles for kicks. You are a dork, and you really should read a book about conservation practices in farming. Long term you save money and save the few pieces of bird/duck habitat so you can shoot them later. I don’t mean to bastard. Farming used to be a bit harder than a walk in the park, bad backs and borderline deafness, as well as broken bones that healed badly because it was harvest. You know who really suck? Red River Valley sugar beet farmers. The only controlled market in farming, for an inferior product. The sugar is in the top 20% and it ain’t much compared to the left over hot beats ground up. A semi dumped a steaming load about 4 inches thick in the winter on interstate and it was steaming white crap. The majority of sugar beets. Sugar cane is what we should be buying. Maybe you should come to NW MN for some doo-ing this winter. We hit a slough, then show you what Lake Agazzi beach line looks like. Hint, rocks. Will u be my best friend? My dad would tell me minimum 5 hours if you fire up our old beast, the 8550 Allis. I guess you did 5 but mostly driving
Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell - Month ago
😳 😳That was the longest comment I think I have ever read on US-channel πŸ˜‚ Mine will be shorter! πŸ˜‚ First off, thanks for the feedback I really love feedback! I even love haters - tho I am not saying you are so calm down haha.. But with that said, I love the soil and I want to know what's under those cattails, the previous farmer may not have been very aggressive in his practices, where I am. If it's something I can farm and make some money awesome! If not, I ll seed something to it that likes the moisture and hay it. If not, then I ll leave it or drain it into a another bigger slough of mine, so I can go around less sloughs. Point is, I love what I do, I love the soil and I love improving the ground - whether that's using crop, grass, or whatever else is needed that also pays my bills - key point here.... Pay bills.. We all got them πŸ™‚πŸ‘Œ
flywelder - Month ago
Did you say you have to drive that tractor 20 mi to get to the field that you're going to work in? And who's property, who's fields, woods and frozen pond are you driving by to get to that field you're going to work in?
Doug Berry
Doug Berry - 2 months ago
So only tilling around the slews. I ask a lot of questions because I find this interesting. I’m not a farmer, but a gear head. I worked for Detroit Diesel for 42 years and spent the last 18 years in the states before retiring and moving back to Canada.
Doug Berry
Doug Berry - 2 months ago
Is this new ground up north?
Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell - 2 months ago
Yes, some of it
Dioclecio Sousa
Dioclecio Sousa - 2 months ago
how many million is this tractor?
Dioclecio Sousa
Dioclecio Sousa - 2 months ago
this in your opinion is the best tractor that exists?
thr8061 - 2 months ago
The biggest question for Ashtyn ... Why Mike?!?!?! (j/k)
Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell - 2 months ago
Hahaha I ask myself that every day! πŸ˜‚
ANARCHY - 2 months ago
This doesn't look like farming simulator 0.o
Fritz Hofmann
Fritz Hofmann - 2 months ago
Jack Mill
Jack Mill - 2 months ago
dog tailing in the cattails, just hate it when that happens.
Rx37Legacy - 2 months ago
Can you ever completely eliminate the slews or do they grow back every year in the same place?
Jack Oxford
Jack Oxford - 2 months ago
Looks like the plow is not suited for job
Flavio Uccia
Flavio Uccia - 2 months ago
LG Johansson
LG Johansson - 2 months ago
Look forward to Q&A with Ashtyn and that guy she marriedπŸ‘πŸ˜‚
POIreland - 2 months ago
Drop that Rubin 9 back Mike, they are outdated now by the Rubin 10 which is a far superior machine to the 9 for several different. Much easier implement control on the 10 and a lot less maintenance. Whats causing the plugging is the tines between the discs. Its slowing down the soil too much for the speed you're driving at then causing the plugging. Ive removed them before makes a hell of a difference. On the Rubin 10 you can get a lever on the side and turn the tines up out on the way. They are an awesome disc cultivator.
Ray White
Ray White - 2 months ago
Mike, how many U bolts have you replaced on that thing? Been having very bad luck with mine.. prefer the protill anyday.. also replacing the bearings.. what a pain
Anthony Kaeb
Anthony Kaeb - 2 months ago
He says "just a 20 mile move to the field, not a very long move". 🀣🀣🀣🀣
Stephen Ross
Stephen Ross - 2 months ago
Do you ever subsoil Mike ?
colin arnold
colin arnold - 2 months ago
they are very near a disc plough would you think, with that angle setting
Klipp Farmboy69
Klipp Farmboy69 - 2 months ago
What do you guys run for rock packers
colin arnold
colin arnold - 2 months ago
what was that bird that was following you, looking for mice that you disturbed
Trevor & Abby Yardley
Trevor & Abby Yardley - 2 months ago
That does look like a lot of fun! Always wished I could farm. My 14 year old son is making plans to. He has an interview with our local New Holland dealer. God bless you Mike, love your videos.
Piet Oosterhof
Piet Oosterhof - 2 months ago
Where are all thoos rocks coming from any way?
didjeramauk - 2 months ago
Loving the vids. Guessing you don't work the whole field then?
stumpjumper 2140
stumpjumper 2140 - 2 months ago
If any one Saskatchewan who did not have cat tails but have now it's Mike's fault he had no matches 😁😬 best you both from the uk
stumpjumper 2140
stumpjumper 2140 - 2 months ago
Lol only 3k to 4k of wet spots to go around πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
C G - 2 months ago
D M - 2 months ago
Mike I have a question...... why do you use miles, instead of km? Just curious as you
are in Canada.
Tractors 44
Tractors 44 - 2 months ago
very nice
Victor-Emmanuel - 2 months ago
Thanks for taking us along Mike πŸ‘Š
David Tekapa
David Tekapa - 2 months ago
Are you in NZ?
Greg Walter
Greg Walter - 2 months ago
Mike. Your videos are to long.
Greg Walter
Greg Walter - 2 months ago
@Mike Mitchell you’ll get better now. I’m sure of it
Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell - 2 months ago
@Greg Walter πŸ€”.... Well I appreciate the feedback Greg, so I actually did something that I have never done before, I spent 44mins counting and adding every video I have up on US-channel. I have a 169 Videos actually - which I didn't even know πŸ˜‚ and they added up to 2,497.66mins worth which = 14.78min long is the average video 😁
Greg Walter
Greg Walter - 2 months ago
@Mike Mitchell no way buddy. Everybody else’s is like 15-20. But noooo not mike. 37 min! Problem is at that point most of us just skip through most of the video.
Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell - 2 months ago
πŸ˜‚That's the first time anyone has ever told me that, it's always been "Mike, make them longer!" haha πŸ€·πŸ™‚
joseph mcneer
joseph mcneer - 2 months ago
Mike I have land in Jasper County,Iowa... And we still have corn on the ground, we have and are harvesting l
joseph mcneer
joseph mcneer - 2 months ago
I must say this is okay!! But this goes out to your brother,. I will be in the area in Jan. Give me a airport code? I have landed in grass with the SF-50!! And now have new struts and rubbers...
Jacob Lenting
Jacob Lenting - 2 months ago
How many acres do you farm..?.. do you own it all?..just wondering..
Gooblento - 2 months ago
That is not vertical tillage. Offset Multi/Speed Disc. and yeh man, two wheels arent enough aye
Making it Happen
Making it Happen - 2 months ago
The tiller seems to be stably built.
Jameson Quinn
Jameson Quinn - 2 months ago
I like it but it would not fit in my operating
George W.
George W. - 2 months ago
Dry plus no frost equals time for tillage.
iTz GwN Thomas
iTz GwN Thomas - 2 months ago
Tillage is cool!
John Marcusse
John Marcusse - 2 months ago
Mike u look good in a red tractor.
ROBERT THOMPSON - 2 months ago
Great video---would love to see the Q& A with Asthyn
Homan Farms
Homan Farms - 2 months ago
What is your farthest field
JACOB RAYMOND - 2 months ago
We chisel plow and feild cultivate everything every year
mazur0001 - 2 months ago
Witam ile masz hektarow ziemi??? Pozdro
David Mast
David Mast - 2 months ago
Mike good morning,
7:05 AM.
Setting at my kitchen table drinking my coffee and watch you do your farm work.
Mike you are always very educational, that is what makes you the best to watch.
Have a safe day and that is for everyone watching as well.
Jan0riz0r Der Maechtige
Jan0riz0r Der Maechtige - 2 months ago
am i the only one hearing him say " get the fuck ball out of the way " ? ;-) ur great mike , pls donΒ΄t ever change ... greets from germany
Crawford White
Crawford White - 2 months ago
looks very top heavy mate
Rollin Coal
Rollin Coal - 2 months ago
So Mike, have you ever tried to deep rip those sloughs? Pull a 5 or 7 shank deep ripper through the slough’s with the shanks ripping 30+ inches deep and maybe get the water to soak down deeper? Just wondering?!
Mike L
Mike L - 2 months ago
Mike I endured 6 political ads to watch this😩 it was worth it.
Chris Patten
Chris Patten - 2 months ago
'Operator' someone cool. Of course.
xuser48 - 2 months ago
How do you pronounce Xerox and xenon?
Les Peterson
Les Peterson - 2 months ago
Looks like you have a pet fly in your back window there
gilimeirom1 - 2 months ago
You need to check out the John Deere 2680H 45” (it’s Norwood 🀫)
Hope Aure
Hope Aure - 2 months ago
Hi Mike... Thank you for the ride along... Have a great weekend ❀️❀️❀️
petrosxp - 2 months ago
Mike ..! you have to take a drone so we all can see the patterns!!
Ville Hakanen
Ville Hakanen - 2 months ago
I don't quit get this. If you till waterways you'll ingrease erosion and they will get deeper every year. Or are your fields so flat there is no water erosion?
Larry Kluck
Larry Kluck - 2 months ago
That works great
Michael Brown
Michael Brown - 2 months ago
Geez Mike glad you had "Someone Cool" operating that Case. Where did you find him ? 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 Cheers Mate 🍻
plane iron
plane iron - 2 months ago
Rut Roh rol
Jb 1
Jb 1 - 2 months ago
I only read the comments that Mike responds to!! Lol
Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell - 2 months ago
Which is getting to be less due to the amount of them theses days πŸ˜‚πŸ€· This whole YouTubing thing is getting busy haha
farm.central. ohio
farm.central. ohio - 2 months ago
It's not like we want to know what color her undies are :) just some of the history
Mesh - 2 months ago
When a neighbour pulls out a lempkin we know hes going lumpking lol it just doesn’t work well in our soil types
Grant Hartley
Grant Hartley - 2 months ago
Thanks for your ride. It's not like you to be in front of the camera
Teackele Soepboer
Teackele Soepboer - 2 months ago
Jealous on you Mike, I think you got one of the cutest girls in Canada :D. Keep up the interesting videos and farm on. Regards from the Netherlands!
1DirtyMutt - 2 months ago
That thing looks FLIMSY compared to the Degelman…!
Yee Yee
Yee Yee - 2 months ago
Keep up the good work
russ snively
russ snively - 2 months ago
do not break the inlaws tractor
Raynona Bohrer
Raynona Bohrer - 2 months ago
Great video. Nice to have your sweetheart with you. I would like to hear her talk and talk about her experiences cuz I believe she's probably very intelligent. God bless you all.
Jim Kalmer
Jim Kalmer - 2 months ago
Farmer 306
Farmer 306 - 2 months ago
Thanks for sharing the vast knowledge of farming you have and giving an insight on how big scale farms get r' done!
I'm just a little guy in terms of acres but I share the same passion for farming.
Have yourselves a Merry Christams and Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to what the 2021 season brings for your videos! I got my popcorn ready haha
alberta farmer
alberta farmer - 2 months ago
Mike is harvest up there finished 100% for everybody?Did you prove that lentils can be grown up there somewhat sucessfully or not? Is it fairly good dirt in that area?Yes we want to know where Ashton is from.
Adrian K
Adrian K - 2 months ago
Fall tillage is one of the many great jobs on the farm love it
Antony Edge
Antony Edge - 2 months ago
so been using a loading shovel volvo ll150 e, jcb tele handlers
d b
d b - 2 months ago
that tool will take mud they have just a single big steel roller on the back instead of the small double roller down here
Antony Edge
Antony Edge - 2 months ago
been working in a quarryrg all my life for ecclesiastical supply to the upkeep of churches
Jonathan Osborne
Jonathan Osborne - 2 months ago
You and Ashton are a great people I love your videos q&a would be nice you have a safe day Mike God bless you all
Jordan Traxler
Jordan Traxler - 2 months ago
That looks like an absolute BLAST bustin them sloughs
Antony Edge
Antony Edge - 2 months ago
love to come over and see pal
Tom Shaw
Tom Shaw - 2 months ago
Dumb question maybe. Why cant you burn the cat tails and maybe kill the seed also
Tyler Stunkel
Tyler Stunkel - 2 months ago
Yo Mike this he feild you showed this on that travel video with your friend?
Farmer Lamb
Farmer Lamb - 2 months ago
Looks like 2 3pt linkage cultivators put on a folding frame
Laurie - 2 months ago
How come you don’t burn those slews after you have worked a fire break around them. Great video,thanks Retired Aussie farmer
Dave Zalinko
Dave Zalinko - 2 months ago
How many acres are you farming up north? Little different country then you and I are used to.
What are your plans for crops up there next yr?
Ernest Rollins
Ernest Rollins - 2 months ago
The term Recreational Tillage came to mind at first, and when you mentioned playing in the dirt with your Tonka trucks that confirmed it. πŸ˜‚
Porfirio Rivera
Porfirio Rivera - 2 months ago
Hey mike I have a question. How many crops a year do u guys do
Theo Roseboom-Ranch-Rimbey
Oh about 4 to 6 of 50 bushel canola a year. Farms pay for themselves here in half a season.
J.K.F. - 2 months ago
I would definitely have XM radio in the tractors, sprayers and harvesters.
Mark wilson
Mark wilson - 2 months ago
Most people have jolly jumper's, when the time is right the Mitchell's can put their children on the Lemkin. Bouncy bouncy bounce.
Matthew dowd
Matthew dowd - 2 months ago
Was that a massive vulcher flying next to ya at the 14:00 or so minute mark? Massive whatever it was. Have you run the Deere high speed tillage implement? Wonder how it compares with the lemken and the pro till..
Gert VC
Gert VC - 2 months ago
Now I would like to have a drone shot. To see what kind of obscure art you made in the field. Somewhere some aliens are looking down and be like " what did Mike just call us? You gotte be kidding me".
Cor Graveland
Cor Graveland - 2 months ago
Hey Mike & Ashtyn!, really nice to see something else, some good and sound tillage work in the slews and cavities, nice to see more of the soil you are farming at btw! Looks good.
Nice tillage tool this Lemken, nice European stuffπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‰ The birds seem to really like what you're doing as wellπŸ™‚
Looks good and the deep frost will do the rest throughout the winterπŸ‘Œ
Steve Boxum
Steve Boxum - 2 months ago
I hope you can try a new quad track out with the new 1200 monitor. Night and day difference from the POS 700
Kevin Burris
Kevin Burris - 2 months ago
Maybe, make a pass around those thick cat tails and then burn them before you work it