I Built My Fiancée A Glass Purse Case (De'arra Semi Purse Collection)

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De'arra Sparkly Purse Collection!!!
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De’arra: 24
Ken: 26
Runtime: 46:26


Devangeo Hicks
Devangeo Hicks - Month ago
De’arra buy
Ken build
He know the routine 😂
Antonio Paisley
Antonio Paisley - 11 days ago
@Miami Made it iuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
David Williams
David Williams - 15 days ago
@Tarneshia Archie PÃ
David Williams
David Williams - 15 days ago
@Tarneshia Archie see á
Seymone’s Life
Seymone’s Life - 18 days ago
@Miami Made it inn m dn
Educational and Spiritual Connection
The only Queen
The only Queen - 45 seconds ago
pretty💅no cap
Vibez with D'e
Vibez with D'e - Day ago
Please watch my videos y'all💕
Rozandy Giscombe
Rozandy Giscombe - Day ago
Just $66... with the amount of stuff y'all was putting in I thought it would have been like $100
Antoine Hilton
Antoine Hilton - 2 days ago
De'arra: Oh the cran..CRAN boo, CRAAAAN
Her cousin: *gurl alri gimme the damn drink* LMAOOOO
hi - 2 days ago
ken: gooooood morning!!!!
me: shut the hell up
Kaelub Smith
Kaelub Smith - 3 days ago
Been waiting since 2015
Robert Mom
Robert Mom - 3 days ago
Love you De'aara and Ken ❤️
Janae Hooker
Janae Hooker - 4 days ago
You guys should do the blind-folded water test taste challenge! 😱✨
S S - 4 days ago
When Ken said he’s good with his hands... Yeah buddy, WE know. 🤦🏻‍♀️
finallyanaccount - 5 days ago
Your dream two-story closet doll-sized. Enjoy.
Issa Qui
Issa Qui - 5 days ago
Ken It feel weird eating a chic fil a burger but not tacos? 😂
Nae Life As a Baddie
Nae Life As a Baddie - 7 days ago
sweetcoco28 - 8 days ago
How is house hunting going?
Nevaeh Holloway
Nevaeh Holloway - 8 days ago
omg all them packages like that is a lotpheww
Jacqueline Gil
Jacqueline Gil - 8 days ago
I had forgotten you lived in Georgia I was like ooooo Hawaiian chick f la and I live 5 minutes away 😂
Shanequa Mitchell
Shanequa Mitchell - 8 days ago
man how we gon get through this without vlogmas
Bria Rowe
Bria Rowe - 9 days ago
So nobody gon say nothing bout the thumbnail
Kyleishername82 - 10 days ago
If you’re giving away that desk. I’ll take it.
Machelle Simpson
Machelle Simpson - 10 days ago
They was just passing round food biting 😂😂
rt thomas
rt thomas - 10 days ago
De'arra acts and looks different from the easier videos. Is something going on?
SugaFree Siena
SugaFree Siena - 12 hours ago
Easier videos? What do you mean?
Latasha Rhodes
Latasha Rhodes - 11 days ago
Give him up to his passions you cannot morph into a different girl every week to meet his needs enjoy you.
Cupcake101 Cupcake101
Cupcake101 Cupcake101 - 11 days ago
They don’t call her dressing D for nun boo😂❤️
Nawal Sheikh
Nawal Sheikh - 11 days ago
Tracey H
Tracey H - 11 days ago
Amanda Andre
Amanda Andre - 11 days ago
looking back at it this is cringe
Erica Strickland
Erica Strickland - 11 days ago
Who is Malayah to them?
Life as Bre
Life as Bre - 12 days ago
3 3333333
Daily Life with BREE
Daily Life with BREE - 12 days ago
I notice a lot that I didn’t before I guess I was blind in love with y’all relationship... but dearra bae you can do better I know you love him boo but you are thee Beyoncé in the group and he is Michelle cut him loose ‼️‼️‼️🤪
True Lai Steppers
True Lai Steppers - 12 days ago
7:59 8:31
Mood. - 12 days ago
Gaming Channel
Gaming Channel - 12 days ago
can you do a 24 for hours in the car
Euphoria's Place
Euphoria's Place - 13 days ago
I know they be joking, but he’s mean to her sometimes!
Euphoria's Place
Euphoria's Place - 13 days ago
Her coat is fire!! 🔥
queen chadonnay
queen chadonnay - 13 days ago
29:02 yo boy Ken is good with his hands you know wat i mean🤦🏾‍♀️
Latasha Rhodes
Latasha Rhodes - 11 days ago
Lmfao 💀
Chyna Givens
Chyna Givens - 13 days ago
Not that the people who were always hating on De'arra and Ken commenting like they care about how De'arra. Y'all make me sick. Imagine taking precious time out of your day to say degrading shit that's not even accurate
SugaFree Siena
SugaFree Siena - 12 hours ago
I agree👏 a lot of these people are projecting their relationships or lack thereof onto ken and de'arra.
Kicks_and _tattoos
Kicks_and _tattoos - 13 days ago
When she said “almost 12 pm” and the camera fogged up 😂😂💀
Ava Muah Maylour
Ava Muah Maylour - 13 days ago
She whole ass dropped his package on the floor
AL’latrice 001
AL’latrice 001 - 13 days ago
C E - 13 days ago
Aaliyah Mc
Aaliyah Mc - 14 days ago
But they don’t have there rings on in this video also..... I keep looking bk at these videos to make sure I’m not tripping
Chandley Appolon
Chandley Appolon - 14 days ago
All ima say is she deserves Better.
Ashleigh Williams
Ashleigh Williams - 14 days ago
how u gon lose derra
Estherlynn Duqueney
Estherlynn Duqueney - 14 days ago
No us binge watching them 👁👄👁
House Of Aria Lynn
House Of Aria Lynn - 14 days ago
Can We Get A Link For The Case If Possible Thank You #newsubbie 😉
Alicia Ratliff
Alicia Ratliff - 14 days ago
Shouldn’t have built him nothin🙄
Nádia Aly Ibraimo
Nádia Aly Ibraimo - 10 days ago
They grow together, stop capin
Victoria Benoit
Victoria Benoit - 14 days ago
I died when he said the glass door need a lil oil! lmfaoooo
Shaniqua Mills
Shaniqua Mills - 15 days ago
"It will end in tears"a african proverb
Shaniqua Mills
Shaniqua Mills - 12 days ago
@Thato Nchela it be like that😭😂🤞
Thato Nchela
Thato Nchela - 12 days ago
Yoh 😭💀
Portia - 15 days ago
Leah dont wanna b n the vlogs. Respeck her privacy. Too self absorbed
SugaFree Siena
SugaFree Siena - 12 hours ago
She's getting more comfortable with the camera in my opinion. Besides, her and de'arra have a very close bond so if Leah was uncomfortable I'm sure she'd tell de'arra.
Portia - 9 days ago
@Bøbbie i think a cousin of dearra or a friends child. Im not sure
Bøbbie - 9 days ago
who is she to them?
Shuntia Epps
Shuntia Epps - 15 days ago
he blew her when ain't get her the sandwich
Bxby natania
Bxby natania - 15 days ago
Is it just me or I never seen a sparkly purse so I thought it was gonna be a regular purse but sparkles but hence I saw them i thought they were toys I was like 😯
Shelltoe John
Shelltoe John - 15 days ago
Arra D is a hoarder!
Linda Colquitt
Linda Colquitt - 15 days ago
I love all your looks!! Glad you inbrace your breast!!
Kee’z MY ASS
Kee’z MY ASS - 15 days ago
It’s the photoshopped thumbnail for me 🤦🏾‍♀️ she is beautiful... why so much work 😫 waist is already tiny compared to her butt no need.
chrissy.9 - 15 days ago
she’s not wearing her ring...
Jozelle Renia
Jozelle Renia - 15 days ago
Smh what kind of Chick-fil-A is that?!😕 Florida needs that
anxim.e - 15 days ago
"handy ken" mhm REALLL handy.. ifykyk
Carte Jones
Carte Jones - 15 days ago
Does anybody know there discord server fa amoug us😩???
Mizzy x Qua
Mizzy x Qua - 15 days ago
“Need a Lil oil”😂😂😂
SassyLady - 15 days ago
Deera is always serving looks🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
SassyLady - 15 days ago
This video was lit!!
RcOnna Davis
RcOnna Davis - 15 days ago
Bernice B
Bernice B - 15 days ago
Hi De'arra & Ken, great video!
honeybunns - 15 days ago
don't mind me, im just reminiscing
Dominique Baker
Dominique Baker - 15 days ago
I want to go to this chic fil a now but we don’t have that where I live 🙁
Vanessa Zayas
Vanessa Zayas - 15 days ago
It’s him disrespecting her body for me
Bia B.
Bia B. - 11 days ago
Pretty Levels
Pretty Levels - 16 days ago
Ion got nun of this stuff at my chick fil a
Iesha w
Iesha w - 16 days ago
Oh noooo that’s another warning sign don’t dismiss those small insults 🤨. Exactly get outta my face!!
Dixie and Noah updates
Dixie and Noah updates - 16 days ago
Ken I'm sad🥺
kel - 16 days ago
“DK gang be riding for me” AND DO!! ken wussgood??
Atena Rajaei Kermani
Atena Rajaei Kermani - 16 days ago
dearra after ordering 20 meals: “you not gonna get me no regular food?” I LOVE HER😂😂❤️❤️
Cloroxwipes Vibez
Cloroxwipes Vibez - 16 days ago
Everyone go watch my videos
Thebadkid Makayla
Thebadkid Makayla - 16 days ago
i am sorry for you eveything going to be ok
Roy Cuffee
Roy Cuffee - 16 days ago
These are two of the ugliest people I’ve ever seen I don’t see what all the hype is about!!!
Diva Boo
Diva Boo - 16 days ago
Patriotz - 16 days ago
Someone had to say it😭😂😂
Ronda Robbins
Ronda Robbins - 16 days ago
he's not cute 😒
MILI Tary - 15 days ago
He don’t have to buy ofc u will won’t him for his money
Kimora Bowes
Kimora Bowes - 16 days ago
I’m tripping or she got braces👀? I need to wear my glasses
M I.
M I. - 16 days ago
she got invisalign
Erica Miller
Erica Miller - 17 days ago
De'arra @17:11 when she slide that drink in 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Erica Miller
Erica Miller - 17 days ago
D gets so excited any time they about to get food 😂...Gotta love her ❤️
My Lovely Lexx
My Lovely Lexx - 17 days ago
Ken : your boy Ken really handy with his hands of Yk what I mean Yk what I mean 😂😂
First time I ever heard him say sum freaky 😂
markel adams
markel adams - 17 days ago
that backseat looks so uncomfortable
Shes A Sunshine Msp
Shes A Sunshine Msp - 17 days ago
He don't complete deals with me and he don't keep promises
I mean 👀 honestly you ain't lieing
And he needs to go
LipstickFoodie - 16 days ago
Purrr poo
Julie Velasquez
Julie Velasquez - 17 days ago
They forgot ur chicken burgers
From Our View Travel Vlog
We started our travel blog because we were happy to FINALLY see another black couple our age doing it!!! I’m hoping you guys are able to get through this difficult time somehow. A lot of people are watching. Good luck ☺️☺️💪🏾
iicookiez YT
iicookiez YT - 17 days ago
I love it how dearra just keeps on telling ken to order so much food 😭😭
Sariah - 17 days ago
chilllllle.....ima jus unfollow him on everything.
tevenn jones
tevenn jones - 17 days ago
Can we talk about the customer service at that Hawaiian Chik Fila 🙌🏾🙌🏾
Ani’yah - 17 days ago
De’aara : its not even that expensive
The price: $377🥲
Nene Love
Nene Love - 17 days ago
That house is a mess!!! Dam
TaShonna Erskin
TaShonna Erskin - 11 days ago
What she saiddddd....lol 😆 facccts
Ms. E
Ms. E - 15 days ago
Sha - 17 days ago
This why yall was in my recommended because some shit was about to go down
CureTheGrowl - 17 days ago
29:01.... did not age too well
الجنة - 17 days ago
ooooooo welll ummm..... who knew 2 weeks later stuff would happen huh? lmao
Brooklyn 1705
Brooklyn 1705 - 17 days ago
Ken face when derra was keep ordering😨😑
River-God - 17 days ago
You two should invest in a Chick-fil-A 😋
Aliya Murphy
Aliya Murphy - 17 days ago
You would make an amazing SOLO channel!!!!
Cynithia George
Cynithia George - 17 days ago
D do you know Qui from Qui and Ken?
Just US Girlz
Just US Girlz - 17 days ago
26:10😫😂😝 y’all so funny
Cynithia George
Cynithia George - 17 days ago
🤣Sis ordering EVERYThannngggg that was cheap I thought they were gonna hit $100/$200
Cynithia George
Cynithia George - 17 days ago
D is hilarious 🤣
It's Yah Girl
It's Yah Girl - 17 days ago
Use them flexi rods that bend
Niyah’s World
Niyah’s World - 17 days ago
i’m sad now..