Game Theory: Did Reddit Just SOLVE FNAF?

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You may be thinking, "Hey MatPat, don't we already know everything about Crying Child?" No, Theorists, we do NOT and you proved it! "Crying Child" is what we've referred to the victim of the Bite of '83 as since the beginning but that child has a name! A name I have figured out! This is one of the oldest mysteries of the franchise and I am sure that we've cracked it wide open! Theorists, no FNAF mystery will go unsolved as long as I am on the case.
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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
FNAF 6, No More Secrets ►
Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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EvanTubeGaming - 4 days ago
guess im the crying child guys
Top Knotch
Top Knotch - 3 days ago
I mean Evan made my childhood
Train guy 1 A
Train guy 1 A - 3 days ago
EvanTubeGaming huh funny WAIT
Bettina Sherwood
Bettina Sherwood - 3 days ago
if anyone remembered the bite of 83 FAN animation they didnt contain the voice lines of the accual fnaf actors also they didnt sound british
Bettina Sherwood
Bettina Sherwood - 3 days ago
@Jasmin Batajoy no that was never a name confirmed by scot that was the name of fans also gacha steros deciding to give him a name simular to c.c. scot never said his name was cgris. end of story
Sleepy Eliza
Sleepy Eliza - 3 days ago
who u?
jeric YouTuber vilas
jeric YouTuber vilas - 5 seconds ago
Caring kids name is is is is even after
Daniel Josh T. Limoso
Daniel Josh T. Limoso - Minute ago
I know that this isn't really related to the topic here but I would like to have a theory on little nightmares, especially on the story aspects of it. Now there are many theories in the internet about the story but I would love to see your opinions on it.
heheeimunknown - 9 minutes ago
But he said that he only had 3 page numbers. It could possibly be the name "Eva."
mr. healthy plant.
mr. healthy plant. - 13 minutes ago
I like chris afton more than Evan afton.
Andrew tech's vlogs and gaming
I have a friend named evan so does that mean he's the crying child??
ity_bitty_gypsy - 17 minutes ago
He didn’t sing the Fred Bear theme song....

*He didn’t sing the Fred Bear theme song*
Crazyjule24X - 23 minutes ago
Hey MatPat! You could fullfill your logo by making a new channel called "The Toy Theorists" or something. Just a suggestion.
doorhandle - 24 minutes ago
"FNAF solved!!"
Me: *sips tea* ..... Uh huh.
ContagiousVortex Productions
ContagiousVortex Productions - 26 minutes ago
Wait, then this means.. You guys thinking what im thinking?
mr. healthy plant.
mr. healthy plant. - 29 minutes ago
Wena Rose Marquez
Wena Rose Marquez - 33 minutes ago
We all know that crying child or cc is Christopher Henry afton
Albino Alien
Albino Alien - 25 minutes ago
@Wena Rose Marquez Yes
Wena Rose Marquez
Wena Rose Marquez - 28 minutes ago
Wait really!?
Albino Alien
Albino Alien - 30 minutes ago
No we dont
Ri _Quartz
Ri _Quartz - 36 minutes ago
I stayed up all night thinking about this
I understand that the people in this video have good guesses but I don’t trust the second one because the crying child can only talk in altered text from the book. If that’s how he can do that the why would he... first off use the magazine but not the text and second why would you use Micheals tallies to find the crying child’s name I just don’t think they fit. I understand why you would think to use the magazine on the foxy grid page because it’s foxy who is holding the grid page but I still don’t understand the tally bit. That is all I have I don’t have anything about how to find the name
Also just please ignore me if I’m wrong
COMPLEX RIOT - 38 minutes ago
Theory William Afton had an other child
Tia The Wolf
Tia The Wolf - 42 minutes ago
Uh- yo-
I love how scott just ruins the fnaf fandoms dreams by calling our lovely, murderous purple blob Vincent. Ugh. William. And now we're gonna crush out own dreams by accidentally solving our lil crybaby over here, Chris. Evan-
ItsQWERTZY016 - 44 minutes ago
エースAce - 49 minutes ago
Random thing but I feel like the foxy pages are relevant to finding his name because Michael was wearing a foxy mask to scare him? Idk, just a small stretch ig
Dead Inside
Dead Inside - 50 minutes ago
Ninja X
Ninja X - 52 minutes ago
I saw in Google is said he's name is norman
emma montez
emma montez - Hour ago
I wish he would make a theory on the little nightmares games
joshua kelly
joshua kelly - Hour ago
You aren't allowed to play with lore. You are my bible for Minecraft & FNAF
TMstefangaming2M - Hour ago
game theory you herd about fortnite x fnaf is a huge thing becos pepol actualy found in fortnite fiel FOXY FOOSTEPS so is realy posibel like epic games to colaborate with the number 1 game on steam section horror?? make a theory about it end tell us wath you think i think this wi ldestroy the valve VS epic games
Its S4B1L lol
Its S4B1L lol - Hour ago
But its a game
Mrs Krissy Fitzy
Mrs Krissy Fitzy - Hour ago
It’s chistopher
susguy231 - 53 minutes ago
There is no proof, no source, no canon element to prove that his name is Christopher. That is a fan-made name and is not part of the FNAF universe.
Seth Groves
Seth Groves - Hour ago
wellwhat lol
wellwhat lol - Hour ago
When u said cristmas it sounded like 'chris' mas
Joseph Hommel
Joseph Hommel - Hour ago
Matt I think William is the one doing the talking through the fredbear doll ;)
EXENOX - Hour ago
so I think "Mustard Man" at Willy Afton's house, the one who was kicked out of Jr's, is Willy Afton, why? because EVERY time we see afton, he is always in the shadows, hence the purple figure but in that minigame, he is shown in the light which is why he doesn't appear as a shadow
a bit of a stretch, I know but I'd like to believe it
Neil Nixon Omega
Neil Nixon Omega - Hour ago
My gest crist
gacha dummy
gacha dummy - Hour ago
I thought his name was chirs or Christopher Afton
susguy231 - 52 minutes ago
No thats fanmade its non-canon and no proof
Iva - Hour ago
ive been playing this game called phantom roe, could you please cover it please?
Em JayEm
Em JayEm - Hour ago
This must be old... the Morty thing .. I’m not here all the time but I very obviously and reasonably think of Pewdiepie and idk if he made the original jingle but lwiay def isn’t original.
O w O
O w O - Hour ago
I think crying child is cassidy 👁👄👁
Now let me tell you why
I think that maybe crying child is comunicating with.. crying child. Let me explain
First of all, what i think i crying child went through all 5 (and more) nights before the bite. I don't know why he would have been sick or needed an infusion. But I think the reason the crying child sees all those nightmare animatronics is this:
1. Michael. We know michael scared crying child. But at first, when he showed us a headless foxy, it wasn't like he was broken. It looks as if it was empty inside, or so I see. Most likely, William set up the station so he could talk to crying child while he was away. And since the only toy that was constantly next to him was that fredbear plush for this reason, most likely Michael took his other toys and gave them to their friends to put their heads on and scare his little brother together. That's how crying child got a fear for the original animatronics (foxy, chica, freddy, bonnie)
2. Trauma. One of the reasons crying child is afraid of animatronics is because of trauma. Most likely it's because of Elizabeth. Probably when crying child entered the room to go to her sister, Baby then killed Elizabeth. And probably because her job at the time was to kill, she couldn't prosecute that another child had entered the room. That's why we see Nightmare Fredbear and Nightmare with teeth around their bellies. Crying child is afraid that he will be eaten by animatronics like his sister was eaten
3. Antibiotics. We can see that crying child has an infusion by his bed. Obviously he was there for a reason. I don't think it was because of the bite, but crying child may have been ill. And antibiotics, especially the strong ones, can affect the brain, especially in boys (I know from personal experience). His combined fear and trauma plus antibiotics resulted in some hallucinations, these being nightmare animatronics
Because of antibiotics and probably because of the disease (where he began to lose blood, that's why we may see blood in his notebook), Cassidy began to have memory loss and dizziness. For this reason he began to ask questions of himself in the future, hoping that he would remember
Now some of you may say "but if so, why didn't he write from the beginning 'Your name is ...' or what happened to him?". That's because crying child didn't remeber on that moment. He hopes that after everything is over, he will be able to find out again who he is and what is happening
This is my theory that Cassidy is actually crying chil, and that all this time the two souls who owned Golden Freddy were actually one.
TheGamingParrot - Hour ago
Matpat: makes theory
Scott: that’s now part of the lore I’m running out of ideas
Mango_c00kie - Hour ago
mat pat: tries for years to solve fnaf
reddit: *im bout to end this man's whole career*
no seriously fnaf theory vids are so entertaining to watch
KeKe Oreo
KeKe Oreo - Hour ago
The beginning gave me pennywise vibes
Woopy Boi
Woopy Boi - Hour ago
Hey matpat so in into the pit william lays the children for every to see
in the foxy gogogogo minigame in fnaf 2 he does the same thing
you maybe saying "but that could be the backroom"
it isnt its invisible to the animatronics remember?
so this means that the foxy gogogo minigame is a flashback to 1985
i am not really that good of a fnaf theorist but hey maybe we will find out something using this new knowledge?
Devin Gibson
Devin Gibson - Hour ago
Okay first off you guys are amazing with game theory second the book will tell and I hope you in joy the fnaf book
Arnav Ganta
Arnav Ganta - Hour ago
Shadow ferrdy is crying child and his name is Chris
APEX - Hour ago
Maybe it's a girl ,and it's ava ,but she just have short hair and gender swipe 😅
APEX - 2 hours ago
I'm waiting for the day ,a guy will find a small detail somehow somewhere ,and bam ,everything is solved !
Elra Salamanca
Elra Salamanca - 2 hours ago
He used the wrong formula and got the right answer
skalaten dosent know?
skalaten dosent know? - 2 hours ago
skalaten dosent know?
@Tereza Švábová i don't know i just thought about it
Tereza Švábová
Tereza Švábová - Hour ago
But why? Nave isn't even a proper name
Laven Lofi
Laven Lofi - 2 hours ago
Can't wait for the 50th+ videos on FNAF lore because Scott JUST WON'T LET THE STORY END AFTER YEARS 🤠
Morgan - 2 hours ago
There's something that's been bugging me after watching dawko's interview with Scott. Dawko asked Scott which ending of fnaf 3 really happened, he didn't end up answering it but he did say the answer was 'complex." And that really bugs me because how would that be complex? It's either one ending or the other, right? No. I think there's an answer that nobody has thought of. What if both endings happened? This is just an example but what if sister location followed the events of the good ending and fnaf 2 followed the events of the good ending, it's probably not that specifically but I think it's an option worth considering. It would also explain why the franchise is so complicated lore wise. To quote you yourself "How can William afton be experimenting with remnant if he's sealed in a wall?!"
Maya Lee
Maya Lee - 2 hours ago
The Knight is the Knight no matter what. I still get enraged about that one, sorry -_-
Keanu Jaliens
Keanu Jaliens - 2 hours ago
its noah
Tereza Švábová
Tereza Švábová - Hour ago
My Universe Comics
My Universe Comics - 2 hours ago
*sigh* Here we go again...
Reading and Gaming
Reading and Gaming - 2 hours ago
I think it is Christopher afton
Tereza Švábová
Tereza Švábová - Hour ago
MIGUELRUNNER - 2 hours ago
"The one kid to have the first on screen death in the series"
Charlotte from fnaf 2 minigame: **sad puppet noises**
Tasha Parmelee
Tasha Parmelee - 2 hours ago
Hey I think I know why hollow knight is a higher being he is not a higher being he is a part of a higher being the hollow knight has void in him at the start so that's why he use his skills and with the heart of the void he has a God on his side i am referring to the God of void because the hollow knight was made with void but i can be wrong
Among - 2 hours ago
The crying child is chris afton
evan trevena
evan trevena - 2 hours ago
I'm fine with the name Evan. I'm coming for you game therost🙃😭
Logan Hill
Logan Hill - 2 hours ago
its crhis affton.
Tereza Švábová
Tereza Švábová - Hour ago
•ɢᴀᴍᴇʀ ᴀɪᴀ•シ
learn How to spell.
Moemoee - 2 hours ago
Matpat pleaseeeee do a theory on little nightmaress, theres so many unexplained things in that game i think it'd be cool if u can solve em hehe
Andre Gacho
Andre Gacho - 2 hours ago
Day 1 of asking game theory ro make a video about godzilla nes replay
Combine - 2 hours ago
How many "solved" videos can one person possibly make
the animator of games
the animator of games - 2 hours ago
I thought it was chris afton welp its evan
the animator of games
the animator of games - 2 hours ago
Wait theres more
•Emily•Bemily• - 2 hours ago
There is a change that Evan is crying child's name but we're just over thinking everything becouse the fnaf lore is so complex and we have been trying to figure it out for so long that we've forgotten how live
Dylan M
Dylan M - 2 hours ago
Ah yes another unwinable war
Hailey Delgado
Hailey Delgado - 2 hours ago
honestly i rather have a name then no name at this point. Also if you watch fnaf gacha you’ll know for some reason everyone calls the crying child chris, it annoys me!
asadjustasad - 2 hours ago
the child is me after dropping icecream ;)
Evan Murphy
Evan Murphy - 2 hours ago
wait i am too
Nightmare - 2 hours ago
Bruh I ain’t even know fnaf had a Reddit... can someone drop a link to it. It’s COVID, I like fnaf, and have hella time... lmao
ggbrandon69 - 2 hours ago
Wait its been so long sens i have whatch
Ben Wilcox
Ben Wilcox - 2 hours ago
6 years since fnaf 4?! Damn I’m old
AdamworldYT - 3 hours ago
Me:*watches the intro*
Me:hmmm... there,s nothing good anyways.(actually i am afraid)

Matpat:What the?
mohamed fawzy
mohamed fawzy - 3 hours ago
The crying child's name starts with a c
Amru Mubina
Amru Mubina - 3 hours ago
0:37 "open the cabbages"
Edu65 - 3 hours ago
MandJTV reference :)
Aniyah Bell
Aniyah Bell - 3 hours ago
Plzzz do little nightmares
ULTIMATE YOUTUBER and battlebots fights
2:45 no not really the animatronics took that spot in fnaf 3
Shadow Bonnie
Shadow Bonnie - 3 hours ago
I have a feeling that this after putting all these pieces together and looking in the the survival logbook and fazbear frights blackbird book that the name Evan is going to mean nothing. The only reason I say that is because if crying child died in the bite of 83 and possess Golden Freddy with Cassidy. How is he in the military/army if he is dead? And how could he have a kid if he is dead? But it is very unusual that the fact that Evan says that he has a brother named Michael and looks different, makes me question my thought.
Kuma - 3 hours ago
I like how he explains the theories so thoroughly that even if you don’t really like fnaf makes you want to listen and wanting for more
I play games
I play games - 3 hours ago
Am i the only one that noticed the MandJtv aspitapy intro??
Mohd Irwan Bin Abdullah
Mohd Irwan Bin Abdullah - 3 hours ago
the name is chris ;-;
Kenseigh Arthur
Kenseigh Arthur - 3 hours ago
Well crying child aka Evan or chris possess d shadow freddy
Jack • 50 years later
Jack • 50 years later - 3 hours ago
Imaginee being named jake
r0._ qw
r0._ qw - 3 hours ago
Anyone else waiting for him to do a little nightmares 2 theory
Kenseigh Arthur
Kenseigh Arthur - 3 hours ago
yuitr loing
yuitr loing - 3 hours ago
The fanf mystery is today’s equivalent of fermats last theorem
yuitr loing
yuitr loing - 3 hours ago
Oh mr vanoss u taste so good
Nathan Prindler
Nathan Prindler - 3 hours ago
Mat's disclaimer admitting to the use of bias for his thought experiments was such a relief to hear. Some videos have been pretty annoying. XD
Tatiana Rodriguez
Tatiana Rodriguez - 3 hours ago
You should do a theory on the Little Nightmares universe
Frezomere Seraphim
Frezomere Seraphim - 3 hours ago
Tally up your scores, I wish i had the logbook so i could try out some combinations. Evan seems like it could be the name of the crying child but why in the book would the name be of the father and not the kid. To find out the kid's name is probably going to need a LOT coming from the book. The name Cassidy took a lot to figure out, It seems like everything is on track but Evan might just be another clue to something else in the book, where else in the book can you plug letters into. and also there is more space in the foxy grid, maybe we shouldn't be adding everything, keep certain numbers separated.
shanelord doom
shanelord doom - 3 hours ago
People call the cry child chris
AstroCatts - 3 hours ago
Love fnaf! Could you please do a little nightmares 2 theory for the secret ending as well as a story line theory?
Frenie Newbear
Frenie Newbear - 3 hours ago
Hey, Matpat. Big fan. I'm not sure if I already told you this but I made a theory way back when FNAF: VR Help Wanted came out. In "The Curse of Dreadbear", after you beat a level of the game, you are taken to a bunker house where you can throw darts at three clown posters. Although it is super rare to spawn all three, if you managed to do this, the entire room becomes possessed by Golden Freddy hence the neon colors and the words "IT'S ME" in front of you.
Now, at the time, it was very confusing from a lore standpoint because we all were led to believe that Golden Freddy was in Hell tormenting William Afton aka the Purple Guy. However, Afton's spirit was spawn from the game and reborn as "Glitchtrap". (As you already know.) So, I believe that if he can somehow come back, then that means Cassidy aka Golden Freddy can too. When Special Delivery came out, specifically the trailer, there is a television screen in one of the rooms that flashes the words "IT'S ME" and the letter "C". I have a suspicion that the reason the animatronics in Special Delivery are escaping out into the real world is because Cassidy aka Golden Freddy is controlling them. The same way she was controlling them in Ultimate Custom Night.
So, what does this mean? Well, Special Delivery has officially brought Golden Freddy into the game. And while that is interesting on its own, there is something else that is even more interesting. Golden Freddy is standing! Granted, he's not standing very well but for the first time in FNAF history, he's standing on his own two feet. Not to mention, he is using Ballora's and Toy Freddy's game tactic.
We all used to think that he didn't have an endoskeleton which was why he was unable to roam around like the other animatronics. Instead, he just teleported and gave us hallucinations.
For those of you fans that are reading this and have watched Game Theory only a million times, you should know that Matpat made a theory about Golden Freddy being possessed by more than just one child. Well, I believe that those other children whoever they may be (Crying Child from FNAF 4), moved onto the afterlife like most of the other children. Sense Cassidy decided to stay, it could explain as to why Golden Freddy can now stand because now, he is being possessed by only one child. Maybe after William Afton returned from the grave yet again, Cassidy found a way to return as well. Maybe she will be in Security Breach controlling the Glamrock animatronics hoping to stop Glitchtrap and Vanny from starting the cycle all over again. Even though there is no evidence of Golden Freddy in Security Breach, we all know that it doesn't necessarily mean he won't somehow make an appearance. Maybe Golden Freddy is now acting as the Marionette giving gifts and giving life to the animatronics. If so, it would explain how Glamrock Freddy is fully aware and attempting to protect a child named "Gregory".
The reason I'm sharing this with everyone is because it's a theory I've been thinking about for a while and now that we see Golden Freddy in Special Delivery, I can't help but wonder if maybe I'm right. If I'm wrong, that's fine too. But it is still fascinating nonetheless. Anyway, I hope you'll see this Matpat and take it into consideration. If I'm right, great. But if I'm wrong, that's fine too. I just really wanted to share this with you to see what you would think. 💚💚💚
Gabriel Sch
Gabriel Sch - 3 hours ago
And new fnaf game didnt even came out
Cassie H
Cassie H - 3 hours ago
I feel weird but I also smile watching videos about golden freddy things because my name is Cassidy lol
aw s
aw s - 3 hours ago
This is like the 80th time fnaf was “solved”
Tia Bean
Tia Bean - 4 hours ago
The first 50 sec was kinda scary like dang its coll kind of scary
-Moon- - 4 hours ago
So I’m a bit late, but there’s another characters name I’d like to talk about. Mrs.Afton’s name. Please keep in mind that this could easily be 100% a coincidence. So if you look at a particular list of, “most common middle names in America”, you can find the names Elizabeth, William, and Micheal. (The name “Alan” is also there, which has the same balance of vowels and consonants as “Evan”, and in the same location.) And they’re across from eachother in this weird, overlapping way. So if you keep cross-referencing them, it seems that Mrs.Afton’s name is “Anne” or “Ann”. Give me a momment to copy-paste the list here...
Girls – USA Boys – USA
1. Marie/Maree 1. Alan
2. Anne/Ann 2. Michael
3. Lynn 3. James
4. Elizabeth 4. William
You could also see it as “Lynn” or, “Marie” or “Maree”, especially if you take into consideration “Alan” as well. I feel like Mrs.Afton is eventually going to be a bigger part of the story than she currently is as a reference from Ballora. Looking into the meanings behind the names, it seems “Ann/Anne” commonly means “grace”, which could be a reference to Ballora. “Lynn” commonly means “a body of water”, and “Marie/Maree” seems to mean, “star of the sea”.
If anyone has anything else to add, please go ahead. Can we try to get MatPat to see this theory? Or just more people? I don’t have access to any of the games or books, so I’m hoping someone who does can find any evidence to confirm or deny this, and I’m really hoping I’m right so we can finally have the entire Afton family named (aside from the community-given names for C.C and Mrs.Afton of Chris and Clara—which I have no problem with, by the way). Thank you for your time ^^
Xyphtic - 4 hours ago
scary intro
Neko person
Neko person - 4 hours ago
Have we all decided that Williams wife’s name is Clara or...?
Wrld of Snxgg
Wrld of Snxgg - 4 hours ago
Little nightmares 2 or 1 theories that would be very entertaining
Sapphire The dog
Sapphire The dog - 4 hours ago
Damn, Evan?
Reminds me of this channel I used to watch called Evantube. Good memories
alexia tefa
alexia tefa - 4 hours ago
Crying child names r Evan,Chris and C.C
Mkx_ninja_ blades
Mkx_ninja_ blades - 4 hours ago
Oh mr vanoss u taste so good
Alex Baliotti
Alex Baliotti - 4 hours ago
Theory: Michael Alton is actually the owner of a world famous spaghetti restaurant franchise located somewhere within Northern Ireland
Sam Claypool
Sam Claypool - 4 hours ago
Has anyone tried putting the bloodstain page numbers onto the foxy grid