MASHALLAH (Official Music Video) - fousey x Adam Saleh

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MashAllah (Official Music Video) - fousey x Adam Saleh
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FOUSEY - 3 days ago
MashAllah (Official Music Video) - fousey x Adam Saleh
Tfk Story
Tfk Story - 10 hours ago
I listened to this shit 3 time in a row bro thats how good they are ✨
Sleepy - 13 hours ago
Never make music again. This was awful.
nuh3250 - 13 hours ago
hey fousey betray adam saleh he is bad
ThatmanIlyas - Day ago
Salaam Yusuf aka Fousey, I would highly appreciate if you could acknowledge this message, my uncle is currently in the hospital in a very critical stage! All I'm asking from you is to use your platform and if you could kindly ask your audience to make dua for him if you have any further question you can reach out to me at my Instagram @thatmanilyas thanks
Hoze 1000
Hoze 1000 - Day ago
Imran Hasan
Imran Hasan - 58 minutes ago
MashaAllah brother fousey, good to see you smiling and happy. Peace & Blessings of Allah be upon you brother ! 😊❤️ Salaam ✌🏻
Zee Bat
Zee Bat - Hour ago
👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 25k for the shanta is accurate 😅😍
mystery vlog
mystery vlog - Hour ago
Mohamed Abdi
Mohamed Abdi - Hour ago
Hey let me get 1k thumbs before hits 1m
Z1_certz - 2 hours ago
wooow am impressed literaly fousey killed it his part wooow
Baam Clarke
Baam Clarke - 2 hours ago
Mind Of Frame
Mind Of Frame - 3 hours ago
This is the dopest track of 2021 so far
Mind Of Frame
Mind Of Frame - 3 hours ago
This is a smash hit
Yokasmiro - 4 hours ago
🔥 🔥
A. Rahimi
A. Rahimi - 5 hours ago
🔥🔥🔥 I’m surprised no lie
Shahir .C
Shahir .C - 5 hours ago
This actually 🔥 tho
Phillip Johnson
Phillip Johnson - 5 hours ago
I’m proud of you fousey,looking cute as hell maa shaa allah
ماشا ماشا
ماشا ماشا - 5 hours ago
Not too much haram😇
Dom - 5 hours ago
i fw it.
Vanraj Shiva
Vanraj Shiva - 6 hours ago
I love the song but there was too much autotune
sadaqat khan
sadaqat khan - 6 hours ago
Shouldn't use religious words in a song with music its not Islamic
Dnt disrespect dnt Cross the line for a little change n publicity
Allah gives rizq dnt selloutfor cheap keep the respect
M Sir
M Sir - 6 hours ago
catchy as hell
M Sir
M Sir - 6 hours ago
Carl atsin
Carl atsin - 7 hours ago
Amazing song!💯🎵🎶☺
Jorge Rivera
Jorge Rivera - 7 hours ago
What a banger way better then the Re-up big Fousey
Qas M
Qas M - 7 hours ago
Ngl loving this song i don't usually listen to YouTubers music but this is fire the energy of fousey is fire and Adam keep it up
canelo - 7 hours ago
Mohammed Sabeel
Mohammed Sabeel - 8 hours ago
How to make money of blessed words.. religion sells
ALI SALEH - 8 hours ago
mashallah yall trashhhhhh
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo - 8 hours ago
Emre Altintas
Emre Altintas - 9 hours ago
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo - 8 hours ago
It's poppin, but I'm worried it might be used as an ISIS recruitment video
hh _3zz
hh _3zz - 9 hours ago
Big banger love form the uk 🇬🇧 🥶
A ali
A ali - 10 hours ago
What the heck is goin on here get this down
Tee Jay
Tee Jay - 10 hours ago
This actually bangs
Ibrahim Ahmed
Ibrahim Ahmed - 10 hours ago
Nice loved it
Tfk Story
Tfk Story - 10 hours ago
PARIS supports you G 👏🏼
smajid127 - 10 hours ago
I like the main verse, but there are a few lines that sound haram (yummy snack, when we hook-up). Also people shouldn't listen to the song just because it's catchy, since God's name shouldn't be used in vain. Make sure the lyrics are relevant/beneficial to you.
Cold Smoke
Cold Smoke - 10 hours ago
im gonna be honest, I thought it was a normal song at first now ITS ON REPEAAATTTT
Breezy Omar
Breezy Omar - 11 hours ago
how the f are u guys this good bro keep up the work this shi fire
Filam Nation
Filam Nation - 11 hours ago
This is fire bro i keep listening it over and over haha
ishy khan
ishy khan - 11 hours ago
Mashallah to adam an fousy aboit 4 years ago they didn't think they would make it this far
Isi T
Isi T - 11 hours ago
Fake drake
ivanflores1253 - 12 hours ago
5 out of 10
slixVFX - 12 hours ago
Jiiyan Botani
Jiiyan Botani - 12 hours ago
Now I understand why there are California fires.
FOUSEY brings to much fire!
cthfungen - 12 hours ago
It's poppin, but I'm worried it might be used as an ISIS recruitment video
fatima yusuf
fatima yusuf - 12 hours ago
Hnsfam Ily
Hnsfam Ily - 12 hours ago
For the young crowd 👌🏻$$$$$$$$ .... intro was fire on top of fire
Christian Oroudjian
Christian Oroudjian - 12 hours ago
This is actually really good, great job guys !
Diamond Dias
Diamond Dias - 13 hours ago
Another song going to my play list🔥
Queen Lae
Queen Lae - 13 hours ago
Hahah cute
Djamal A
Djamal A - 13 hours ago
Samar Maq
Samar Maq - 13 hours ago
I watched this 100 times and the views never went up youtube is broken
Fanta Kaba
Fanta Kaba - 13 hours ago
Assalamu Alaikum Wa rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh. I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but for those of you who are muslim, music is haram to make and listen to. If you share this video, you get the sin of every single person who listens to it from you, even if you didn't make the song. Allah will forgive you if you didn't know inshallah, but if you did know inshallah, repent before it's too late.
The Qudsi hadith reads (that Allah said), "When My slave *intends* to do a *good deed* but he actually *does not do it* , I will record it for him as *one good deed*; but if *he does it* , I will write it for him as *ten good deeds in his favor*. In case he *intends* to do an *evil deed* , I will forgive that for him *as long* as he does *not* commit it. But if *he commits it* , I will record it for him as *one evil deed only* ." The Prophet sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam ( may Allah exalt his mention ) said, "The angels said, 'Our Lord, that slave of Yours intended to commit evil;' and Allah is more Knowing of him; then He (the Lord) said, 'Watch him; if he commits (evil), write it against him as one evil deed, and if he refrains from doing it, write it down for him as one good deed, for he desisted from doing it for My sake.'" [Muslim]
Victor Moonwinder
Victor Moonwinder - 13 hours ago
OMG. I love this. I really like the beats and the arabic theme. I sent this to my bestie in Palestine.
Rayan Elayoubi
Rayan Elayoubi - 13 hours ago
This lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Abdullah Mohammad
Abdullah Mohammad - 13 hours ago
Enemy to bestfriend this friendship is more than they hate
Yemeni rowhan videos
Yemeni rowhan videos - 14 hours ago
Fire fire fire fire fire fire fire 🔥
ali alktttab
ali alktttab - 14 hours ago
Jonesss - 14 hours ago
Its good 😁
Skinnies - 14 hours ago
Jesus Christ said I AM the way I AM the truth I AM the life nobody comes to the father but by me. Friends Jesus is the Only way to Heaven
Itz Zee
Itz Zee - 13 hours ago
May Allah swt guide🤲🏽☪️ur lost
ArdBossi 1
ArdBossi 1 - 15 hours ago
Glad to see you guys trending again
Funny UK TikToks
Funny UK TikToks - 15 hours ago
Nimo Salat
Nimo Salat - 16 hours ago
I love this song I love you Adam saleh
TASBIR ISLAM - 16 hours ago
These two single handedly brought middleeast to the mainstream no cap 🧢
OZIKOY - 16 hours ago
Faatimah Ishmael
Faatimah Ishmael - 16 hours ago
Abdi Nasrudiin
Abdi Nasrudiin - 17 hours ago
this is banger
Nxstral - 17 hours ago
Nice song u guys I love this
Tanjida Rahman
Tanjida Rahman - 17 hours ago
Inshallah were gonna make mashallah I feel amazing
Tanjida Rahman
Tanjida Rahman - 17 hours ago
This song is amazing good job
DexifyYT - 17 hours ago
Goes to hard
iram bibi
iram bibi - 18 hours ago
I legit can't stop listening to it,.. ITS JUST🔥🔥.
You both sounded great , keep it up!!
The Optizma
The Optizma - 18 hours ago
Even tho I’m late wallah this is good
Suraqa Ar
Suraqa Ar - 18 hours ago
Dead channel dead vocals
Sheikhanti - 18 hours ago
I liked it...crazy but guess what most of us liked the song i don’t care if you hate them it very good in my opinion it’s better than KSI
Sophia Bellakbira
Sophia Bellakbira - 19 hours ago
2:26 is my favorite part lol!! Anyone else catch that?
Laser Buzz
Laser Buzz - 19 hours ago
I can not stop watching it
Fumez On Yt
Fumez On Yt - 19 hours ago
I can’t stop watching this it’s sooooo good
JDoesodd - 19 hours ago
Adam killed his part, yousef... He shouldve just did the hook.. Or maybe... Not do the song lol
Mo Playz
Mo Playz - 20 hours ago
Oh my promise this is my best song bro
Mena Akrawi
Mena Akrawi - 20 hours ago
The best thing about this song is not just 🔥🔥🔥 it is but also the fact that how they were enemies but they reunited so much stronger and this song represents that too well .... but Fousey u killed it 👌🏻😊 # teamfousey ❤️
ola sharif
ola sharif - 20 hours ago
not me repeating this like 27101 times 😃
Abdi Muse
Abdi Muse - 20 hours ago
Ghady - 20 hours ago
25K for the what?
Manav Sahni
Manav Sahni - 20 hours ago
Let’s make this channel hit 100k in 3 months
My profile picture Will never change
Spread this song everywhere we need this to go viral 🔥
ATDSA - 21 hour ago
Ew this song is just 🗑️
Sunny Gill
Sunny Gill - 21 hour ago
Fousey Killed it in his part, I’m constantly listening to this on Spotify, I ain’t just saying this cuz I’m a fan of Fousey, I’ve never heard a YouTube make a song better than this, I swear on God, way better than Reyup🔥🔥🔥🔥
Nazrana Van Doorsen
Nazrana Van Doorsen - 21 hour ago
Mashallah ✨💫🌹🤗
Tekkerz - 22 hours ago
MashAllah I fell amazing inshallah they go make it
Hook Flix67
Hook Flix67 - 22 hours ago
They’re gonna milk the shit out of this song
khaled81 idris
khaled81 idris - 22 hours ago
Best song I heard on 2021 less gooooooooo.....💖👑😘...I'll trying to play it on my maths class soon 😂 less see the reaction of the teacher.
Kgigdd Bbvf4
Kgigdd Bbvf4 - 22 hours ago
Been streaming non stop lets get it to a million guys
Second Stargaming
Second Stargaming - 20 hours ago
Good luck probably take a decade
Kgigdd Bbvf4
Kgigdd Bbvf4 - 22 hours ago
We can get this to a million lets goo keep on streaming
officeel nani
officeel nani - 22 hours ago
Its ma sha allah
Tayob Hossain Fahad
Tayob Hossain Fahad - 23 hours ago
Can’t stop watching 🖤
Jack from the past
Jack from the past - Day ago
#onTrending mashallah yousef ur soo amazing . Inshallah ur gonna make it ! Letss gett ittt... ! ❤❤❤🔥😘🇮🇳
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo - Day ago
Fire, but I’m not gonna forget about the part that Fousey was scared on the statue 😂
Leon Vlogs
Leon Vlogs - Day ago
Omg I can't stop playing this over and over again it's sooo lit 😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥
Leon Vlogs
Leon Vlogs - Day ago
Views don't matter to me just the love ❤️
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo - Day ago
If you would’ve dropped this on the 10 mil page you’d be at half a million views by now
the1 Mehboob
the1 Mehboob - Day ago
Mashallah 😍
roy jam
roy jam - Day ago
Bruh you fell off so bad move on to something else
Bilal Daoudoon
Bilal Daoudoon - Day ago
I've listened to this like 30 times already it's soo fire 🔥🔥
Lol Illusionzz
Lol Illusionzz - Day ago
LAJ TV - Day ago
When Fousey Said he will come back harder he wasn't joking 🤔😮