Jake Paul KO's Nate Robinson! (LIVE REACTION)

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Goku Gohan
Goku Gohan - Month ago
Let’s go
Adam A
Adam A - Month ago
“Hopefully the vaccine will be out” I ain’t taking that shit for a virus with a 99.73% survival rate
ChocolateMePlease - Month ago
Wesley Warren
Wesley Warren - Month ago
Any one else not really buy this guys whole thing? Like he’s super nice but plays it like he knows more anyone else about boxing.
Joshua Rojas
Joshua Rojas - Month ago
lol taht was funny
Norman Bates
Norman Bates - Month ago
I love how un biased this man is, just straight details of what happened
Zack Gallieshaw
Zack Gallieshaw - Month ago
Sensei bruh please don’t get that vaccine
Byron ssgBD
Byron ssgBD - Month ago
He sure did shock the world
YouTube 1 NBA 0
Brinae Chanel
Brinae Chanel - Month ago
I Mean If Jake Fought Someone Who Trained The Same Amount Of Time That He Did Then I’d Give Him Credit ..But He Fought An Inexperienced Basketball Player Who Trained For A Short Period Of Time Soo ..
Talon - Month ago
Idk about this talk about jake vs ksi. I wanna see sensei vs jake.
GirraffePussy420 - Month ago
Being a good athlete means alot in certain sports but boxing is just as much mental as it is physical. Not everyone can just hop in a ring a be a pro. Playing basketball under the lights and fighting under the lights are 2 totally different things plus nate was street fighting, just rushing and pushing and like you said in Jake's sparring video that he wants you to run at him so he can counter with his right. Jake set a trap and nate took the bait.
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez - Month ago
Past years been nothing but Jake and Logan Paul videos, didn’t know this turn into a fan channel
Rodrigo Côrtes
Rodrigo Côrtes - Month ago
Nate fought horribly, just Joe Weller would still lose to him lol
dawsyn - Month ago
Ayo sensei can u go fight Jake and put his dumbass in his place ? 😂
Andrew Conn
Andrew Conn - Month ago
Ksi will legit get fucked up!!!! Cause Jake won’t stop training an he is only gonna get stronger faster an better.. an Ksi comes forward throwing them wild punches he is gonna get caught! No matter how much heart Ksi has you get hit on the button it’s nap time
German Cadenas
German Cadenas - Month ago
Honestly , jake has came a long way, I feel like he has much potential.
Kodz - Month ago
Who would win, Jake or KSI
Like for Jake🏆
Comment for KSI👑
Devin Seven
Devin Seven - Month ago
I hope Jake vs KSI happens in early 2021 like February or March
Simply Stubbs
Simply Stubbs - Month ago
Did anyone else try scratch that speck on his wall of your screen 😂😂😂
Mia Renata
Mia Renata - Month ago
Watch AVS In Focus EP, the 1st song "Motive" ✊🏻
Xen - Month ago
I mean technically ksi jake and Logan have fought you tubers and nba athletes only, so all of them haven’t had a real challenge yet.
FirstName - Month ago
Sensei vs Jake plz.
Jeus B
Jeus B - Month ago
Jake wasn’t the one who knocked him out, it was the floor.
JR Evans
JR Evans - Month ago
fyb_moises - Month ago
Do the tier list
Callum - Month ago
“Live reaction “
PorcuPlier - Month ago
8:02 There it is live reaction
WantedOne18 - Month ago
What’re your thoughts on him trying to fight Mcgregor?
mark jones
mark jones - Month ago
nate got played like a fiddle but not a very difficult fiddle thats for sure
Hamlet Montero
Hamlet Montero - Month ago
Basically all your Subscribers watched this Video man
Jeff Patton
Jeff Patton - Month ago
Sadly Nate Robinson is a puss ...lopsided fight
Logan Pool
Logan Pool - Month ago
👏🏽 Please 👏🏽 call 👏🏽 out 👏🏽 Jake 👏🏽 Paul
I’m tired of him fighting these 5’9 bums.
lone Starr
lone Starr - Month ago
Nick cannon must have been furious
Jorge Rosquete
Jorge Rosquete - Month ago
yes to the tier list but be honest tho!
OBS ANT - Month ago
Love how there’s always a excuse when it comes to jake 😂 no one can ever give the man props 🤦‍♂️
word in the streets
word in the streets - Month ago
Your screen is too small very hard to see the footage better luck next time
Ambrose - Month ago
I fucking hate Jake Paul and like Ksi but Ksi loses to Jake i am sure. Jake is just good
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia - Month ago
You can really see jakes skill this fight. When he threw that upper then close right hook and was ready to slip under that hook from Nate says it all.
NeilanBoy - Month ago
Tip, don’t talk so much about the fight before you show the fight, it literally makes people not need to watch the vid
Big Goose
Big Goose - Month ago
I think Jake would destroy KSI
random name
random name - Month ago
Ksi will be killed by jake
Duper Slapper
Duper Slapper - Month ago
Jake showed much more technique but took his year of training to face a short notice novice who had only the 2 month to practice.
What Would Grant Do
What Would Grant Do - Month ago
Both were fucking trash.....Jake calling himself a pro fighter is lol
Sign - Month ago
Why does faze sensei have a Osu merch
Bang Kao
Bang Kao - Month ago
Nate will never be the same ever again after that night.
nostunnaj - Month ago
jakes first hit was behind nates head, thats what made rhe whole fight go downhill.
Elijah Ebbert
Elijah Ebbert - Month ago
Nates walked in to it, what did you expect?
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name - Month ago
I thought the first punch that knocked down Nate Robinson the first time was behind the head because if unslow down the footage, it’s behind the ear, which is the same thing that happened to ksi vs Logan Paul. The punch on the back of ksi’s head caused a penalty and it was behind the ear. I was wondering if anyone could clarify this for me
Mark Robertson
Mark Robertson - Month ago
How are you in faze?
Bald Rabbit
Bald Rabbit - Month ago
Jake has really improved and KSI is a good boxer, when he fought Logan and when Logan uppercutted him twice and hit him twice in the back of the head and KSI didn’t get knocked out proves KSI is strong. Nate only had like 2 months of training and Jake knows boxing, so it was kinda obvious who would win, but KSI vs Jake Paul will be a very good and interesting fight.
Chris DudeDurian
Chris DudeDurian - Month ago
Went down like my bag when i drop it after a long day of school
Street Gamer
Street Gamer - Month ago
Is anyone going to talk about Tmartns comments to ksi 🤣🤣 on Twitter 2:01
Michael Donaldson
Michael Donaldson - Month ago
Personally I think Nate shouldn’t have agreed to fight
Jake has experience over Nate
Tobbepro16 - Month ago
Why TF is KSI talking? He fights like a windmill no joke, he seriously can't fight LMAO.... not jake fan btw, just saying
Ipsy 69
Ipsy 69 - Month ago
@TFEA everyone could look good in training... but ksi never applies it and just throws haymakers in an actual match
HunteR - Month ago
Sensei needs to finish jake
Chewy - Month ago
take notes KSI
Ryphex - Month ago
JAE FIZZ - Month ago
It’s like Nate forgot all his training, not to say I’d do any better but it seems like he’s having a tough time controlling his emotions since he’s constantly charging Jake gloves down and punching erratically. Good boxing is more like an advanced dance where you slowly try to figure your opponent out will constantly keeping your guard up and being tactical where/when throw your punches while maintaining your guard as well as setting it up to be out of your opponents striking distant or line of sight. Mixing up moves to throw your opponent out while performing faints or maneuvers to try and predict a repeated defensive maneuver in anticipation of landing a hard, possible KO strike. None of that Nate showed he went to basic street brawl instincts and that’s why he lost.
JAE FIZZ - Month ago
He deserves respect in the progress he’s come. He has potential for sure but its hard to listen to this very obvious amateur boxer and talks like a professional boxer since he gets a lot of views and probably decent purse sizes. Still if this man fought the pro’s like he talks like he does he would get smacked.
Wyatt Knutsen
Wyatt Knutsen - Month ago
Ive never seen a knockout that brutal. Then again i dont watch to much boxing but still
Brendon Baut
Brendon Baut - Month ago
Why don’t you call jake out ?
w khan
w khan - Month ago
come on that was back of the head
ANKU - Month ago
yeahhh yeahh let me put my face first before my punch then land it after getting punched on my face and lie down.
Jordi El Nino Polla
Jordi El Nino Polla - Month ago
jake didn't even hit him in the jaw, he knicked his forehead (weak bitch)
Aathik Rizvi
Aathik Rizvi - Month ago
Jake is fighting people who cant box .
Wtf is this shit
Tyler Ludlow
Tyler Ludlow - Month ago
Jake kinda T’d him up no lie
Mingo Benitez
Mingo Benitez - Month ago
This guys need s
To stop calling jake if they ain't gonna show any boxing skills
Tom Smith
Tom Smith - Month ago
It was a lucky punch that a novice fighter wasn't prepared for it's a simple as that
MrFinneser - Month ago
People really do be hyping up Nate when his training for this fight was ass he wasn't doing any headmovment drills
Shayan Tarefder
Shayan Tarefder - Month ago
Jake's strength is actually against people who rush him. Both gib and nate did that and every time they rushed at him he would deliver a hook or an overhand right while ducking. Hopefully ksi doesnt make the same mistake
Tank Gateo55
Tank Gateo55 - Month ago
Bruh he clearly hit the back of his head are you blind? You literally saw it in slow-no my man! 😂
Elijah Ebbert
Elijah Ebbert - Month ago
Doesn't matter, nate walked right into it. Legal punch
Adam Cram
Adam Cram - Month ago
Why haven't you had any fights??? Let's goooo!!!! You seem bothered you are not out there. Take on Jake
Adam Cram
Adam Cram - Month ago
that one kid you saw
that one kid you saw - Month ago
GatzfiX Design
GatzfiX Design - Month ago
they say slim fight a punching bag(fousey), jake is also the same but he is fighting a moving punching bag that likes to hug lmao 😂🤣
YvngWolvy - Month ago
Imagine Nate v. Deji ..... That would be funny af
GM7 - Month ago
I think the scariest thing for me is...we STILL don’t actually know how good Jake really is.... We all know how good Jake THINKS he is after beating Gib and now this KO....but for me Jake vs KSI I can see go both ways and it’s scary to think Jake might actually win...I just hope JJ trains like NEVER before and leans down and becomes a fucking beast...🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Nick H
Nick H - Month ago
Not a "Live Reaction" but good breakdown.
Blue Godzilla
Blue Godzilla - Month ago
KSI is going to be the first person Jake has fought that is the same height as him
Billy Cotton
Billy Cotton - Month ago
Nate needs some correct training, then book a fight with someone he knows he can beat up. It's a matter of self-respect, pride at this point. Plus everyone will want to see it, cause of the spectacle. Book Jake on one fight, and Nate on the undercard, and two famous retired fighter. Big PPV profits...
HAALO - Month ago
If sensi and Jake fight still tho Jake gonna loose still I’m still not seeing any thing crazy crazy here just crazy for Jake y’all know what I mean
Stephanie Paez
Stephanie Paez - Month ago
At 4:44 i think you meant jake, cause jake was the one that dropped his head after the faints and the jab to go for the clean punch.
Why does ksi talk so much shit but he still can’t sign it he contract? 😹
Vincent Jr.
Vincent Jr. - Month ago
Wat does OSU mean?
Jonathan Sanchez
Jonathan Sanchez - Month ago
Doesn’t seem like KSI and Nate Fight almost the same way lmaooo
Blake Averill
Blake Averill - Month ago
Jake lives rent free in your head
JT Football
JT Football - Month ago
This channel is all about jake Paul 😭😭
ethan spencer
ethan spencer - Month ago
Who else is for jake vs Ksi then winner vs faze sensi
SKOBY_VIZION - Month ago
Nate cant box, he shouldnt even have been in there. Jakes a turd for talking like he accomplished something
Tomas Ochoa
Tomas Ochoa - Month ago
Ohhhh lawd
Robert Crane
Robert Crane - Month ago
The more time KSI give Jake to train is bad for him. He should have fought him much sooner. Like not Gib. But now. With confidence. This is bad for KSI
Anonymous - Month ago
Nate robinson vs gib lets go lol
Grayhat - Month ago
Jake fighting with a broken nose is what make this fight special, you can tell it was broken to. I would never have to balls to fight with a broken nose.
rrothew95 - Month ago
He needs to fight a Boxer now. Fuck KSI. This fight would prove nothing
John Ritter
John Ritter - Month ago
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seeme - Month ago
Jake has only been fighting people who never boxed or , and ksi has been fighting good fighters.
Elijah Ebbert
Elijah Ebbert - Month ago
Nate called him out you clown
CroWetta - Month ago
Honestly, have to admit he did good but I really want to either see him VS JJ or an actual boxer! XD If he can survive haha
D-Kota - Month ago
Imagine have sensei critique you with his sorry ass style lol
Jordan Rainwater
Jordan Rainwater - Month ago
Jake would have done the same to JJ
Jordan Rainwater
Jordan Rainwater - Month ago
Haha JJ will swing like Nate. Isn’t that what he did last time?
Bubucachoo 08
Bubucachoo 08 - Month ago
Nate was running in not giving Jake a chance to set anything up, Jake adapted an over came 🔥
Hashsham Gondal
Hashsham Gondal - Month ago
hunderd percent release a tier list video 🙌
Daniel Phillips
Daniel Phillips - Month ago
Nates trainer needs to be fired
TheBigMoose - Month ago
Jj needs to work on his defence to win this one