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We are a family farm located in west central Minnesota. est. 1918
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Laura Boyle
Laura Boyle - 9 days ago
Laura Boyle
Laura Boyle - 9 days ago
Laura Boyle
Laura Boyle - 9 days ago
Laura Boyle
Laura Boyle - 9 days ago
Scott Masker
Scott Masker - 18 days ago
Great Oakleys. What model are they?
Paul Lucas
Paul Lucas - 20 days ago
amazing how much equipment you need to run a big farm like this.... You guys are amazing all behind the scenes issues are incredible you need to be a jack of all trades.
S Tex
S Tex - 21 day ago
I wish my great grandpa could see that tractor, he would swear the aliens had landed. Wow!
david jr Locilento
david jr Locilento - 25 days ago
You guys need to try and Get your farm on farm Sim 21 or 19 at least
Scott Sasser
Scott Sasser - Month ago
Maybe they should put a camera on there so when it builds it starts to build up with mud you can stop quicker to clean it out
Scott Sasser
Scott Sasser - Month ago
Why is it you use a ditcher in the rain or the snow wouldn't it be better if you just used it when it was dirt dry you wouldn't b**** so much then would you I do like your videos though you need more of them
robnotstr8 - Month ago
I realise I'm watching this video over a month after it was uploaded.....but what the hell were you doing shoving your hand into the ditch digger with the machine still rotating?
Les Mason
Les Mason - Month ago
Get well soon niki prayers for you and the larsons
Big Red
Big Red - Month ago
Circa $300k to $400k 'depending on specifications' big boys toy. Unbelievable but true even hardware as large as this still gets stolen too regular. How? I has no idea.
Sarah Bell
Sarah Bell - Month ago
You need a 9rx
Sarah Bell
Sarah Bell - Month ago
Nice vid
Dave McNutt
Dave McNutt - Month ago
Why are you throwing dirt from one side of the field to the other?
Lee Goldman
Lee Goldman - Month ago
Chet I noticed you reached inside the new ditcher to remove some frozen mud while the fan wheel was still in motion, I know you know what you are doing, but my Dad who was very experienced in his craft lost his complete right hand doing a similar thing you did in this video, I just don't want to see you get hurt always safety first I enjoy your videos very much keep bringing them and we will keep watching...
Greg Schonbachler
Greg Schonbachler - Month ago
Love the Green Machines and how you all mess with each other
Rick Pederson
Rick Pederson - Month ago
Do most farms get demos this often , or is it because of your social media
Augustus Drane
Augustus Drane - Month ago
Y'all sound like ur from Canada. I'm from Florida btw
Andrew Kennedy
Andrew Kennedy - Month ago
John Deere 8 RX $436,000 US new, i like my Mitsubishi Mirage 3 cylinder 1.2 liter better than most hybrid mpg
Justin Poole
Justin Poole - Month ago
Watch them shoot out... Now watch them shoot right back in.... Now they are all going backwards eh ?
SB - Month ago
Love the Green and I bet Millennial Farmer does as well!
Matt Goon
Matt Goon - Month ago
My thoughts and prayers are with you and Nicole. Your channel is great I've learned a lot about how much work goes into farming during all seasons
Jason Oconnor
Jason Oconnor - 2 months ago
Why does a Deere run so good? -----there's a Cat chasing it @ 9.40
DSc DR KEL - 2 months ago
your videos are getting boring **same oh --same silly giggle***tell us more about the farm***COMMAND STRUCTURE ETC. *THE HNIC**I am more interested how a farm that large operates**who buys the products. give us some info.***DR KEL
The SearcherMan
The SearcherMan - 2 months ago
Is that a $500,000 tractor? Thanks for the video!
iBelieve - 2 months ago
thomas white
thomas white - 2 months ago
Sorry about your wife got there churchs praying for you my man
Michel Tisdale
Michel Tisdale - 2 months ago
too much talking? communication is a wonderful thing!
Andy Sukosd
Andy Sukosd - 2 months ago
Great video
Ryan Sattler
Ryan Sattler - 2 months ago
Can you guys tell me what you use on your equipment to keep them shiny and clean? What products do you use? You guys should do a video on equipment detailing and the products you guys use. Very impressed with the care of your equipment.
Frank Raimbault
Frank Raimbault - 2 months ago
Sry I’m from the Ik and we don’t do ditching so I’m wondering what’s the point of it
kb94596 - 2 months ago
5:06 Big Swede activates the real big swede and Chet offers to give him a moment of privacy.
Bob The cow
Bob The cow - 2 months ago
its worst because its green
Eoin Gilsenan
Eoin Gilsenan - 2 months ago
Be a great tractor for maybe scraping the yard after milking. After that do see much use for it
Eric MacMillan
Eric MacMillan - 2 months ago
Sending Nikki and your family our prayers!
Wallace Loan
Wallace Loan - 2 months ago
That is some yoke and some ditcher. She sounds sweet and the ditcher has some distance thrower Wow. Praying for Nikki and you Chet at this difficult time. Hope the Docs sort Nikki quickly and its not cancer. Great video
Nicloas. Smith
Nicloas. Smith - 2 months ago
Agricultural farming is quite interesting but very stressful, but really don't know how people make alot profit from it.
Günter Ernst Fischer
Günter Ernst Fischer - 2 months ago
@Morris Elizabeth let me give them a try.
Morris Elizabeth
Morris Elizabeth - 2 months ago
All this scammer's always ask you to send money, paragoninvest on telegram are legitimate.
王磊李秀英 - 2 months ago
@Mayson Jake I'm 22 can I invest?
Mayson Jake
Mayson Jake - 2 months ago
@Evan Ludovic send a message to them on telegram @paragoninvest. note: paragoninvest won't ask you to send money or coin to them.
Evan Ludovic
Evan Ludovic - 2 months ago
@Jessie Margaret do I need any qualifications? I have $5000 to invest.
Smooch Mcguire
Smooch Mcguire - 2 months ago
Great video thanks again
Leon van der Weide
Leon van der Weide - 2 months ago
Love the setup! And you guys look like kids in a candystore haha! Can't blame you, what a unit. And thanks Chet for the detailed explaination!
twothreebravo - 2 months ago
I haven't heard anyone say "PRiNDLe" in close to 20 years, I didn't think kids would know what that was.
Limerickman - 2 months ago
Trying to demo two very different new equipment at the same time is difficult to get a full feeling of it capabilities and deficients, especially when you have a massager to distract you.
Austin Folk
Austin Folk - 2 months ago
My uncle delivered the 8tx to u
Austin Folk
Austin Folk - 2 months ago
jl Highfield
jl Highfield - 2 months ago
drive one home for only 436k, wow
EHanson814 - 2 months ago
He has you on the PRNDL LOL
Bill Anderson
Bill Anderson - 2 months ago
Why does everyone keep wishing Nicole the best? Obviously from the sound of it she is sick but how do you all know that? I didn't see it mentioned in a video?
Steven Middagh
Steven Middagh - 2 months ago
You are way late. Mn milliniall farmer had one this spring.
Keribi - 2 months ago
Something new and different to break!!! Don't try to steer it without hydro, could break off the steering wheel.
Rob Cooper
Rob Cooper - 2 months ago
Trade up to the X9 combine so you can get the new seat.
Jan ŽATECKÝ - 2 months ago
What is the machine gut for making ditchis in field why? Dont get the point
Виктор Абошенко
Джон Дир рулит реально
Francis Francis
Francis Francis - 2 months ago
Randy Trenary
Randy Trenary - 2 months ago
Any updates on Nicole?
NDSportsman NDSportsman
NDSportsman NDSportsman - 2 months ago
Thoughts and prayers are with you and Nicole.
Phillip Fuhrman
Phillip Fuhrman - 2 months ago
I love your videos keep up the good work 👍
Rose White
Rose White - 2 months ago
What exactly is that dirt thrower doing? I'm not a faramer so no idea why you throw dirt up in the air!
Michael Ward
Michael Ward - 2 months ago
Please update us on Nicole. Prayers for good news. God is the great Physican. Love both of your channels.
Colin Wirtz
Colin Wirtz - 2 months ago
Hope your wife is doing good
Christopher O'Meara
Christopher O'Meara - 2 months ago
Much love and Prayers for Niki..
jceades1950 - 2 months ago
Sending the very best of wishes for Nicole and for a speedy recovery, and hope that you will update your Larson Farms friends as time goes on. Isn't it amazing... when one watches videos two or three times a week from people who you feel have become your friends, they do in fact become friends, and you care very much when they are having difficulties. Hope we will continue to hear from you both. Prayers ongoing for good times ahead!
UFO Video Addicts
UFO Video Addicts - 2 months ago
your video came up in my feed.
farming is very interesting.
i have a channel about ufos and other conspiracies the government tries to hide.
check me out.
vivian zuniga
vivian zuniga - 2 months ago
Is Nicole ok?
El viejoperro
El viejoperro - 2 months ago
Hello, hear some news your wife is not doing well??, my best wishes and prayers goes for her and U!!!
Shawn Hokanson
Shawn Hokanson - 2 months ago
I really enjoy watching all your videos BIG Thank you to Nicole for all her hard work !
Paul Westerfield
Paul Westerfield - 2 months ago
We love your outgoing music Nicole!
Jeff Forsyth
Jeff Forsyth - 2 months ago
Over from Cole the Corn Star page - Prayers to your wife for health and peace to all the Larson clan.
Irvin Wittmeier
Irvin Wittmeier - 2 months ago
Salamander 772
Salamander 772 - 2 months ago
How old is Chet? I am legit thinking he is in high school.
kb94596 - 2 months ago
he's 25 i think...
Stan Kohl
Stan Kohl - 2 months ago
I saw on Cole the Cornstar that your wife may be having some health issues. Very sorry to hear that and she will most defiantly be in our prayers. Feel better real soon Nicole, we surely will miss your talents.
Chris Gossman
Chris Gossman - 2 months ago
Praying for Nicole.
Randy Levesque
Randy Levesque - 2 months ago
HAy bud what happened to your wife sending prayers for Aroostook county maine buddy
JM Farming
JM Farming - 2 months ago
How come John Deere didn't think of "stick of joy" when designing the command pro joystick? 😂
SCS Sarge
SCS Sarge - 2 months ago
We heard from brian's farm that Nicole Larson's has medical problems thus would like to add our prayers to you Nicole and family in comfort and wishing you the best in recovery from Benalla Victoria Australia.
Cathy Williams
Cathy Williams - 2 months ago
I’m new to your page. Daddy Corn Star sent me. He said your wife needs our prayers. You got them. Glad the corn star family sent me your way. Love Chicago Grandma
Robert JD
Robert JD - 2 months ago
Time to add the 8rx to the stable. Over a 5 year lease it works out cheaper than keeping a dodge on the road.
David Ziebell
David Ziebell - 2 months ago
I think you’ll enjoy it I’ve driven an 8rx 410 and I think they are alright one thing I found though was when turning on the headland of a field the front axle was a little shuddery other than that it was good and that’s coming from a CaseIH guy
Yhwhtlc - 2 months ago
Livin in my namesake town I think is pretty cool (yes my last name),,,,,and farming is way si much more, everyone that you help, ,it amazes me all the heavy equipment that it takes....many blessings to you.
drew istheone
drew istheone - 2 months ago
This is the first time I really noticed your Minnesota accents.
Gavin Gist
Gavin Gist - 2 months ago
Hope wife is ok
Sandra Clark
Sandra Clark - 2 months ago
I hope Nicole is doing better. I sure appreciate her efforts to edit the videos. Praying for you.
Kathleen Green
Kathleen Green - 2 months ago
Prayers for you wife. Get well soon. Love the prairie ditches.
Keith Farms
Keith Farms - 2 months ago
Chet hope your little woman gets better. From your friends up in Canada.
Michael McClure
Michael McClure - 2 months ago
Prayers for Nikki
Vinny Pinatelli
Vinny Pinatelli - 2 months ago
Praying for you your wife and family man dont know what's going on but just heard from coop the cornstar she isn't doing good hope everything is ok much love from me and my family!!! Prayers are with you my brother
thedizzle 27t
thedizzle 27t - 2 months ago
Praying for you Nikki and Chet!
Cynthia Arnold
Cynthia Arnold - 2 months ago
Heard on Cole the Cornstar your wife is ill. May God wrap his healing arms around your wife. Prayers.
Bryan Dixon
Bryan Dixon - 2 months ago
Chet i hope Nikki is doing alright prayers
mcd5082 - 2 months ago
My favorite tractor on the market
Shawn Maesch
Shawn Maesch - 2 months ago
Sandi Schraut
Sandi Schraut - 2 months ago
Wet sticky mud. Ewwww.
A.B.L. - 2 months ago
Heard about your wife while watching the cornstar family, thoughts and prayers from our house to yours.
MAD ANGERS TV - 2 months ago
Has anyone noticed that they have the same exact equipment as mm farmer
Justin Hughes
Justin Hughes - 2 months ago
sorry about your wife
CuriousEarthMan - 2 months ago
praying for Nikki's well-being and for her to make a full and speedy recovery. Her beautiful spirit comes through her words, her humor and her kindness. My heart goes out to her and the whole Larson family. Please get well, dear-heart, we miss you! :)
Lynne Perg
Lynne Perg - 2 months ago
The Cornstars asked for prayers for you folks. Just wanted you to know that I'm adding prayers from Michigan. Take care,stay safe and God bless.
Roger Hacker
Roger Hacker - 2 months ago
Chet I've just seen on other sites, that your wife is Ill, my wife and I are wishing her the best. I hope it's not the covid, Our family has has been toched by that virus. Hoping the best for your family. LATER!!!!!!
DoubleEagle Ace
DoubleEagle Ace - 2 months ago
Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Nikki!
SuperMellow21 - 2 months ago
Over from Coles farm wishing your wife love and light and hoping she has quick recovery. Greetings to all the family too x
James H
James H - 2 months ago
I seen cooper say something on their channel today (cole the cornstar) about keepong Nicole in oir thoughts and prayer?! Hope everything is okay? Praying for her and the entire family!!! God bless