I Spent $150,000 On This Pokémon Card

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That was intense... love you Gary thank you!!
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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.
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10 Hours Looney
10 Hours Looney - Minute ago
How do I ban this channel??
TraverseDrip28 - 3 minutes ago
Bro not joking right but change your cover on YouTube if you’re gonna skip 2 weeks of uploading, been waiting for you and you’ve been poppin off recently, tf man
Tommy Stott
Tommy Stott - 8 minutes ago
$150,000.....a quarter of a million?
Bosup G
Bosup G - 12 minutes ago
* clout * * money *
jojofynn mensah
jojofynn mensah - 50 minutes ago
Your beard ain’t shaves Logan
Sioptixx - 50 minutes ago
Comedy gold
S4yko R6
S4yko R6 - Hour ago
Até o Rezende tem mais inscrito q vc
Jackson Kruse
Jackson Kruse - Hour ago
8:35 you know I love you, but please never dab again 😭
Malte Oftedal - Elev Rödebyskolan 7C
Am sitting here would not even pay 10 dollars on a card and Logan buys a card for 150 000 dollars 😐
Justin Tovar
Justin Tovar - Hour ago
Dude he hasn't posted:(
Renegade Ray
Renegade Ray - 2 hours ago
joker e
joker e - 2 hours ago
Was it really fake ?
doulingo bird
doulingo bird - 2 hours ago
Hey guys
Edwin Alvarenga
Edwin Alvarenga - 3 hours ago
Lana should have offers head
Jess reddan
Jess reddan - 3 hours ago
My name is Logan as well
Deadshot22lucas _
Deadshot22lucas _ - 3 hours ago
The gen 1 originals were reproduced
Making them lose their value
Deadshot22lucas _
Deadshot22lucas _ - 3 hours ago
He scammed you
Brayden Paolini
Brayden Paolini - 4 hours ago
Lana don’t give a shit
Murkuri- - 4 hours ago
Are we gonna just ignore Lana in the back?
Big Gamer
Big Gamer - 4 hours ago
Great job flexing in front of millions of people
Big Gamer
Big Gamer - 2 hours ago
@DavzTv ik
DavzTv - 3 hours ago
It’s fake
WeeBLAZE4321 - 4 hours ago
Logan asked how you used to
Nolan Olson
Nolan Olson - 4 hours ago
Missed this channel
Asher O
Asher O - 4 hours ago
Bruh why doesn't Gary have a safe to put all his cards in. Like if you get fire or something your F'd
Hover Squad
Hover Squad - 5 hours ago
Rip your card
The gamer Anthony
The gamer Anthony - 5 hours ago
I got something better
Tanner Scanlan
Tanner Scanlan - 5 hours ago
I think I like the new logan paul
Raulsays Hi
Raulsays Hi - 5 hours ago
Logan you should hear about coin collecting most of us probably hold a penny worth more than 1 cent maybe even more than 100 tHOUSAND DOLLARS
hrs- fade
hrs- fade - 5 hours ago
Master12babe - 6 hours ago
Mr beast would be like... I’ll give you a million dollars for that card
DavzTv - 3 hours ago
Me he would give him a city😂😂 Pleasse subscribe to me😁
Nazik Doll
Nazik Doll - 6 hours ago
So nobody is gonna talk about why he hasn't uploaded for two weeks? Like he missed a Halloween video damnnn. Everybody broke up like wtf is happening in the maverick house
AARYAN TIBREWALA - 6 hours ago
Logan paul is best
DavzTv - 3 hours ago
Shut up No he isnt 😂😭
Daniel - 7 hours ago
when you realise that your house is cheaper than some pokemon card
Chloe - 7 hours ago
All these simps in the comment section...
Kenneth Robinson
Kenneth Robinson - 7 hours ago
I like that at the beginning of this episode dude says I'm investing in this card...and then tells Gary he'll never sell the card LOL
Yanpretman - 7 hours ago
"I dont feel bad about it" lmao neither would I for 150k lmaaaaao
Malik Hawil
Malik Hawil - 7 hours ago
Malik Hawil
Malik Hawil - 7 hours ago
Kyle Mcgonigle
Kyle Mcgonigle - 7 hours ago
What about the card that only 2 in the world ??
HelloItsVG - 8 hours ago
I remember I used to collect Pokemon Cards hahaha
Powering CC
Powering CC - 8 hours ago
logan pauk is ring
Powering CC
Powering CC - 8 hours ago
ツT͜͡G͜͡U͜͡ - 8 hours ago
Dawg my girls cousins just named her new born maverick. Feel special Logan.
DavzTv - 3 hours ago
Shut up Who the fuck names their child maverick Only nitbags do it
Gmoneysweat TTV
Gmoneysweat TTV - 8 hours ago
Did anyone see Lana in the back she could care less
On Tour With Dridgers
On Tour With Dridgers - 8 hours ago
Daniel Kyle Dormer
Daniel Kyle Dormer - 9 hours ago
When is your next boxing fight logan
DavzTv - 3 hours ago
He isn’t gonna reply to you
Izaia Mcallister
Izaia Mcallister - 9 hours ago
Only to find out it's fake and he got scammed
joost m
joost m - 9 hours ago
Octavio Moreno
Octavio Moreno - 9 hours ago
You fucking asshole
DavzTv - 3 hours ago
@Javanni Lang shit the fuck up He is a fucking asshole
Javanni Lang
Javanni Lang - 8 hours ago
Yo chill hes stupid but chill
Carlos Silva
Carlos Silva - 9 hours ago
I got a 9 million dollar card u want it
DavzTv - 2 hours ago
No I don’t😂😂
Oliver woe
Oliver woe - 9 hours ago
I have same Charizard lol
Ech0 - 9 hours ago
Plot twist: It was fake
CrazyTv - 9 hours ago
i would sell everything right away
jacob kulesa
jacob kulesa - 9 hours ago
Does anyone have advice for a kid who wants to start vloging
Banana Goblin
Banana Goblin - 9 hours ago
Yay he was scammed! My man Gary
P4rt1n - 9 hours ago
The Hub
The Hub - 10 hours ago
lolololol ur so dum
Jeff Crisafulli
Jeff Crisafulli - 10 hours ago
Or one of you guys does.
Jeff Crisafulli
Jeff Crisafulli - 10 hours ago
Cant watch ur videos cause they remind me of tik tok.
TEZ BARBER - 10 hours ago
Ppl really think he keeps these cards in his house 😂😂😂😂 he obviously keeps them in a safe deposit box or bank 🏦 come on folks get real!
Nunyo Biz
Nunyo Biz - 10 hours ago
150 thousand dollars for a 3x3 inch piece of paper? I would have grabbed that briefcase faster than a rabbit with its tail on fire 🔥
TEZ BARBER - 10 hours ago
Yooo man This is some proper good shitttt!!!!!
Nunyo Biz
Nunyo Biz - 10 hours ago
Why does Logan look so gaunt?? Definitely sniffing way to much coke. That’s obvious but he should still get help with it before the addiction takes over his entire life.
Nunyo Biz
Nunyo Biz - 10 hours ago
I’m confused? Did Logan Paul get rich from his parents or from social media? And how did he do this? Can someone please tell me?
DarkForest - 10 hours ago
Wow, money is like everything for Logan
xeon - 10 hours ago
This man looks like dirk nowitzki
steve187 - 11 hours ago
So much emotion for one stupid card 😁💳
Edward Campos
Edward Campos - 11 hours ago
oofsie - 11 hours ago
logan quit youtube because of pokemon
Alexis - 12 hours ago
Hey tell your babysitter to behave like a 35 year old dude thats what he is . Instead of being acting like a child . You too man, grow the f up . You becoming boring af
Entropic101 - 12 hours ago
gotta catch em all 💪
samz__15 ZxZ
samz__15 ZxZ - 13 hours ago
who tf would spend that much money on a stupid card 🤣
stephen thompson
stephen thompson - 13 hours ago
Bro I have that same card @ 3:00 minutes from like 20 years ago wow I'm glad I kept my collection
Squad - 14 hours ago
Rabiulislam Rabiulislam
Rabiulislam Rabiulislam - 14 hours ago
It's been Wednesday and Friday and didn't make a vid
Corn Cornfield
Corn Cornfield - 14 hours ago
Logan Paul is sort of a better person than Jake Paul.
christina decourcy
christina decourcy - 14 hours ago
His name is acebren pokemon 3 twitchs just brought a box from my son
christina decourcy
christina decourcy - 14 hours ago
My son has lots of chazaird logan
Legend At youtube
Legend At youtube - 14 hours ago
Aren't you posting I'm waiting were the loggang
Angel Ruiz
Angel Ruiz - 15 hours ago
It was fake
ItTheOne - 15 hours ago
Wait was the card fake?
WOLF BERAT - 15 hours ago
WOLF BERAT - 15 hours ago
Selam amerikalılar
VC シ MEGMA - 16 hours ago
Efeanıl Uru
Efeanıl Uru - 16 hours ago
enes baturrr
Dario A
Dario A - 16 hours ago
I come back three years later to see where the man who made the biggest mistake on YouTube, and here he is looking like a hobo buying pokemain cards for one million dollars. Honestly, what else did I expect?
Habe - 17 hours ago
Get scammed lmao
Matthew Garza
Matthew Garza - 17 hours ago
you should make a video watching all of your music videos with mike and the crew
Mickey Seymour
Mickey Seymour - 17 hours ago
I'm still waiting for Logan to go see his dog once again to see how it's doing
Noobility - 17 hours ago
*I love seeing 2 different generation boomers talk to eachother specially the nostalgia that i know. I liked logan more like this where he doesn’t just go out in youtube and ask for beef*
I love the part where
Gary: im not selling it
*Logan: so you keeping it for cloth*
jason Gutierrez
jason Gutierrez - 17 hours ago
Don’t let nobody steal that dude
GS GAMING - 17 hours ago
CorruptedWhisper - 17 hours ago
Give the man Lana, she is invaluable. She is a black credit card if you know what I mean. Her value has no limit.
Adrian Garcia
Adrian Garcia - 18 hours ago
I can’t believe he bought a fake card from Gary the fat boy
Harley Lawson
Harley Lawson - 18 hours ago
Pablo Torres
Pablo Torres - 18 hours ago
Is this the fake one?
Hallooos - 18 hours ago
His life is such a mess and its getting even more messier
EzRa LeE
EzRa LeE - 19 hours ago
Not lieing
EzRa LeE
EzRa LeE - 19 hours ago
Mike and Lana broke up not clikbait
Arockia Shajan A
Arockia Shajan A - 19 hours ago
Bro iam studying 11th standard bro I want some financial help for my higher studies pls help bro if you can
David Wijaya
David Wijaya - 20 hours ago
Big flex brother!!!
Mr.noobpro789 - 20 hours ago
Logan when u going to do a new music?
Josuke This is just tis going to be great.!
Big waste over for a card