What was the NFL like 10 years ago?

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The NFL in 2010 was full of intriguing storylines. This is my recap of what went down during the NFL season 10 years ago.
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KTO - Month ago
Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping @Manscaped with code KTO20 at → http://mnscpd.com/KTO
Your balls will thank you 😉
Michael Shrute
Michael Shrute - 18 hours ago
@Green Bean Mr. Clean It got punched out
Rosky Raccoon
Rosky Raccoon - 11 days ago
The favorite play should have been Greg Jennings putting the team on his back
Mike Kaiser
Mike Kaiser - 23 days ago
You should make a video on the smu death penalty
Jackson Austin
Jackson Austin - 27 days ago
What song is that
Ryan B
Ryan B - Month ago
Yo, you should do another one of these “10 years ago” things for college football. I love those
Lincoln Sersch
Lincoln Sersch - 2 hours ago
I was born in 2010 so.......
Alfredo Huerta
Alfredo Huerta - 13 hours ago
14:13 madden be like
Burritobot 2.0
Burritobot 2.0 - 15 hours ago
Ernesto Arzola
Ernesto Arzola - 18 hours ago
The "turning on the TV to see Vicks throw" happened to me, exactly the same. Eagles and Vicks arm seemed scary just off that one play
Destin Seese
Destin Seese - 19 hours ago
I still remember this season... I was seven
Faisal Kamel
Faisal Kamel - 21 hour ago
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Clark Durbin
Clark Durbin - 23 hours ago
That was a PI at the end I think
Wilber Hirthe
Wilber Hirthe - Day ago
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HypedUpPro - Day ago
The music he adds just makes the video so much better makes it feel historic
Aaron Davis
Aaron Davis - Day ago
That packers vs falcons game almost made me cry lol
Devante Benton
Devante Benton - Day ago
This year will forever be cherished by us packers fans not only because we won the SB but because we beat Chicago in the title game due to BJ’s pick 6😭😭😭😭
Steve Smith
Steve Smith - Day ago
A lot less cry babies 10 years ago.
purple burly
purple burly - Day ago
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Calef Joing
Calef Joing - Day ago
Owens the better version of juju
YVNG P00T - Day ago
Someone pointed out to me a couple of years ago that a year before Jay Cutler didn't finish the game with a knee injury, one of their main rivals, the Lions, had a quarterback that threw a game-winning touchdown with a separated shoulder
Alex Senter
Alex Senter - Day ago
Back when being a Bengals fan didn't constantly disappoint me.
David Williams
David Williams - Day ago
imagine if tb12 retired in 10
David Munteanu
David Munteanu - 2 days ago
chad henne was the dolphins qb and now he delivered as mahomes back up
Freddie Reid
Freddie Reid - Day ago
The Dolphins pulling it out for the Chiefs again; see week 17, 2019 for further details
Gabriel McMurtrie
Gabriel McMurtrie - 2 days ago
C. Henne? Wait the one who just won the chiefs a playoff game?!!
Andy - 2 days ago
He actually play good in that nfc championship :|
Angel Taniya
Angel Taniya - 2 days ago
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Parker Slauter
Parker Slauter - 2 days ago
GO PACK GO let’s get another super bowl
Nokia 3310
Nokia 3310 - 2 days ago
“Worst record to ever make the playoffs” NFC east: now this looks like a job for me
David Laush
David Laush - 2 days ago
I mean writing was on the wall that someone would beat that record by the time the season was ending lmao
Adam Bray
Adam Bray - 2 days ago
I was 8th grade during this season and was big into the NFL
Martin Zoller
Martin Zoller - 2 days ago
I love the content I just can’t like the video cause your a packers fan
Shadow_fam - 2 days ago
me a seahawk fan goes quiet after i was talkin smack bout nfc east
Maxmalstift - 2 days ago
0:16 is that Chad Henne? Mister AFC CHAMPIONSHIP BOUND CHAD HENNE?
Borkify - 3 days ago
"7-9 worst record to ever reach the playoffs"

Eagles after beating the saints 2020 colorized: "We're in the end game now"
They had 4 wins
Christian Doberstein
Christian Doberstein - 3 days ago
This era was insane
Eli Rittenhouse
Eli Rittenhouse - 3 days ago
As a steelers fan, we don't talk abt this year
Lamonze Parker
Lamonze Parker - 3 days ago
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Sam Alpaugh
Sam Alpaugh - 3 days ago
Super bowl 45 was one of the first I remembered
Phone Gamer
Phone Gamer - 3 days ago
usually nfc east going mediocore
Phone Gamer
Phone Gamer - 3 days ago
just imagine rn jets going 11 and 5
Danny Plunk
Danny Plunk - 3 days ago
so much nostalgia in this video i miss the old nfl
Michael Superbacker
Michael Superbacker - 3 days ago
I wish it was 2010
Eliel Velasquez
Eliel Velasquez - 3 days ago
I’m a Packers fan. In 2010 I was five, and when I saw BJ Raji interception I stared to cry. And I was FIVE!! One of my favorite moments as a Packer fan🧀🧀
Cheezo - 3 days ago
I became a fan of the Packers from that superbowl ever since and I was 6
Coaster Slides
Coaster Slides - 3 days ago
Also Packers: Bad uniforms
2 Gamer Brothers 2020
2 Gamer Brothers 2020 - 3 days ago
imma steelers fan so i dont like super bowl 45 sooooooooo........ >:( im disliking the video
Digital Sigma
Digital Sigma - 3 days ago
Wish he'd do a throwback and talk about the 16-0 Patriots season. That was pretty epic.
Seth Thurman
Seth Thurman - 3 days ago
Ah yes the year the titans started 5-2 and ended 6-10
Pineapple Rain Productions
This is the season I fell in love with football I miss it so much
Leo Mount
Leo Mount - 4 days ago
Chad Henne!
Gtfoitsdave -mDaveR-
Gtfoitsdave -mDaveR- - 4 days ago
Ah yes the Matt Cassel Era in KC, 3 INTs that game. Now a Days, people would never understand the struggle of being a Chiefs fan back then
Gtfoitsdave -mDaveR-
@o laul hahaha yes those type of games.the 3-13 seasons the 4-12 seasons. The year we blew one of the biggest leads to the Colts in the playoffs. Watching Thigpen, Brey, Kyle Orton, Brady Quinn and Matt Cassel play football. The rough times of being bad but also making random playoff appearances just to get the crap knocked out of us. Those years haha
o laul
o laul - Day ago
You mean the game the chargers blew you guys out 31-0 and having less than 100 yards on offense?
Almighty Rodriguez
Almighty Rodriguez - 4 days ago
2010:regular ol football
2020:go woke go broke
Nathaniel Miller
Nathaniel Miller - 4 days ago
Donald Driver was the epitome of a wily veteran receiver. Always was my favorite WR growing up
Ali Khan
Ali Khan - 4 days ago
When Marshawn Lynch bulldozed over the Saints, I remember telling myself that I will never see a more beautiful play in my life in any sport!
Christian Mooney
Christian Mooney - 4 days ago
I forgot how good the bengals offense was in 2010 it was so much fun to watch hopefully we get sum like that again
Joey Johnson
Joey Johnson - 4 days ago
Man football was just better then
CodyDutch - 4 days ago
Donald Driver was so underappreciated. Still my favorite Packer to this day
Henry Lamm ➊
Henry Lamm ➊ - 4 days ago
The Seahawks acquired a running back from buffalo, a small not very well known player, Beast Mode
Austino_M - 4 days ago
Nah, the decision to not hire bruce arians and "4th and 7" is the darkest moment in bears history. Havent been consistent since, got a fluke year in 2018 and have been miserable by drafting trubisky over watson and mahomes along with the double doink.
Victor Smith
Victor Smith - 5 days ago
The Cowboys still suck...Thanks Jerry
DEEJAYYY - 5 days ago
As a Steelers fan this season still hurts... could have won that game should have won that game....
IconOfSin - 5 days ago
god i hate joe buck
Jaxon Detty
Jaxon Detty - 5 days ago
Donald driver is my favorite nfl player of all time I love that dude as a player and he played for my packers
Jaxon Detty
Jaxon Detty - 5 days ago
I’m hoping my packers can repeat that
Not Rian's Luke
Not Rian's Luke - 5 days ago
Steelers should have won that Superbowl.
Matt Flondro
Matt Flondro - 5 days ago
I was at that Bears Packers game and I legit cried :(
Jacion Bryant
Jacion Bryant - 5 days ago
the worst team in the playoff now are the football team almost said the other word
Jacion Bryant
Jacion Bryant - 5 days ago
were the ties at were there any tie games game
Nolan Neururer
Nolan Neururer - 5 days ago
8:55 after that stiff arm by Lynch #22 on the saints made sure not to go in for another tackle😂
Jacion Bryant
Jacion Bryant - 5 days ago
who want to see a what if peyon hilles was good for more than one year in not just the best one sesaon wonder
Jacion Bryant
Jacion Bryant - 5 days ago
raiders nations were we weres u guys were you at
Jacion Bryant
Jacion Bryant - 5 days ago
were the raider at raider nations
Jacion Bryant
Jacion Bryant - 5 days ago
who suck more the jets or the the linos ownership
Jacion Bryant
Jacion Bryant - 5 days ago
oh i watch this video already a year ago to and rewatching it
The Nerdy kid Across the room
No giants vs eagles
aditya baradwaj
aditya baradwaj - 6 days ago
Rodgers threw a ball in the superbowl, past 3 players in a tight window to jennings/driver, I forgot. Belichickspoke about it in the NFL 100 show.
Zenzu - 6 days ago
I know it’s big in part due to nostalgia but it feels like this era had so much more personality, swagger and heart than today
Also that David Garrard Hail Mary ftw was is one of my greatest memories as a jags fan, I remember watching it when it happened. Trevor Lawerence will be the best QB we’ve had since Garrard lol
Daniel - 6 days ago
As a Packer fan. Thank you for showing the Donald Driver highlight. That was my favorite play of the year, one of the most underrated and overlooked and top tier as my favorite packer moment ever.
chuck grable
chuck grable - 6 days ago
You should really expand on the Packers season that year. They had like 15 to 20 players with season ending injuries that year and their backups for the starters played so well in all of the most crucial games. I mean they almost beat the patriots that year without RODGERS. They used Matt Flynn in that game and almost won.
Cory Larson
Cory Larson - 6 days ago
Greatest day of my life was getting to watch my Green Bay packers win the super bowl
Jacob Flohr
Jacob Flohr - 6 days ago
BIG BJ RAJIIIIIII, I remember that game like it was yesterday
Evan Counts
Evan Counts - 6 days ago
Seahawks exist
Ten years later washington
Paul Douris
Paul Douris - 6 days ago
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King Idk
King Idk - 6 days ago
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Brett Nesbitt
Brett Nesbitt - 6 days ago
That Mendenhall fumble still haunts me a decade a later.
Mitchell White
Mitchell White - 7 days ago
Aaron Rodgers wasted so many years on a terrible team. Regardless if he won a super bowl with them or not, the packers wasted his career.
Agent 9
Agent 9 - 8 days ago
Cutler didn't decide he couldn't finish. He had a 30% tear on his MCL.
Ahmir Lynch
Ahmir Lynch - 9 days ago
Shed a tear when I seen Rodgers throw to Jordy Nelson and Greg Jennings... man I hated how good they were together
Ahmir Lynch
Ahmir Lynch - 9 days ago
Wow I’m only 18 and I remember that Vick play like it was yesterday...WOW
Owen Mayer
Owen Mayer - 9 days ago
As a Giants fan I’m just happy you didn’t bring up the new miracle in the meadowlands
Gabby Koz
Gabby Koz - 9 days ago
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Ashanti Anisha
Ashanti Anisha - 10 days ago
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Pickles Niccolls
Pickles Niccolls - 13 days ago
Let’s go Browns.
nyandmu - 13 days ago
As a Giants fan, surprised you didn't include DeSean Jackson's GW punt return in week 15 which ended our season effectively.
Jacob Langford
Jacob Langford - 14 days ago
Jacob Langford
Jacob Langford - 14 days ago
What did I just put
hjsf dsfdss
hjsf dsfdss - 14 days ago
live in the same neighborhood roddy white does
Everything tech
Everything tech - 14 days ago
3:43 you are about 5 years early
David MB
David MB - 14 days ago
I love that 10 years ago people were wondering if the Brady dynasty was over
Art Vandalay
Art Vandalay - 16 days ago
andre johnson criminally underated.
Sean LaPlante
Sean LaPlante - 16 days ago
I love Gus Johnson.
Mazian Hanson
Mazian Hanson - 16 days ago
Back in the days where we had an elite defense...
This year we really have a shot though
kim minh
kim minh - 16 days ago
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cgan csl
cgan csl - 16 days ago
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NoeyDTV - 16 days ago
The Washington team has entered the chat*
Ryan McNally
Ryan McNally - 16 days ago
A simpler time :(
Flag Sabbath
Flag Sabbath - 17 days ago
Lasen Yo
Lasen Yo - 18 days ago
how tf do you skip the miracle at the meadowlands ctfu