iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Pro/12 Pro Max! Which Should You Buy?

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NEW iPhone 12 vs 12 Mini vs iPhone 12 Pro vs 12 Pro Max Comparison. Is iPhone 12 Pro/12 Pro Max Worth a $300 Premium? Which Should You Buy & Why.
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iPhone 12 Pro features recap.
Science & Technology
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oh, ok
oh, ok - 5 hours ago
oh, ok
oh, ok - 5 hours ago
Jose Maan
Jose Maan - 5 hours ago
xaos - 6 hours ago
Why you havent bought and review it yet?
Grumpy Grumpy
Grumpy Grumpy - 6 hours ago
Hey buddy, where is the unboxing and clone unboxings?
oh, ok
oh, ok - 5 hours ago
ikkk i need it
Jeff Zheng
Jeff Zheng - 6 hours ago
Why everyone has unbox video but not this guy?
oh, ok
oh, ok - 5 hours ago
im lowkey worried abt him
aziz trabelsi
aziz trabelsi - 7 hours ago
i don't know why he didn't post a video of the phones on the day they dropped
weird !!
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu - 8 hours ago
Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos ♦️ Non-Duality
satya reddy
satya reddy - 9 hours ago
promo code not working
Fonzevil - 9 hours ago
Those arms though 😍
L Jara
L Jara - 9 hours ago
Can we call this the iphone 5Gs
Ole Magnus Carlstedt
Ole Magnus Carlstedt - 10 hours ago
Video starts at 1:56
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu - 8 hours ago
Got a iPhone 6s I’m 6 gens behind
hani baeissa
hani baeissa - 10 hours ago
I’m waiting for your review 🥺 you the best one can review
Jonathan Wilkinson
Jonathan Wilkinson - 8 hours ago
true!! hopefully soon
Manny Singh
Manny Singh - 10 hours ago
Apple is better than Samsung who agrees
Roman Jeremiah
Roman Jeremiah - 11 hours ago
Basically you repeated the same what Apple showed. Nothing new is here. You haven’t answered your question “what should I buy?” I know specs but it is good if you help to understand people what they actually need and why they should buy particular models. Disappointed.
Abid Shaheen
Abid Shaheen - 11 hours ago
Hi bro my iphon 11pro max device not searching the wifi what its problem
oh, ok
oh, ok - 5 hours ago
try resetting your network settings if it doesn’t work restart your phone
John Silas
John Silas - 11 hours ago
I'm so happy *ware_tools* on instagram was able to fixed my device and I'm so glad he did
John Silas
John Silas - 11 hours ago
I'm so happy *ware_tools* on instagram was able to fixed my device and I'm so glad he did
Fitim Mi
Fitim Mi - 11 hours ago
Everything new is about camera ... you better buy a cannon 😁
Adam Chase
Adam Chase - 12 hours ago
Hahhhahhaha Apple didn’t even send him a phone 😂😂😂😂
Mentlgen Skrrr
Mentlgen Skrrr - 12 hours ago
Time to switch to iPhone 5!
Bishop Krout
Bishop Krout - 13 hours ago
When will the iPhone 12 phone rebel cases drop
Jaime Delgado
Jaime Delgado - 15 hours ago
I hope you make a unboxing video for the iPad Air 4
Can Can
Can Can - 16 hours ago
Why he’s not uploading iphone 12 unboxing and review?
Adam Chase
Adam Chase - 12 hours ago
Don’t think Apple gave him a review unit
Ward - 16 hours ago
Hello dino
Palosorus - 16 hours ago
Got a iPhone 6s I’m 6 gens behind
et eke
et eke - 17 hours ago
hey could you send me one phone cause you have so many phones it is not even countable
Keisha Nicole
Keisha Nicole - 18 hours ago
Must be depressing to be "Everything Apple" but Apple doesn't mess with you like that. 🤣. Where are your 12 and 12 pro unboxings?
Mawuli Aguadze
Mawuli Aguadze - 19 hours ago
Love this
George Dömse
George Dömse - 19 hours ago
So... will you add iPhone12 cases to the Phonerebel lineup?
Mohammed F A R H A N
Mohammed F A R H A N - 20 hours ago
Dear Filip, everyone is reviewing iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, don't know what has happened or your package is delayed, but as your fans we will still watch your review even if it is too late. Good Luck brother.
john sellers
john sellers - 21 hour ago
i only want the drop test
Puneeth Satwik Vemula
Puneeth Satwik Vemula - 21 hour ago
Haha ,what's the funny thing is , even though you covered all the leaks throughout the year,apple didn't send you iPhone 12 to unbox 😂🤣.
Prashant Kumar
Prashant Kumar - 23 hours ago
Now where are those iPhone 13 leaks???
Sparky_ OP
Sparky_ OP - 23 hours ago
You haven't talked about the battery
LAMBOLORD - 23 hours ago
Where’s the drop test
leokimvideo - Day ago
Which to buy, easy...iPhone 5. Looks exactly like a iPhone 12 and it's WAY cheaper
Keisha Nicole
Keisha Nicole - 16 hours ago
It doesn't though. Looks like they took some inspiration from the 5 but "exactly like" is clearly false.
FarmVille - Day ago
Give me 1 Iphone 12 for Unboxing 📦
Bebesita Calvo
Bebesita Calvo - Day ago
I have the iphone 7+ i want to update but really cant decide if 11pro or 12 pro ? Or which one is better🙄
Kaye Capilitan
Kaye Capilitan - Day ago
I have watched every tips and reviews in buying a new iphone.
But my wallet says I should stick with my iphone 4s. 😅
iHelp DESK
iHelp DESK - Day ago
Waiting for durability test😎
Damn Bruh
Damn Bruh - Day ago
why still you don't have 12 and 12 pro
TheDuoBros - Day ago
Why am I not surprised, as always, you’re late in the unboxing. Unsub, what good is this Chanel if you’re not on top of apples latest releases. Other chanels already have it hands on
Adam Chase
Adam Chase - 12 hours ago
He didn’t get sent one
Daman Preet
Daman Preet - Day ago
Stephen Clark
Stephen Clark - Day ago
Awesome YouTube video
Ashley Le
Ashley Le - Day ago
Can the Apple Watch series 3 connect with the new iPhone 12
Kash Rapoza
Kash Rapoza - Day ago
thank you
Steven Vallejo
Steven Vallejo - Day ago
me with an iphone 8 plus with a nonworking power and volume down button watching this👁👄👁😔
Kevin Barron
Kevin Barron - Day ago
you should do a give away like Mr whos the boss
FK Scottie
FK Scottie - Day ago
Before you go buy that iphone 12 read this👇
The people of Congo are being made to work as slaves in search of steel the mental which is used to make iphone and many more devices. 1000+ die everyday in the make of this new iPhone 12 in Congo and country in west Africa.
Are you still going to buy the phone knowing you own peoples blood is have to be shed to satisfied your worldly position. Ain’t nothing in this world clean but always have some dirty behind it.
John 2:15- 17 “love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any men love the world, the love of the father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eye, and the pride of life.
If not of the father, but is of the world, and the world passeth away, and the lust thereof but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.🙏🏿🙏🏾🙏🏽🙏🏼🙏🏻
Jesús Eduardo Vázquez
justin conley
justin conley - Day ago
When will your case be released for the iPhone 12pro?
Jayson Fuster
Jayson Fuster - Day ago
Rodolfo Alvarado
Rodolfo Alvarado - Day ago
Doesn’t get phone from apple
Riku - Day ago
Noo 120 HZ display no charger and they still have a notch. Yea I'll buy the galaxy s20 instead! Apple once again lacking! Maybe next year will be better!
Riku - Day ago
Remove that ugly ass notch and still no 120 HZ display. This years iPhone is another disappointment and oh yes they dont include the brick to charge your iPhone either 🤣🤣
Proud owner of the galaxy s20
GF R - Day ago
PLEASE iphone 12 DROP TEST!!!
Toys "И" Stuff Buddies
Pretty messed up that you will be the last top Tuber to review the iPhone 12 series.
Michael Briddell
Michael Briddell - Day ago
When is the Max coming out.
woodaddy3 - Day ago
I would really like a comparison of the 11 Pro Max and the 12 Pro . I am really interested in the camera abilities since I do a lot of outdoor photography and some video .
Hypersonic Gaming
Hypersonic Gaming - Day ago
Apple makes you purchase their products by including words like 'aero-space' or 'aperture' SO COOL!
Jake Anderson
Jake Anderson - Day ago
where did you get those computer backgrounds
Hypersonic Gaming
Hypersonic Gaming - Day ago
You should buy neither, they're all the same. Ughh... Marketing schemes.. Hahaha
Xyz 123
Xyz 123 - Day ago
Nah I’m good. I’ll keep my lil iPhone 8, it works fine.
jim stark
jim stark - Day ago
Too cheap. I'm looking for a $3,999 Apple phone to change every year. Need to keep up with the Jones' and the only way is to outspend everybody else in my office.
Willi Hansen
Willi Hansen - Day ago
Arms and hair certainly are on point.
Fabio Montes
Fabio Montes - Day ago
It’s sad that your whole channel is based on apple products yet they don’t put you on their PR list or invite you to apple events
Fabio Montes
Fabio Montes - 9 hours ago
@Juwan Evelyn I think apple doesn’t want any part or relationship with EAP cause he always breaks or test drops the new iPhones plus reveals major leaks to his fan base
Juwan Evelyn
Juwan Evelyn - 21 hour ago
Yeah why is that? Did he and apple have a fallout or smn
PatrònColon - Day ago
I need a Iphone 12 pro case!
Charming nowhere to hide
Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos ♦️ Non-Duality
Vrilo Vibes
Vrilo Vibes - Day ago
Watching this on iPhone 6s 🙃
Adult Cartoons
Adult Cartoons - Day ago
Watching this on my ancient iPhone XS Max
Rob Rayiam
Rob Rayiam - Day ago
I don’t know why in the hell they got rid of the midnight green that color is mostly the phone that everybody gets
Henry Street
Henry Street - Day ago
Any ideas why this channel hasn’t posted anything on a hands on with the iPhone 12 yet?
Henry Street
Henry Street - Day ago
@MissNelly I am amazed at that. I thought out of all the big tech reviewers he’d be towards the top of the list and was looking forward to his video. Oh well.
MissNelly - Day ago
For some reason he isn’t on their PR list
Stupz - Day ago
Roger Stout
Roger Stout - Day ago
Come on Phillip do a review of the iPhone 12 pro ! I know you have it ; after all you are their pet ! you probably have the promax as WELL ; and you probably had it a month ago !! come on tell the truth? because if Apple is going to give anything out early ? it's going to be to you ! and you know that as well as I do.
Charming nowhere to hide
Hey everythingapplepro, can you Unboxing the iPad Air 4 all color Please!!!
Adrian Lee
Adrian Lee - Day ago
Any approx ETA of your awesome rebel case for the iphone 12 pro?? i am waiting for the case first before buying the 12pro. thanks so much for all that you do
Rahul CU
Rahul CU - Day ago
Does anyone know when does Iphone 12 pro shows up in stores in Canada
keith jenny Brooks
keith jenny Brooks - Day ago
Minē was përmanë!ntly UNLOCKED by the hélp of *wereytoolz* He's the bëst. I love you guys
MaximumRideMaster - Day ago
If I have the anniversary edition of iPhone X should upgrade to 12 or just wait till 13?
Royal's preet
Royal's preet - Day ago
Why youre not post iphone unbox ?????
Reel Fishing
Reel Fishing - Day ago
It’s a big help to see all the stats on the pop up
itsGdublan - Day ago
why are people excited about the gen 2 case? the original is completely innovative and amazing. the gen 2 just looks like most other cases
Jordan Reviews
Jordan Reviews - Day ago
Where is he?? They're out to reviewers now? He dead??
Alfred Welin
Alfred Welin - Day ago
Ahahahahah haven´t even got the real one yet, not so apple pro after all, a swedish youtuber already received it lol, trash
Anis don demina
JTC TV - 23 hours ago
so rude
Fredrick Gutierrez
Fredrick Gutierrez - Day ago
Do you need a case for the iPhone 12 max or do you think it would b fine without one???
CDart950 - Day ago
Whether you’re a Samsung fan, an Android fan or an Apple fan, be respectful. I was watching an older video of Tailosive and it’s okay to not like a certain thing. Hating on Apple and their users because of the brand isn’t cool. Some people prefer different things. We Apple users like Apple products, we feel comfortable and enjoy it. That doesn’t give trolls and haters the right to criticise the brand or the users of it. What annoys me is the amount of ridicule that’s going on. It’s frustrating, hypocritical and Samsung’s marketing encourages this type of behaviour. They did it a couple of years ago and they are still doing it today. We’re just trying to have a civil discussion, and don’t make Apple users feel guilty or feel like idiots for liking Apple or their products. If you like “x” feature on an Android or Samsung phone, that is fine, you need to buy the phone you like the most. Don’t bash a product that people work around the clock to improve on, to make it better. To some it up, please be respectful so we can have discussions.
Spencer Ulrich
Spencer Ulrich - Day ago
I preordered my 8plus and just passed 3 years with it, still works great, barley can tell it’s a 3 year old phone, I’m trying to decide whether to upgrade to the 12 pro max, or wait another year, the trade in deals are really good, and I would love the extra storage, better battery and better camera, decisions...
Juan Paulo M. Caruncho
Hey everythingapplepro, can you Unboxing the iPad Air 4 all color Please!!!
RazerX360 - Day ago
I preordered the iPhone 12 pro on the 18th and it said it wasn’t coming until nov 4-9
cave town
cave town - Day ago
FILIPPPP😭 your name is everything apple pro and you're the last person to the iPhone 12 party😭 pleaseeeee release the video we're dying here
H4ckingDaily - Day ago
am i the only one thats going to point out he has a crack in the phone already at 5:07
Haitam S
Haitam S - Day ago
Still waiting for EAP to review iphone 12 🥺
MLG Roblox
MLG Roblox - Day ago
𝐾𝑢𝑦𝑎 𝑏𝑒𝑘𝑒𝑛𝑒𝑚𝑒𝑛 𝑘𝑎ℎ𝑖𝑡 𝑖𝑝ℎ𝑜𝑛𝑒 12 𝑝𝑟𝑜 𝑙𝑎𝑛𝑔 𝑜𝑘𝑎𝑦 𝑛𝑎
bruh 4949
bruh 4949 - Day ago
12 Mini crying because he wasn’t in the title: ☹️😞😢
Cristian VANTU
Cristian VANTU - Day ago
iphone 12 mini ! I wait it since Iphone 5s/ SE. Finally a normal size iphone.
Prolyl - Day ago
I think I’m fine with my 11 pro.I just hope iPhone 13 will have at least few things that could attract users to upgrade.
R ban
R ban - Day ago
I think you should stop making iPhone videos. Everyone got unboxing way-more ahead than you
cave town
cave town - Day ago
@MissNelly ahh okay that makes sense... even though that's kind of sad seeing as he's the WHOLE reason i even started following tech to begin with... i knew EAP before i knew MKBHD
MissNelly - Day ago
@cave town it was the same last year and possibly before that. I don’t think he’s on their pr list.
cave town
cave town - Day ago
exactly! he's spent the whole year showing us leaks of a phone that he's the last person to unbox?!
lorena perez
lorena perez - Day ago
U didn’t get the iPhone 12 ? What’s happened! Apple don’t like you ?
Can Can
Can Can - 16 hours ago
Me too! I’m wondering too
JTC TV - 23 hours ago
I was wondering too. unbox therapy also who had to play with dummy models 🗿
Arjun - Day ago
Still you didn't get it... Shame 😂😂😂
Sergiu Salcau
Sergiu Salcau - Day ago
killur Man
killur Man - Day ago
C’mon man you’re lacking... where are the new iphone 12 vids... everyone already reviewed it
killur Man
killur Man - 17 hours ago
What a shame
Andrew - Day ago
Apple doesn’t send him pre realease because they don’t like him lol he’s always leaking there shitt
cooking with shreyan
iPhone 12 unboxing
MIRACLE David - Day ago
! Strongly recømmend *Trox_codes* on !nsta, he successfully got mine fixed within minutes