Yosef's Outburst At Clare Over 'Red Flags' | The Bachelorette

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Yosef starts to air his grievances with Clare over the dodgeball date, but things turn extremely confrontational when he launches a personal attack on our Bachelorette.
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Season: 16 Episode: 3
Bachelorette: Clare Crawley
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Michael Wheeler
Michael Wheeler - 15 minutes ago
The man who marries this woman deserves this. No wonder she is 39 and single
Elijah - 2 hours ago
He forgot his 👑
nineteen96 - 5 hours ago
She didn't settle for men like that or men didn't settle for women like her
MrFunkyko - 7 hours ago
“Bro I’m so heated” holds jacket. This clown
Vanessa Pineda
Vanessa Pineda - 7 hours ago
I’m actually shocked at the amount of people thinking she’s in the wrong. She heard him patiently and he wanted to persistently continue and he continued to talk over her. Like hello she can hear him out but he can’t her HER out? He’s rude and just as classless. Not to mention hes a trump supporter it’s no wonder he’s misogynistic and ageist 💀
G Walker
G Walker - 10 hours ago
A SJW feminist heard the truth and couldn't handle it.....who comes to the rescue? .........the Simp-sons!......with there rallying cry...bro..bro..bro LMAO
Lamín Bee
Lamín Bee - 14 hours ago
Clare Queen you better check him 👑
Galen223adept - 15 hours ago
So people are harping on Clare for the strip thing but ignoring how Yosef just rudely interacted with her and constantly kept berating her? We all make mistakes but he was needlessly coming after her for no reason and the whole situation should've been about how HE felt instead of trashing her worth.
Anitha Desai
Anitha Desai - 16 hours ago
Amazon News
Amazon News - 17 hours ago
What a dumb ignorant victim hahahahha
Anindya - 18 hours ago
Didn't she after sometime abandon this show because she found Mr Right through Instagram? What an absolute pathetic classless woman.
Mariam Madiha
Mariam Madiha - 20 hours ago
Bruh literally they all showed up for her trying to ask her what happened and she just walked away but as soon as Dale showed up she was like 🥺🥰💀
Lily Fischer
Lily Fischer - 22 hours ago
I’ll take him!!!!
myname ismyname
myname ismyname - Day ago
chek them four simps out hahaahahahahahahaha
myname ismyname
myname ismyname - Day ago
this guys a legend
myname ismyname
myname ismyname - Day ago
yeah...of course..... but nope!
Storm - Day ago
She's definitely beautiful but her classiness is a bit to be desired.
MXH: Gaming
MXH: Gaming - Day ago
Setting an example for your daughter is what a decent man would want. This is more of an outburst from the female who can't except constructive criticism
spy cris
spy cris - Day ago
Notice at 3:49 that he stood back and let her ramble. Real men take it in, then deal with it when the time is right. Cowards would have blown up on her or touched her
Simplified Fit
Simplified Fit - Day ago
I feel like this was just acting
alexandra cardona-morales
everything he said was right and she’s very unpleasant but also let’s not forget hannah browns season where all the guys wore speedos for a pageant.... clare ain’t the only bachelorette who’s done “classless” things lol
Bob dylan
Bob dylan - Day ago
So this guy left his daughter to go on a reality show and she's the bad guy?
Storm - Day ago
So you never left your kids to go on a date. I'm sure you have. The only difference is this date was longer.
Oakville1992 - Day ago
Ladies & gentleman....the winner of the group just left in the SUV. This dude is a real man. The spine is strong 💪🏻
Luke's page
Luke's page - 2 days ago
"she is all yours".
Lol, best thing!!!!!
Luke's page
Luke's page - 2 days ago
He won the show.
He was respectful, honest and direct.
And he left with his respect in tact without a relationship with such a women.
If you can't communicate with someone here, how would this work going forward.
zB Matt
zB Matt - 2 days ago
Dude came to find a wife but what he got was a teenage frat party with only one girl in attendance.
Vante - 2 days ago
And not one of those simps would have actually did anything if Yosef called them out these are dudes who will let a woman sleep around just to keep them
Melissa H
Melissa H - 2 days ago
Based on the snippet that we're shown here, I think she is a class act. This guy clearly didn't want to be on the show and acted as if he was a perfect man and never made a mistake in his life. I don't watch this show but I'm so glad for her that he decided to leave. Who does he think he is? Is he not single (at whatever age he is)? Did he not sign up for the show? Is he not looking for love? No one deserves to be talked to the way that he was talking to her. He called out her age, which is a complete double standard but that's another conversation. People nowadays are extremely, extremely sensitive about everything. He stewed on his anger for three days and thought it was okay to confront her...it wasn't okay. He wasn't a good match for her and I'm glad he's gone.
Steve 2323
Steve 2323 - 2 days ago
Look at the other dudes straight up simps😂😂😂
Verne Fits
Verne Fits - 2 days ago
5:30 bravo!
Pinay Ninja
Pinay Ninja - 2 days ago
More power to you Dude !!
You'll find a true woman very soon.
robert lean
robert lean - 2 days ago
Yosef is the man and those guys "consoling" her are simps
Steve 2323
Steve 2323 - 2 days ago
Big time simps
Inthe Flow
Inthe Flow - 2 days ago
NOW >>>> Just IMAGINE if you were married to a chick like that :O :O :O and she owned your house and finances and cash flows. :O
Weldy De La Cruz
Weldy De La Cruz - 2 days ago
Bunch of simps on the show and on this comment section. 😂🤣 Bruh, take a chill pill and simp some where els. Other than that, she deserved every single bit of what he told her.
Annie H
Annie H - 3 days ago
What's his @? Lmao
Marcos de los Santos
Marcos de los Santos - 3 days ago
“Im so heated right now” poor little boy😂 the other guys are a bunch of simps (as usual) backing her.
And thats how you do... you don’t take women BS, walk away and keep your dignity.
“She’s all yours boys” the real winner
L K - 3 days ago
Not sure what Claire sees in Dale. He looks like he swings the other way!
Y K - 3 days ago
Misogynist loosing it in the comments
GamerGrl90 - 17 hours ago
Y K - 3 days ago
He could’ve just went home if he wasn’t interested clearly you just want screen time you’re on a reality show dude for fun she can do whatever she wants
Storm - Day ago
He did go home but before he left he told her how immature it was to have guys get naked and she's near 40
Italian Stallion
Italian Stallion - 3 days ago
Give this dude the man of the year award.
Taylor 1
Taylor 1 - 3 days ago
Yosef gives the impression of a person with values and morals when it comes to relationships, that’s something a female should appreciate instead of getting affected and throwing a tantrum.
gymnast girl
gymnast girl - 4 days ago
I’m really disappointed I have the same name as this women
Yostina Kamal
Yostina Kamal - 4 days ago
Why is everyone defending him in the comments. No one was forced or pressured to do anything. If someone was uncomfortable all they had to do was say so.
Storm - Day ago
I don't think it's about defending him I think it was how he handled the situation as a man. He could have kept quiet but a quiet man won't get fed.
L K - 3 days ago
He made his point early in the conversation but he just kept twisting the knife. He was rude and very frustrated. Yosef got a crazy temper just like Claire.
bigjohnconnect - 4 days ago
He’s the real man 👨,the rest are simps
Benjamin Armenta
Benjamin Armenta - 4 days ago
Worst bachelor ever. Never give an old women that much validation
hullstar242 - 4 days ago
Yosef sucks guys let’s talk more about that
Anonymous Swinger
Anonymous Swinger - 4 days ago
Clare is the worst bachelorette (1000%) confirmed
Noa Williams
Noa Williams - 4 days ago
I agree with him 100%. Stripping and playing dodgeball is VERY wrong and humiliating. She is literally insane. She’s playing the victim
cabeza de pan
cabeza de pan - 5 days ago
The Simps/shows
RoopDaddy86 - 5 days ago
Clare - Lunatic
Trevor Walker
Trevor Walker - 5 days ago
She full up on her simp card
Joel Mogindol
Joel Mogindol - 5 days ago
They mad cuz he is the only MATURE on here
kudzaiishe nduku
kudzaiishe nduku - 5 days ago
"You're completely classless Clare." 😂🤣
Batman3217 - 5 days ago
Yosef is a TRUE HERO! It was a VERY SMART idea to leave the show.
GetWellSoon - 5 days ago
I saw no tears first of all... but I'm also not judging. She's forty and wants to chill with half naked guys then good for her. The other guy just wasn't vibing with it which also fine. Just shows two grown adults on two different aspects of life or whatever.
Also.. I haven't seen this season so I may not know what I'm talking about
Also the lady crying victim about how he "spoke" to her... what the hell....
he didn't say anything out of line. He was just expressing himself.
Not today bts
Not today bts - 5 days ago
I kind of agree with him though
I AM HASSAN - 5 days ago
k - 6 days ago
Yosef wasn't even there!! How's that for fragile?
Samantha Tickale
Samantha Tickale - 6 days ago
I’m like seeing the boys reactions they were doing to much and trying to hard.
Caucasian African
Caucasian African - 6 days ago
When people say I understand or I get it when they haven't even heard you out yet. Totally annoying.
Mikayla Lynn
Mikayla Lynn - 6 days ago
He went way too far. Ripping her apart, I’m so happy she picked dale ❤️
Natasa Ma
Natasa Ma - 6 days ago
Oooh, sis, I wish you settled for a man like him, but you couldn't so that is why you are acting so immature ☕
dimitris Bam
dimitris Bam - 6 days ago
She is literally KAREN
DramaQueen 96
DramaQueen 96 - 6 days ago
He’s not lying and those other guys don’t care about her they just want a check😂
Tselot Habte
Tselot Habte - 6 days ago
The way he was pushing her buttons !????!!
Leonie Smith
Leonie Smith - 6 days ago
Yusuf is a cruel person. There was no need to go that far
darnlove55 - 6 days ago
Bro I think the real question should be why the hell are u on national television looking for a man when yo mom is dying????? Like what’s that logic.....
Draiden The HyPE mAn
Draiden The HyPE mAn - 6 days ago
...noice she’s all types of crazy and the other dudes are hook line and sinker for her to Ha
Jake Day Williams
Jake Day Williams - 6 days ago
Oh well.
Eneo - 6 days ago
What is Pulisic doing here 💀
Ivan Wizl
Ivan Wizl - 6 days ago
'Talking to a woman like that ' idc what was done, bet😂😂
D-Town Sports Fan
D-Town Sports Fan - 6 days ago
"Never talk to a woman like that"
But I thought we were equal 🤔
Petter Nerman
Petter Nerman - 3 days ago
Think again.
johnsonDcrazy - 6 days ago
"Remember your almost 40" lol the wall will always b the one to open their eyes.
Justin Kakara
Justin Kakara - 6 days ago
simp mode activated
Johann Muster
Johann Muster - 6 days ago
He didn`t just siad: "She is all yours" but "She is all yours...BOYS"
Zion - 6 days ago
She’s very classless and her attitude & behavior is distasteful. This is what it looks like when a man has standards and class.
Aathan Raan
Aathan Raan - 6 days ago
The problem with these shows is love isn't a simple emotion and CAN NOT be found in such an environment.
Kelly Rosado
Kelly Rosado - 7 days ago
He went from making really good points to just straight up roasting her.
FidoTheClown - 7 days ago
Reality check! Truth hurts sometimes. Man vs Simps. By the way, whatever happened to gender equality? "Oh, you don't talk to a woman like that!" Funny and sad!
Joel Michael Croes
Joel Michael Croes - 7 days ago
“Because I didn’t settle for men like that”
You mean good, real, self-respecting men, ohh yeah no wonder, thats why you’re playing naked dodgeball with men who will eventually just pump and dump you, just like he said, classless🤮
Roy - 7 days ago
Nah Chica... You're 39 and single cause real men like him didn't settle for a woman like you.
GunStreets - 7 days ago
Super SIMPS!!!
Aaron Rowden
Aaron Rowden - 7 days ago
Lmao what a terrible show
yecc - 7 days ago
These simps need to be eradicated
L Johnson
L Johnson - 7 days ago
This video was riddled with simps😂
zubair zainab
zubair zainab - 7 days ago
Nawa o wahala dey
Bren - 7 days ago
She could sense the rejection coming so her power play was to reject him to save her fragile and failing ego
Saieeda Habib
Saieeda Habib - 7 days ago
Claire is the worst Yousef told her something for her own good and now she changed the story and blame him. She is a snake
kamall lalage
kamall lalage - 7 days ago
The worst bachelorette in history she chose dale based on looks only that's very ignorant from her
Felipè Ezra Pius
Felipè Ezra Pius - 7 days ago
Seriously these guys are all immature
befreaked - 7 days ago
4:38 damnnnn hahahah
George Richard
George Richard - 7 days ago
Dude played it right.
Hedu - 7 days ago
He wasnt disrespectful as hell. He was self respectful as hell
K - 7 days ago
3:14 and there she blows... kinda like PMS volcano.
"Watch out!!! here comes the vaginoclastic cloud"
April 2520
April 2520 - 8 days ago
Might sound crazy but he's exactly what she needs.
Garrett Maxwell
Garrett Maxwell - 8 days ago
If he only knew what was coming a few days later he dodged a bullet 😂😂
Ninja - 8 days ago
Everyone must be blind its simple he new he wasn't going to get picked so he took the I'm going to quit you before you quit me route
Stephen Oni
Stephen Oni - 8 days ago
Stephen Oni
Stephen Oni - 8 days ago
Yosef, The King.
Eric Chapman
Eric Chapman - 8 days ago
Btw @ 5:00, She basically told on herself.