Khloé Kardashian's Heartbreaking COVID Quarantine Without Daughter True

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Khloé Kardashian recently revealed she secretly battled COVID-19 right as the pandemic hit the U.S., and how the scary situation was made even more heartbreaking since she couldn't be with her 2½-year-old daughter True during more than two weeks in quarantine. The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star also shared her daughter's love for makeup, and told Ellen how co-parenting with True's father Tristan Thompson has been one of the "hardest things" she's ever done.
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clearly cool
clearly cool - 15 hours ago
I told my neighbor that her kid was very smart and the mom was like “i don’t see that in her”
Ryleigh Jones
Ryleigh Jones - Day ago
Awww. 🥺
Erin Einstein
Erin Einstein - 2 days ago
The End.
Astropuff - 3 days ago
this woman is so big
ícҽís թհօҽղíx
ícҽís թհօҽղíx - 3 days ago
2:13 haha omg she is a goof
Val Williams
Val Williams - 3 days ago
Ellen's interested in Kardashian famz for their kids so hopefully she can traffic them. 😖
Sofresh105 Monica
Sofresh105 Monica - 3 days ago
Monica’s new music video for her single ‘Trenches’ ft lil Baby out NOW‼️
Greek Goddess
Greek Goddess - 4 days ago
She used to be pretty before plastic surgery.
Su_1480 - 5 days ago
I still don`t understand the fascination that people in Usa have with the Kardashians..
Britta Larsen
Britta Larsen - 6 days ago
you look better blond
Juan Julio
Juan Julio - 6 days ago
There’s also nothing showing that masks help
It’s just created outbreaks of bacterial pneumonia
Juan Julio
Juan Julio - 6 days ago
Glad to see Ellen is still around even if I don’t like her too much
Honestly if people think she’s a tyrant, they have the freedom to leave and find work elsewhere
Fire Flies
Fire Flies - 7 days ago
No masks?
Khan Laiba
Khan Laiba - 7 days ago
Omg omg omg they really kept it a secret 🤫
hector hinojosa
hector hinojosa - 7 days ago
Nose job for sure, khloe
Nana princess
Nana princess - 8 days ago
No mask?
Leana Keo
Leana Keo - 9 days ago
I really want to know how she feels after recovering from covid.. does she feel 100% back to normal or does she feel theres permanent damage?
Positivity& Growth
Positivity& Growth - 10 days ago
True is so cute and she’s so funny 🤣🥰
Miss M
Miss M - 10 days ago
Am I the only person wondering how she wore gloves with those nails?!
justbreath2018 - 10 days ago
Horrible nose job
justbreath2018 - 10 days ago
Too much spray tan
justbreath2018 - 10 days ago
Where's the new baby momma of Tristans?!
A. Bootsma
A. Bootsma - 12 days ago
How much did she got payed for having cojona.......
Chloe S.
Chloe S. - 12 days ago
She has no idea how hard it is for regular, non celebrities when they get covid..
She has all the money she'll ever need and that isn't something normal people are privileged to have.
She missed her daughter, no doubt. But she didn't have to worry about providing for her when she was sick like us regular joes do.
There's nothing realistic about any of these self absorbed Kardashians.
Jessenia A
Jessenia A - 14 days ago
Ellen I love your show! To all the moms reading this comment, I'm new on YouTube and will love to connect with some of you, my channel is abouth motherhood, Lifestyle + more! Hope to be part of this wonderful community of bloggers 😊
simpleliving a
simpleliving a - 15 days ago
Heartbreaking really?🙄
Emmanuel Lasat
Emmanuel Lasat - 15 days ago
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Anna Banana
Anna Banana - 16 days ago
I knew one of the kardashians had it because Perez Hilton reported it a long time ago, but we didn’t know which one.
jackie - 16 days ago
of course they kept it a secret... they do have a show..
JC Hi - 16 days ago
"co parenting is so important". No kidding. The fact that it's rare today is sad.
Gemma Muir
Gemma Muir - 16 days ago
There wasn’t testing for Covid back in March, and I wonder when she got this supposed second test done after she claims having Covid because the virus is still in your system 90 days after testing positive, although you’re not infectious anymore, all for the cameras 😊😊
Steve Wright
Steve Wright - 16 days ago
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Every thing she sing turn Gold
Gavin Barnes
Gavin Barnes - 17 days ago
Ellen just doesn’t feel the same anymore
Lynn Ryczek
Lynn Ryczek - 17 days ago
Khloe what did you do to your face and lips?
Brenda - 18 days ago
Is that a nose job
Iris - 19 days ago
Khloe looks amazing
Samantha Howard
Samantha Howard - 19 days ago
I'm glad she's ok 🙏
Mariam Al Amin
Mariam Al Amin - 19 days ago
Ellen seems more humble and not teasing in exterme
Lele Geo
Lele Geo - 19 days ago
Blonde hair suits her better
Rejsan Esquilona
Rejsan Esquilona - 20 days ago
If my kids ain’t that bright, I’m gonna be the first to tell 😅🤷🏻‍♀️
Carly Coppi
Carly Coppi - 20 days ago
True is so stinking cute!!
Purple Rain
Purple Rain - 20 days ago
You didn't provide information then.
Raissa Villaflor
Raissa Villaflor - 20 days ago
I adore Khloe so much.. Love love love😘😘😘
Malina - 20 days ago
Im litterally sitting in quarantine right now having covid not allowed to leave the house for 10 days and all i have is a soare throat sooo yeah
Emily_thebasegod - 21 day ago
I’ve noticed Ellen has changed her attitude on the show lol
Alexandra Kane
Alexandra Kane - Day ago
@J no she’s pretending because she knows people will call her out.
Carrie Mei
Carrie Mei - 13 days ago
Yeah a little faker than usual
J - 19 days ago
Yes completely! She is way more humble now.
Sheila Bulaclac
Sheila Bulaclac - 21 day ago
Kardashians! Karla and Khloé again! 😍😍😍 Glad to see you again Khloé! Stay safe! ❤️❤️❤️
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon - 21 day ago
I’m so glad that she’s fine now, but don’t forget a millions of people are in a lot worse situation than her. So please be nice to one another and be safe.
LuLu Belle
LuLu Belle - 21 day ago
You lie Khloe. You were never ill, it was just a storyline to bring Tristan back into the show.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu - 21 day ago
She picking shades of skin every morning?
Sima Love Vlogs
Sima Love Vlogs - 21 day ago
I love this video
Can someone please like my comment
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon - 21 day ago
College 😭😭😭
Marie Ibrahim
Marie Ibrahim - 22 days ago
How is she wearing the same nails in the video and on the show? She obviously faked her illness
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu - 21 day ago
Oh I can comment
Melly Reed
Melly Reed - 22 days ago
But.. vomiting isnt a symptom of the virus. It was presented in less than %1 of patients. That doctor swab was also %100 a reenactment.
Lana Montgomery
Lana Montgomery - 22 days ago
JayBeeTV - 20 days ago
She said that was a week after testing negative
Lou Vos
Lou Vos - 22 days ago
Haha. Everything she went threw was the hardest thing 😂😂
Andreea Nastase
Andreea Nastase - 22 days ago
0:22 4:13 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😂😂
Katie Benson
Katie Benson - 23 days ago
she must've had a great vacation. lol
Jamie Winblad
Jamie Winblad - 23 days ago
All of the Kardashian kids aren't that good looking like their parents. Just my opinion.
prarthana dutta
prarthana dutta - 22 days ago
cathrinelanglete1964 - 24 days ago
Who the fffff cares!
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni - 24 days ago
Im sorry but ellen's jokes just aren't funny anymore, especially when she say's things like "wouldn't it be nice if mothers said their children aren't smart"...
patrice decourcy
patrice decourcy - 22 days ago
It's funny!
maria douba
maria douba - 24 days ago
Tristan should be looking after true while khloe has corona
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni - 23 days ago
Dang she to tan
Taliyah Mari Trueheart
Taliyah Mari Trueheart - 24 days ago
When she was sick
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni - 23 days ago
I started with One Direction and then ended up here.
Taliyah Mari Trueheart
Taliyah Mari Trueheart - 24 days ago
Her voice omg
Taliyah Mari Trueheart
Taliyah Mari Trueheart - 24 days ago
College 😭😭😭
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni - 24 days ago
Koko is sooo cute ☺️
Louella Marie
Louella Marie - 24 days ago
Random fact: Kanye West ran for president. LOOK IT UP.
marcie s
marcie s - 23 days ago
he hasnt ran...been saying hes gonna for 4-6 years
Shomi Mi
Shomi Mi - 25 days ago
Oh I can comment
Saymore Gatura
Saymore Gatura - 25 days ago
I like you khoè,thank God you were saved
Rock girl
Rock girl - 25 days ago
COVID made a lot of loving families separate so I hope that everyone reading this will reunite with their families ASAP 💙💙💙
rose alexa
rose alexa - 25 days ago
i love your videos
Brendan Doyle
Brendan Doyle - 25 days ago
She said that her results were positive and everyone else tested negative. But in that episode, they said Kanye was positive too?
Rock girl
Rock girl - 25 days ago
Is Ellen still relevant?
Ugly._.person - 25 days ago
She is going to collage soon😂👍🏽
Whitney Cohen
Whitney Cohen - 25 days ago
I like how Ellen knows her boundaries she knows like “oof that’s a touchy subject, let’s not go there” she seems sweet
Paola Parker
Paola Parker - 25 days ago
I really wish you would have said something about covid
Birva Dholakiya
Birva Dholakiya - 25 days ago
I started with One Direction and then ended up here.
girlslick 713
girlslick 713 - 25 days ago
Dang she to tan
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu - 25 days ago
I can’t imagine what your going through now
Diana Ashkar
Diana Ashkar - 25 days ago
Koko is sooo cute ☺️
Evelyn Silva
Evelyn Silva - 25 days ago
Ellen talking about kids 🤮🤮
W W - 26 days ago
They said that there can be false negative results and not to return to work even if you still have symptoms when I got my test here luckly I had no symptoms and negative
W W - 26 days ago
There can be false negatives!!
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu - 25 days ago
is it just me or is that wig making her look more like O.J's daughter than his actual daughter
Yaneiza Perez
Yaneiza Perez - 26 days ago
Khloe looks so dark
A T - 26 days ago
@ellen are u behaving good with the staff now?
Arham Syed
Arham Syed - 26 days ago
I love Ellen she looks so good
Songkets Sparkles
Songkets Sparkles - 26 days ago
Is Ellen still relevant?
Gladys Simelane
Gladys Simelane - 26 days ago
I just love Khloè
Zayne Spadez
Zayne Spadez - 26 days ago
Is Khloe pregnant??
P Gill
P Gill - 26 days ago
She’s pregnant maaaaan
P Gill
P Gill - 26 days ago
I just...don’t recognise this person
Georgina Paterson Barnes
Georgina Paterson Barnes - 26 days ago
Khloe's little "thank you" when the audience started clapping was so cute to me
HELLO BOBBY - 23 days ago
@nir _s thanks
nir _s
nir _s - 23 days ago
HELLO BOBBY - 24 days ago
Time stamp?
pajshouatsab - 27 days ago
I came here to see what she really looks like since her ig photos are so heavily edited.
Inaya Khaliq
Inaya Khaliq - 27 days ago
How was she on the Ellen show if she got covid 19
Tea Z
Tea Z - 27 days ago
Hey Ellen what happen to Island background 🏝️
Tracy O'Brien
Tracy O'Brien - 27 days ago
Co parenting is awesome 100% take him back is another after what 3x a cheater. Wouldn't trust him as far as I can throw him, can't happen.
amaia 137
amaia 137 - 27 days ago
is it just me or is that wig making her look more like O.J's daughter than his actual daughter
bit of everything
bit of everything - 11 days ago
Hairdresser Alex roldan not oj
asioe kiou
asioe kiou - 27 days ago
Probably got it from Tristan. And we know where he got it from.
Busi Galore
Busi Galore - 26 days ago
Jackson McNuggets
Jackson McNuggets - 27 days ago
I love ELLEN
Jen lyn
Jen lyn - 27 days ago
Y’all mean to tell me that when Khloe had the virus the doctor and Kim were there and they didn’t get it.. lol
Nisi Marie
Nisi Marie - 25 days ago
It’s Possible, My Mom Caught It and I Did Not & I Live With Her.
Johan Peralta
Johan Peralta - 27 days ago
Here before the comments are disabled
Pallavi Suresh
Pallavi Suresh - 27 days ago
Who else is excited for scott and kourt😛
asioe kiou
asioe kiou - 27 days ago
She had a Nanny that looks after True all the time , apart from the photo ops khloe does with true with pouting and posing and filters on 🙄