I Failed Card Swipe 30+ Times LIVE In Front Of 200k People And All My Friends

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it was my first ever Among Us livestream and I was nervous
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Fuslie: www.twitch.tv/fuslie
Sykkuno: www.twitch.tv/sykkuno
Wendy: www.twitch.tv/natsumiii
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Sony Limbu
Sony Limbu - 39 minutes ago
Having to do any task more than once is scary, especially if it's in the electrical. This is why I always do my task carefully so I don't have to do it more than once.
Rohin ChaOs
Rohin ChaOs - Hour ago
When he is the imposter.. He is just roaming around不不.. Play with Indian guys [Kerala], bust u at the instance of roaming around不不
Jason Geehan
Jason Geehan - Hour ago
I like how we can see everyone's face cam it makes it nicer
Ayush Negi
Ayush Negi - 2 hours ago
There's a trick to do card swipe watch clash universe video
Idiot Mocha
Idiot Mocha - 2 hours ago
Oh gad corpse's so cuteee hahahah
意EKO NEKO NII - 2 hours ago
Abandon3dRain - 2 hours ago
Does he have have twitch he streams on? I can't find it
Riley T.
Riley T. - 2 hours ago
The effort of putting everyone's faces and names on screen when they're talking??? Woah??? Ingenious, spectacular, incredible, I love seeing it, a treat for my eyes, wonderful all around good stuff.
Dark Side
Dark Side - 2 hours ago
Corpse there is trick to do card swipe in 1 try.
1) swipe the card twice in 1 try
2) swipe the card fast half way through and swipe it slow rest of the way
Samarth Sharma
Samarth Sharma - 3 hours ago
Dammmn man that voice is like Batman man so denseeee
Brave Tamilas Gaming
Brave Tamilas Gaming - 3 hours ago
Lol it seems good that someone else had the same issue
Kelev Alga
Kelev Alga - 3 hours ago
Is sykunno gay?
jellyski ??
jellyski ?? - 2 hours ago
i think he said hes straight
Chingcune - 3 hours ago
Yeah, his voice is nice n all but his laugh i-
Floofy Boi
Floofy Boi - 3 hours ago
Would totally hug corpse
Lesly Izaguirre
Lesly Izaguirre - 3 hours ago
Shizuku Murasaki
Shizuku Murasaki - 4 hours ago
lmao i saw something and theres a way to do the card swipe.So first you swipe slow till the end of the black arrow and then go fast the rest of the way.That should work撾
xboxgamerljh - 4 hours ago
Man glad I dont have anxiety then again Im not in situations with people watching me.
Lissa - 4 hours ago
I never thought I'd think someone failing card swipe 30 times would be cute very wholesome
ayanna mae aponte
ayanna mae aponte - 4 hours ago
why is his voice SO attractive..
Dark Jacoby
Dark Jacoby - 5 hours ago
too fast try again
Corpse: speeds up
L Randol
L Randol - 5 hours ago
Has 200 IQ plays daily. Can't read the thing that says "too fast" so he can slow down the swipe....
Lyundin - 5 hours ago
I think they made card swipe harder for mobile
Elly K.
Elly K. - 5 hours ago
How I feel trying to rush through self-checkout if there's someone waiting behind me. ;-;
DJ_ShadowRainbow - 5 hours ago
A trick for card swipe is do it half way slowly and the rest fast
Stetson_Newsie - 5 hours ago
I love the little tape recorder sfx when the video speeds up.
xxRedSkyxx - 5 hours ago
CORPSE: "Lemme just do this card swipe"
Card Machine: "I'm bout to end this man's whole career"
Stetson_Newsie - 5 hours ago
The cams have revealed to me that this is just a very attractive group of people. God damn.
YTcola -
YTcola - - 5 hours ago
Not gonna lie the card swipe is low key difficult
Don G
Don G - 5 hours ago
Corpse: 11:21
FG Solz
FG Solz - 6 hours ago
What is wrong with corpses health? I hear him talking ab it but never figured out what
King Slime
King Slime - 6 hours ago
My card: what is that
A Menacing Buff Diglett
A Menacing Buff Diglett - 6 hours ago
you know its bad, when Corpse cant even do it
sens fan
sens fan - 6 hours ago
Card Swipe says to fast. He keeps going at the same speed. Um what haha
Yum - 6 hours ago
aww corpses laugh is so cute
Gibster - 6 hours ago
Maybe mouse sensitivity is too high?
Bug You
Bug You - 7 hours ago
swipes card too fast
swipes faster and faster after every fail
Joaquin Riveros
Joaquin Riveros - 8 hours ago
I want this man, come to my house and say everything will be ok in the next year. That voice it's epic
Demon El X
Demon El X - 8 hours ago
CORPSE: **swipes card as fast as lightning**
CORPSE: **still swiping as fast as the Flash**
Machine: *What part of "too fast" did you not understand?*
Jago - 8 hours ago
how can you be so bad at card swipe. Just feels like manufactured content
jellyski ??
jellyski ?? - 2 hours ago
i failed it 20 times before. it just hard :( plus his hand was shaking so its way harder
Julian Mallari
Julian Mallari - 8 hours ago
3:27 I have never heard CORPSE laugh, but now I'm scarred for life.
Gamer Kat
Gamer Kat - 8 hours ago
omg why is your voice so deeeeeeeeeep
Gamer Kat
Gamer Kat - 8 hours ago
sorry if this is offensive I've just never heard someone's voice be this deep before
Jo瓊ozinhoGGPlays - 9 hours ago
"I fear no man, but that- thing..."
*car swipe task*
"It scares me."
Ty Moore
Ty Moore - 9 hours ago
Every time I see Leslie all I hear in my head is ummm probably a guitar?
Tyler pottle
Tyler pottle - 9 hours ago
His laugh thooo
Nik Iko
Nik Iko - 9 hours ago
Bro is he regarded
Captain Lollipop
Captain Lollipop - 10 hours ago
11:30 You (or your editor) forgot to make Jacks cam gray when he was dead.
Nathan Rourk
Nathan Rourk - 10 hours ago
His voice is y e s
Captain Lollipop
Captain Lollipop - 10 hours ago
No offense, but you were doing the card swipe wayyyyyy too fast
Harrison Wong
Harrison Wong - 10 hours ago
Your welcome
㏎weetNSour - 11 hours ago
When you think Techno's voice is deep-
Cody Ingenthron
Cody Ingenthron - 11 hours ago
soundslikepizza - 11 hours ago
does he fail card swipe on purpose? cause it aint that hard
Evan Kim
Evan Kim - 11 hours ago
Who else ships sykkuno and corpse?
Robert Ray
Robert Ray - 11 hours ago
Sofie - 12 hours ago
Corpse is so nervous, adorable
K穩tt矇hx籀 w
K穩tt矇hx籀 w - 12 hours ago
his voice is so- i-
Kaia Gunderson
Kaia Gunderson - 12 hours ago
Im one of those people who can swipe card first or second try
Sam Scene For Dummies
Sam Scene For Dummies - 12 hours ago
*Card swipe:* You're doing it to fast. You need to slow down.
*Corpse:* "No, I don't think I will."
The Holy Crusade
The Holy Crusade - 12 hours ago
Charlie when he sees the vod: 0-0 oh
Game Game
Game Game - 12 hours ago
Hey corpse if you still cant get card swipe quickly pull the card to the middle slowly and swipe it fully from the middle fast.
Stef Carrubba
Stef Carrubba - 12 hours ago
Greaseball = excellent liar!
Fuslie PhD = always sounds like she was caught, even when 100% innocent.
Stef Carrubba
Stef Carrubba - 12 hours ago
May I give an advice? You're trying to swipe in 1 second or faster. You need to make the swipe last *2.5 seconds* .
LexifromZargon - 13 hours ago
Dont wotty corpse its okay to fail card swipe hat shit suuuucls also we love you for youre imperfectons so dknt worry
CJ Wolfe
CJ Wolfe - 13 hours ago
Some say he's still failing card swipe to this day
Cats Are Home
Cats Are Home - 13 hours ago
This exact thing happened with James Charles. IT LITERALLY SAIS TOO FAST LMFAO
Kill MongerJd
Kill MongerJd - 14 hours ago
Card swipe is so easy. I feel like I am the only one who can do it on the first try. But why don't you listen to what it says and slow down.....
ay ok
ay ok - 14 hours ago
Corpse: spee- speed- spe- speedrun-
cF Trap
cF Trap - 15 hours ago
do the exploit where you just keep swiping card back and forth 4 times and it gives you a complete for admin card
generic angst
generic angst - 15 hours ago
meanwhile, me on mobile:
card goes wheeee
carlin - 15 hours ago
this guy doesnt match up with his music
Mitchplaysriffs - 15 hours ago
10:12 Pews being alpha on Pokie, and her responding with a lying 5 year old voice.
bred_ lova
bred_ lova - 16 hours ago
1:18 look at fuslie's bg the cat is so cute
Emperor Kaiser
Emperor Kaiser - 16 hours ago
I literally got frustrated watching him do card swipe, he didnt even see the to fast he just kept going faster!
Dynasty Thompson
Dynasty Thompson - 16 hours ago
Aw poor Corpse he was really struggling to card swipe
TrulySavage - 16 hours ago
Poki Is annoying
Striker Bass
Striker Bass - 17 hours ago
first time i've watched your videos and god damn thats a voice
Archer Kilbourne
Archer Kilbourne - 17 hours ago
Card swipe is easy change my mind.
(I play on computer)
Dereon Sumter
Dereon Sumter - 17 hours ago
I hate that they talk over you but always so omg his voice like yeah you would know if 5 people didnt talk over him
Maung Htway
Maung Htway - 17 hours ago
I fail card swipe all the time
bbvithaly - 17 hours ago
Corpse : *failing multiple times*
Also corpse: s p e e d r u n
ferryfarm - 17 hours ago
Corpse: well i-
AD: abigail spanberger takes both parties into account
Gage Chavez
Gage Chavez - 19 hours ago
Why does greaseball sound sooo fucking dead inside, almost like meat canyon
Jo Mama
Jo Mama - 19 hours ago
Is this his first game?
juan2049 - 19 hours ago
Pretty sure he is acting
jellyski ??
jellyski ?? - 2 hours ago
i mean ive failed it 20 times before ,,
GivingMercy ToGamerz
GivingMercy ToGamerz - 19 hours ago
Dear lord christ, I can't watch this...
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo - 20 hours ago
I like how lily is quite in all of these

Edit: its bc shes always dead
Xavier Mattos
Xavier Mattos - 20 hours ago
my god , why is this man doing it like everyime he does it his afraid that will take money from his bank acc jesus , DO IT SLOW MY GAAAAAAAWD....
Vlad Olg繪rd
Vlad Olg繪rd - 20 hours ago
Youre so bad oml
Crystal Roses TwT
Crystal Roses TwT - 21 hour ago
*Corpse:* when youre the best imposter in the game but you cant card swipe
Lmao!!!! 不不不不不
Corpse that was so sad I feel so bad for you dude. TwT
Also Im your number one female simp! Lol XD
Leydicia Renois
Leydicia Renois - 22 hours ago
Does anyone else ship sykkuno and corpse SO BAD but toast is in the middle liking sykkuno!!!
Jason Crosby
Jason Crosby - 22 hours ago
Wait how this guy get so many subs and views with 3 videos lol
Art by JMD
Art by JMD - 20 hours ago
He has another youtube channel that has many videos. That explains why.
Venom Kiddo
Venom Kiddo - 22 hours ago
1 question, why is your name husband ?
Charlotte - 23 hours ago
i love you corpse but why cant you just do it slower? lol this is so funny
warzone clips
warzone clips - Day ago
1k likes on this comment corpse u hv to do a hand cam
1LLN4ME - Day ago
CORPSE Husband's laugh reminds me of CORPSE looks like around 16 - 25 years old...
Dafferlee - Day ago
1:21 Leslie's pet in the background just freaking out
gold teo
gold teo - Day ago
pewds camera quality though
Jenks McFizzle
Jenks McFizzle - Day ago
the card swipe sucks, it takes me forever
Maggie McCauslin
Maggie McCauslin - Day ago
his laugh does not match his voice at all and I love it