The Evolution of Tommie Pt. 1 🔥💋 Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

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From the moment Tommie Lee made her debut and beyond she always brought a different kind of energy.
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Luis Ortiz
Luis Ortiz - 5 hours ago
love u tommie
Badd JuJu
Badd JuJu - 6 hours ago
Group homes are some of the most horrifying places to live in. I see why Tommie is the way she is.. I’ve had students who lived in group homes very sensitive and explosive at the same time. Yet numb. It’s wild. Those people be monsters. Tommie mom is toxic asfffff
Jacqueline Paiz
Jacqueline Paiz - 11 hours ago
I love me some tommie we have the same birthday June 19 ❤️
Push Mak B
Push Mak B - Day ago
Mimi could teach these girls a thing or two about handling themselves!!! She doesn’t even flinch
Push Mak B
Push Mak B - Day ago
Look at Tommie telling Karlie to be a better mother and set an example for her daughter......
Oh! The hypocrisy....😂😂😂😂
Push Mak B
Push Mak B - Day ago
Scrap’s face when Tommie started crying 😂😂😂!!!
Edit: also, could someone explain to me what Teirra did to Tommie because I just saw a girl who was minding her own business and Tommie going out of her way to start a fight with her!!!
Also: Teirra must stop using her child to fight her battles!!!
Skai Harmon
Skai Harmon - Day ago
she so funny omg i love her
Courtney Robinson
Courtney Robinson - Day ago
Tommie is Crazy and her and my mom are just alike that’s why I’m crazy
Antisocial Socialite
Ok, so I know I'm late but I never realized how sexy Tommie is! Out of all the times I've watched the show I never noticed! Omg 😩😍😍😍
Courtney Robinson
Courtney Robinson - Day ago
I mean I would be on Love and Hip Hop but bitch I’m staying in my corner and let the other girl fight imma mind my own bee wax
G FAN - Day ago
That fake hug she gave Karli 😂😂😂😂
Giani Smith
Giani Smith - Day ago
what made me mad was she don't understand tommie she wasn't crying cause she knows its true that she is a " alcoholic " . shes crying cause everyone around her doubts her about her drinking , & she invited you to what she believed in & all you doing is sitting here & doubting her .
Moonique - Day ago
Help! Where can I find whole episodes?
S.A Impavido
S.A Impavido - 2 days ago
Tommie is legit trauma emotional issues but she’s so pretty and I. Love her lol
Shanika Brown
Shanika Brown - 2 days ago
Tomymie is beautiful!
Shanika Brown
Shanika Brown - 2 days ago
Me when Jose says "my husband" 😂😂🤣
Sharon Hammond
Sharon Hammond - 3 days ago
Tommie crazy asf and seriously damaged, go from cussing to crying a certified bipolar biatch, 😱 Teaira is sexy asf good LAWD, whew chile I am ' flashing 🤦‍♀️
Life with Ivory
Life with Ivory - 3 days ago
It’s the cry for me ...But Ngl I love me some tommie !!🤍
Ash Hunt
Ash Hunt - 3 days ago
Karlie was too trifling for going after Scrapp! Dead wrong and Ronnie should’ve dragged her across the entire set TWICE
Jay - 4 days ago
Tommie is so damn gorgeous 😍🥰😁
Cody Sray
Cody Sray - 4 days ago
20:45 "uuuar yauhw szyerrrriussssss?" lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
LovingMyself - 5 days ago
Tommie need real psych help
Afedo Cámate pofavo
Afedo Cámate pofavo - 5 days ago
I looooveee Tommie!! 💯 💯
Afedo Cámate pofavo
Afedo Cámate pofavo - 5 days ago
To transale your broken English 😂😂 31:50
Afedo Cámate pofavo
Afedo Cámate pofavo - 5 days ago
Karlie is just 😑
Her relevancy is staying in others business and being MESSY
Bella Brooklyn
Bella Brooklyn - 6 days ago
What evolution?
Ruvimbo Angeline Mujere
Why does Tommie always looking drunk
Ruvimbo Angeline Mujere
Karlie you're a sad old woman
Manuel Marroquin
Manuel Marroquin - 6 days ago
I got nothing against Karlie cause she look good for her age but what she did with scarp is messed up if she was cool with tommie, that’s girl code like we not snakes.
Denise De Brito
Denise De Brito - 6 days ago
Did you see how Karlie almost ran in to securities arms when Tommie stepped on that table. That shit was hilarious 😂 that's how you know THEY know she bout it
Brandi Richarson
Brandi Richarson - 6 days ago
Oh Tommy......long sigh...
That's all!
Amanda Doll
Amanda Doll - 7 days ago
Tierra is disgusting for saying if he don’t dead Tommie he won’t see his son..
Tyshondra Barnes
Tyshondra Barnes - 7 days ago
Those women in Atlanta sleep with everybody and men to 🤢🗑
Bubbles - 7 days ago
Karlie looked like such a mess in that bob cut wig
U BETTA EAT - 8 days ago
Did that lady does nails move out of the way she Tommie can fight lol
Oli Cake
Oli Cake - 8 days ago
53:07 best part !!
Multi Sassy
Multi Sassy - 8 days ago
Tommie clearly said why she drinks...." I know exactly what I'm doing, I don't have a job how can I get up pay my bills, see my kids off to school, do their hair, and maneuver through this world...I carry every body weight on my back and I drink to deal and soothe the noise". It's clear she drinks to function and numb the things she doesn't want to deal with.
ashley grace
ashley grace - 9 days ago
Can waitress not be pretty? Why are they suppose to look like lol? That was wack as hell karlie.
Karess Sunflower
Karess Sunflower - 9 days ago
I just realized how scripted this is
Q H - 9 days ago
In the store karlie really
Amanda Delargy
Amanda Delargy - 9 days ago
Dunno about everyone else but she's my FAV! Then its Jessica Dime and Rasheeda.
Nash _
Nash _ - 9 days ago
The Karlie redd & scrap thing was so random
Yvonne Divila
Yvonne Divila - 11 days ago
VH1 should do cast react where Tommie watch her scene changing her mood when Scrapp came by at her house
Breshaa Patton.
Breshaa Patton. - 11 days ago
Why you black the fights? The show doesn't even blacks out the fights
ahmadd tatum
ahmadd tatum - 12 days ago
"I see it we not vibin"
444chimoney_ - 12 days ago
This what i mean when i say geminis the craziest mfs around 😂
Naomi Butcher
Naomi Butcher - 13 days ago
I swear tommie got some evil spirit 😂😂😂😂
Kiyah Bby
Kiyah Bby - 13 days ago
Scrappy was lying tho 🤦🏾‍♀️
a h
a h - 14 days ago
39:09 why did tommie dislie treasure from the getgo? She was giving her the stank eye before she even spoke to her
Jay Is Social Workin It
Jay Is Social Workin It - 14 days ago
Lmao 😆 Wear da Bitch at?
Jade Nicole
Jade Nicole - 14 days ago
Treasure's Middle Part Wig Looks A Fuckin Hot Mess💀😂
Laquita Gilmer
Laquita Gilmer - 15 days ago
How is Tommie going to call Dime ghetto trash? 👀
Malaysia - 15 days ago
Ew yuck. I do not want to be involved with guys who have kids & bms & all that shit. ITS A NO FOR ME
Maxi Maxwell
Maxi Maxwell - 16 days ago
Tommie was dead 💀 wrong to have the nerve to ask when Tierra when is she a mom 🙄 When she 🏃🏾‍♀️ running after scrap and leaving her kids with her family 🧐🧐
Trishna D
Trishna D - 16 days ago
Tommie reminds me of a girl I use to be friends with. It’s toxic asf to be friends with ppl like her, especially ppl with substance abuse problems
stoni la shay
stoni la shay - 16 days ago
LovelyMimi: “HeY yALL where da hell is Tommie”
Karlie got scared dumb ass
NBAngel Wings
NBAngel Wings - 17 days ago
That grandma a whole lie. And shes crying because what she saying is coming from a real place. Shes passionate you old bag. There ain't nothing wrong with Tommie. Fr.
NBAngel Wings
NBAngel Wings - 17 days ago
16:30 Yall, you can tell, Tommie, would break and put someone in the hospital with that look in her eyes. Ik that look.
Depressed Slut
Depressed Slut - 17 days ago
She’s so cute🥺
Shey - 17 days ago
I am so mad that they black out every fight. Like I want to see it :(
Shelley Dennis
Shelley Dennis - 17 days ago
How do you go from wildin’ to crying hysterically?😂. Tommie is my girl. She is with the s**ts.
Karlie’s triflin a** is with the community Peen. She knows she didn’t want no smoke😂😂
KK gave Tommie great advice.
Leronda Smith
Leronda Smith - 17 days ago
Karlie a old freak. Tommie will drag her
Addison Denman
Addison Denman - 17 days ago
31:55 Joseline:You were a lie
Lula Abdi
Lula Abdi - 17 days ago
does anyone feel like tommie sounds like rihanna
Bri Green
Bri Green - 17 days ago
Tommie reminds me of skyy-black ink crew -Joseline n them could be a trio 🥴😭😭😳🤪
Zee’s Life
Zee’s Life - 17 days ago
I can tell karlie wanna be real but she don’t know how to 🤷🏽‍♀️
Anisha Brisonette
Anisha Brisonette - 18 days ago
Tommie is happy, sad and anger wrap in one 😶
Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee - 18 days ago
KK was truly giving Tommie some sound advice but something is wrong with Tommie’s wiring where she just feels attacked even when someone is well intentioned.
Crystal Quintero
Crystal Quintero - 18 days ago
When they say a boy can drive a female crazy, I now believe it’s true
Miss B
Miss B - 18 days ago
"Fake looking as koala bear coat."
Amber Kilpatrick
Amber Kilpatrick - 19 days ago
Tommie is crazy.. and I mean really crazy!
Glamorouslife Movie
Glamorouslife Movie - 19 days ago
Who did Jessica's hair like Pebbles and Wilma from the Flintstones? Those fat bangs are hilarious. Joseline was wrong for calling the police on Tommy , not sure why she went to jail since they didn't even fight. Plus Joseline invited her to talk. Plus her mother is awful 😢😫
Francisco Martinez
Francisco Martinez - 20 days ago
Bruh, Karli is like the map to every party and the ear to every tea...... I love it!!!
Ugochi Ehiogu
Ugochi Ehiogu - 20 days ago
"Tommie...didn't yo mama teach u to wear panties??" 9:37
molay kollie
molay kollie - 20 days ago
Tommie baby girl you need know your worth, value and stop settling for less. These Dusty low-value men
Janice Addison
Janice Addison - 20 days ago
I love Tommie
Nicole Lomax
Nicole Lomax - 21 day ago
:22 that switch tho. Lol. Omg.
Gudiee Gudgud
Gudiee Gudgud - 21 day ago
I luv tommieee............
Redd Doll
Redd Doll - 21 day ago
Karlie Redd looks like a fox 🦊 in the face I don’t see what the hype about her be she’s not ugly tho
Tarron 202
Tarron 202 - 22 days ago
Dam now I see why Tommie has problems, she got her is the worst my was 15 hands out for week I never had her put away wow I lived in the courts we had a mother daughter talk from then girl did good got two kids , job and house her mother there she a no good mother.
Tarron 202
Tarron 202 - 22 days ago
Karlie never mind her business talks to much a b like that tell everything , somebody me slide her ass.
Tarron 202
Tarron 202 - 22 days ago
Tommie so messy going to fight over as man
Christina DeRoberts
Christina DeRoberts - 22 days ago
Tommie so fine muah
Sometimes it snows in April
Karli has a million businesses...I love it.
Sometimes it snows in April
Scrap looks like a whole a$$ cave man...but somehow it works. He’s a handsome guy 🤷🏽‍♀️
Cause Effect
Cause Effect - 22 days ago
Why let crazy walk up on you?
Leo Phoenix
Leo Phoenix - 22 days ago
😆The Puerto Rican Princess gave her a flower 🌸 and said let’s go. 👅 👅 👅 😜
Leo Phoenix
Leo Phoenix - 22 days ago
Why is she holding Scraps son hostage until he says what she wants. Tierra is a real bird for that. That little boy shouldn’t be punished.
M Woods
M Woods - 23 days ago
Firing Tommie was the end of LHH
Sultry T
Sultry T - 23 days ago
Wanna be joseline, wanted to be her friend at first and be in scenes with her but she couldn't now she hates her.. typical weird bitch behavior.
Mariam Maiga
Mariam Maiga - 23 days ago
I love tommie and dime🥴
Nelly Rynt
Nelly Rynt - 23 days ago
One of my best star tommie she's good she's perfect she is a diva for me she is my idol ever love you tommie ❤❤😘😘
K Morgan
K Morgan - 24 days ago
I love her crazy behind 🤣🤣
Jasmine Corona
Jasmine Corona - 24 days ago
The way joseline looked at tommie when she asked her about her tongue 👅
Kyra Henderson
Kyra Henderson - 24 days ago
Checkout my YouTube channel:
Lenora Seay
Lenora Seay - 24 days ago
Dam when did Tommie and Joseline sleep together
Makijah Ridley
Makijah Ridley - 24 days ago
one thing I will say tommie don’t play she will fight and don’t care who u are
justcallmevalentine - 25 days ago
Nunya Business
Nunya Business - 25 days ago
35:24 the face she gave her mom😭😭✋🏾