Why Do Things Keep Evolving Into Crabs?

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For some reason, animals keep evolving into things that look like crabs, independently, over and over again. What is it about the crab’s form that makes it so evolutionarily successful that non-crabs are apparently jealous of it?
Thanks to Franz Anthony for all of the ancient crab (and "crab") illustrations featured throughout this episode! franzanth.com/ And special thanks to Dr. Jo Wolfe, Dr. Javier Luque, and Dr. Katie Collins for assisting Franz with research for those illustrations.
And thank you to Dr. Rodney Feldmann for providing a photo of the Paralomis debodeorum fossil!
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MrAalaufreis - 37 minutes ago
youtube why are there so much ads.
David Bacote
David Bacote - Hour ago
Envious of it, not jealous. One is envious for something you don't possess, jealous for something you do possess.
M3D13V4L - 2 hours ago
T Rex didn't have feathers.
Funkopedia - 2 hours ago
the obvious nickname for the crab period is "The Crustaeceous"
Cujoh Shaggy
Cujoh Shaggy - 3 hours ago
Reject modernity, evolve into crab.
Thierry Decker
Thierry Decker - 3 hours ago
Reject Humanity, Turn to Creb
Salamandius Braveheart
Salamandius Braveheart - 4 hours ago
More difficult to eat them obviously
Daniel Castillo
Daniel Castillo - 6 hours ago
You can only go two ways in evolution: Crocodile and crab, each and every other species in this earth is on it's way to one of the two forms
Dave Cooke
Dave Cooke - 7 hours ago
"You are very clever, Sir, but it's crabs all the way down!"
Kaiser Sosebee
Kaiser Sosebee - 7 hours ago
Kars lost because he didn't know the power of the *CRAB*
崔莱 - 8 hours ago
I mean who wouldn't want to become a crab?
You're basically a tank with spikes, you have 8 legs that can take you anywhere, you get two huge weapons, you can eat just about anything, and your breathing system is fully amphibious. Hell I wanna be a crab.
ketjap djeruknipis
ketjap djeruknipis - 8 hours ago
Great info, nicely paced, melodious voice. Narrator can be more impersonal by cutting personal jokes away. I mean, this program start as science program that require (!arguable) narrator. Not narrator's program with science thing sprinkled in.
Doc Holliday
Doc Holliday - 8 hours ago
I love the implied exasperation of the title. Like some marine biologist is just looking around at his textbooks and in a moment sudden realization exclaims "why do things keep evolving into crabs!?"
Marc Pilit
Marc Pilit - 8 hours ago
An actually funny narrator which could tell anything and make it entertaining.... Weird but interesting topics to discuss... You my good sir have earned a new subscriber
Why do I exist ?
Why do I exist ? - 9 hours ago
Can't wait for the crab to evolve into crab
bob jeffery
bob jeffery - 9 hours ago
dislikers are the ones who haven't evolved yet
Exu - 9 hours ago
🦀↗️ Cronks
John Carlo Andrade
John Carlo Andrade - 10 hours ago
And monki evolving into society
Bignachos - 12 hours ago
Crab People Crab people
The Normalizer
The Normalizer - 12 hours ago
We may be turning into crabs as we speak
Crazy Orange
Crazy Orange - 13 hours ago
Sick Plate Tricks
Sick Plate Tricks - 13 hours ago
I'm going back into ocean in hopes I become the ideal lifeform

A crab
Jules Life
Jules Life - 13 hours ago
South Park: CraaAAaab people! CraAaAaab people!
J&JF 9
J&JF 9 - 14 hours ago
Reject humanity, embrace crab
Isaiah The Gamer
Isaiah The Gamer - 14 hours ago
Crab people, crab people, taste like crab, act like people, crab people, crab people
Elijah F
Elijah F - 15 hours ago
I wanna be a crab next
Floopdoodle - 17 hours ago
All these different types of crabs reminds me of some sea Game of Thrones
Garan Salandy
Garan Salandy - 17 hours ago
Danku-Kun - 19 hours ago
There's so much good humor in the comments of PBS videos. why?
Jamie Azalea
Jamie Azalea - 22 hours ago
Why is this so cute and comforting...
gelatinguy - 22 hours ago
This man's forearms about to evolve into crabs.
Nachi - 22 hours ago
This is not the animal i wanted to evolved into
Derek Fuqua
Derek Fuqua - 23 hours ago
Anyone else hungry now?
XboxSpartan05 - Day ago
OK, this seemed long and boring, just clicked on it, too make sure I'm not turning into a crab...
Rúben Pérez
Rúben Pérez - Day ago
This has me thinking about George Wells' time machine novel from 1895 and the future he predicts
mess mess
mess mess - Day ago
Reject humanity become crabs
Jake Harlan
Jake Harlan - Day ago
Imagine living but not as a crab
Meme School
Meme School - Day ago
The crab is the final for of anything
Robertelliott Lang
Robertelliott Lang - Day ago
I had crabs once,dirty Hippy chicks!
Jalapeño and Banana Productions
So elephants will turn to crabs?
Sauce Yeti
Sauce Yeti - Day ago
Me: It's already 2AM I should probably go to be-
[Sees title] *Well well well, let's find out*
Kaiser Franz von Lappen der 2.
Even Ultimate Kars evolved into a Crab.
DP is Dr. Pepper
DP is Dr. Pepper - Day ago
Reject returning to monke
Embrace evolving to crab
A R - Day ago
This could mean on another extrasolar planet there could be crabs all over the place...?
Lemuel Hubilla
Lemuel Hubilla - Day ago
Your Pikachu is evolving.
*Your Pikachu evolved into Krabby.*
Robert Montanegro
Robert Montanegro - Day ago
Coconut crabs are nasty, and carrions.
Eons I slept
Eons I slept - Day ago
ded-a-chek? did-a-chik? DUM-A-CHUM?
Skara Peacetalon
Skara Peacetalon - Day ago
I have news:
I have claimed the Cretaceous Crab Revolution as a band name
We master the art of playing the plastic straws
Bob Hope
Bob Hope - Day ago
Have you ever heard the tragedy of the Mesozoic Decapod revolution? I thought not. Its not a story the Jedi would tell you.
theonlydans - Day ago
Wait it has been crabs all along?
Lygar X
Lygar X - Day ago
if we go to another planet with life and an environment to modern earth. we will probably find crabs.
Minecraft Steve
Minecraft Steve - Day ago
I can't wait to become a crab.
AnOrangePumpkin - Day ago
Caleb Reddy
Caleb Reddy - Day ago
Crab was not the imposter
maruromuald16 - Day ago
The comment section is full of crab mentality
The Great BOI
The Great BOI - Day ago
So we are rare evolution
Aimen Abduljelil
Aimen Abduljelil - 2 days ago
It would be cool if humans become crab like too lol
D&MRemix - 2 days ago
Thanks to lockdown I am also going through long and narrow into round and f(l)at
侘寂ᜁᜋ᜔ - 2 days ago
Crab: "But... You did this for what?"
Imposter Crab: "Why not?"
Crab: "Why?"
Imposter Crab: "Why not?"
Crab: *_"Why though?"_*
HooDooBrown - 2 days ago
Dr.T knows the way.
J Miller
J Miller - 2 days ago
《VeSinc》 - 2 days ago
Reject society becom krab
Jack Foxtrot - Electronic Music Studios
PBS Eons: "Why do things keep evolving into crabs?"
Me: "Things keep evolving into crabs?"
Pelufaz - 2 days ago
We must evolve into CRAB
Nupetiet - 2 days ago
Wow they're not lying, they never told you to call them crabs or not, they're just doing their best ;_;
Jack Freedom
Jack Freedom - 2 days ago
now i shall wait for people to turn into crab people
GuitarZombie - 2 days ago
crabs remain crabs
PruCo - 2 days ago
Pick your fighter:
Return to monke
Advance to crab
HarriMation - 2 days ago
*I am crab*
Random guy in Gasmask
Random guy in Gasmask - 2 days ago
That is a really good question I was always afraid to ask.
Tommy P
Tommy P - 2 days ago
It's true
Dr. 50's Neon
Dr. 50's Neon - 2 days ago
Then what are real crabs
okie dokie
okie dokie - 2 days ago
aw, coconut crabs are cute. give em a break
Jangmo o
Jangmo o - 2 days ago
zamar uchiha
zamar uchiha - 2 days ago
i wanna be a crab
saucesandwich - 2 days ago
Because crabs are the most powerful beings on this planet
Mark my words, one day the crabs are going to take over this planet and reverse all the horrible things humans have done to this planet
Reiiz - 2 days ago
Things keep turning into a crab
Me : *I am going to turn into crab?*
My dna : *always has been*
Mmm Katam
Mmm Katam - 2 days ago
o: coconut crabs look interesting.
what do they eat? what do the crabs taste like? 👁👅👁
Andreas B Andersen
Andreas B Andersen - 2 days ago
Crab people crab people crab people
ZULU - 2 days ago
Mesozoic Decapod Revolution? Nah fam: 𝘾 𝙧 𝙖 𝙗 𝙍 𝙖 𝙫 𝙚.
Almat Sailaukhan
Almat Sailaukhan - 2 days ago
this is the reason we click tongs a few times for no reason. the crab instinct
KevinShinwoo - 2 days ago
I'm not short and fat. It's just evolution trying to turn me into a crab.
Lukáš Rumpala
Lukáš Rumpala - 2 days ago
It is maybe a long shot, but who's got here from Simon's Peculiar Portions about crabs?
Larz - 2 days ago
You guys missed the most important point of carcinazarion: the wider body is harder for a fish to swallow. Skinny goes down in a gulp. Wide gets lodged in the mouth and needs to be broken up before swallowing!
Larz - 2 days ago
This video is best viewed at 0.75x speed. Or best viewed at 1.0x speed after doing 2 lines of methamphetamine.
Mr.Plague - 2 days ago
The video: highly sophisticated and informal
Comments: hahaha crab memes
Kevin Is My Name
Kevin Is My Name - 2 days ago
Crab People. Crab People. Taste like Crab. Talk Like People. Crab People...
R4Z0R84 - 2 days ago
On all forms except physical I'm a crab snap snap
paul angelo pineda
paul angelo pineda - 2 days ago
wait wheres steve??
Tou Yube
Tou Yube - 2 days ago
crab people crab people crab people crab people crab people crab people
James Robichaud
James Robichaud - 2 days ago
I’m rejecting my humanity to become crab
Shail - 2 days ago
Accidentally stepped on one last n8 now here I am.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader - 2 days ago
Darth Vader
Darth Vader - 2 days ago
That crab is sus...
Tron Roos
Tron Roos - 2 days ago
A video with this title and not a single comment about Roshar. We truly live in strange times
Luka Maksic
Luka Maksic - 2 days ago
Craaaaab people craaaab people....
Skii _
Skii _ - 2 days ago
Damn I hate it when this happens.
Yansong Zeng
Yansong Zeng - 2 days ago
*Detroit, become crab*
Thom864b b
Thom864b b - 2 days ago
*Crab rave intensifies*
João Pedro Auriemo
João Pedro Auriemo - 2 days ago