Clare Tells Juan Pablo Off - The Bachelor

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Clare sticks it to Juan Pablo. #Bachelor20
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Russel Gino Williams
Russel Gino Williams - 7 days ago
When she got told the same thing from Yosef she blew up, and here it is she is delivering the similar new to this guy and she loves it.
Voltaire Hortizuela
Voltaire Hortizuela - 15 days ago
They’re both just as hateful and Narcasistic. Claire was Closed minded as the bachelorette and sexist just as much as he was
D B - 16 days ago
He’s a douche and she’s a bitch.
Neven - 20 days ago
That guy dodged a bullet, good for him.
craig clermond
craig clermond - 22 days ago
the irony she turned out to be just as big an asshole as him while she was a bachelorette. power corrupts, it doesnt matter who the person is.
FanASStik - 23 days ago
Poor Dale.... He's fucked.
Marius Z
Marius Z - 23 days ago
Producers put hard work to direct this mess and tell everyone what to say or do. Also why this woman is in so many bachelor episodes ? Creators love her so much? She puts out the most dramas to bump ratings up ? Oh wait... I just answered my own question..
Kathryn Molesa
Kathryn Molesa - Month ago
Claire tells lots of people off.
Juan dodged the proverbial bullet.
Vanessa Cotter
Vanessa Cotter - Month ago
Lmao she used the same “I would never want my children having a father like you” line on Yosef on her season this year 😭😭
Nika ‘
Nika ‘ - 6 days ago
hanmarche - 8 days ago
Uhhh because Yosef was a piece of shit? lol why are you surprised, both of them were
Ricky Sandhu
Ricky Sandhu - 23 days ago
Clare was such a hypocrite. She treated the men on her season the way Juan Pablo treated her.
Krystal Marie
Krystal Marie - Month ago
She is scary man
Robert Guest
Robert Guest - Month ago
And 4 years from this....she gets a group of men to play strip dodge ball...........Batch 2020....A new low.
Maddy Plummer
Maddy Plummer - Month ago
Dude he is such a fucking douche. His looks don't make up for the way he acted and for that he is ugly
Raza Muhammad
Raza Muhammad - 25 days ago
And she's old so?
Anna Otarola
Anna Otarola - Month ago
Always saying the same thing about being a father of her children ”she is not real
Karma - Month ago
Wow she looks different, why does her face look so diff. Did she really lose more weight or do Botox?
Prénom Nom
Prénom Nom - Month ago
WHAT A CHAD ! Glad she left
Jasp - Month ago
what did he do!!! i only saw the first episode i’m not watching the whole show 😂 everyone says he did something crazy
Maddy Plummer
Maddy Plummer - Month ago
On their final date he whispered "i love fucking you" no mics no cams and ahe was like u had a chance to say something nice and thats what you say to me. Also he is all around a POS
Mikayla Lynn
Mikayla Lynn - Month ago
Lol biggest narcissist
Raza Muhammad
Raza Muhammad - 25 days ago
@About36GREEKS Her
Mikayla Lynn
Mikayla Lynn - 26 days ago
@About36GREEKS him
About36GREEKS - Month ago
Her or him ?
Kuya Arbee
Kuya Arbee - 2 months ago
LOL! Juan Pablo dodged a bullet with Clare LOL! Clare is BAT SH*T CRAZY! just look at some highlights on her show lol She is a million times worse than Juan Pablo!!!
CM V - 2 months ago
GOOD FOR HIM. He did nothing wrong. She overreacted because he didn't want to pick her.
Panda Bear
Panda Bear - 2 months ago
Wait she just said she didn't want her kids to have a father like him, and then in this last season 16 that one guy went off on her and said something just like that he didn't want her to be the mother of his daughter he had.😂 What comes around goes around... I guess.
Esther Hannah
Esther Hannah - 2 months ago
So She was crazy before she was the bachelorette?🤯
Tony Tran
Tony Tran - 2 months ago
Grace Darko
Grace Darko - 2 months ago
Who's here after her picking dale
N A L U . K
N A L U . K - 2 months ago
there’s the “I would never want you to be the father of my children” bs
Fat Back Computer-Shaped Ass Bitch
Dead 🤣🤣🤣
Care Bear
Care Bear - 2 months ago
Damn she got so much work done I thought she was naturally that pretty lol
JJ Hofstra
JJ Hofstra - 2 months ago
this confirms my suspicions about her 2020 Bosom
wrooooong - 2 months ago
this guy was so fucking disgusting.
Buffy McMuffin
Buffy McMuffin - 2 months ago
Juan Pablo's like "whatever" - Next!
Kristi - 2 months ago
Didn't she get upset about Yosef saying that about how he didn't want think she would be a good example for his daughter. So hypocritical of her.
Erwann Towa
Erwann Towa - Month ago
@Naturallychic3 and he did leave, he didn’t give her an opportunity to apologize because he wasn’t done telling her how he felt before she interrupted him. Have you ever heard of letting someone speak? And if someone is older I think you would expect them to be more mature which would effect their decisions. And if you wanna say that then I guess Juan Pablo didn’t go on the show to be a role model either
Erwann Towa
Erwann Towa - Month ago
@Faith&Locs cap
Naturallychic3 - Month ago
@Kristi There is a difference between expressing your feels versus attacking someone's character. He didn't even give her a chance to explain or apologize even though she had no reason too. Her age also should have nothing to do with her decisions. Also she didn't go on this show to be a role model she is on the show to find a husband however she sees fit. If he didn't like he could have simply left.
KTK - 2 months ago
@Faith&Locs Typical comment from a woman like the rest of these comments. Double standards for life huh.
Kristi - 2 months ago
@Faith&Locs Yosef did nothing wrong. He was expressing his feelings and was explaining to her that she would not set a good role model for his daughter. She is the oldest bachelor and SHOULD be more respectful. Her out-lashing and grabbing his arm was unnecessary. This is why it took her so long to find a guy that will last because of her anger issues
Honster Bay
Honster Bay - 2 months ago
Clare's not even a good bachelorette this season. She sneaks off with Dale all the time and doesn't give any of the other guys time to spend with her.
krishna murthy
krishna murthy - 2 months ago
It's been seven years and it turns out he was right in not picking her.
bicknell67 - 29 days ago
@B P Could care less now I posted this comment a month ago sorry lost interest. I hope all those people find happiness.
B P - 29 days ago
@bicknell67 Happy ?.....she was stalking a guy and is living a fantasy in her head. The guy will dump her after he gets bored. PS: shes old....
Robert Guest
Robert Guest - Month ago
yep..dodged a major bullet there man.
bicknell67 - Month ago
@Kamila M. Of course not by any means but she should not have been treated that way.
Kamila M.
Kamila M. - Month ago
@bicknell67 she isn't a saint but okay
Holland Miss
Holland Miss - 2 months ago
He’s an ass, but she just went off on him because he didn’t pick her🤨
Tim Lewis
Tim Lewis - 2 months ago
What would have been worse if Juan had picked Clare, then they kissed in front of the cameras then afterwards.
Juan Pablo: Well it's been great working with you Clare
Clare: But..... what about us?
Juan Pablo: Oh stahp it..... it's just TV!
Clare fills up his voicemail, buys new answerphone.
Juan Pablo: Listen Clare, I want you to leave me alone, or I'm calling the cops!
Clare gets guitar "Oh Juan I'm so in looove with you!" Juan throws phone at her.
Dark blade 7
Dark blade 7 - 2 months ago
she's damage
Sunday 1
Sunday 1 - 2 months ago
Dodged a big one
aubrey archambault
aubrey archambault - 2 months ago
I hate women that point their fingers when they argue and then throw in “I would never want a man like you fathering my children” like sweetie you’re getting banged on National tv take a big seat and a bench
Dan Lopez
Dan Lopez - 2 months ago
What was the back story
RatigansIsland - 2 months ago
Juan best bachelor in history. Clare worst of all time. Not even kidding. Care to change my mind?
RatigansIsland - 2 months ago
@Amy Zorah theres literally nothing wrong with her choosing and liking only Dale and going after him like that. Thats the only thing that makes sense about her. Nobody gives a shit about a chick bein 40. ITs all if it works or not. Clare is not worth it tho imo
Amy Zorah
Amy Zorah - 2 months ago
Lol. It’s because of Corona. From the time the names were released, to the start of filming was about 4 months. 4 months outside the house, enough time for her to google and insta-stalk each one of them. She stumbled across Dale’s pictures, and really like what she saw. She didn’t get the opportunity to “get to know the guys for who they were” in the house. She inadvertently made her decision before coming in the house. And I mean, we all like who we like, and no amount of chatting and going on dates with other people will change that. And she also can’t pretend and string the other guys along? And the other guys are duds. Who in there is worth getting to know? And I hate how people “feel bad” for the guys. They are all just there for their 15mins. Which 35-30 year old in the right mind, wants to settle down with a 40 yr old? Come on. She was sabotaged from the beginning, by the pandemic and the producers.
A.Ciprian96 - 2 months ago
She's such a bitch
Harald Höerwick
Harald Höerwick - 2 months ago
When you really know a woman, you will never want to marry them. That boy dodged a bullet.
Yashu Q
Yashu Q - 2 months ago
It’s amazing how these people are so in love and everything and then when they get dumped at the very end they start hating them...
Maddy Plummer
Maddy Plummer - Month ago
She knew something was off. But this is such a weird situation. Bc he couldn't fully say how he felt while she could. He fucked her over tho. He really did. Him and Nikki aren't even together anymore..he is suuuuch a shitty person. I rewatched the whole season again on hulu and he starts off so innocent and charming and honest then literally turns into a fucking emotionally manipulative prick
Abigail Paige
Abigail Paige - 2 months ago
anyone here bc it’s something with clare and a guy who ISNT dale
A. R
A. R - 2 months ago
i like how she played victim after she was called the oldest bachelorette lol
Yur DAD - 2 months ago
Lol now she's the asshole
Light Kira
Light Kira - 2 months ago
Want to play strip dodge ball then run off the show?
Rose Garden
Rose Garden - 2 months ago
Jackson Scott
Jackson Scott - 2 months ago
Clare is crazy asf, when she’s in the wrong she’s just shifts the blame and says ‘ur not good enough for me’
Heather Lynsey
Heather Lynsey - 2 months ago
I love how he waited until she couldnt hear him to make his little smartass remark.
RatigansIsland - 2 months ago
@Light Kira take notes Heather
Light Kira
Light Kira - 2 months ago
He tried to say something multiple times she accused him of interrupting her. Go watch her video with Josef, she cannot stop interrupting, and basically asked men to play fully naked dodge ball for her. She can dish out one liners but is afraid to take any. By the way Josef stated she was a terrible role model for his daughter and family yet she throws in that she doesn't want to have his children. He was 100% rejecting her and she clearly cannot take rejection. She has to pretend to reject men when it was the men who didn't choose her. Classless, tasteless lady.
Bill W
Bill W - 2 months ago
Someone wins and someone loses , she lost , she knew it could happen, Reality TV, to funny !
Jessica - 2 months ago
Hahaha she only has one line..
kstaggs87 - 2 months ago
Maybe Juan Pablo was onto something here....just sayin....
Light Kira
Light Kira - 2 months ago
@sony so yes but Juan rejected her and she says she won't have his children after the rejection. Josef rejected her and she says she doesn't want his children. Both men were the first to reject her but she says I didn't want you anyway. She is quitting after being fired, it doesn't make sense.
sony so
sony so - 2 months ago
@Light Kira She didn't want him anyways she wanted Dale.
Light Kira
Light Kira - 2 months ago
She used the doesn't want to have children with you line on another guy that rejected her.
July Fit
July Fit - 2 months ago
Right! Juan Pablo is probably saying to himself, "see, I told you so." 😂😂
Adriana Fernandez
Adriana Fernandez - 2 months ago
While Juan Pablo was way too passive and dismissive basically the whole time, Clare was annoying the whole season, she wanted respect but didn’t respect herself when she messed around with him that night in the ocean. I mean she was ready to be engaged with him. If he wouldn’t have sent her home she wouldn’t have said any of those things to him to begin with. She’s bitter. She kept badgering him at the end to basically tell her everything she wanted to I mean she got what she put in 🤷🏽‍♀️
Westielover - 2 months ago
She’s still the same girl lol except now it’s fake
House of Schenck
House of Schenck - 2 months ago
She didn't tell him off until he said she wasn't the one. She was fully ready to be engaged to him until that moment. She has no right to be upset about this. She knew she had a 50/50 chance to be sent home.
House of Schenck
House of Schenck - 2 months ago
@Light Kira Exactly. She can't handle rejection so she lashes out with an insult.
Light Kira
Light Kira - 2 months ago
She used the same line on Josef after he said she was a terrible role model for his daughter and family. She always says the father line at the end when it's clear the guys are 100% not interested in having any kids with her. What a weird way to leave, no one is begging her to stay. He is glad he didn't pick her and Josef was already leaving the show.
Nonceba Vundisa
Nonceba Vundisa - 2 months ago
dr dre
Julie Delahooke
Julie Delahooke - 2 months ago
I feel bad for his daughter. Like, so bad. THAT pos as a male role model? And that pos as a father in the public eye, that can’t be doing her any good either. So fucked up
RatigansIsland - 2 months ago
Seems like he made the correct move. Clare is no bueno
JUDIT CEJA - 2 months ago
whos here after the fist two episodes of her season? Its going differently then expected lol.
Xervello - 3 months ago
Why does he sound like a soft spoken black woman.
Valentine N
Valentine N - 3 months ago
Had to come here to see the dress that she burned on tonight’s episode of the bachelorette
LadyLikeLive - 3 months ago
Es okay
GTR - 3 months ago
Full blown narcissist- I bet he's still single and lonely as hell 😂😂
Mo Person
Mo Person - 3 months ago
Sorry to say this, but high quality people do not have casual sex. Just saying.
About36GREEKS - Month ago
Who’s high quality that goes on this show though ?
C.S.R - 3 months ago
Never seen her but I’ve seen some of the new trailers and she looks like she’s a train wreck? Should be entertaining?
Whitney Evans
Whitney Evans - 3 months ago
What does she mean by "what you made me go through"?
Ankur Chaskar
Ankur Chaskar - 3 months ago
did you know gaming
Skinny Spazoid
Skinny Spazoid - 4 months ago
I'm living proof Women always beefing I'm girly like a girl get like a pigish Grandma I'm feeding them/ it was too harsh for them Pablo he stuck in his own world of toxic masculinity/ he naiive energy makes him native but he still treats them tenderly/ it's not with the soccer jocks no more he right not to send her the ring/ when the camera in your face like that don't say anything/ he a killer this guy never won Ed in a spot at the tournament/ we know damn well about Juan Pablo and Sheamus how one more famous?/ how come this Spazoid not on a sports team? How come he got better at everything?/ still insulted heavily by the term let them dream/
Star - 4 months ago
He should have went after Clair and said something like ,I never meant to hurt you and I don’t want you to leave this upset let’s talk some more,knowing she said all those things because she was hurt .Instead he tells the camera man “ I m glad I didn’t pick her.” That showed me he didn’t care .The it’s okays,and the way he was before that could have been just a cultural thing & English was his 2 Nd language ,but the I’m glad I didn’t pick her showed his true I don’t give a shit attitude was real.
mony mood
mony mood - 4 months ago
sia chandelier
Nicole Chamberland
Nicole Chamberland - 4 months ago
He is such a jackass. What really bugged me about him was how touchy feely he was with the girls’ faces. And the other thing that bugged me was his being right in their face.
About36GREEKS - Month ago
He’s European . They literally kiss you on the cheek when you meet
Professor P
Professor P - 4 months ago
Juan was a great bachelor I didn’t see anything wrong with the season women with high standards who think they know everything should be called off like this they obviously chose him for looks but he wasn’t that great of a speaker so now they wanna make him the worst bachelor ever because of this 🤦‍♂️
m&m M7M
m&m M7M - 4 months ago
I didn't see what he did to her?
Greeta Phillip
Greeta Phillip - 4 months ago
I am sorry that she hurts but thats how he the bacelor is all these people get in there then the lie to your face that's what the producers like and is aware of what will happen, Juan pablo is no different than the men and women that goes to the show to win one person love for me that's like going on the streets looking for love, some one gets hurt and that the name for the bachelor
Shannon Mintze
Shannon Mintze - 4 months ago
I read that in Vietnam she asked him if he loved her off-camera, and he said I loved f@ckng you.. is that true?
Shannon Mintze
Shannon Mintze - 4 months ago
He's an ahole who doesn't care or respect women.. he's just there for the free ride
Gabriella Porazzi
Gabriella Porazzi - 4 months ago
What did Juan Pablo do exactly? What did he make Clare "go through?"
jackson lob
jackson lob - 4 months ago
break up with your girlfriend im bored
jonah hoff
jonah hoff - 4 months ago
Apparently they had to heavily edit this clip because the crew gave her a standing ovation after telling him to fuck off.
They all hated the dude and watching her tell him off was christmas for them.
N - 4 months ago
JP is one of THE worst bachelors and human beings. Peters season was also pretty terrible but at least he’s not a prick like this joke.
Melon Bar
Melon Bar - 4 months ago
Gosh this was my first bachelor show/season; he was horrible. All he did was say lies and he kept turning his words over. He would compliment a woman behind the scenes such as “I see a life with her!” but then oddly choose someone else???? Always saying “it’s okay” as if he actually cared about the other contestants; he just makes himself seem like a good guy when he isn’t. He just seemed like he was in it for physical attraction in my opinion, and he wasn’t even that smart, which I was already thinking from the beginning. MY GOSH.
Clare and Renee had to be my favorites. Renee was #1 for me to be honest, never heard her say anything bad about the others and she truly deserves so much more!!
Brittney School
Brittney School - 5 months ago
MIC DROP!!! Look at Juan Pablo now, divorced and single like a Pringle.
Abraham Lave
Abraham Lave - 5 months ago
One Day You May
One Day You May - 6 months ago
He’s such a cringy fuck
Fred Smith
Fred Smith - 6 months ago
you know he doesn't care what your response is when he's just says' "ok, ok, ok" ...... lol!
findtail - 7 months ago
What guy wants this in his life #old #kweeeeeen
Afiaji Ji
Afiaji Ji - 7 months ago
King of the douches ahaha
Maddy Plummer
Maddy Plummer - Month ago
For real. It makes him unattractive. He objectively an attractive man but his personality makes him revolting.
Free spirit
Free spirit - 7 months ago
That last comment was all ego, shame and guilt from him!
Chris Noziere
Chris Noziere - 8 months ago
I'm glad she didn't pick Clare because she was selfish and she didn't like Nikki.
nunh grader
nunh grader - 9 months ago
Her eyes are gorgeous
darby here
darby here - 9 months ago
Bahaha Oh Juan Juan Juan🤦🏻‍♀️ I bet Clare was happy you didn’t pick her, hell I was happy you didn’t pick her. I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to be with you, the biggest ass on tv!! Maybe he’s a dick to women over them laughing how small his manhood is??? I think Clare must have laughed at little Juan 😂
Yelissa Cordero
Yelissa Cordero - 9 months ago
Juan pablo did nothing wrong. She just got mad she got rejected.
Stone Stone
Stone Stone - 10 months ago
Madison please....That woman is a d@mn Cougar who is looking for a hot young toy boy stud. NO I WILL NOT WATCH her as the new Bachelorette.
Free Spirited Dreams
Free Spirited Dreams - 10 months ago
Ewwwww, Juan Pablo is sooo gross!! His statement at the end is disgusting.
P. Parker
P. Parker - 10 months ago
"Glad I didn't pick her." After watching Peter's season, Juan Pablo's honesty is refreshing. Lol
UMA JEANYES - 10 months ago
She has very nice teeth!
Tyre Smith
Tyre Smith - 10 months ago
Juan was a literal nightmare. He was the devil.
BrazyBenjamin - 10 months ago
Lol y’all girls act so surprised but don’t realize these are the douchebags you choose over the “nice guys”. You all want sexy hot men but once you see their true colors you’re devastated. Lmfao what a joke.
Fraud Exposer
Fraud Exposer - 10 months ago
Juan Pablo is the biggest asshole.
Margo malik
Margo malik - 10 months ago
drama queen
Margo malik
Margo malik - 10 months ago
juan used her, he doesn't care
J. JAVA - 10 months ago
I had my DVR set tonight March 10 2020 and this played at the very end and JUST as she puts out her hand on him MY DVR FINISHED RECORDING. so happy I found this here
Jennifer Kiefer
Jennifer Kiefer - 10 months ago
Why does Juan Pablo talk like Chad from SNL?
gtb2009b - 10 months ago
He is better looking than all of those girls they know it