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With the lantern in her grasp, Salem’s power is reaching daunting new heights; Atlas, and the entirety of Remnant, have never been in more grave danger. Is there any hope of Team RWBY prevailing, or is Salem’s influence truly too great to be defeated?
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Runtime: 01:07


TheOnlyOne Steel
TheOnlyOne Steel - 8 minutes ago
I wonder if we'll get to see Salem fight in this volume.
carlose311 - Hour ago
the long awaited volume ooohhhhhhhhhhh
Summer Rose
Summer Rose - Hour ago
I’m not dead, you guys

...I’m just getting started.
Alexander Jace
Alexander Jace - 2 hours ago
lets pray for Nora, she might die this volume, my gut says so
Talia Rogers
Talia Rogers - 3 hours ago
K, so penny was based on pinnocio right? And there's a giant grimm whale on it's way? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm??
Daniel Chan
Daniel Chan - 3 hours ago
With so many people fired from roosterteeth. Will this series even survive?
Ay -Pk
Ay -Pk - 4 hours ago
you know you did a good job when you physically hurt after watching. my heart hurts. I cried way too much. AND I DIDNT EVEN LIKE CLOVER! why would you do that to Qrow. BUT NORA AND REN ARE FINALLY TOGETHER. Ironwood is an asshole. I HAVE TO MANY EMOTIONS
Taylor Caudill
Taylor Caudill - 4 hours ago
Can't wait to continue watching rwby I been dying to know what happens next since the end of volume 7. Oh BTW if your here to complain LEAVE! Like many others say if you dont like it stop watching it and leave the rest of us in peace. This show was a mans dream and I'm not okay with people talking shit on it
Not Neku
Not Neku - 5 hours ago
here's to a better volume than the last...
Dante Flores
Dante Flores - 6 hours ago
Hola, alguien que hable español?
Neo Yami
Neo Yami - 7 hours ago
I cant wait reeeeeeee
Lexis Kaser
Lexis Kaser - 8 hours ago
Kei Ziah Knight1886
Kei Ziah Knight1886 - 9 hours ago
sokin jon
sokin jon - 10 hours ago
Damn Nora’s finally getting the spotlight
Abby Anime Lover
Abby Anime Lover - 11 hours ago
What if Ruby or Oscar gets captured, the others come to save them, the others fight Salem for awhile with little luck, and then Cinder betrays Salem and tries to fight her, allowing the main teams time to escape. This way, that could show off Salem’s power and Cinder’s desperation in her final moments. With that happening, it could be kinda like the Gloxinia and Drole vs Chandler battle from SDS. It could have a greater purpose in the long run and be very interesting to watch. Along with that, they could reveal Cinder’s backstory while she passes to make it seem a little more dramatic.
Conmanay - 12 hours ago
0:52 there’s only one left! Don’t know how your gonna bypass that system
Scavage Predator
Scavage Predator - 12 hours ago
Lillian, Raita, Danielle, Makayla: *approaches salem & bows to her with our heads down*
Lillian: God, please let us take on rwby & allow me to bring ruby rose to you. I can do it
Sabrina: *stands next salem as I stare at my daughter's*
Salem: In why should I send you 4 to face ruby and her team
Lillian: *goes into her mystic form as she glows a blue ki around me* because I know I can defeat her even with her eye's that won't affect me one bit
Raita: In I want to fight against that blondie for what she did to me last time & I have to repay her for that punch she given me
Danielle: *thinks about weiss*
Makayla: *thinks about blake*
Salem: Find go in fight team rwby, in lillian bring that girl to me
Sabrina: *watches her*
Lillian: Thank you salem, we will not fail you
Lillian, Raita, Danielle & Makayla: *vanishes*
Sabrina: I will follow my daughter's to give them assist
Salem: go on
Sabrina: *vanishes*
Scavage Predator
Scavage Predator - 10 hours ago
@sokin jon yeah. I just another team appears to fight team rwby which is tmnt base off of but with women
sokin jon
sokin jon - 10 hours ago
remember in the good ol days, when papa Monty was around and the trailers were fight scenes? ah, to go back...
Travis Krebs
Travis Krebs - 12 hours ago
I like how this implies that Salem does not know how to use the relic of knowledge, and if that’s the case than does she know how to use any of them? Like even if she got all of the relics she couldn’t do jack with them, and it would just become a game of keep away. Ozma and his host vs Salem and the relics
Jeremiah Smith
Jeremiah Smith - 12 hours ago
You guys aren't even trying anymore are you
tootime576 - 12 hours ago
Where's Vic?
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith - 13 hours ago
*"This game is not yours to win"*
Me : Salem daddy chill
gavin kailey
gavin kailey - 14 hours ago
I have allways had this crazy idea for a movie, RWBY vs the Rise of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Edit: and Salem wears the dark armor and becomes the Shredder
Michael J. McCall
Michael J. McCall - 14 hours ago
Jady Kelly
Jady Kelly - 14 hours ago
Tô ansiosa pra caralhoooo mds olha que trailer perfeito mano socorro ♥️
Pyrrha Nikos
Pyrrha Nikos - 14 hours ago
Trina Kolas
Trina Kolas - 14 hours ago
Am I the only one who thinks Salem sounds like a robot when she's saying her lines?
JUNKO- KUN - 14 hours ago
ooooooooooooooooooooo yay
Mikila Kara
Mikila Kara - 15 hours ago
Omg this one day before me birthday one of the best presents
Cooler - 15 hours ago
OH NO... is Penny 2.0 going to die... again? I remember they said that Penny wasn't suppose to come again, but there she is, model number 2.
Silvie’s Corner
Silvie’s Corner - 15 hours ago
Oscar: “Why do I hear Boss music?”
Mega-Lucario meets Zoroark
Give us Clover back, Rooster Teeth, LET THE CROW MAN BE HAPPY ROOSTER TEETH.
THICC Jalter
THICC Jalter - 16 hours ago
remember in the good ol days, when papa Monty was around and the trailers were fight scenes? ah, to go back...
Regina García
Regina García - 16 hours ago
anyone know where i can see it :(
jakeblitzcoffie - 17 hours ago
Did anyone notice that Adam wears Blake's ribbon around his eyes in vol 6? Just rewatched RWBY and made that connection.
Ananasbringer - 17 hours ago
The real question we should wonder about: Just what would an ancient witch like Salem even ask Jinn in the first place? Can't imagine that there is much left to learn for her in the first place oO
Coffee - 18 hours ago
So I'm assuming Salem strolled on up to Atlas to be all spooky then fucked off?
Gibbehh - 19 hours ago
They better not hurt Blake or Yang. and the fact that Blake isn’t even in the trailer on her own?! And apparently Blake’s voice actor had to do an emotional scene too😳 bruh I’m scared
ave - 19 hours ago
Undead Corsair
Undead Corsair - 20 hours ago
I'm ready.
TheWowdrew - 20 hours ago
Where is Camp Camp Season 5?
BMK500 - 21 hour ago
plot twist: Salem asks Jinn how to finally die/rest/chill tf out
Angry Moogle
Angry Moogle - 21 hour ago
"I've lived for thousands of years and don't know how these relics I'm after work. Bring me my ex to explain the plot!"
Commander Cody
Commander Cody - 22 hours ago
I’ve heard so many negative things that have been happening to RT, i just hope that they aren’t as bad as the public makes it out to be. I really like this series, and what’s happening around it, whether it’s the negative opinions clouding the air or the latest bad news kinda steps on me liking it, I just want to watch anime, man.
Commander Cody
Commander Cody - 21 hour ago
This is probably one of the things that I look forward to while all the crappy 2020 stuff happens, not in the mood to lose this either.
Alex Z
Alex Z - 22 hours ago
Me out here still waiting on Torchwick to yet again make his grand entrance
Tiny Neko King
Tiny Neko King - 23 hours ago
Sooo. It feels like they are clearly gearing up to just pull the trick of letting the bad guy absolutely win in the end. This is why I stopped watching at season 5. Why make a show if your gonna literally ruin any chance of hope any time you introduce it. That’s just bad story writing and nothing else. Is at least how I feel.
And no this opinion is not open to any opposing points. I don’t care for any other side of this, it’s simply just how I feel and it’s not changing until the series ends and I’m proven wrong by the show itself. So don’t waste your time telling me on how I’m wrong or I’m thinking about it the wrong way. I simply do not care.
(I add this last part because the rwby fan base seems very aggressive based on what I’ve seen)
I Just Kant
I Just Kant - 23 hours ago
You know what I miss about this show? Compelling villains. Torchwick gone, Hazel gone, Salem doesn’t get near enough screentime... get it together Rooster Teeth
Cho'gall, Chieftain of the Twilight's Hammer
Can't wait to be disappointed!
Henry J.
Henry J. - 23 hours ago
Lel Dommy Mommy has arrived
Exquisitely Marvelous
I am so ready
Spartan 118
Spartan 118 - Day ago
I’m not even done with volume 6
Tsin - Day ago
Yes please!
Stanley Lebitania
Stanley Lebitania - Day ago
kokayi Newsome
kokayi Newsome - Day ago
Topics that divide the fanbase.
1. PENNY should not have been revived.
2. Salem cant die and all the story is about is redeeming her and allowing Ruby to talk her out of doing more evil
3. Ironwood is right, logic trumps emotion, government law and order over individual freedoms and rights
4. Soldier follow orders (AceOps and Winter)
5. Acts of treason (the team RWBY)
6. Hypocrisy (Oz and the heroes)
7. Accepting sacrifice (the people of Mantle, Fria)
For answers to these topics I suggest fans watch two movies that masters of covering the topics. Await Further Instructions and Becky. Both are easily available and intense thrillers.
kokayi Newsome
kokayi Newsome - 19 hours ago
@Polis Ranger the consequences was PENNY was off the table when they needed her to help kill Cinder when Beacon fell. When meant Nikos had to step up and she died for it. The. PENNY pops up in season 7 and it turns out Pietro is dying. She cant get reviving. I get the feeling if she gets destroyed again, he wont be able to give some of his aura or he will die before he can give it. He seems sick, but is it from his aura being split or old age?
Polis Ranger
Polis Ranger - 21 hour ago
And if Penny did get revived, make it so she doesn' remember anything from her past life, let that shit still affect Ruby. Like what was the point of killing her off-yes she is a robot, still-if there is no consequence to it.
Key Jaebum
Key Jaebum - Day ago
Im praying that clover survive pls.. Qrow cant be left alone Q_Q
Leighton Bennett
Leighton Bennett - Day ago
Looking for Neo like 👁👄👁
Def0ne23 z
Def0ne23 z - Day ago
Where my boi sun at?
Jai J
Jai J - Day ago
Vine has a glaive 👀
Robert Holland Jr.
Robert Holland Jr. - Day ago
Don’t care. Roosterteeth has disgraced Monty’s work and vision. The show should have died with Monty.
SonicGenerationFan - Day ago
please don’t hurt the farm boy
ghost 45109
ghost 45109 - Day ago
For all hate that said RWBY i was no longer being made you can all lick mu toes RWBY IS LOVE RWBY IS LIFE 😍
Hanahaki - Day ago
So since this is only the trailer, I’m gonna leave my mark here and hypothesize that Whitley will be in V8. Thank you all and I’ll see you at the end of V8
Veronica Proctor
Veronica Proctor - Day ago
If anything happens to Nora or Yang I'm suing!!!!
Saku Cosplay
Saku Cosplay - Day ago
Honestly I'm in tires because im so fucking happy that its Finally here iv been here sense it started and I love it you guys are doing great just wish she wasn't a horrible person and wasn't hurt in her past
Kenneth Ong
Kenneth Ong - Day ago
I feel like the girl ren likes is gonna die...
Matt Mckay
Matt Mckay - Day ago
2020 taking a turn for the better
Jxckie Sinister
Jxckie Sinister - Day ago
omfg it's the day after my birthday...its like a present
Shooting Star
Shooting Star - Day ago
Awwwww yeah!!! Pennyyyy is about to kick some ass!!!
gundam2600 - Day ago
Ok cool but how many new characters are we getting this time?
Qweeny Q
Qweeny Q - Day ago
Too many shots on Nora. I'm worried
JustSomeoneWithATamakiProfilePicture 207
Salem be looking like a snack and though
Rice ninja
Rice ninja - Day ago
Oscar about to get that ara ara type beat
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose - Day ago
I’m banking on finally founding out exactly why Jaune “interests” Tyrian.
Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn
Imma repeat what I said in another video concerning Watts and James
"I will sacrifice everything to stop her."
"Oh, I hope you do, James. I hope you do."
What did Watts really mean? Stopping Salem, or James sacrificing everything? What does Watts hold closer to himself? His loyalty to Salem, or his hatred and anger to James?
Boss Mode
Boss Mode - 3 hours ago
He was talking about ironwood losing his humanity in trying to defeat salem
kyro rogers
kyro rogers - Day ago
I hope cinder will redeemed in volume 8, 9, or 10 and pyrrha will return in volume 8, 9, or 10.
TheTrueMitch - Day ago
I don’t care what anybody says I’m hype
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose - Day ago
I still can't believe that even an android like Penny can become a maiden. Next you'll tell me that the same rule applies to a Fallout 4 Assaultron
D.W. Inkwell
D.W. Inkwell - Day ago
I’m still in season 2😂
Cr Mo
Cr Mo - Day ago
Ohh no she’s after Oscar... anyway can’t wait to see more from cinder
Trist Shep
Trist Shep - Day ago
I am HELLA excited for the music at 0:18
Taxima - Day ago
Interesting. Ozma told her about the Relics, but never the finer details.
TonyAM - Day ago
For some reason, I feel like if someone convinces and/or expresses that she has value and worth with or without Salem, Cinder could join Ruby and company to take down Salem.
TonyAM - Day ago
I know that I stopped watching after Season 3 or something, but when did Penny come back to life?
What's next? Pyrrha comes back to life?
jhone Edriandson
jhone Edriandson - Day ago
Se tiver um br aqui esse anime vaí ser epico
PlusOne2Crit - Day ago
"Salem’s power is reaching daunting new heights"
Isn't the entire point of her character that she's already all powerful? She could end the entire world in a flash, on her own, if she really wanted. You wrote a truly overpowered villain. You can't then try to re-write her seasons later to be weaker.
its_Bohan - Day ago
Dots TheDot
Dots TheDot - Day ago
Where is my baby Neo?
Isoya Yasuji
Isoya Yasuji - Day ago
MOF MageOfFlame
MOF MageOfFlame - Day ago
Hero Hei: RWBY is over
Rooster teeth: No
Neo Politan
Neo Politan - Day ago
";-: I have me question can I do a neo inspired oc please it was for a team and I cant think of won tho I'm only 13 yes or no it doesn't matter to me 😁😅
dragon born
dragon born - Day ago
Salem has no chance against my Stando it can manipulate time space reality power soul mind
It called creators requirem
Creators requirem za warldo
ViceN53X - Day ago
I still can't believe that even an android like Penny can become a maiden. Next you'll tell me that the same rule applies to a Fallout 4 Assaultron
Krowley Pineapples
Krowley Pineapples - Day ago
Don't spit on Monty's grave anymore. You scoundrels. You demons!
Neo Politan
Neo Politan - Day ago
Where's neo .-. I like really wanna know T-t
Brock Towns
Brock Towns - Day ago
Bro we’re my dude Jaune at
Alyssa Brinsky
Alyssa Brinsky - Day ago
Omg 😱 this scares me of what Salem will do
random guy
random guy - Day ago
Is it weird that this didn't get me hyped
Matthew Price
Matthew Price - Day ago
I just wanna see a good balance of action and story telling
Dusk Wolf
Dusk Wolf - Day ago
Fish_ Chop
Fish_ Chop - Day ago
Me who doesnt know sht from this show and ended up here: *"hmm yes...this change everything, interesting..."*
Brian Bunnetto
Brian Bunnetto - Day ago
Skadoosh - Day ago
You have teased Summer Rose for 10 years like how mcu teased thanos. Give something useful already.