I DROVE The Battle Bus To Galactus! (Fortnite)

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I DROVE The Battle Bus To Galactus! (Fortnite galactus live event) Shoutout to Glitch King!
Music credits to Kevin Macleod! Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
Runtime: 06:10


TyPsy - 3 days ago
Holly shit i am the Million viewer no way
Kaiden Kurniawan
Kaiden Kurniawan - 20 days ago
You can swim to galactus
jennywhipple - 21 day ago
Mr. top five do you lie detector with Tit
J Hdz
J Hdz - 23 days ago
I know how to do that
paulprz - 24 days ago
bushy 2.0
bushy 2.0 - 27 days ago
Salvatore Marinaro
Salvatore Marinaro - 28 days ago
Play Marinero John
Dr Raven
Dr Raven - 29 days ago
I did this in season x
Mieke Marx
Mieke Marx - Month ago
that is amazing so cool i love this
Mieke Marx
Mieke Marx - Month ago
and i love your youtube channel
adrian_coolguypro gameing
Why did it say you can get kicked out
Tyler Stubbs
Tyler Stubbs - Month ago
Janelle James-Solomon
Janelle James-Solomon - Month ago
what why he didn't go to it🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Neil Bhatt
Neil Bhatt - Month ago
he wants to meet galactus so badly
Alan Moreno
Alan Moreno - Month ago
Epic games: he is driving a battle bus so hes gonna become the new battle bus driver
Bookey Hodges
Bookey Hodges - Month ago
Beastkiiiller Streams
Beastkiiiller Streams - Month ago
Bruh all you did was do the internet glitch
brandon chino
brandon chino - Month ago
he just want's like's and subscribers and views
Noble Redden
Noble Redden - Month ago
How do you do it on ps4
johnny joestar
johnny joestar - Month ago
I watched that for nothing..
Madeline Pomales
Madeline Pomales - Month ago
omg no way
Larwaz - Month ago
Iron man is to smart the smartest people in the world like i dont even understand those words from stark industries whiteboard like its o=++ idk what are those
Doom Slayer
Doom Slayer - Month ago
Bro stop clickbaiting please stop
Xylem Playz
Xylem Playz - Month ago
v - Month ago
shut up kid
De'Ashia Taylor
De'Ashia Taylor - Month ago
The event is sick
utopic zexal
utopic zexal - Month ago
Man he always lies he said to galactus no wear nearer am unsubscribing
Brayan Molina
Brayan Molina - Month ago
Mr Doggo
Mr Doggo - Month ago
Your the worst actors
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha - Month ago
I already know that glitch
JT_WIZZLE 16 - Month ago
I still hate this dude and stop lieing that you can steer it in the glitch you cant
Lisandro Custodio
Lisandro Custodio - Month ago
Lisandro Custodio
Lisandro Custodio - Month ago
Frannie Jacobus
Frannie Jacobus - Month ago
Remember he can turn left and right but he just doesn’t want to, honestly how could you be so bad at clickbaiting
Anonymous Person Positivity
That event was awsome flying busses and zero point
Joel Albright
Joel Albright - Month ago
I KnOw HoW tO DrIvE ThE BaTtLe BuS To GaLactus but I don’t what to aim it at him “oh you can but you won’t hmm”
Ryan Sutton
Ryan Sutton - Month ago
I've done that
Truthteller 5100
Truthteller 5100 - Month ago
At the end it’s like why you make it so long subscribe to the channel for moooooooooooooore
Truthteller 5100
Truthteller 5100 - Month ago
Wolfz Notorious
Wolfz Notorious - Month ago
Gamezilla 56
Gamezilla 56 - Month ago
Except... you didn’t
Brendan Kraics-Cahill
Brendan Kraics-Cahill - Month ago
People who wen to the event watching this:
Emir Bueno
Emir Bueno - Month ago
Shewly Begum
Shewly Begum - Month ago
Can we talk about how dis guy breaks my headphones
Random dude
Random dude - Month ago
We actually drove the battle bus to Galactus in the event
Matias Sanchez
Matias Sanchez - Month ago
Dude don't be friends with him he is so such a cry baby and wants to do everything
Mario Torrez
Mario Torrez - Month ago
I drove it too on December 1 which was yesterday
Mr99Bit - Month ago
I'm the first one have done this glitch
Hágendorn Kristóf
Hágendorn Kristóf - Month ago
Everyone saw this from Glitch King
AndrewJ2012 - Month ago
just the event but cheaper
DOMI - Month ago
well exactly that happend
Steve Limmer
Steve Limmer - Month ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
David Kamikazze KZ
David Kamikazze KZ - Month ago
Bro stop click baiting everyone drived the battle bus at the event
Yousif Ahmed
Yousif Ahmed - Month ago
delete your channel
the crazy
the crazy - Month ago
Mate the event happened and we did get to drive in space with 39 other players
Sluggish Slug
Sluggish Slug - Month ago
Code mrcrap5
NxtiveFN - Month ago
I did to click baiter
IEa Jackson
IEa Jackson - Month ago
You are cringe.
Shameless_ Fella
Shameless_ Fella - Month ago
Who os here after the event?
hater hater
hater hater - Month ago
Me bro
Xcel Purple
Xcel Purple - Month ago
It’s funny how he has more dislike then likes
the dum dum channel
the dum dum channel - Month ago
the dum dum channel
the dum dum channel - Month ago
Top 5
the dum dum channel
the dum dum channel - Month ago
I hate you
Drei Lunod
Drei Lunod - Month ago
That happend today
BrownFlash _19
BrownFlash _19 - Month ago
Rocket League: Am I a joke to you
Rarlo - Month ago
Gachaprince - Month ago
Wow what a prediction cause that actually happened
Faze Egg
Faze Egg - Month ago
I have no fans
EZRA GAMERZ 2 - Month ago
:0 He knew what was gonna happened
MEX won
MEX won - Month ago
God you and your friend are sad your life is so sad you sound like your lying with everything you say GOOOOD I HATE YOUR VOICE
Unknown User
Unknown User - Month ago
Bobby Ortiz
Bobby Ortiz - Month ago
Little did he know that everyone did drive the battle bus to galactus
1- Up
1- Up - Month ago
I am the battle bus driver
Super Sayien Duck
Super Sayien Duck - Month ago
This is cap
David Grey
David Grey - Month ago
Please stop making videos
Roberto Escobar
Roberto Escobar - Month ago
Well i guess we were able to drive it
Arts and Crafts
Arts and Crafts - Month ago
Mrtop5 is annoying sorry for others
gamer yt
gamer yt - Month ago
gmoney tv
gmoney tv - Month ago
gmoney tv
gmoney tv - Month ago
lie bro you always say these things work I try the exact same thing and it doesn't work
Plasmer 01
Plasmer 01 - Month ago
Me too man XD
Just a random Shiny Eevee
Welcome to why is this on my recommended...
Dawn Draws
Dawn Draws - Month ago
and we actually did it lmaoo
Dawn Draws
Dawn Draws - Month ago
@• بوتيتو • C O R R E C T
• بوتيتو •
• بوتيتو • - Month ago
heck yeah we did it legally
y e a y
y e a y - Month ago
stop clickbaiting and shit, your just getting more hate as you do this shit
omniponent goku
omniponent goku - Month ago
lol glad there wasnt a way to "STOP THE GALACTUS EVENT"
Ya boi Axen
Ya boi Axen - Month ago
There is lol
PILLOW MAN - Month ago
No shit sherlock
Ms Diana
Ms Diana - Month ago
i did it 6 days a go
Ms Diana
Ms Diana - Month ago
freedom27 - Month ago
He probably got this from glitch king
SangoesKaboom - Month ago
Hi nicster's brother that sounds alike
Donte Playz
Donte Playz - Month ago
I just drove the battle us in the event it was insane it was just like starwars
Blixer YT
Blixer YT - Month ago
Oh wow subbed mrtop5
DanTheMiner Youtube
DanTheMiner Youtube - Month ago
He predicted it lol
ITalkFortnite Mr
ITalkFortnite Mr - Month ago
Just done watching the live event it is sick
Jonathan Kotzer
Jonathan Kotzer - Month ago
It was really sick.
Landon Harrison
Landon Harrison - Month ago
Who’s here after the event
Dolonius - Month ago
I mean he actually did today
Charlotte Smith
Charlotte Smith - Month ago
Hahah I get to do it
joco Lako
joco Lako - Month ago
Bruh ur so cringe
Yaboy Racefan
Yaboy Racefan - Month ago
Well this kind of happened 😂
Jonathan Kotzer
Jonathan Kotzer - Month ago
Yeah lol.
Veer Tomar
Veer Tomar - Month ago
yo thinks his voice is sooooo anoying.
Esli Gjonbibaj
Esli Gjonbibaj - Month ago
The event just ended