Building THE SKELD (Among Us) with cardboard & clay - Part 2

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NEW VIDEO: "Building THE SKELD (Among Us) with cardboard & clay - Part 3" --~--
We are continuing our Among Us Map The Skelds and are building the Rooms Storage, Communication, Admin and Shields with cardboard and clay!
► This is PART 1 of The Skeld Map
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Runtime: 22:45


Janschesch - 2 minutes ago
Er spricht eins zu eins wie Gronkh :D
Muffinz ovo
Muffinz ovo - 20 minutes ago
Dude that canister is full of fuel its literally a fuel canister, idk if its just an american thing but its full of fuel
moureen 712
moureen 712 - 24 minutes ago
A Glitch in the System
A Glitch in the System - 53 minutes ago
The boxes are where all the bodies are stored
Cale Fisher
Cale Fisher - 55 minutes ago
poop in the box
xXgolden-gamerXx - 58 minutes ago
well refrences of course
Rory Mulvany
Rory Mulvany - Hour ago
The boxes are filled with legendary 4 ply toilet paper
Gimena Ramirez
Gimena Ramirez - Hour ago
the beautifull no hablo ingles pero eso al menos puedo decirr jajaj
Pokemine Gamer
Pokemine Gamer - Hour ago
i think its filled with fule and food or deadly weapons
you know what you need for a space exploratin
Pokemine Gamer
Pokemine Gamer - Hour ago
may your finger be better
unlimited gaming
unlimited gaming - 2 hours ago
I think the boxes are filled with cheese from the moon
Crippled Kiwi
Crippled Kiwi - 3 hours ago
In the boxes are all the dead crew mates
Maykon Baylon
Maykon Baylon - 3 hours ago
soy el unico k abla español :v
Varfor YT
Varfor YT - 3 hours ago
Its supplies in boxes
Lourdes Ayda Cervantes Garcia
As el mapa de mira HQ
Josiah Huppman
Josiah Huppman - 4 hours ago
Are you sans
Collin Kroesser
Collin Kroesser - 4 hours ago
Who is still waiting for him to put it all together
Cristian Magdaleno
Cristian Magdaleno - 4 hours ago
I want to see the tunnel in the venice
Cristian Magdaleno
Cristian Magdaleno - 4 hours ago
I want to see the vent in it
NearlyFN - 5 hours ago
Hey i think you should do the spider mans from the newest spider man game on the ps4 if you haven’t done it
FR1ZIKシ Game
FR1ZIKシ Game - 5 hours ago
Я тут один русский которому просто понравилась затея автора канала на счет карты из among us???
weird_YT - 5 hours ago
The boxes are dead body that the imposter killed the last rounds
Andy_ - 5 hours ago
R.I.P new trousers
Has toda la nave estupido no te seguiré ni dar like ni suscribirme hasta que hagas toda la nave
Just ZlaykX
Just ZlaykX - 5 hours ago
I'll tell you something you just forgot to do the cable tie area at the entrance side of Admin 😊.
aranu ishola
aranu ishola - 5 hours ago
SithTrooper Boi
SithTrooper Boi - 5 hours ago
Say Aye if you think shelids is a visual task
Marisol M Gonzalez
Marisol M Gonzalez - 5 hours ago
Can you create the internet fortnite map
Corelix - 5 hours ago
When your done with the skeld you should do Mira HQ
Nate Armold
Nate Armold - 5 hours ago
Shut it shut it shut it
RaisinTree - 6 hours ago
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Caos 44
Caos 44 - 6 hours ago
Hello who have you found the picture for the mal to Build i will he rebuild for my brother.
The Masked Kid
The Masked Kid - 6 hours ago
11:39 ClayClaim: "And this is 'comnications'
Me: (in my head) The dude can't even pronounce it right.
Chiraag - 6 hours ago
Ever heard of accents? Ever heard of pronunciations other than yours?
Max Gubbins
Max Gubbins - 6 hours ago
You should definitely try to make the other maps
Max Gubbins
Max Gubbins - 6 hours ago
When you make security are you gonna recreate actual security footage from the rest of your build or are you gonna make static?
Max Gubbins
Max Gubbins - 6 hours ago
This is turning out really good
I actually might start doing this stuff to make that thing
Vincent Cieslinski
Vincent Cieslinski - 7 hours ago
I love how he says idears
Lara Rafi
Lara Rafi - 7 hours ago
So amazing 👍🏻♥️
Chiraag - 7 hours ago
Those clay version of the tiny boxes in storage look so satisfying for some reason
кирилл 12012
кирилл 12012 - 8 hours ago
Почему я такой рукожоп!?
Kaleb Williams
Kaleb Williams - 8 hours ago
Dead crewmates 😑
Kian Sarma
Kian Sarma - 8 hours ago
Ana Rita Costa
Ana Rita Costa - 9 hours ago
Do pollis
San 4811
San 4811 - 9 hours ago
What tablet are you using?
Salitta Supanam
Salitta Supanam - 9 hours ago
This is crazy!!
Shahad •
Shahad • - 9 hours ago
There’s a bunch of stuff I didn’t pay attention to
Xander Constantine
Xander Constantine - 10 hours ago
i somehow make it out alive
Coffee Bear UwU
Coffee Bear UwU - 10 hours ago
Thé boxes are filled with sad mini crew mates and inside the box is a happy play land for the sad mini crew mates
DanielJustDaniel - 10 hours ago
Why do you keep saying map Designers? Puffballs United was the only person who designed the maps ( you do know among us was made by only 3 people right?)
silversan offacial
silversan offacial - 10 hours ago
Can you make the cafetria
Helen WU
Helen WU - 10 hours ago
It is so good he should put it on sale and get money
Helen WU
Helen WU - 10 hours ago
Lol got rekt
Owner Owner
Owner Owner - 10 hours ago
Clay claim you should make the polis map from among us
Mikhadin Dina
Mikhadin Dina - 10 hours ago
Oh my God this is so good
Gamerzi Plays
Gamerzi Plays - 10 hours ago
when he's making storage he says "small canister filled with milk" when its a fuel canister
Bluehax6 - 11 hours ago
the boxes are for the bodies of the crewmates killed by the impostors
Joshua Anderson
Joshua Anderson - 11 hours ago
Bruh electrical is gonna be so hard
Mr. Turtle Murtel
Mr. Turtle Murtel - 11 hours ago
Let’s have some fun with the hot glue gun
dean ronde
dean ronde - 11 hours ago
Once upon a time the dinosaurus went to venus and most of them died there, the Among us astronauts tried to take back those dinosaurus so in the boxes in storage are tiny dino embryos so the among us astraunats can create Among JurUSic park
Jamesyboi - 12 hours ago
Inside the boxes: dead bodies
benedikt anton
benedikt anton - 12 hours ago
benedikt anton
benedikt anton - 12 hours ago
ProGamer Girl
ProGamer Girl - 12 hours ago
I think inside the boxes are dead bodies stored after being reported...
D Z - 12 hours ago
My favourite part of the video is when he was talking.
Avelyn Pfeifer
Avelyn Pfeifer - 12 hours ago
It looks sooooo realistic
Fabricio García
Fabricio García - 13 hours ago
This is amazing!
คําตัน ศรีอินคํา
It is very beautiful. Actually very realistic.
Melanie Sagarino
Melanie Sagarino - 13 hours ago
Did he memorize the ship
Melanie Sagarino
Melanie Sagarino - 13 hours ago
Zomdado012 !!
Zomdado012 !! - 13 hours ago
In the canister is fuel. There ist a Task. The lever is to get Out the Trash. There ist a Task too.
Joseph Sargent
Joseph Sargent - 13 hours ago
So cool
Chito Ymballa
Chito Ymballa - 13 hours ago
These days i have become so good i go in electrical and always come back
Edit: those headphones are probably a reference to charles in the henry stickmin collection
Rae - 13 hours ago
Careful the lights may melt the hot glue!
Danil Game
Danil Game - 13 hours ago
Which map will be next?
Renee Davis
Renee Davis - 15 hours ago
He forgot every wire
Mayuresh Dawkhar
Mayuresh Dawkhar - 15 hours ago
Map designer was not harmed while making this video.
The Awesome YT
The Awesome YT - 15 hours ago
This is a comment.
👇🏾 This is how many people like this comment.
Kate Statt
Kate Statt - 15 hours ago
if the no feeling in your pinky remains you should definitely get it checked, it could be the carpal tunnel syndrome
Ebony Radcliffe
Ebony Radcliffe - 15 hours ago
that's easy inside the container is James bond!!!!😁😁😁😁
kiara hayley viray
kiara hayley viray - 16 hours ago
i like how he putted subscribe on the computer in communications 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jamie Ruston
Jamie Ruston - 16 hours ago
Comdoms are in the boxes
Barbielife - 16 hours ago
I think u should put all of them together
WisterTwister - 16 hours ago
Space Stuff's in the boxe's
Игорь Чубенко
Игорь Чубенко - 16 hours ago
I really love the game Amon As
Игорь Чубенко
Игорь Чубенко - 16 hours ago
i want to be like you i am your fan
Игорь Чубенко
Игорь Чубенко - 16 hours ago
u vas ochen' klassnye padelki iz gliny
you have very cool clay pads
joe2.0 - 17 hours ago
he is like the teacher i always wanted but never had
pickachu Ketchum
pickachu Ketchum - 17 hours ago
the boxes are filled with pasta
mohd shamsul azuan hamzah
mohd shamsul azuan hamzah - 17 hours ago
Hi ClayClaim I'm from MALAYSIA 😸 I your new subscriber 😊
Hazem Elhassan
Hazem Elhassan - 17 hours ago
He can make the blue guy holding a knife and he is killing orange and he goes to the vent
Susan Gamble
Susan Gamble - 17 hours ago
In the boxes there is poop fro- oh there is no bathrooms
Theobald Amos
Theobald Amos - 17 hours ago
Imagine if we got shrink and play on this map. It would be cool.
EnderKnightmare - 18 hours ago
"Freshly baked interior"
teal tenney
teal tenney - 18 hours ago
EnderKnightmare - 18 hours ago
this_is_not_alex_ 69
this_is_not_alex_ 69 - 18 hours ago
Tell me where those stairs are... 😡
Slayer of the Players
Slayer of the Players - 18 hours ago
Me waiting for him to do electricity 👁👄👁
abhay kiran palleti
abhay kiran palleti - 18 hours ago
Lov the artwork ❤️❤️
Minecraft Melon
Minecraft Melon - 19 hours ago
I thought the box contained things like tools ,spare food , spare oxy tanks , space suits and other essentials required during an emergency. I think the floating box contains a sample of a magnetic asteroid wich is why its floating ( i.e it is repeling with the artificial gravitie's magnetic field). And i think the "milk containers" are fire extinguishers
Cornelius mreep
Cornelius mreep - 19 hours ago
I think milky ways are in the boxes
Agaton Santiago
Agaton Santiago - 19 hours ago
Wheres the cafeteria