2HYPE Hide And Seek In A Hollywood Movie Set

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Today we headed out to some real Hollywood movie sets for hide and seek, make sure to like and subscribe!
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Runtime: 54:50


ツOrb - 3 minutes ago
the camera mans lowkey were selling and giving out spots
Alondra Cortez
Alondra Cortez - Hour ago
Hi I am new to your channel
Gabe Noni
Gabe Noni - Hour ago
Everyone tryna hide
Cash: Bro this stain rlly throwing off my swag
The Duck on Quack
The Duck on Quack - 2 hours ago
The fact this channel is still relevant:(
The Duck on Quack
The Duck on Quack - 2 hours ago
God damn James is awkward asf
wyatt kriss
wyatt kriss - 2 hours ago
8:05, very ironic as he enters
naruto fan
naruto fan - 3 hours ago
Im i the only one that thinks kirs face hair is ugly no cap
sniperguy 1790
sniperguy 1790 - 3 hours ago
Bruh y’all are so scared the cockroach is dead it’s fine and the spider won’t hurt u and u can probably just kill it I swear u is weak
Miriam Cooper
Miriam Cooper - 3 hours ago
Bring back Mafia
brac savage
brac savage - 3 hours ago
Cash while hiding:
Youtube Bros
Youtube Bros - 4 hours ago
Why are they so scared of spiders tho
Mxrcel - 4 hours ago
Dang bruh what use to be my fav group went from 2.4mil subs to 1.4mil 😕
isnagzFG - 4 hours ago
Jesser need to put sum chapstick on
Kian Taylor
Kian Taylor - 5 hours ago
Tell kris to shave that stash
RJ The late night king
RJ The late night king - 6 hours ago
I forgive and forget
John Doe223
John Doe223 - 6 hours ago
Yo Kris shave that off
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu - 6 hours ago
Do another 2Hype goes back to school with Kris or someone else as the teacher, that was really funny
Connor Pitts
Connor Pitts - 6 hours ago
Rip opi
bellz and kalez
bellz and kalez - 7 hours ago
Let’s gooo I’ve been waiting for this one
Jesus Juarez
Jesus Juarez - 8 hours ago
Zack reminds me of a emoji
Jesus Juarez
Jesus Juarez - 9 hours ago
Cash was vibing
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu - 6 hours ago
Lol." I'm in here watching a 2hype video.
Frankee Allen
Frankee Allen - 9 hours ago
2 hype should make another movie video
Jaiden Sanders
Jaiden Sanders - 9 hours ago
The camera man gave away cash in the second round
Manntrell Ligans
Manntrell Ligans - 9 hours ago
Bro Kris wit da stash
ryn tyreek
ryn tyreek - 9 hours ago
The camera man literally sold cash mans recorded the elevator the whole time James was right there
TAYELD 71 - 9 hours ago
It really does suck when you get something on shirt tho
Christian Douglass
Christian Douglass - 10 hours ago
Kris needs to shave
Elijah Shelton
Elijah Shelton - 11 hours ago
Kris laugh 0:42🤣🤣🤣
Owen Roulo
Owen Roulo - 11 hours ago
Elijah Horn
Elijah Horn - 12 hours ago
Rip Zac.
David Lima
David Lima - 12 hours ago
cameraman be sellin
Zach Marshall
Zach Marshall - 12 hours ago
cash is baked
Seahawks Squad
Seahawks Squad - 13 hours ago
Chrysander FN
Chrysander FN - 13 hours ago
why The camrara is 4K but the quaitly is 1080 p
Vertex R6
Vertex R6 - 14 hours ago
Lol." I'm in here watching a 2hype video.
Jahrell Gardner
Jahrell Gardner - 14 hours ago
43:54 Hi. HOW ARE YA?! 😅😂😅💀
mauricio echazu
mauricio echazu - 15 hours ago
bro i had the song in mind from gamepigeon
pierson kipp
pierson kipp - 16 hours ago
why dose 2hype hate bugs lmaoo
Will Richmond
Will Richmond - 18 hours ago
Kris should be in that jail he went into the class with his mustache
Marisa Kirsch
Marisa Kirsch - 19 hours ago
James camera said Jesser instead of James
Trick Shot Mania
Trick Shot Mania - 20 hours ago
Y’all watching grown men play hide and seek??
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui - 14 hours ago
Did he really get shot
anyways - 21 hour ago
me seeing this then making my dad 50 times better'
2K RITZ - 22 hours ago
2hype: spidercheck
Spider: HELLO!!
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui - 14 hours ago
I love how Jeff put for James name in the last round jesse
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui - 22 hours ago
“Becoming one with the demon roaches” -Jesser 2021
Dbloc Tv
Dbloc Tv - Day ago
cash high
Expert Gamer
Expert Gamer - Day ago
Bro I swear cash always be high 🤣
M. ROMADONI - Day ago
collab with flight
Crew Gibson
Crew Gibson - Day ago
Cash’s Spot: If it ain’t broke don’t fix it 😂
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui - 22 hours ago
Anybody else remember the hide and seek vid where zack went missing. Still don’t know what happened
Khalil DaGoat
Khalil DaGoat - Day ago
Cash I feel u but fr u the typa dude who'd get shot point blank with a pump shotgun and walk away like nothing
ellis Nguyen
ellis Nguyen - Day ago
that man who could fit in the filing cabinet is no longer in the group
David Tedford
David Tedford - Day ago
Go to a church
David Tedford
David Tedford - Day ago
Do a hide and seek 2hype featuring Faze Rug and Brawadis
Paul George
Paul George - Day ago
49:00 zack acting like the old dad that finds his kids getting into trouble 🤣
Tasty J
Tasty J - Day ago
Damn 2hype why y’all gotta interrupt my advertisements. Also James annoying as fuck
Drew Kalinauskas
Drew Kalinauskas - Day ago
I love how Jeff put for James name in the last round jesse
Essence Kirk
Essence Kirk - Day ago
Did he really get shot
Paul George
Paul George - Day ago
24:55 that face tho🤣🤣
Michael JS Scoville
We would all love to see mopie in this (purposely spelled it wrong in case his name still blocked)
Paul George
Paul George - Day ago
Cash should’ve said “ye” in the elevator 🤣
Paul George
Paul George - Day ago
They should do school part 2 with flight. That would be funny af 🤣🤣
And flight should be their teacher
Amy Rhymer
Amy Rhymer - Day ago
29:29 the whole Mitchell scene 😂😂😂
Casey White
Casey White - Day ago
im just asking
a_krew 11
a_krew 11 - Day ago
Anybody else remember the hide and seek vid where zack went missing. Still don’t know what happened
The Goat of 07
The Goat of 07 - Day ago
Who else started dancing when the crazy 8 music came on...or just me😅
Jack - Day ago
They used the DBG intro music lmfao
FamilyDude Laughs
FamilyDude Laughs - Day ago
Ryan Baumann
Ryan Baumann - Day ago
I’m not surprised zack was found first...
seeriu ciihy
seeriu ciihy - Day ago
I love how everyone says hello like someone going to answer
Ryan Baumann
Ryan Baumann - Day ago
Can Jessie can not go a hide and Seek video without farting
Gaming with jayden
Gaming with jayden - Day ago
Kenny Marshall
Kenny Marshall - Day ago
with zack's little time alive he decided to go to space
eddie Polizzotto
eddie Polizzotto - Day ago
Didn’t anybody else notice how they passed the doctors office the one with nadeshot
seeriu ciihy
seeriu ciihy - Day ago
Ethan Roberts
Ethan Roberts - Day ago
In the beginning I thought cash was dying 😂😂
Bubbabullets - Day ago
Camera men sold cash on the second round and jesser on the third round
Mike Knox
Mike Knox - Day ago
Man I need to join this group I have alot of ideals and a lot of energy
Zachary Benshoof
Zachary Benshoof - Day ago
Back to school with MMG
Frank Brown
Frank Brown - Day ago
Imagine among us in that building 🥶🔥
Mardoche Metayer
Mardoche Metayer - Day ago
It’s crazy how the channel views went down after the drama
Vincent Andrade
Vincent Andrade - Day ago
Where tf are 2hype Saturdays
NOAH CASAS - Day ago
2hype delete this comment im mentioning the 2Hype Drama LMFAO
Messiah - Day ago
Really zack
Landon Moore
Landon Moore - Day ago
cashhhh you highhhhh😂
Lucas Burkhart
Lucas Burkhart - Day ago
Katana Mitchell??
NishUnleash - Day ago
Did cash actually get shot????
Ryder McGrath
Ryder McGrath - Day ago
This used to be god but mope left
Logan Davenport
Logan Davenport - Day ago
Julian813 - Day ago
Jiedel rlly trying on those intros now lol
DL Ballin
DL Ballin - Day ago
I love how cash was just casually just standing in the elevator watching a 2 hype video. The dude didn't even try.😂😂
David Sanchez
David Sanchez - Day ago
1:52 So now James is Jesser?🤨🤔
IzAjYo-_-NOT IZA - Day ago
Mullet Mitch go CrAzY
Bryce Nation
Bryce Nation - Day ago
Who else noticed when jesser was in the jail part he yelled cash name????
Gurkirat Singh
Gurkirat Singh - Day ago
Do a hide n seek inside the Cash App Compound with 100 thieves again
bilij pdan
bilij pdan - Day ago
Zack is such a try hard that he keeps tabs on how people hide 😭
Daniel Simoes
Daniel Simoes - Day ago
That laugh from kris lmao
Aaron Fabela
Aaron Fabela - Day ago
Me watching grown men play a kids game and my dad walks in 🙄
Corey Graham
Corey Graham - Day ago
Honestly I might start an basketball channel, Honestly this channel and other channels inspire me and I'm probably gonna start off with my 11u basketball games.
Maxwell Helm
Maxwell Helm - Day ago
Bro Mitchell be lookin kinda like t jass dough
bilij pdan
bilij pdan - Day ago
2k court ?
Phuk Hyutoob
Phuk Hyutoob - Day ago
GTgamer - Day ago
41:33 James looks so blasted
Trayson Akbar
Trayson Akbar - Day ago
Fr do another back to school