Guess The FaZe Member (Baby Edition)

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Guess The FaZe Member Challenge (Baby Edition) featuring @FaZe Nikan @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe H1ghSky1 @FaZe Kay @GrantTheGoat
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The baby FaZe members in this video include Mongraal, FaZe Banks, FaZe Clan, FaZe Adapt, and more.
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Runtime: 10:51


FaZe Jarvis
FaZe Jarvis - 2 months ago
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PO BOX #10849
Burbank, CA, 91510
Nadheer Abdullah
Nadheer Abdullah - Day ago
Kayla Irizarry
Kayla Irizarry - 4 days ago
Wheres faze rug
Vincent Baron
Vincent Baron - 9 days ago
aidans sanchez
aidans sanchez - 14 days ago
@Ensar XD no one cares
aidans sanchez
aidans sanchez - 14 days ago
@Kryptofut no one cares
warlord - 21 hour ago
The fact that I knew every single one, just blows tf outa my mind. Bro I’m trippin lmao
Dark Blood
Dark Blood - Day ago
I would purposely loose so I get caked
Qxzzy Kesky
Qxzzy Kesky - Day ago
I thought apex was faze baby
Azariah Yonas
Azariah Yonas - 2 days ago
9:19 if that is a baby pic. Then Faze jam is immortal
FaZe J
FaZe J - 2 days ago
Can all of yous please please give me a challenge to try for FaZe and plz I’m 10 and I have a girlfriend but can u not make it like insane plz
Waylon Games
Waylon Games - 3 days ago
Ignore that Lil Yachty is not known as a FaZe Member
Blackalicious 894
Blackalicious 894 - 4 days ago
Who are the 2 kids in the middle???
Casual HX
Casual HX - 4 days ago
Jarvis: How are you so bad. 2:30
Me: Jarvis. How are you so bad. 8:08
art0! - 5 days ago
title: Baby Edition
Video: HighSkys 2 days ago photo lol
nxzyyy - 6 days ago
3:27 lol kay was like hehe and went completly silent after lmao
Gianluca Spanu
Gianluca Spanu - 5 days ago
Really Made me laugh😂😂
Joshua THEFORTNITEBOY - 7 days ago
Reflex- Faded
Reflex- Faded - 9 days ago
In the dare for highsky, he looked like he was motorboating ahahaha
Yols FC
Yols FC - 9 days ago
Where is faze sway?
keith kidd
keith kidd - 10 days ago
I wanna be the first south African faze member my name will be FaZe KiDD
bob - 10 days ago
Where is FaZe Sway
Morran Norr
Morran Norr - 11 days ago
4:57 teeqo dont lose not my swedish guy
Darien Swenson
Darien Swenson - 11 days ago
why are all the faze members men?
POOP on ur hand
POOP on ur hand - 12 days ago
4:45 are u sure bout that
-John cena
Gabriel Moreno
Gabriel Moreno - 12 days ago
Kxyzn - 13 days ago
Nav The Gamer
Nav The Gamer - 14 days ago
brooo jarvis do be tiny at 1:27
Raze FNM
Raze FNM - 14 days ago
The grapes tho
Elisha Trach
Elisha Trach - 16 days ago
I love Oh I love your videos
Kalil Jonhson
Kalil Jonhson - 16 days ago
Can I be a faze member
anime gumball
anime gumball - 17 days ago
2:55 I thought he said tiko😐😲
Khloe Clicks
Khloe Clicks - 17 days ago
The craven deal temporally mark because parcel monthly sign after a proud bee. vast, green grey grieving missile
InZane in the Membrane
InZane in the Membrane - 17 days ago
Rugs picture is the best
Nexhi Sadiku
Nexhi Sadiku - 18 days ago
Alex/- adapt should not be in faze clan
imthenajetaak __
imthenajetaak __ - 18 days ago
please join me to faze clan please jarvis
Jerry Jacobi
Jerry Jacobi - 19 days ago
Why is grant there???
D3 Ogalo
D3 Ogalo - 19 days ago
look at h1ghsky1s hair lol 2:54
noa pos
noa pos - 20 days ago
Kays lafs are golden
Mythic Gmr IOS
Mythic Gmr IOS - 20 days ago
Is Grant a faze member?
thd breezy show
thd breezy show - 20 days ago
You miss the eggs tiko
thd breezy show
thd breezy show - 20 days ago
Christian Chamberlin
Christian Chamberlin - 20 days ago
Watch 8:23 to 8:26 and there is a random frog swimming in pool lol 😂
Roblox Gaming Raptor
Roblox Gaming Raptor - 20 days ago
2:45 now babies dont need to learn colors from books or something H1ghSky1 is right there
zedd de kay
zedd de kay - 21 day ago
I love how jarvis put his crying face to become his profile pic
Jackson Cline
Jackson Cline - 21 day ago
Yo that’s crazy
L. Johnson
L. Johnson - 21 day ago
Is grant in faze?
Dutch 30
Dutch 30 - 22 days ago
Can I please be in faze
MythFreashi - 22 days ago
when ricegum came i was screaming at the screen rice rice like who is the only asian manin the team bruh
Ikonic Wolfe
Ikonic Wolfe - 23 days ago
Hi I’m a really big fan of your clan and I hope you are having a nice day
Ry4n2010 - 23 days ago
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Ry4n2010 - 23 days ago
helooses hobs wesisds dobingzzzxz........... i doessss beas doingssis godis andis i honeflybeas ables toas comesis tos la.;.............. isis do be veryis smartris. fromsis forciszz
Ry4n2010 - 23 days ago
hello there, how we doing buddy.
Dawson Jaskuloski
Dawson Jaskuloski - 24 days ago
Carter Tibbs
Carter Tibbs - 24 days ago
Who had know clue that grant was in faZe
Brett Stack
Brett Stack - 25 days ago
Nikan says it’s cold outside when it’s like 60 degrees but I get negative weather
Avap orait
Avap orait - 25 days ago
When I start watching the video I’m like “bruh who’s that to the left of Highsky” them I freak out because I realize it’s Grant The Goat!!!
pyr0 - 26 days ago
Bruh the mic ain’t even plugged in
Las Mann Vargas
Las Mann Vargas - 26 days ago
Chronic Gaming
Chronic Gaming - 26 days ago
Invite mrfreshasian to FaZe
Oh damn you have grant in your house
Oscar Ruiz
Oscar Ruiz - 27 days ago
When he said hard cake 😏
Invert. Shdws
Invert. Shdws - 27 days ago
Do a tap it where you guess anime characters from their voices in anime
Gordon - 21 day ago
Sirsimp 1236
Sirsimp 1236 - 27 days ago
Grant the goat in faze
ahad - 28 days ago
Where is Ricegum?
Hamayun Khan
Hamayun Khan - 28 days ago
I'm tik of fan
Hamayun Khan
Hamayun Khan - 28 days ago
Grantee goat
MelloBrandon Gaming
MelloBrandon Gaming - 28 days ago
That’s pretty much what teeqo gets for being cocky lol
tiny to who
tiny to who - 28 days ago
Gervais why do you not make a new account card just Jarvis
Geovanny Villanueva
Geovanny Villanueva - 28 days ago
Who watching in 24 aka Christmas eve
John Barrientes
John Barrientes - 28 days ago
Fibi Pro
Fibi Pro - 29 days ago
Lil yht is not the faze member
Phase Forza
Phase Forza - Month ago
Try do a guess the song tap it?
sam khanzadeh
sam khanzadeh - Month ago
EGN9 - Month ago
Yo who the hell is that behind nikan at 7:27
Hamza Omar
Hamza Omar - Month ago
I said rice gum before Nikan said it
Benj Qiao
Benj Qiao - Month ago
Ethan gamez
Ethan gamez - Month ago
Who else mainly watches Jarvis because of Tap It
Jane Jonson
Jane Jonson - Month ago
2:54 highskys hair is goofy
Trace Boyd
Trace Boyd - Month ago
Bro I swear Kay looked that up
Mason king k.
Mason king k. - Month ago
Wait grant is in faze
JayyNP - Month ago
Since when Ben offset lil 🛳 and Bonny they’re stacked
DEMI GOD BIG FAN - Month ago
Jackson Restrepo
Jackson Restrepo - Month ago
Why not put tiko
Tobi Jones
Tobi Jones - Month ago
Since when was Ben Simmons in faze clan
Pedro Toribio
Pedro Toribio - Month ago
They should do this but with the members that were in the nyc faze house
Badgerboi2850 - Month ago
im sorry i have to do this but FORTNITE
Juan Carlin-Magana
Juan Carlin-Magana - Month ago
how did jarvis hit it he was more far from the buzzer\
ARMAN hassan
ARMAN hassan - Month ago
How come faze rugs face was in there
Vanessa Schuele
Vanessa Schuele - Month ago
hallo grant the bot
Rohan Doddamane
Rohan Doddamane - Month ago
wait lil yachtys in faze? wtf
Ljubinka Knezevic
Ljubinka Knezevic - Month ago
why does grant look like young Bryce Hall?
Yiorgos Reisis
Yiorgos Reisis - Month ago
10:42 nikan has someting in his nose
ur welcome :)
シNick - Month ago
Mayra Morales
Mayra Morales - Month ago
Jarvis just be happy it is not the dust pool
Black Miz
Black Miz - Month ago
Azlaan - Month ago
Apex here
Azlaan - Month ago
ElOakMC Gamer
ElOakMC Gamer - Month ago
I love grant he is cracked
Jesus Nava Salmeron
Jesus Nava Salmeron - Month ago
I want some of that cake lol
Eric Marr2020
Eric Marr2020 - Month ago
Before watching they better have Jev in this.
Edit: Thank God
Elite Visxon
Elite Visxon - Month ago
zoe lavery
zoe lavery - Month ago
I feel bad for teqqo and h1ghsky
Thelifeofabaconhair - Month ago
Jarvis hair got curly from when he was kid. I’m not saying I know him.
Itz-Ethan Boi
Itz-Ethan Boi - Month ago
Who else feels like Highsky got beat up by 69
ttv_ Yeetbrother
ttv_ Yeetbrother - Month ago
What about Faze sway
Thomas Grosjean
Thomas Grosjean - Month ago
Bruh they say it cold there on the daily it’s 30 degrees c here in canada