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Music video by Demi Lovato performing Commander In Chief. © 2020 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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Ugo Taut
Ugo Taut - 2 hours ago
Sorry Demi, Biden is not an option
C Aguero
C Aguero - 2 hours ago
Trump 2020! I really feel bad for Demi. These privileged kids and they're distorted views on reality...
Paschal Anthony
Paschal Anthony - 3 hours ago
#endsars #endsarsbrutality pray for Nigeria.
Alana Hill
Alana Hill - 4 hours ago
sheer goosebumps everytime this song plays
Joshua Everett
Joshua Everett - 4 hours ago
I cant say he's the most amazing person but I believe in telling the truth.
"while you line your pockets deep"?
He hasn't taken the salary for being potus since day one.
This song is inaccurate.
deb senor
deb senor - 4 hours ago
I can't thank you enough for this Demi..So powerful, brave and true!
Georgia MORRONE - 4 hours ago
i know this song is about trump but like, anyone else getting daniel andrews vibes here??
Hasine Sezek
Hasine Sezek - 4 hours ago
I love dis song, thanks 🙏🏾♥️
I love u Little mix
I love u Little mix - 5 hours ago
hahahaha Ariana's position is getting all the love where real music like this only has 6 million views welcome to Hollywood where real music has no place its all sex songs that sells Demi and Little mix are saving 2020 atleast for !
Jordan Bieck
Jordan Bieck - 5 hours ago
Couldn’t have said this better myself. Trump needs to go!!
Danielle U.
Danielle U. - 5 hours ago
Pure Beauty
Skaffen - 5 hours ago
If those tears are real I'm a sentient cabbage.
Robert Pardington
Robert Pardington - 5 hours ago
Imagine thinking Donald Trump would care what Demi Lovato says
Steve Blevins
Steve Blevins - 5 hours ago
Hottest woman alive... by a lot!
MarkAnthony Ramsey
MarkAnthony Ramsey - 5 hours ago
Wait Biden isn't the commander in cheif?
Raphael Content
Raphael Content - 6 hours ago
I love how Demi released this song to capitalize off the US elections... only for Taylor’s “Only the Young” to be used for Biden and Kamala’s political ad campaign. It’s the way how after so many years, NOBODY still gives a fuck about Demi 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Magda Lena
Magda Lena - 6 hours ago
#strajkkobiet #
Cutie Pie
Cutie Pie - 6 hours ago
How is Trump lining his pockets? Can someone provide the FACTS?
seiom jvony
seiom jvony - 6 hours ago
Anyone who scrolled to the comments straight away let me summarize the song in a couple of words: oRaNgE mAn bAd
Ju Ve
Ju Ve - 6 hours ago
X favore metti mi piace nei tre video su YouTube e iscrivetevi al canale YouTube di Gabriele Simonetta e fatelo anche con altri telefoni 591 iscritti e 3 video gentilmente consigliatissimo grazie mille
Vanessa Ferrari
Vanessa Ferrari - 6 hours ago
Angela Marroquin
Angela Marroquin - 7 hours ago
This song is so exaggerated lmao
Vanessa Ferrari
Vanessa Ferrari - 6 hours ago
@Angela Marroquin if your race is a minority in the USA then you are oppressed by the government. Open you're eyes. People are being killed just because of their race. And what is the government doing? Responding with even more violence. It's hard for me to believe that you actually live in the USA, to be honest. This song is about everything that's happening right now in your country. Where are the lies? Tell me, please. And stop acting like a child just because of one word.
Angela Marroquin
Angela Marroquin - 6 hours ago
@Vanessa Ferrari 💀 ummm. I'm a minority here in the U.S. because the population of my race in the U.S. is small. 🤣 yeah I know you are being sarcastic and I'm telling you to be respectful and refrain from calling me sWeEtIe. It's gross. It's weird and creepy. For all I know you could be a 50 year old man. Just don't do it. I don't know you and you don't know me to be calling me anything of the sort whether you mean it or not.
Vanessa Ferrari
Vanessa Ferrari - 6 hours ago
@Angela Marroquin how are you a minority? Because you think differently than most people? And I was being sarcastic, btw.
Angela Marroquin
Angela Marroquin - 6 hours ago
@Vanessa Ferrari Are you telling me, a minority here in the U.S., that I must be living on Mars because I don't agree with you? What happened to supporting minority voices and opinions. I guess it is true, our voices are oppressed, not by the president though, by you. How about you show some respect. Don't be calling me "sweetie" like we are pals or something. Online weirdo.
Vanessa Ferrari
Vanessa Ferrari - 6 hours ago
@Angela Marroquin sure, whatever you say. You must be living on Mars or something, sweetie.
Lina Maria Henriksson
Lina Maria Henriksson - 7 hours ago
Trump 2020 baby
Vanessa Ferrari
Vanessa Ferrari - 6 hours ago
Thanks for the view, dude
Jenna Nichols
Jenna Nichols - 7 hours ago
My sister is severely disabled (including profoundly deaf and a wheelchair user). When I showed my mum this video, she took it into my sister and had her watch it. We all sat there tearing up. Such a small thing that means so much; to see herself represented
seiom jvony
seiom jvony - 6 hours ago
Perfect woman
Jared Schreiber
Jared Schreiber - 7 hours ago
Demi, you are such an ignorant person.
Rebekah Parr
Rebekah Parr - 8 hours ago
As he lines his pockets? Really? 🤦🏻‍♀️
Ashley Thomson
Ashley Thomson - 8 hours ago
I don’t know how you sleep with those pills In your system
bdawk20 - 8 hours ago
Pure cringe
Helene Marnewick
Helene Marnewick - 9 hours ago
I love you, Demi, but I do not share your opinion or perspective on this one.
cassyy - 9 hours ago
demi, please don’t right a song about how bad our USA president is when there’s presidents legally killing their citizens. you are so privileged. you’ve been a celebrity since you were what 16?
Dante Sparda
Dante Sparda - 10 hours ago
Song is amazing. Beat and stuff and the progression and feel.
Lyrics are brainwash material so this song is 3/10 and that's being nice.
Mudit Gupta
Mudit Gupta - 10 hours ago
Look at her.. victims look like that.. fat and ugly.. even when they start out looking good
Mudit Gupta
Mudit Gupta - 10 hours ago
Hahahaahahhahaa.. victims all around.. making money off of other victims
Brittany Lee
Brittany Lee - 11 hours ago
I like your Melody. The only thing is your discribing the Democratics who are in power with the title of "commander in Chief". You don't believe me? Go check it out.
Tyler - 12 hours ago
Oh yay another celebrity that thinks their political opinion is relevant
Queen Bee
Queen Bee - 12 hours ago
Trump 2020
fatma apaydin
fatma apaydin - 12 hours ago
Perfect woman
x3sirix3 - 12 hours ago
Seems like so many countries got the same problem.
Melissa Brenton
Melissa Brenton - 12 hours ago
Well... great, now I’m done with Demi Lavato.😑 I loved her once, but she is just one more artist that alienates a portion of her fan base to get political. I’m so sick of this mess!
Bia Gomez
Bia Gomez - 12 hours ago
Essa mulher só faz Hino pqp. Demétria você é perfeita e eu te amo 😘💕
sassy they
sassy they - 12 hours ago
Iheartoo! Thailand's gov should listen to this!
Sammi McDabberpants
Sammi McDabberpants - 13 hours ago
Yes!! 🖤🖤🖤
Danielle A
Danielle A - 13 hours ago
Powerful lyrics
Madeline Garcia
Madeline Garcia - 14 hours ago
TRUMP 2020
chukwudi Ndubueze
chukwudi Ndubueze - 14 hours ago
Who else is listening to this beautiful song and thinking about all the problems in their country, it's sad😭😭🇳🇬🇳🇬
it's me merly
it's me merly - 14 hours ago
she still gives me chills and goosbunbs .she has a powerful voice when she sings you can here her and feel what she is dedicating the song to .her voice is melodic and powerful .
Liv Brooks
Liv Brooks - 14 hours ago
Dear Mr. President vibes ❤️ atta girl Demi.
Jessica Atkins
Jessica Atkins - 15 hours ago
I'm just loving the mature versions of Demi, Selena, Miley, and Justin. Seems like they all are finding themselves well finally ❤
Adelin Ginoy
Adelin Ginoy - 15 hours ago
India is getting worse.. The police is going along with criminals and we expect to trust them? More than 85 kidnapping, murders, etc per month!
The prime minister doesn't care abt it at all! The politicians kill anyone they want! Girls shot just because they didn't want to marry someone they didn't know and didn't want to change their religion! Acid attacks! Politicians breaking houses and offices without any reason.. Our hard earned money all in vain
This is the reality. India is not only abt cultures. There are vultures within it
India is not at all safe!
Klinti Xhori
Klinti Xhori - 15 hours ago
Has she done this song for Obama? Cuz that's how it sounds like 😂
Danny Peralez
Danny Peralez - 15 hours ago
Hahahahaha what a dumb song. She's so woke,so brave, so inspiring! NOT!!! Music and movies and TV shows have seriously gone down the drain with all this wokeness
Pede - 16 hours ago
Shoot some more heroin Demi. Politics ain't for you girl
J. - 16 hours ago
Holy jeez. She is fat.
Róbert Èvi
Róbert Èvi - 17 hours ago
Trevahh - 17 hours ago
I don't understand how this isn't the #1 billboard song. Such a monumental moment of truth in these trying times.
Trevahh - 17 hours ago
@Call me Carnes source? gonna put the song on a constant replay until you reply with a reliable source other than your faux news (fake "fox news" agency). More money going to Demi every moment that passes. Apparently just providing for more "propaganda" to be produced by her and all her constituents.
Call me Carnes
Call me Carnes - 17 hours ago
@Trevahh it’s well documented
Trevahh - 17 hours ago
@Call me Carnes Lol. Nice try. Beauty of technology... my vote has already been cast and counted. Like the majority of my generation that has hit the polls this year to drain this sesspool of republicans from their reign. Later, meat.
Call me Carnes
Call me Carnes - 17 hours ago
Everything she’s saying is bullshit Propaganda... For example that Trump “lines his pockets”? He donates his salary every year to a different charity
Emilee Jenanyan
Emilee Jenanyan - 17 hours ago
Trump has taken no money from being our president. If you wanna talk about lining your pockets deep look at you. How much have you made just today from this song?? You think Biden will fix your problems and you are greatly mistaken. You are the one make millions from dumb songs like these. Just don’t understand 🤦🏽‍♀️
Brandon Lusk
Brandon Lusk - 17 hours ago
Hello everyone! I’ve written out the lyrics for anyone who’d like to read them.

OrAnGe MaN BaD
Laura Mckinlay
Laura Mckinlay - 17 hours ago
Good song, but do you really Demi? Do you know the truth...
Theevasha Naidoo
Theevasha Naidoo - 17 hours ago
Oh my gosh. I just had an idea. It might suck but a music video with young demi and adult demi. Both happy and loving life ♥️
luke ketchum
luke ketchum - 17 hours ago
Ariana Grande - Positions: The Most Amazing
Demi Lovato - Commander in Chief: The Most Powerful
Betsy H.
Betsy H. - 18 hours ago
I dedicate this song to the Indian Prime Minister Modiji
Random Person
Random Person - 18 hours ago
ringring ring
ringring ring - 18 hours ago
Sis you should be thanking the lord you were born in America. Stop acting like a victim.
X0WN0TH - 18 hours ago
This is what happens when a celebrity decides to voice their political opinion when they are not educated. I'm all for people "having a voice," but if you don't know what you're talking about you should just shut the hell up.
Anthony Hamamji
Anthony Hamamji - 18 hours ago
So dumb how this woman thinks that the us is the worst place on earth. Has she heard of Lebanon, Nigeria, Malaysia, Iran, China, North Korea, so man more countries that are literally more dangerous than living in a cage with a lion. Ho stupid can you be to blame 250 years of this countries history on a business man. Im delete all social media until 2021. Im out
Jazmyn Lawyer
Jazmyn Lawyer - 19 hours ago
Just feels like pandering barely any white people in the vid
Tahara Marie
Tahara Marie - 19 hours ago
P!nk wrote a song about Bush back in the day reminds me if that
Kelley Rogers
Kelley Rogers - 19 hours ago
Lol oh poor demi! Yes I am sure she so relates to this because you know, she is a regular person like all of us struggling 😂😂😂 she absolutely cannot relate at all to a rich man like Trump. Oh wait, she's getting richer LINING her pockets talking shit and getting us to pay for it. 😂😂😂😂
M K - 19 hours ago
Demi is rich enough to solve pretty much any issue she sees. But she doesn’t. Why? She’s rich and idle and self-absorbed like the rest of the industry.
Alex Lopez
Alex Lopez - 19 hours ago
Ok so he bunkered down ummm no u did he went out and even ended up getting it and went past it and wtf is take a kneel when u in office it’s against the American flag when u kneel u SHOULD NOT DISRESPECT THE FLAG if u haven’t risked coming home under one u wouldn’t be able to sleep if u wrote this without the flag you know why because u would be killed for disrespect you know how I know this look at China they would kill you if u made this here so if anything you should be making a video of thanking the police and military for what they have done for u and everyone else I am 13 and I see this people wake up this is so stupid
Shamti. - 20 hours ago
Hammad Hussain
Hammad Hussain - 20 hours ago
So unfortunate to see Americans act like this and think they're being smart and kind. Imagine having food, clean water, a shelter on your head, a president that donates his paychecks to the treasury, an army that goes a long way to protect you, a constitution that guarantees freedom and self-defence and still complain like a baby (and most of the whining comes from rich Hollywood too, irony much?). Most of the world dreams of having that life.
Dargy - 20 hours ago
Do u support Hong Kong?
zkg03mjmk - 20 hours ago
Thank you for this song
Ivy Rutledge
Ivy Rutledge - 20 hours ago
Tracy Stevenson
Tracy Stevenson - 21 hour ago
Call to action. Overcome the impediments to VOTE. And VOTE.
Jay Rivera
Jay Rivera - 21 hour ago
I loved the message of this song.
Armed Pigion
Armed Pigion - 21 hour ago
What an idiot...
Naty Mont
Naty Mont - 21 hour ago
Berry Uyens
Berry Uyens - 22 hours ago
Trump 2020
Lynn Jacobs
Lynn Jacobs - 22 hours ago
VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Another Independent Voter For: Biden/Harris 2020
Ava Howell
Ava Howell - 22 hours ago
So the way I took it is that this song is aimed at Trump and I honestly think that it would be more useful in other countries like Nigeria and Brazil and I’m sure many others. However, the fact that this is angled towards Trump is showing the oblivion of Demi Lovato here. I’m neither a Trump or Biden supporter but it’s Joe Biden who is racist. Joe Biden said that he didn’t want his children attending integrated schools, he gave a eulogy at a KKK leaders funeral calling him pretty much none less than an inspiration. Meanwhile Donald Trump has AWARDS from black communities thanking him for helping provide equality there for them. If you want to talk about people not being able to breathe then why don’t you question the literal fact that it’s hard to breathe through the masks that Biden wants to impliment on our country at least Trump has been trying to open this country back up; and I have absolutely no words for the amount of disrespect that was in the line about continuing to kneel. When you kneel or don’t stand for the pledge of allegiance you are saying that all of our emergency responders efforts to protect our country all of their sacrifices don’t matter. You are saying that all of the military families, those children who have to grow up without one of their parents, that the brave men and women who give their lives to protect the fact that she was able to write this song and not be killed, that their sacrifices don’t matter and we’re in vain and that is not ok. You can disagree with things but you shouldn’t be disrespectful when doing so especially to people to don’t deserve it. And that is all I have to say on this song.
Pablo Gonzalez
Pablo Gonzalez - 22 hours ago
Only reason she is popular cause of the the semi nude and bikini pic, just like Ariana grande before when they were starting talking about meaningful stuff but now a bunch of shit
Latisha W
Latisha W - 22 hours ago
Love the video and song. Very powerful and beautiful lyrics. Song is speaking the truth.
Lynn Jacobs
Lynn Jacobs - 22 hours ago
Russia For Pres. Trump!
Vanessa Ferrari
Vanessa Ferrari - 23 hours ago
The amount of Trump supporters in the comments is completely disgusting
Lynn Jacobs
Lynn Jacobs - 22 hours ago
Half of them are just trying to be cool with their peers! "We The People" WILL SEND TRUMP PACKING next Tuesday!! Another Independent Voter For: Biden/Harris 2020
Call me Carnes
Call me Carnes - 23 hours ago
90% of these Comments are Trump supporters and to them I say:
Keep Fighting for what you believe in, because what you believe in is what America needs, our founding principles! We Stand For Life, Liberty, and The persuit of Happiness, and we will never forfeit our rights to the Dictating left! Stand strong Patriots! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Kamily Silva
Kamily Silva - Day ago
Demi faz tudo né
Iván UwU
Iván UwU - Day ago
Latinos Comenten...
Alexander James
Alexander James - Day ago
Alexander James
Alexander James - Day ago
Lorenz Brehm
Lorenz Brehm - Day ago
Call me Carnes
Call me Carnes - 23 hours ago
For Trump
Leah Binns
Leah Binns - Day ago
okay go off queen
How To Cuisine
How To Cuisine - Day ago
Why this song has only 6.5M views? So underrated! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱❤️❤️
Mariana Rodrigues
Mariana Rodrigues - Day ago
Danni C
Danni C - Day ago
Does this remind anyone of Pink - Dear Mr President?
القصيرة - Day ago
You are beyond underrated!! Seeing you in concert was amazing, you can feel your presence and it's obvious you love your fans and sharing your talent ❤️ You are so much more than a musician, you've been so real, no matter what was at risk. I have so much respect for an artist that can think about their career but also be willing to put it on the line when/if necessary. It's also obvious how much thought is put into how it will be seen as a fan, clearly. There is so much inclusivity and universal love. Thank you Demi, you are a QUEEEN!!!
sarge 1862
sarge 1862 - Day ago
"We aren't pawns in your game", tell that to the Democrats playing y'all like a fiddle
X0WN0TH - 18 hours ago
Call me Carnes
Call me Carnes - 23 hours ago
I have faith that people are waking up, Trump will win if God still blesses the United States
Michelle Pereira
Michelle Pereira - Day ago
I love your voice. Can you do a collab with Yung Juan Weezy?