My Dog Answers Fan Questions

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My Dog Answers Fan Questions
Tucker answer's your questions. The fans chimed in and asked the questions and now Tucker goes through and answers the best of the best!
Want Tucker to answer your question? Leave a comment below!
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sahana vedachalam
sahana vedachalam - 13 minutes ago
Do you like veggies or chicken tucker?
Madyson Zamora
Madyson Zamora - 16 minutes ago
Do you like more mommy or dad
Ally Makes TikTok
Ally Makes TikTok - 23 minutes ago
/Question do u like ur Wife
bear19891 - 29 minutes ago
If the tree of doom was actually the BEST food in the GALAXY would you THEN would you eat it?
ynw. bry_
ynw. bry_ - 35 minutes ago
For: Tucker. Do. U. Love. Peeing. On. Linda. Post. That for. Your. Next. Video
Lutcia George
Lutcia George - 48 minutes ago
Tucker is so cute I WANT TO HUG HIM
Go Caps
Go Caps - 54 minutes ago
question for tucker: Do you like the NHL? If so, what team?
TopazWing! - 56 minutes ago
For Tucker:
How scary is Linda
Robbie Dalley
Robbie Dalley - 56 minutes ago
Fun with Lia!
Fun with Lia! - 57 minutes ago
Does Tucker love mom or dad more?
xX_gacha_rxse _Xx
xX_gacha_rxse _Xx - 57 minutes ago
Is linda gassy?
Charlotte Harrison
Charlotte Harrison - Hour ago
Do u eat cookies tucker
Alnikur - Hour ago
Gud Boi
Brandi and Addison
Brandi and Addison - Hour ago
I love Tucker! He has inspired me to make videos with my dogs. :)
Larry Holliday
Larry Holliday - Hour ago
Do you like train
Juan Ramos-Del Cid
Juan Ramos-Del Cid - Hour ago
Have you ever farted in lindas face?
Estee Brossier
Estee Brossier - Hour ago
Here’s another question:
Do you like all meat or just chimken?
Super Jake
Super Jake - 2 hours ago
For tucker: do you love YouTube
Elexct - 2 hours ago
for tuker: whos ur favorite person
Manilyn Penascosas
Manilyn Penascosas - 2 hours ago
How so cute tucker 😍😍😍😍
Elexct - 2 hours ago
soooooo cute tuker is adorable
Esteban Aristich
Esteban Aristich - 2 hours ago
Doo u love real food?
Eshans banger Boy
Eshans banger Boy - 2 hours ago
Do you like farting on Linda
Mothra leo channel
Mothra leo channel - 2 hours ago
Want some chimken?
Mochi Kawaii
Mochi Kawaii - 3 hours ago
Do u wanna a your wif have kids?
Avery Fowler
Avery Fowler - 3 hours ago
who else wants to meet tucker bundzyn in real life
Elliott Ponticiello
Elliott Ponticiello - 3 hours ago
Elliott Ponticiello
Elliott Ponticiello - 3 hours ago
For tucker/do u like pearl
Elliott Ponticiello
Elliott Ponticiello - 3 hours ago
Tucker do u like
Cullen Brooks
Cullen Brooks - 3 hours ago
Are You Sexy?
Addy's Beatz
Addy's Beatz - 3 hours ago
Did anyone know that Linda’s name is Courtney, not Linda??
Rudra Vell Rudra Vell
Rudra Vell Rudra Vell - 3 hours ago
do u know your dads name
Addy's Beatz
Addy's Beatz - 3 hours ago
Gadget Hype
Gadget Hype - 3 hours ago
Doggo Watermelon
Doggo Watermelon - 3 hours ago
Douse tucker like pearl?
FirePies44 - 3 hours ago
Linda: Do you like sniffing butts??
Tucker: yup.
box hurt
box hurt - 3 hours ago
would you rather eat tail instead of tree of doom?
GlorBroGal - 4 hours ago
Floof chest, imma pet-
Andrew HUTAGALUNG - 4 hours ago
I just want to hug tucker
Boxy Boxers
Boxy Boxers - 4 hours ago
Ask him if he likes you
Ashlyn Kenney
Ashlyn Kenney - 4 hours ago
For Tucker-
Did tucker ever eat a whole bagel
Monika Klimkowska
Monika Klimkowska - 4 hours ago
If you would have to either eat worms or the tree of doom, would you eat the tree of doom?
Julijana Bogojevski
Julijana Bogojevski - 4 hours ago
Do you like to go on walks
Summer Roncari
Summer Roncari - 5 hours ago
when are you uploading me getting sad :(
NoClue_JJ - 5 hours ago
Are u a bad boy
SHIVANSH GUND - 5 hours ago
Does your wife smelles
Julia B Contiliani
Julia B Contiliani - 5 hours ago
do you love Linda so much?
Francis Belenio
Francis Belenio - 6 hours ago
Do you love journey
Pasbon Bali
Pasbon Bali - 6 hours ago
Would tucker likes to eat raw meat???
gacha fan club
gacha fan club - 6 hours ago
Have u ever ate something u hate 🤣😂
Linda Romanova
Linda Romanova - 6 hours ago
Have you ever mated tucker
Cam Wiklund
Cam Wiklund - 6 hours ago
We are going to make a new doggy YouTube channel called Indy Wiklund he is our new puppy!!!
cali sharpe
cali sharpe - 6 hours ago
Can you do a part 2And if you can He's ask tucker If he is in love
Liberty Lagang
Liberty Lagang - 7 hours ago
Who love Tucker Budzyn chat
SeekerBony - 7 hours ago
tuker you love me?!?!
For tucker
Do u like tretos
Simran Ubha
Simran Ubha - 7 hours ago
I never realised that tucker doesn’t speak the mentions
M a r i a a
M a r i a a - 7 hours ago
Question: Do you love Linda more then dad?
slxz_talkyz - 7 hours ago
do you like water?
Jagdish Kumar
Jagdish Kumar - 7 hours ago
Linda u make all new ideas
Ankur Chaturvedi
Ankur Chaturvedi - 7 hours ago
Do you love Linda?
Bear Beebe
Bear Beebe - 8 hours ago
doz i skrkgpw9
Itstyler _plays
Itstyler _plays - 8 hours ago
Question for tucker

Do you want a kid with journee
Abeeha Haseeb
Abeeha Haseeb - 8 hours ago
Question for tucker
Do you love your mom and dad
Owain Atkinson
Owain Atkinson - 8 hours ago
Duz he ever chase his own tale
Charlie Sun moon & stars
Charlie Sun moon & stars - 8 hours ago
Happy Halloween
This is actually dog writing woof Woof 🐕
Charlie Sun moon & stars
Charlie Sun moon & stars - 9 hours ago
Is Linda anoiying
Is dad anoiying
Your mean
Yup dad's me
Shama Ali
Shama Ali - 9 hours ago
Do tucker like fish
oana Pacurar
oana Pacurar - 9 hours ago
Rachel Saldanha
Rachel Saldanha - 9 hours ago
Question for Tucker :
Would you like to play with BOTH Flutter and Pearl together someday?
YTsharktooth - 9 hours ago
Tucker will go to mountain biking with me
Cassie Ngo
Cassie Ngo - 10 hours ago
Tucker do you want some Halloween candy from me
Tremor09 - 10 hours ago
How old are you Tucker???
Nancy Pachuau
Nancy Pachuau - 10 hours ago
“Does tucker like bath?”
Shaonli Acharya
Shaonli Acharya - 10 hours ago
Sutji Jusuf
Sutji Jusuf - 10 hours ago
Question for tucker
: u love sniffing buds?
Amdavadi Dil Thi
Amdavadi Dil Thi - 10 hours ago
For tucker:
Do you love Chimken or Steak?
Yousef Mubark Saleh Alqallaf
Tucker are you a bad boy
Nipa Hasina
Nipa Hasina - 11 hours ago
Do you like to sleep
Ayushanand 10
Ayushanand 10 - 11 hours ago
The way Linda says Journ-Journ my heart is melted
Arya Goswami
Arya Goswami - 11 hours ago
wing corn
wing corn - 11 hours ago
wing corn
wing corn - 11 hours ago
So smart
Samuel Pasumarthy
Samuel Pasumarthy - 11 hours ago
He barks whenever he wants to enphasize something
abruce68 - 11 hours ago
David K Jude
David K Jude - 12 hours ago
Did tucker ever jumped so high up a fence
David K Jude
David K Jude - 12 hours ago
I mean any fence
ritika shrestha
ritika shrestha - 12 hours ago
hi tucker
Sini Sandeep
Sini Sandeep - 12 hours ago
U like veggies 😜
Josie Bell
Josie Bell - 12 hours ago
Do you hate Linda of dad
seraphic - 13 hours ago
ngl it's interesting how dogs can be right-handed (rightpawed?) too. tucker clearly prefers to use his right paw!
Bird of Paradise
Bird of Paradise - 13 hours ago
Question for Tucker :
“ Do you miss Pearl “ ???
Tej Bikram
Tej Bikram - 13 hours ago
Question for tucker
Would tucker want a sis or a brother ?
Jennifer Harding
Jennifer Harding - 13 hours ago
Answers: Yes, Yes, Yes, No, Yes, Yes as hekk!!!, No, Yeo, Yes. Yep. All right! Al-
Yes. All though there are no right answers or wrong answers..
Silverbroom 911
Silverbroom 911 - 13 hours ago
Do u like chimken?
Unicorns Together
Unicorns Together - 14 hours ago
I love him. He is so cute ❤❤❤
subrata singh
subrata singh - 14 hours ago
When was Tucker born
Why don't you celebrate a birthday for him
applepie - 14 hours ago
Hey its me lukes
Ellie Iraggi
Ellie Iraggi - 14 hours ago
He's so smart! ♥️
Kamla Sharma
Kamla Sharma - 14 hours ago
Do tucker like socializing??
applepie - 14 hours ago