Bungie ViDoc - Forged in the Storm

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light marks the beginning of the next era of Destiny and Bungie developers are here to discuss it all.
Head to Europa's unforgiving surface where players will discover Stasis, an all-new power fueled by the Darkness.
Add to your arsenal with new weapons and gear to defeat your enemies.
The Cosmodrome returns to help shepherd and prepare New Light Guardians for the challenges they soon will face.
2020 presented many challenges at Bungie but through it all, Destiny's best day remain ahead of it.
Learn more: bung.ie/forgedinthestorm
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Dive into the free-to-play world of Destiny 2 to experience responsive first-person shooter combat, explore the mysteries of our solar system, and unleash elemental abilities against powerful enemies. Create your Guardian and collect unique weapons, armor, and gear to customize your look and playstyle. Experience Destiny 2’s cinematic story alone or with friends, join other Guardians for challenging co-op missions, or compete against them in a variety of PvP modes.
Runtime: 14:48


Tidiest - 3 hours ago
666,000 Subs
Matthew Demers
Matthew Demers - Day ago
Kind of a spontaneous vent, but when can we get PRIVATE STRIKES BUNGIE? Please...
AlphaFlare - Day ago
i hope they bring back the dreadnaught
TheExplodingKitton - Day ago
Could there be a massive raid like 9 or 10 encounters
MH. Ovi
MH. Ovi - Day ago
Hai Bungie have you ever thinking of bringing mobile version of Destiny 🤔.
Error 404
Error 404 - 3 days ago
Once again !/ I got the same gauntlets in the raid not really funny ! I have now 7x the same gauntlets in the new raid what is this for BS. You still haven't fixed it you really don't care about the players 7x Times the raid gauntlet with nonsense low stats & 1 energy I haven't really seen a reward from the raid you really wasting everyone time I just went to the chest 7x times in total ! It gived me the raid gauntlets this game is trash going back to ps5 warframe & god fall , destiny 2 isn't relevant anymore they can keep their nonsense game & loot not really worth my time anymore I removed it from my system. This game is not Worthy to be on a ps5 I am not voting for this company for the game awards this company doesn't really deserve a reward they reward players with the same raid loot 7x times the gauntlets nothing has been fixed ! The loot is lower then what you are not really loot this game is like anthem they can't design loot or raids ! 7x times the same low stats raid gauntlets where are the weapons ! How many weeks before people see the raid is out lont time ago haven't seen any loot yet ! Then only 7 x the same raid gauntlets this game belongs in the trash can ;) just the reality I see people who do really nothing in the raid they have all the raid weapons ! 0 gear ! I told you this company is full with kids the Devs they play the game too they cheat since they made this game ! They cheat since day 1 ;)
DEEK - 4 days ago
Never going to spend money on Beyond Light. The company was promoting
BLM for several months. $70. Nope. Never. I already paid for your shit
when it wasn't a free game. Nope. Never.
DEEK - Day ago
@Ivan Hurst-Brown They even changed their website to remove their mission statement that stated this. nypost.com/2020/09/24/blm-removes-website-language-blasting-nuclear-family-structure/
DEEK - Day ago
@Ivan Hurst-Brown Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization that wants to de-fund the police, remove men from the family, and make special rights normal. It promotes racism. Rioting, looting and killing are happening in the name of Black Lives Matter. It is a funded, domestic terror organization.
Ivan Hurst-Brown
Ivan Hurst-Brown - Day ago
What’s wrong with blm? Sure people used it to exploit things but the idea isn’t bad
DEEK - 4 days ago
Never going to spend money on Beyond Light. The company was promoting
BLM for several months. $70. Nope. Never. I already paid for your shit
when it wasn't a free game. Nope. Never.
William LoCascio
William LoCascio - 4 days ago
dude you killed the lore like I don't know what you did, everything is disconnected now there's no cohesive this like I start with the exo stranger drifter and Eris morn are there to show their support apparently then all of a sudden they're disappeared exo strangers got nothing to say to me just like I core array super standard for bungee. why can't you guys just spend a little time and put things together cohesively do you need me to come in there and help you out I'll do it for free I'm sure you have a lot of genius level people in there coming up with all these cool ideas but they lack cohesiveness. season of arrivals was my first time ever playing destiny 2 and it was so cool cuz that time that I spent wasn't just grinding it was figuring out lore and trying to put the story together in my head once I found out about black armory it was game over next thing you know I'm sitting there and smugglers cavern not even in an activity trying to make sense of these symbols which was interesting and stimulating. but now you remove anything explorable by the player it's all pre-cut cookie cutter grind repeat grind repeat, What happened to the awe, it seems like you flattened the hierarchy like most corporate strategies pursue we enjoyed the debt The vex had their own spot they were doing cool stuff over there if you wanted to explore that stuff you go hit up a vex planet and see what's popping over there interact with some of the vendors find out a little bit more of the lore add to your lore book scannables What did you do with scannables? where did the adventures go all of a sudden there's no adventures any place come on man I hear that you're moving to a new business model I can understand that as a business strategist but you need to separate at least bifurcate generating revenue from a new content model and continuation of the epicness that is destiny 2 via cohesive storytelling Hit me up I'll fix your stuff for you this is just sad I love destiny 2 coolest game ever played for sure but you guys could be SpaceX and instead your blue origin
William LoCascio
William LoCascio - 4 days ago
10 to 1 odds end game when you finally see the name of the bad guy it's going to be bungee on the side of a big ass pyramid
William LoCascio
William LoCascio - 4 days ago
yo Bungie you guys have this theoretically correct but mechanically you didn't actually deliver any of those epic slow-mo stasis scenes in 200 hours of gameplay so far. stop full advertising man, if I could actually slow-mo punch the ground with necrotic grip open world that would be epic but you didn't do that yet you show it in your trailer as if that's how things actually are it's really not that way.
Josh Bond
Josh Bond - 4 days ago
Between Connection Based Matchmaking and Stasis, you have destroyed PvP. Insult to injury. Off to a new game.
DevWhyte - 6 days ago
Hey why is your game the highest in using 300mb per hour an 70gb just to update what if people want to play but they don't have all that internet because of live situations
U guys don't help but take money from people
I can't even say the number of money witch I have sank into the fuckin company u guys should be give this shit out for next to nothing with low costs on everything 😒
Red Stag
Red Stag - 8 days ago
Random Viewer
Random Viewer - 8 days ago
12:08-12:12 dont mind me
NVENVY D2 - 9 days ago
666 😰
minidashman - 10 days ago
TRAGICTACTICS - 11 days ago
What armor is that @12:15?
Coal. - 11 days ago
The free seasonal armor for Hunters.
r3d h00dlum
r3d h00dlum - 11 days ago
Somebody check on Luke. He’s looking a bit rough
SLUG BOY - 12 days ago
It seems like the dlc itself is fine and decent, maybe not forsaken or ttk tier but better than most others I think most complaints ultimately stem from sunsetting which definitely hurt this season.
Justin Barnhart
Justin Barnhart - 13 days ago
I am a huge fan I love y'all game
BoomyPR •
BoomyPR • - 13 days ago
Hi I am from the future and I am here to tell you this DLC is trash and most definitely not worth 50 dollars for the very little content there is. The story was ass (Like always) there is next to no content and sunsetting is actual BS
Why am I here
Why am I here - 14 days ago
You are now not allowed to subscribe to bungie
Coal. - 11 days ago
okay thanks for that order, everyone values this opinion and will follow this.
HellsCaretaker - 14 days ago
I heard you jumped on the woke train too. Then I hope your target group brings you the income you were hoping for, you won't see any more money from me. All people are equal! Permanent emphasis and preference for certain population groups IS RACISM.
Bailey Bunio
Bailey Bunio - 14 days ago
Does anyone know what that ship is @1:16?
Ammar_5000 - 6 days ago
Spoilers Not a ship, but a ziggurat
what come on
what come on - 14 days ago
Bungie pls make halo great again
the perfect triangle of balanced game mechanics of halo is being destroyed and we need a good campaign
Justin Williams
Justin Williams - 15 days ago
lol D1: Your guy gets RESURRECTED after like what 2000 years his reaction: "Yeah whatever thats cool I'll just shoot aliens"
lol Beyond Light: Your guy gets told to GIVE IN TO THE TEMPTATION OF THE DARKNESS THAT WIPED OUT EVERYTHING AND DOES GIVE IN his reaction: "Yeah whatever thats cool I'll just shoot aliens"
Alexis Guzman
Alexis Guzman - 15 days ago
I have tried to like this DLC there's a lot of things to do there's also no visibility which is quite the anger puller but that is expected from this company it took me three to four hours to find bunker 15 what I've noticed bize of fact that it took so long stranger has a lot of nerve to ask me to do more things for her why don't don't these idiots ever do anything their damn selves my brain is completely fried I think I got I can't I have another complaint and it's the biggest one you said you were going to improve eververse you didn't you actually made worse now instead of going for the things we want you deducted bright dust from the guardian that was a fuking low blow who we now have to play Gambit Crucible two things that no one likes strikes only get you around one 2 3 4 5 6 hundred 600 Bright dust meaning it will take weeks for an item that you want this week and never see it again YAY!!! You're all idiots I have been here since day one I bought a console and this game destiny 1 not be able to see where the hell I am going now I'm done I'm done I'm not playing Xbox rolled out too many games for me just to sit here on this game
Yuki _
Yuki _ - 16 days ago
Them: so we brought back uldren, he's pretty cool.
Me: yeah, yeah, thats great but *PULLED PORK*
Alois Veronik
Alois Veronik - 16 days ago
Same old shit like forsaken.. no nee staff.. Grind Grind Grind... That is shit
Coal. - 11 days ago
If you don't like grinding why the fuck are you playing Destiny- or even any looter shooters for that matter.
Golden Fox
Golden Fox - 16 days ago
I quit playing Destiny 2 because of your idiotic design choices with this game Bungie, learn to compress and optimize your game ffs.. Borderlands 3 is still adding new stuff and not taking anything away..
In hindsight, you should've just moved on from D2 and made D3 instead.
Straw Foot16
Straw Foot16 - 16 days ago
Bungie please bring back felwinters lie.
ASSASSIN - 17 days ago
man this expansion sucks
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment - 14 days ago
No u
Sand Man
Sand Man - 17 days ago
Bollocks to Bungie !!
dsg3131 - 17 days ago
Fucking Racists, 'Black at Bungie' sort your shit out
Hameed Shehab
Hameed Shehab - 17 days ago
bring CAYED back
Aidan Thomson
Aidan Thomson - 17 days ago
So now it makes sense why the knight was able to smack osiris like that...
Bob Seiji
Bob Seiji - 17 days ago
I alway enjoy Bungies hype videos than playing games.
They have a great team for that.
Which recycle plant are we going next ?Dreadnought?
Seadney_ - 18 days ago
i'm having fun with it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Lek worshipper
Lek worshipper - 18 days ago
at 6.30 they show duality
King Foetus
King Foetus - 18 days ago
Pfff shit game, after forsaken your destroy the game
Coal. - 11 days ago
uh huh, I'm taking notes.
M_BDO - 18 days ago
So glad i didn't buy this garbage 😂 so many friends are disappointed about the content so glad you live up to your run this mission one dlc and backwards the next. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Coal. - 4 days ago
@M_BDO lmao
M_BDO - 4 days ago
@Coal. Wrong subs start off low as entertaining but as it grows so does the influence if frostbolt & aztecross along with other widely known streamers decided to completely bash this DLC prior to launch with the same things i said a large portion of the already starving destiny community and new players wouldn't even buy it period simply because they said so. Word of mouth travels far. So to say subs dont matter at all is dumb on your part. I will admit many live services reuse old assets but many add enough content to make you not feel like you paid for 1/6 of a game. When you release a game with x amount of maps and then release dlc where you run the same maps backwards change up the enemies instead of fighting hive your fighting fallen then you hike up their hp so it takes longer to kill thus drawing out the time to complete then you add content that has a progression restriction so people dont finish it too fast or they will see the TRUTH of how much gameplay time they actually paid FULL price for on top of adding stupid pre order items to try and justify the full price is shameful. People dont enjoy the destiny formula of reused maps and enemies people like fighting other people plain and simple. Other than die hard fans Covid boredom and the new class is the reason destiny population has gone up once the flair dies down after christmas and New years it will go back to the dying on life support it was in prior. I am not sorry i hurt your fanboy feelings stating the FACTS. Those that pre ordered early paid FULL price for the destiny 1 cosmo and omnigul strike one planet a subclass and a few actual new exotics. Nothing mind blowing or exciting. You're not fighting any NEW enemies. The weapons and armor other than exotics are the same reskin versions with very little stat improvements as previously released with higher light cap to force you to switch. You could wait out till next July when it's on sale and buy all the dlcs that come out between now and then for the price of a cheap cup of coffee and not miss a single damn thing and you will catch up to all the current players in light and gear (exotics and non) in 1 month like I did. Afterwards you will wish you just bought the coffee instead. I'm done entertaining your die hard fanboysm I won't be reading or responding enjoy clown. ✌
Coal. - 11 days ago
@M_BDO *you're Subs don't matter, and people who do think they matter are idiotic, ignorant, and can't think of anymore points to an argument so they just bring up something like subs when they're just making videos for fun and don't care about subscribers. Name a single live service game that hasn't reused assets because they need to consistently release content and they don't have time to constantly make new assets. If they're reusing assets, what does it matter as long as you're having fun. People enjoy Destiny's formula, and if you don't anymore that's fine. Be a normal person and stop playing the game if you aren't having fun with it, and move on. You sitting here hating on a video game just because you aren't enjoying it anymore is really sad. The world won't stop just because you chose not to play a game anymore, there's no need to try to make people choose your side because you're insecure.
M_BDO - 11 days ago
@Coal. Because your a reputable source with 21 subs >_> clearly show fanboysm sorry I hurt your feelings but destiny sucks plain and simple history has shown they reuse old assets running missions one way and another backwards and having the nerve to call it an expansion. Same ol re Skin bullet sponge enemies the community is already disappointed the "I'll release it half ass and then add more / fix it later got old when taken king dropped. Even aztecross a reputable youtuber was pointing out concerns about omnigul strike from destiny 1 being reused a smaller REUSED cosmo map how worrying it was before release of this shitty dlc.
Coal. - 11 days ago
The abundance of emojis here signals a low intelligence, best move on and not listen to this comment like the rest.
FC Mania
FC Mania - 18 days ago
11:12 makes much more sense with Today’s lore.
RIP Sagira
Stephan M.
Stephan M. - 18 days ago
🔥🔥🔥Omg I play this game from the start 🔥🔥🔥
🔥🔥🔥@Bungie what’s that ???? The game is sooooo bad now !!!!🔥🔥🔥
🔥🔥🔥I play 20 hour and now ... I have no Content !!! That’s so sad ... the Game now is so dirt 😔.... the is a bit disappointment !!!🔥🔥🔥
chance richards
chance richards - 20 days ago
I wonder when are we going to see that cutscene at 1:57 and what are the circumstances
Seadney_ - 18 days ago
probably the cabal noticing that the hive are corrupting their fleets, and knowing that they and the guardians share a common enemy
Spencer Sackett
Spencer Sackett - 20 days ago
This game is pay to win
nazım otuzdört
nazım otuzdört - 20 days ago
hollowfiedkyubi - 20 days ago
So we still know next to nothing about the darkness plus Drifter and Eris were advertised to be a big part of this expansion ended up becoming background characters with little to say at all. The amount of content at launch of this dlc is abysmal because this company fails to understand the season layout and releasing content slowly throughout the month is a colossal mistake. One of the shortest campaigns in destiny history but you charged the same amount of money for it as Forsaken. Great job tricking everyone into thinking this dlc was gonna be amazing.
Night City
Night City - 20 days ago
What is with the xbox series x upgrade? Still nothing seen. ? You sad its getting made for next gen. And now nothing.
TheRygatto - 21 day ago
Hunters: "Who did you say you are again?" while activating Golden Gun.
Uldren: "I Am CrOw... Aaaaaaaah"
Pulled Pork: "WTF"
Leon Kanivora
Leon Kanivora - 21 day ago
Nerf stasis already
Max Bagdasarov
Max Bagdasarov - 21 day ago
so did all the other planets just disappear from the solar system?
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget - 21 day ago
Thanks for screw over hunters again Bungo, worst of the three classes and you nerfed dodge. Your doing a bang up job at screwing us over.
sean procell
sean procell - 21 day ago
Jesus christ guys... you should've hired the guy who made the warlock "darkness" class on reddit forever ago because the stasis super on the lock sucks gigantic dicks.. in fact all the supers on the lock blows shatter and lance were far better and more useful than slova bomb and nova broken.. vortex doesn't count cuz its always just sucked.. so many missed opportunities to create actual dark powers and you give people ice cubes lmao.... i wanna love destiny like i did in d1 but y'all just keep fuckin it up 🤦🏻‍♂️
Brianplays 1044
Brianplays 1044 - 21 day ago
Thanks for ruining pvp it’s pay to win now,
ShaijnY - 22 days ago
Hopefully lots of new enemy types and not just reskinned vexx, etc. Cool boss fights too!
TheProdigalSaint - 22 days ago
RIP Servi the Servitor... 4:32 - 4:39
Mark Wilhelm
Mark Wilhelm - 22 days ago
I only wish that you could actually choose the light or the dark. This narrative forces you to choose the dark. You have to... to move on. I would have liked to remain in the light and possibly get new abilities for the loyalty to the traveler. Its really nice to play on a new world - really really nice.
The3 Crownsking
The3 Crownsking - 22 days ago
Very good Bungo, you broke the PVP with this new subclass.... look at this mess!!! its so OP i can only laugh at it...... but i guess you need youre money after 1-2 months you guys nerf it.... i tell you something im not going to buy this ^broken beyond light^ fix balance first after this i come back for pvp....
MrNuggetcake - 22 days ago
I'm impressed that most of what bungie did was done at home.... Bungie did a great job imo... Needless to say I'm having a blast with beyond light
K P - 23 days ago
Wow. Just when you couldn't disappoint me anymore. This was at best a $15 season. Its laughable. Sunsetting? No content. Nothing was worth what you did. I am done with your game. Bye!
clutch190 - 23 days ago
whats the name of the track that starts at like 15 seconds?? its so good!!
Trickaz - 23 days ago
Sunsetting ruined everything
Bungie scumbags
Trickaz - 23 days ago
This game is shit now
Jerald Black
Jerald Black - 23 days ago
Scored a game for a year, decided to return and found a ban. You know, I used to respect your company, but then I was surprised when I came across a company that is no different from ordinary scammers, distributing bans for nothing to players who bought the game, while cheaters calmly play on your server, this is your new move from the company - want to ban a player for nothing - is it like a real cheater? Write what is the meaning of these bans. Maybe you want to ban the player so that they can buy your product again? For sure, I know one thing that where there is a place for scammers in hell, devils are preparing boilers with boiling lava for "Bungie" employees for such tricks.
kanye west
kanye west - 24 days ago
When does uldren come out is it later seasons or this season
Treblig Star
Treblig Star - 23 days ago
This season
lonewolf3869 - 24 days ago
Dropped the ball yet again Bungie
MacatacWarrior Vlogs
MacatacWarrior Vlogs - 24 days ago
Why was Season of the Hunt cancelled?
Oliver Gramm
Oliver Gramm - 24 days ago
Neue DLC 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Cinamon_Bagel - 24 days ago
11:28 cool a new chara-. A suirprise to be sure but a welcome one?
mc mmc
mc mmc - 24 days ago
Good job Bungo. You managed to hype up the game, took our money, but when it is time to deliver, me and so many other can't even get in the fucking game.
Get your fucking shit together and don't tell me you didn't expect that so many people will be trying to play the game. I would expect something like this from a company that never released a game, but you people??!!!
DOG SHIT RELEASE OF A NEW DLC and a smaller one than shadow keep at that.
Treblig Star
Treblig Star - 23 days ago
Lmfao it’s a queue be patience you spoiled fuck
Derek Smith
Derek Smith - 24 days ago
Seriously. Bungie. You guys are the Best at what you do. This game that you have created is nothing short of a "Masterpiece". Its finéss is so genuinely beautiful and how you create this game is amazing. Your entire team deserves everything because they are all the best. This is the best looking game I have ever seen. The entire spectrum of art from spacial design to planet design and how you coordinate specific sounds to match the vibe is so vibrant and colorful. That is the most awesome thing about what you do. Destiny is a game that is memorizing with beautiful color visuals and stunning animations. The FPS aspects are SO GOOD, the multiplayer-RPG aspects are SO GOOD. This game deserves the highest of honor. Amd so does every developer who is involved in creating the best and hottest game on the market right now. I love you all.
Rounder - 24 days ago
I left the game when Prince Zeno disappeared, I’m back.
Peter Parker
Peter Parker - 24 days ago
Always the same..... Servers down and no information...thx bungie for beeing that professionell.... How Long you are making games? And people that played and payed from day one should pay again... For what? For servers that are down.... You know how to destroy a Hype. 😐😞😞😞
Dustin Studios
Dustin Studios - 24 days ago
What is the music that plays at 5:17? I can't seem to find it on the Beyond Light Soundtrack.
Arcanine Zero
Arcanine Zero - 24 days ago
another warlock Melee exotic :( bungo warlock melee isnt good why do you keep making exotics for it please give us more rift/wep focused stuff If I wanted to melee spam id play titan he didnt even kill the thrall in the demonstration 😭
Jordanmost - 24 days ago
oh god i prob cant unhear the breast pump anymore now if i hear it ingame hahaha
Aleks - 24 days ago
keep it up, i am craving for this!
Hale Valen
Hale Valen - 24 days ago
Fuck you guys so much for making every fucking human being who purchased your game wait! Seriously fuck you! Everyone god damn game company let's you play the moment it becomes the day of but here's bungie being fucking special and making it only playable at 9 am! I'm a fucking grave shifter. I have to wait now you fuck tards!
Gerry Johnson
Gerry Johnson - 24 days ago
So much hype about a launch that is D1 with a twist. One would have to fine enjoyment in watching clothes drying. DO NO PAY $40 FOR THIS HYPE.
procreation100 - 24 days ago
aight bugie i see you got soe hype beast there
Duey btw
Duey btw - 24 days ago
Bungie thanks for the best 6 years of my life I started playing destiny 1 when I was 6 I’m 12 now, I’m so excited for the next destiny storyline
WBU39 - 24 days ago
St. Mixa
St. Mixa - 24 days ago
snow levels suck
Yami Algiri
Yami Algiri - 24 days ago
StrictlyPistols - 24 days ago
I cannot wait I’m screaming at work right now
Ryan Wesley
Ryan Wesley - 24 days ago
I love me some destiny, but most of these devs seem like absolute turdpeople. I'm sure if i looked up their twitter bios, i'd want to spontaneously combust. Especially the purple haired diversity hire. Bet she's just full of great ideas.
Ryan Wesley
Ryan Wesley - 24 days ago
"were commited to your charactrers and we want to meet you where you are" god i bet that chick loves the word synergy. Utterly useless.
DASH64 - 25 days ago
Just like to say Well fuckin done on the last day of New Light!!
Ive never just wandered and waited around in a game for 3 hours and yet somehow It was intense and suspenseful the entire time.
Truly amazin stuff, well done y'all! See ya in Europa, answers of a lost age are soon upon us...and theyre better be plenty of time to explain!
Mrepicfail21 - 25 days ago
You guys really need to figure out how to do these events the right way, many people couldnt even log in to the tower and the few who did like myself couldnt even experience the event
The Lone Wolf Hunter
The Lone Wolf Hunter - 25 days ago
Just reacted to this video https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX2yKPQWIUFx5rfR-4AfWzw
josh T
josh T - 25 days ago
So do I have to buy the expansion to use stasis or is it going to be free
Daniel King
Daniel King - 25 days ago
I have one question for Bungie?
Ive been playing for years D1 and D2
And ive purchase the pre order DL pack
But i find myself to where Im unable and won't be able to get back into the game for possibly 6 months. my question is on the seasonal items well I be able to still obtain them at somehow? I mean I did just drop another almost $80. I only say another because I bought the deluxe digital package for almost everything when starting from 360 on. twice for Destiny. 😂 don't get me started on the silver ive gotten just to try and make sure i got the seasonal items these past few seasons that i paid for twice over seems like.
Xavier Pratt
Xavier Pratt - 25 days ago
damn i cant wait for this
MrNuggetcake - 25 days ago
I wonder if by or b4 the final expansion of D2 you'll get to choose who you align yourself with either the darkness of the light
Eric - 26 days ago
Destiny 2: Time to Explain
Comrade Da
Comrade Da - 26 days ago
Arkangel - 26 days ago
Honestly I’m just really hoping bingos does cross play because I hate the fact that they make you pay for the expansions when you already have them in other consoles
Spurr - 25 days ago
You can move the expansions forward for free
pepsi Atlas
pepsi Atlas - 26 days ago
umm. just. just to point out borderlands did cryo like 6 years ago right?
Leonardo Dominguez
Leonardo Dominguez - 26 days ago
Oh man, i really wanna play this when it comes out but sadly i barely have enough money, hard times.
Contagious - 26 days ago
Did anyone else see him wearing the chunk and dunks lmao